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  1. Domination is the word well done Green House your the best and keep proving it yer boy wish i was there after meeting franco and Arjan at 2011 cup it looked double the fun this year (dabs ahoay) lol Till next year The Triple from 2012 Green House Domination :-)
  2. Im back Strain hunting once again :-)

  3. what up tokers :-)

  4. Awesome trip, the pics tell so much. Great to see your early years trip different time but same massive smile :-) hope I see you guys at the cup this month. one love
  5. 15.02.2011 week 1 update Right then, below is a table of the week. I will put info from this below each picture Once the seeds were planted I watered with Hard water in a spray with a tiny bit of Super Thrive added pictured below: 10.02.2011 SC004 Plant: Super Critical Auto Watts/Bulb: 300w cfl (red) Meduim: Peet Jiffy PH: 6.0 EC: EC Product: Temp: 32.1c Hum: 23% Pic: SC004 Notes: Night 22.4c - 46% No Pic Fri - 11/02/2011 Plant: Super Critical Auto Watts/Bulb: 300w cfl (red) Meduim: Peet Jiffy PH: 6.0 EC: EC Product: Temp: 35.1c Hum: 27% Pic: Notes: Night 25.1c - 37% 12.02.2011 SC005 Plant: Super Critical Auto Watts/Bulb: 300w cfl (red) Meduim: Peet Jiffy PH: 6.0 EC: EC Product: Temp: 33.4c Hum: 18% Pic: SC005 Notes: Night 24.7c - 38% 13.02.2011 SC006 Plant: Super Critical Auto Watts/Bulb: 125w cfl ( Meduim: Peet Jiffy PH: 6.0 EC: EC Product: Temp: 28.2c Hum: 34% Pic: SC006 Notes: Night 20.5c - 51% No Pic I used all mix soil to re-pot them today: Mon - 14/02/2011 Plant: Super Critical Auto Watts/Bulb: 125w cfl ( Meduim: BioBizz soil mix PH: 6.0 EC: EC Product: Temp: 27.1c Hum: 26% Pic: Notes: Night 19.8c - 43% Re-Potted 15.02.2011 SC007 (1-3) Today I measured the hight of each plant, the refrence is in the notes. It will be displayed as p1:1.5cm meaning plant 1 (pic ref) at 1.5cm I also watered them today with the addition of VitaLink Plant Start: I will add this for the first few waterings. SC007 (1) This one seems slow and it looks like its going a bit yellow? SC007 (2) The 2 one above is doing well after starting fairly bent. SC007 (3) The final one is doing really well this has gone straight to its big pot as it will be the one staying in my Stealth Box. I dont want this one growing too big. Tue - 15/02/2011 Plant: Super Critical Auto Watts/Bulb: 125w cfl ( Meduim: BioBizz soil mix PH: 6.0 EC: 4d 1/2L EC Product: Plant Start Temp: 26.4c Hum: 34% Pic: SC007 (1-3) Notes: Night 19.8c - 58% p1:1.5cm p2:2cm p3:2.1cm Over all an intresting week, trying the 300w was good as it seems it makes the box too hot so i may as well get a red 125w for the one ill have left in there. If you look at the day Humidaty it seemed low to me? is this right? and how can i change this with out to much hassle? comments and info on what to do to get better growth is very welcome Udon Seed Tester Out
  6. some of the things mentioned im not sure are right. The law in the uk in 2011 has cannabis as a class B and the licsence top grow is for farmers and only constatuts to grow Hemp containing 0.01mg of thc so u cud smoke most of the field and u wouldnt get high. i had a farmer grow near me as a test but everyone in my town went and robbed it thinking it was real cannabis. then to make it worse some people not from my town came with guns saying it was there crop. poor old farmer didnt bother again. There is a big diffrence between cannabis and Hemp. Hemp can actually help the world economy more than cannabis but cannabis cud generate more money for the goverment. None of the british politishans have cannabis on the agenda and if it was it would be at the bottom. Science has shown that proving something is safe and good doesnt mean the Govement will support it. Thats Labour, Conservative and Liberal demacrates The green party are the closest to haveing pro cannabis supporters in the uk. i watched this great program from last year wich followed a single man in congras in usa who tryed to befriend all the other congress men to vote that year on fedral law accepting medical cannabis. In the end they didnt get it cleared (which was wrong) but he did get 20 more votes from the party that were against it. so lets hope in two years time that tripples and that law change gets past. what i learned from this is that one man can do more to change things than 10,000 protesters when taking the write aproach. the video is from advancemarijuana.com on you tube. I want things to change in the uk but its not happening any time soon and who knows maybe ill be that man that trys to get things moving in a more dirrect way. One Day!
  7. Them Ladies look amazing the last pic looked so white with crystals Yer Boi
  8. good size area keep the posts coming
  9. Nice vid of your crop looking good specially the white lemon ooh weee
  10. Good work they are looking like tasty ladies
  11. Nice growth Those ladies are coming on well keep them posts coming
  12. UPDATE: I recieved my 300w CFL bulb today so here is a quick picture and a compare to my other 125w bulb. Dam its BIG lol The Compare Just need some growth to happen now lol also doing a test to see how the new bulb fits and works in my setup lol Hunter Udon Out
