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  1. Neville's Haze

    looking frosty do you have some pic of the entire plant?
  2. Expogrow Irun 2016 - LIVE -

    Yes cant wait on the new edition i will be there and im sure it will be great as every year!!
  3. Ethiopia is Back

    Interesting plant man, in a lot of traits the photos of the plant that is not flowering in your last post reminds me of a selection of east coast sour diesel there is here. What kind of smell does this plant have? And you got the seeds from a seedbank or from somebody in africa? I guess the african sun is powerful enough to grow by the window seeing how she turned Have a good smoke and thanks for the pics
  4. Super Soil Indoor

    Nice resin already for that early stage on one of the peyote. I like the taste of that strain, here in spain a lot of people do peyote purple in outdoor and it taste really nice. Have a good flowering with your ladies
  5. Sick Moms

    Everything has been said here i agree with Mykol and canabispean Wrong Ph probably blocked the absorption, and you got all solutions said here. About the nutes i got really nice results with botanicare when i tried it, definitly good for mother plants and flowering. The Powderfeeding is doing great at resurecting plants that are doing bad as well, the motherplant would for sure get them back on track and it works great on dripping system for your mother room for example. Good luck with the room!
  6. LED Trainwreck GHSC Coco

    Nice lil teenagers they are looking good so far not stretching too much and nice wide leaves. Maybe they could eat just a litttttle bit more of food but nothing super bad neither it could be the strain that has a light color too. Have a good grow!
  7. guerilla grow uk 2016

    yeah harvest is a hard time when it comes to choosing when to cut ^^But well its a short headache for a lot of pleasure You could maybe start harvesting only main flowers that you see more advanced in flowering, and the fatest to avoid mold, and then leave the second part finish flowering a few week or 2 extra.. or not just writing what comes to my mind Have a good grow and thanks for the pics thay look pretty
  8. Grapes

    Man you always make me wanna eat some grapes
  9. Really like the shape of that kalash on the first pic, looks like a nice steady lady, is she making a bit more frost by now? Passion is looking nice as well looks like it will be a fast girl too. Have a good grow thanks for the news!
  10. Que bonita se ven! Gracias por compartir las fotos de esas hermosas chicas ademas parecen muy bien de tamaño y veo que algunas tienen ya buena resina! Que tal esta el odor? Un saludo que tenga una buena floracion!
  11. EPIC GROW 2016

    Glad to read that there might be a wekaning of the grasshopers Lets hope it will keep this way! And glad that you like forum as well! About your tea one thing i forgot to ask is did you think already about when you are going to stop feeding the soil? All the micro organism and microlife that you are creating is perfect for the plant but it is also one of the most dificult to flush properly to have a clean grow, thats why a lot of like to grow in what they call a dead medium.. not saying something is better or not, just making sure that you are ready and thinking about your flushing plan Have a good grow man and thanks for the updates
  12. Mapito 1st run - Blue Dream

    Nice setup for sure, one of our old member use to use the same kind of medium that were rockwool flakes but in a little bit smaller chunks i believe and it was sold in bag ready. and it definitly is a great medium if you have time to give to your plant and check the nutrition almost daily. I even think they are using rockwool flakes hand watered in the GHgrows video. Anyhow plants are looking great and are having a great time it seems in your setup It will probably end up in some bushy ladies The nutrition does look good be careful tho that on the lower right corner this lady is starting to show a liiiight sign that she could like a day or two without food but nothing to worry with the stretch they will be using the food anyway. Have a good grow
  13. GHS Cheese, thanks to franco

    Thanks for the updates man the plants are definitly growing quickly ^^And i beleive you when you say it is tiering to take care of all these, especially in summer with the heat hehe But well we do it because we like it no It will end up in some nice fine buds so worth all the sweat Have a good grow
  14. LED Grow Light

    Nice plant thanks for sharing the vid it looks like it is building some nice long buds, still missing a little bit of time to finish but it looks nice How does it smell? And for the hermaphrodite in your indoor, its no big deal really to leave, like i said it might give you a few seeds in your other plants, if you feel like it you can take a small pince like a hair remover for eyebrows and remove the bananas when you see them growing before they open so it will prevent a little bit the polen to spread. Always keep your tool a bit wet when you touch the bananas so the pollen wont fly too much if there is some. Have a good grow
  15. Thanks for sharing your technique with us man, nice structure you have built around your grow, maybe a little bit too much ropes for me it will start to get messy if you have multiple plants like this but it for sure does the job properly, And more than the technique i like the look of your plants, looks pretty familiar but i cant put the name on it yet, would need to smell it maybe to unlock it ^^ but for sure it is nice to have a strain of your own that nobody has! Have a good end of grow and smoke

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