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  1. Super Critical Autos - 1st Grow!

    Yes i agree with french mango, the plants are looking nice but the temps are a little bit high for them and humidity too low it seems by looking at the leaves, i believe when they start to fold like this on the edges is because of excessive evaporation from the leaf so getting humidity higher will counter it, and lower a little bit the temps, or consider maybe getting some CO2 add in your room so you could stay with those temps without arming the plants Have a good grow!
  2. I'm a new grower saying hello

    Welcome on the forum man! I understand you i had the same feeling when i started growing and its still here after all the years and hope it will stay for many more! Dont hesitate to share with us some photos of your grow and have a talk with the member in the chat if you feel bored Have a good discovering of the place
  3. Hello man, well to me it looks more like your plant is just a little hungry, the green on your leaf is a little pale but nothing to worry much about, just put your ec a bit higher 400 is pretty low in my opinion a plant like this could take 700 already easily if you only give it once every 2-3 waterings and if you have some growth boosters like Bioheaven or whatever with some micrinutrients, when you do not feed the plsnt you can give them once a week or so some booster so they will have a bit more variety of food, your carency looks bit like a zinc carency but its maybe just because your EC is too low. Just my opinion ^^ Hope it will help Have a good grow
  4. 420

    Welcome on SH forum and thanks for following even in the philipinnes, it is still one of the strictest country about cannabis i believe.. Hope it will change soon like for the rest of the world! In the meantime i hope you will enjoy the place and share with us some nice thing about philipinnes smokes and grows maybe. Have a good discovering of the place!
  5. NG Garden 2016

    haha nice white lemon flower, bring this to your date im sure she will like it ^^ thanks for the pics man have a good smoke on these
  6. Are they ready?

    Personally i harvest one or 2 week after seeing that the new growth of white pistil has stopped in the buds, most of the time it works fine for me, but it is also mainly by the appearance and color of it that i judge, i manage somehow to see when trichomes turn more amber without the microscope. Could be just my eye hehe ^^ But the last photo look like something close to harvest, maybe a week more Have a good grow
  7. saying hello

    Well thats enough said I hope you will enjoy the place and share with us some nice UK grows, i know they are happening there And if you have any question dont hesitate to ask for it if it hasnt been answered already Have a good discovering of the place
  8. Super Soil Indoor

    Well the picture the guy is using to base his video is old and known from many and it seems it is accurate. But you have to take in consideration that there is still a failing rate on this tech. Surprise surprise
  9. EPIC GROW 2016

    There are probably a lots of organic way to fight the grasshoper, poison doesnt have to be chemical
  10. LED Grow Light

    I looked again at the vid and it really looks like a real deep hermaphrodite you have there, if there are bananas everywhere i think there be careful with your other plants they might be seeded
  11. LED Grow Light

    Thanks for sharing the vids man, could you take a picture with flash of the bud you are filming? I dont know if its due to the lighting but it looks like there are some small bananas growing everywhere on your plant? Is it the case? Have a good grow
  12. EPIC GROW 2016

    Only thing you can do is poison for insect and lots of hungry birds around your grow there are some efficient posion for them you can use it without problem in veg time. try to find some good grasshoper predator, maybe some lizards ^^
  13. Tangie ghost train coco led

    Congratz on the harvest man and dont worry for the long flush it is always better to flush a little too much than not enough they sure looked good all yellow and purple in the end. Hope you enjoy the smoke
  14. How long to keep vegging, blueberry?

    I have seen big leaves like this so early more on the white family side, like the white widow or white rhino, but honestly only with photos except for a few strains and lines it is imposible to know, the smell the growth and the overall look can help later in flowering but at this stage forget it She will be equally good with or without a name anyway hehe
  15. GHS Cheese, thanks to franco

    Nice little bags! It is not surprising to find other powder nutrients, it is i believe one of the first form ever used in the history to create nutrients so it is just normal to come back to it the thing that i can guarantee with the powderfeeding and that i can not guarantee that is the same for the one you found, is the quality of the material used to make the powder. The PF is made with the highest Range quality of mineral you can find and most of them organic contrary to what most people think, Mineral nutrient can be organic it doesnt have to be chemical, but thats another discusion hehe ^^ so the best your base mineral are the best it will disolve and be available and efficient to the plant. Would be nice to make a side by side comparison from clone with both powders, would be interesting Have a good grow man and thanks for all the photos! Plants look happy

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