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  1. Sorry people but I made a mistake on my nutrition. I feed them 25 ml grow and not 35 ml Sorry about that
  2. Hello people I would like to know about sea of green. What I do need to know is if my mesh is say 4 to 6 inches can I run my plants under that for a few weeks. That would be at the end of my veg time or should I just let my plants grow up to 8 inches and then run them under my mesh? Many thanks yours cindy
  3. Hello all here are my other 2 plants
  4. I did top them between the 4th and 5th node. I have given them a second top as well at the 3rd node on my 3rd branch I have kept them as low as I can with lst training as I will be doing sea of green. My mesh is at 8 inches above my plants at the moment. So I will lower my mesh and run my plants under that. As for nutrition I am feeding them 35ml of bio bizz grow to every 10 litres of water and I have my ph at 6.2
  5. Hello all this is the start of my 3rd week of veg looking good now
  6. Hello all well I have just started my second week of veg I think that my plants are looking good
  7. Ok thanks for that
  8. What's gone?
  9. Hello after a bad start here are my plants at 2 weeks
  10. So if I use canna coco and go inbetween what they say I should be ok yes
  11. Ok thanks for the advice so if I use my bio bizz to my feeding which is half way between this I should be ok yes?
  12. Hi all I would like to know about EC levels what should they be for DWC
  13. Not sure what went wrong. I did have everything right as I always have done.
  14. Hello i had a very bad start on this grow only have one super critical and one kaia kush Had to get 5 more ww now they are all just starting to grow will update in a few weeks yours cindy x
  15. I have 2 1500 watt led lights so true watts will be 400

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