  13. Hello Fellow Hunters, I would like to thank Franco for this opportunity to test GHSC seeds. First, I recieved my seeds 2nd Febuary 2011. 7.02.2011 I decided to germinate these seeds using a glass of water and leaving the seeds floating for 24hrs I put 3 Seeds into the glass. I left the seeds floating for 24hrs then returned to find them sunken ready for stage 2. I then removed the seeds and placed them on a damp not soaked piece of tissue. I folded the paper up and raped it gently with more then placed it in a warm area to leave for 24 - 48hrs. All of this happened on the morning of the 8th Febuary 2011 The water used was hard water that had been cleansed in a filter jug then 1 drop of Super Thrive and mixed. I will post again about the seeds progress in the next 24hrs. I also wanted to post up the 2 diffrent Grow rooms I have for these Test Seeds The first is my own in my room, its small but solid and will be intresting with size issues. Ill be using a 125w cfl blue to start in, after a week of growth ill change the bulb to a 300w cfl red only one of the seeds will go in this grow box the rest will go to another after the week in this. The second grow area is a lot bigger and not fully finished yet but it looks like this: I have a 250W Philips Son-T (RED) in this area Thats All For Now Folks More posts as soon as I can post them Tester Udon It's 11:30pm and ive just put the germinated seeds into there jiffy peet pellits. First i checked on the seeds: I then prepared the jiffys: Then When they were fully soaked I removed them from the water: (the water was a 2drop super thrive, slightly warm) I then gentle removed the seeds onto a black bored for closer analysis. 2 of the 3 had devinatly germinated the 3rd one was starting to open so i gave it the benfit of the doubt and transfered them all. Using twizers I gentley placed each seed into there own jiffy ready to go into my Stealth box. I placed the 3 jiffys together in my grow box, which was beening tested using the 300w red cfl lamp. Should be an intresting week ahead Well for now I'm going to bed Tester Udon out Ps temp is 35.1c and humidaty is 22% more later One Love
  14. December - 2010 I started to order supplys to make a customized small box to try and grow some auto's a little more descreteley. So January 2011, I started to convert an existing filing cabinet that I had already using aliuminum tape, foam bored and some AC fans i picked up. I first converted the cabinet by making the draws become a solid wall and ankering the right hand wall at the rear with some standard ikea style fixings i had as spares. The draws were fixed with some small flat fixing to hold both draws level with a slight gap. I then ankered the door with the rest of the unit using L brackets in 3 fixing place( 2 on left side and 1 on bottom). After I had the the new door working I started to tape the inside to light proof the draw gaps and joints using the aluminium tape. I was also waiting on delivery of a large hole cutting device for use with a drill, this would create the holes for the fans on the new back wall I had ready to go in (this one was alot thicker). While I couldnt move forward with more tapeing up I decided to start work on the two light traps. The first of these was the extraction going at the top of the box to pump out the hot air. I cut the foambored exactly to the edges of the fan then taped every joint. I then hot glued some pieces I'd cut to create to walls on oposite sides to stop light coming threw. Once I'd finished I wrapped the outer of the box with diemond reflect. The extraction light trap was ready, just 1 more to go. I needed more supplys so once i had recieved the circle cutting bit i ordered i went out and got what I needed to get this box finished. The 2nd light box was next, now with more foam bored I cut the pieces out to create a 3 wall light trap. Two walls on one side at one hight with the 3rd wall inbetween on the oposite side. Bingo air moves through light gets blocked Just the fan to get in. I quickley secured the new back wall with 2 slightly bigger than planned circlular holes. It was quick and easy with two holes at the bottom to scew it secure and a extra L bracket used to the secure it to the top piece. I taped the edges and took a pic with the two fans ready to instal. I spent most of the next day taping and glueing my way to full diemond reflect interior. it was tireing while im recoveing from my back operation but dam it felt good. I was ready to put the light fixing and the first fan in: A little screw in there and a bit of tape here: Winner Just one more fan to install Thats it: So after all that hard work it was finaly time to BOOT IT UP ! Wicked everything is working. The fans are a bit loader than I expected but the rooms glows like a champ. I left it running for a day and added a temp and humidity reader. I also found a few leeks of light around the door so I added some pices of foam bored as a barrier against light. I also black taped (electrical tape) all the other edges of the door. This did help me to reduce light leekage drimaticaly. The next pic is of the unit with the door open but after looking i would like u to look at the first pic as that is the box on after all of this work. So There it is : 125w cfl blue spectrum light 1 intake fan with light trap 1 outake fan with light trap and 1 very reflective box Now what can i do about that sound from the fans? I know I'LL buuild a box and attach a 100mm tubeing with a home made filter to stop bugs getting in. Like magic its done : It has reduced the sound a bit so better than nothing. Need to make another for the extraction - coming soon Hope you enjoyed my Stealth Grow Box Build Look out next for the First auto grow and followed shortly after with my official GHSC Seed Test (Yer Boi) One Love Udon Out
  15. Awesome Room, Doing it right in the UK

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