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  1. Thanks for sharing your technique with us man, nice structure you have built around your grow, maybe a little bit too much ropes for me it will start to get messy if you have multiple plants like this but it for sure does the job properly, And more than the technique i like the look of your plants, looks pretty familiar but i cant put the name on it yet, would need to smell it maybe to unlock it ^^ but for sure it is nice to have a strain of your own that nobody has! Have a good end of grow and smoke
  2. Super Lemon Hell

    jaja sorry to read this about the dog ^^But it could be worst now just some patience
  3. Indoor first time

    Well your plant will not be ready in 2 month on the clock, but around 70 days for some good autos can be done yeah, and the ones that do faster usually yeild really medium yeilds. The biggest Autos yeild i have seen so far is still from the Kalashnikova autos by far, outdoor and indoor it performs great. The supercritical auto usually yeilds good as well. And since not long we have some new CBD autos strains that im sure will do pretty good, i tried only the kingskush auto cbd and it did great. https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/feminised-cannabis-seeds/types-of-strains/auto-flowering-strains/ Have a good grow and good luck
  4. Miss

    Thanks for the insight transfered!
  5. Thanks for the update man , good to see the green ladies making some nice buds now, the Passion seems pretty frosty indeed And lets hope the kalash will catch on her but in my memories it was not the frostiest strain i have seen for sure, it doesnt take away that the stone was great ^^ Have a good grow and good luck with the rain
  6. 4 slex's day 56~58

    Looking really nice on all the photos man, always better to have a little bit underfeeding then overfeeding ^^ They will for sure taste great!
  7. guerilla grow uk 2016

    Well the plants are looking pretty happy in general, only one seems to have some little stress maybe too much humidity i dont know. The plant with the buds we see in the photos looks like it can handle some more weeks without problem for sure it will not be a giant bud but it will still gain a bit of weight Have a good grow!
  8. Well the good clone of blueberry that i have seen is also known to be a bit hermie, some strains are just like this, it doesnt take away their great taste Have a good curing and thanks for sharing the pics.
  9. EPIC GROW 2016

    Beautiful leaves on the Supersilverhaze man looks like it will be a nice plant Well all look pretty good, nice to see them still growing and liking the sun!
  10. Super Lemon Hell

    Good to see you still growing Looking forward to see how this SLH ladies will end up Have a good grow bro!
  11. The Result is not exactly the same depending on the phenos but it is pretty uniform, yes there is a general line and then some tones between them, but budshape wise and size wise it is uniform and can be grown from seeds in big quantities without problems for me. there is one extreme sativa stretchy that is the most pungeant plant i have seen in times, but it does not produce much most of the times. Have a good grow
  12. Super Critical Autos - 1st Grow!

    Yes i agree with french mango, the plants are looking nice but the temps are a little bit high for them and humidity too low it seems by looking at the leaves, i believe when they start to fold like this on the edges is because of excessive evaporation from the leaf so getting humidity higher will counter it, and lower a little bit the temps, or consider maybe getting some CO2 add in your room so you could stay with those temps without arming the plants Have a good grow!
  13. I'm a new grower saying hello

    Welcome on the forum man! I understand you i had the same feeling when i started growing and its still here after all the years and hope it will stay for many more! Dont hesitate to share with us some photos of your grow and have a talk with the member in the chat if you feel bored Have a good discovering of the place
  14. Hello man, well to me it looks more like your plant is just a little hungry, the green on your leaf is a little pale but nothing to worry much about, just put your ec a bit higher 400 is pretty low in my opinion a plant like this could take 700 already easily if you only give it once every 2-3 waterings and if you have some growth boosters like Bioheaven or whatever with some micrinutrients, when you do not feed the plsnt you can give them once a week or so some booster so they will have a bit more variety of food, your carency looks bit like a zinc carency but its maybe just because your EC is too low. Just my opinion ^^ Hope it will help Have a good grow
  15. 420

    Welcome on SH forum and thanks for following even in the philipinnes, it is still one of the strictest country about cannabis i believe.. Hope it will change soon like for the rest of the world! In the meantime i hope you will enjoy the place and share with us some nice thing about philipinnes smokes and grows maybe. Have a good discovering of the place!

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