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  1. NEW CBD RICH STRAINS come and get em? Why?! All the CBD you need is already present in the leaf of the cannabis plant not just indicas but all strains indica, sativa and crosses. The best way to ingest cbd is through edibles and if you want to just get the benefit of cbd its best to use just leaf matter made into a cooked butter or oil. When it comes to vaporization you dont get any significant cbd at all so using Cannatonic in the way a proper medical patient would use inhaled cannabis would be no different than if they were vaporizing Nevilles Haze! Seed companies quit B.S.ing people and start making strains that are useful. Hope that helps N.W.greenthumb
  2. The comment of its hard to burn a plant with organic nutrients is entirely untrue. Bat guano for instance can burn a plant quite easily. For all the people who grow with purely organic remember organic soil with organic additives cant be truely flushed. When the last 14 days of flowering comes use massive quantities of water everyday to flush it or else the plant will just pull nutrients out of the organic soil. Be very careful to use bat guano in the right doses because it will be very difficult to flush if you add more than needed. One way to flush organic soil pretty well is using a half tablespoon of epsom salts per gallon of water then pour 1 gallon of water with epsom salt per gallon of soil then after the epsom water is gone through pour pure water (preferably reverse osmosis water with no cal-mag added) through the soil at 2 gallons per gallon of soil and that should strip the soil of most of the built up salts and nutrients. Hope that helps everybody. N.W.greenthumb
  3. Tarantula and Scorpion juice isnt a bad thing Bacillus creates a beneficial or symbiotic relationship with the plant the same way it would in nature along with mycor fungi. Scorpion does to a plant what cold weather and bug infestations would do which is it activate the plants natural defense system but without the added problems associated with said stressors. Sorry I spelled almost every word wrong. I'm tired and medicated from GREAT WHITE SHARK, the best strain ever. N.W.greenthumb
  4. Its definatly gonna take some time to get dialed in. The last part of the equation is gonna be an air conditioner. I reread my post and I have a 600 watt high pressure sodium not halide, oops. I have the equipment for co2 but with the intake and exhaust as powerful as they are I don't think it will be a problem. Now that I have my electricals installed and have the insulation in place, I bought some 6mm thick plastic sheeting black on one side white on the other. Ive decided that dry wall would be too permanent (even though cheaper) if I want to put in different ducting or change the wiring. Its still a work in progress I'll try to get some pics posted soon though. I'm not in a huge hurry to cut any corner to get it finished, my ultimate goal is to control every aspect of the climate of the plants in order to grow big plants like I did before I moved here. Thanks for all the help dfwi and angus, if ya still have my e-mail address drop me a note, those pics were great and helped a ton in building this growroom! Grow great and prosper! N.W.greenthumb
  5. How's it goin everyone? I built an 8 foot by 12 foot outdoor grow shed that is located in a cool humid place that rarely gets above 75 degrees F. So far I have a 6 inch 465 cfm inline fan for exhaust, a 445 cfm dayton blower for intake with a H.E.P.A filter box connected. I have a 30 liter per day dehumidifier, a larger sized oil filled space heater, an air purifier, and 2 1000 watt halides, 1 600 watt halide and 1 400 watt halide. An air conditioner is coming soon. I'm gonna be growing large plants so the ceiling is 12 feet. I'm not a first time grower but growing in an outdoor grow shed (made for growing and nothin else) is new to me so any helpful tips and opinions would be much appreciated. Its a work in progress so beneficial changes can be made, so suggest away! Thanks everyone N.W.greenthumb
  6. Hey thanks Markus. Ive never had to try to h.v.a.c. an outdoor growshed and am stoked to get all the help I can!
  7. What size blowers and filters do I need for an 8 by 12 foot growroom with a 14 foot ceiling?
  8. With micro nutrients in a 3 part system always add the micro nutrients to the water first and mix it in well with the water before adding the other 2 parts, if not the npk will be locked up and you'll have a nutrient deficiency. hope that helps. greenthumb
  9. Hey count, miracle grow is a very cheap fertilizer that doesnt provide any micro nutrients at all. I would stop using it altogether. There are hundreds of very good fertilizers out there that are inexpensive and provide the plants with the nutes they need. I use miracle grow every once in a while on young plants but only one application then I use a 3 part nutrient system. Go to a grow shop and talk with the owner about a better fertilizer because miracle grow just wont give you good bud. Hope that helps Count. greenthumb
  10. Thats some nice looking cannabis there Jay. I think your right about the pure white bud being too close to the led light. I've had a bud or two cooked by h.i.d. lights and the look is similar. Good growing and post more pics when you can bro.
  11. Hey Jay those raccoons can carry rabies and can be extremly vicious. They can also make a mess of your foundation. In my area we are encouraged to get rid of these animals. It might sound cruel but if you've seen what they can do to small dogs and even people you'll understand. A few rounds from a .22 LR will humanely dispatch the animals. Before anyone statrs getting angry about this comment, if you've ever seen a dog that has rabies or known someone who had to get the rabies shot because they were attacked and the pain they went through you would think the exact same way.
  12. One thing to remember about organic fertilizers is they take longer to absorb in the plant, are harder to flush and especially with bat guano can make the soil toxic if used in too large of quantity. It sounds like next time your gonna want to decide on how you grow and what medium to use. Good luck, there is no perfect answer out there, only options.
  13. You need to transplant the plant into a bigger pot your plant is under watered as the way it appears to me. i've been using mycor and beneficial bacterias for about 6 years now and they can increase your root size by 800%. If you are growing in a soilless mix you can water all you want as long as you have the drainage for it. Sunshine mix #4 is what i have used for years and it a soilless mix that is very versatile you can use it in passive hydroponics without worry of overwatering. ph in soillessmix can range from 5.5 to 7.0 7.0 being neutral and anything below that is acidic and anything above it is alkaline. A well watered and properly used nutrient regimine will almost guarantee that you wont have to mess with your ph. At most maybe a little cal-mag can be used if you like. 10liters is only 2.5 gallons which isnt very big for a pot to grow that sized plant in. good luck greenthumb
  14. a lower ph is used in hydroponics but if you grow in soil your gonna want to use a ph of between 6.3 to 6.8 cal mag will lower your ph if thats what the problem is but if its soil don't put your ph that low. good luck greenthumb
  15. flush your soil with a tablespoon of epsom salt in a gallon of water, then use a mild nutrient solution to flush the epsom and rebalance your soil. if your using a soilless mix you can do this with plain water.... the plant could use a little silicate, try advanced nutrients rhino skin and that will help to build a all around stronger plant. good luck greenthumb

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