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  1. First time coco

    Hi Henrik, Well i am not a user of coco pure neither, i use to mix with soil to give it a bit more of air but never alone. What i know from the coco is that it is a sterile medium, theorically there is absolutely no microbial life in the coco and it can not survive very long by itself if you introduce in coco neither. So i dont know if the choice of organic nutrients like you are using is best for you. I Could be wrong but i dont think the medium will alow your nutrient to transform like it should to be available to the plant if there is no microlife in your medium. for that you would need to add some soil to it probably. Im not saying coco and organic will not work, but just that it will not get the best out of your nutrient line. Beside this for the waterings and all the rest you will need to adjust the frequency to your valuables in the grow, but most of the times with coco is daily watering anyway. Good luck in this man!
  2. What's the loudest Strain

    Yeah it is a pretty strong smeller.. i wouldnt say it is the stinkiest in the world but if you start touching them for sure they smell pretty loud. but nothing that can not be controlled in indoor
  3. 400w Tokyo Hempy , Lets Grow !

    Konichuwa! welcome on the forum Man and glad to see some japanese growers, we do have really little from your country unfortunatly, but hopefully it will change little by little! I hope we will do a strainhunters there would be awesome! Anyways all the best for your grow it looks promising and hope it will do good, any doubts dont hesitate to ask here. Have a good grow
  4. still looking very nice man congratz, the thing you did properly is to keep the canopy nicely even, that way you got the best out of the LED that have pretty low penetration potential. so far so good and probably gonna be like this till the end but i still see a lot of the white hairs on your buds so you still have time, when you see the growth of new white hair stops and they start turning brown you can flush and wait for them to be ready. Have a good end of grow!
  5. Ever tried?

    Hello Croc, i remember seeing some photos of huge and old cannabis trees in the himalaya i believe it was some abandonned field where the plant had grown wildly for years, one of them was looking like proper tree with huge trunk and all 10 15m high. Beside this in La Reunion island they have strain that van veg in outdoor 1 or 2 years before starting flowering, makes some pretty tall plants as well but not a tree really. Australia also has some of the biggest and widdest outdoor ihave seen before america and all the legal scene. You could grow a plant for 2 years if you want too as a bonsai at your window justy make sure to have a light that is good for plants above her and keep her lighting on 20h always, she should stay in veg forever. The problem is they become sensitive once older, and a stress could induce flowering, but in theory not a lot will do this. Have a good day!
  6. Himalaya Gold flowering time?

    Hello Man, well it depends a lot on your area of living, if you look on the catalog i think they say on which latitude they base the timeline of the strains, i believe it was somewhere in europe. Now one way to be ready to fight this if you know october is not good for you is to start her in indoor and make her veg a month or 2 and luckily when you get her out she will start flowering soon enough and end up soon enough! in the worst case you will miss a week or two on your flowers if the hunters are that bad! or some White rhino White widow could go faster for you. Good luck
  7. Have a good germination with those baies man! so far thye seem vigorous and pretty homogene on the growth of the seedling! Looking forward to the rest! Have a good grow!
  8. Experiment

    Thanks for sharing your experiment man, well the cannabis is a weed and it very resistant, even when it breaks as long as there is a bit of fiber connected you can save her when done properly, i have even seen some people growing it under water with the root ball in the air and all the green part in aquatic, funny sight ^^ Have a good experimenting man, be careful because when it will become older and the stem browner and harder it will probably snap at some point. Grtz
  9. Looking compact and frosty! Blue cheese is a really great smoke if it is the good genetic! Cant fail on this ^^ Have a good smoke man! And sorry i saw only now the question about the 12/12 if you are going from 18/6 to 12/12 with the autos it should never be a problem The contrary might reveg them a bit but even like this it could not affect them on some genetics that are strong autos.
  10. duckfoot, its sativa / indica?

    Well i dont know what is the genetic of it, if i remember correctly the shape of the leaf it looked a bit more indica but not sure. In any ways it is not a new type at all it is just a selection of a certain phenotype that had a really diferent type of leaf not properly formed and they made a cross of it i guess ^^
  11. Miss

    Hello! Well against the cancer you can take of the THC strain you will find on the market and make some tinctures from it, or any extraction that will get you the most canabinoid out of the buds. Edibles is a good way. Pure thc cartbrudges like the CO2 cartbridges in US would be good for a lungs few puffs a day as well, and then you want CBD strain you can check on the greenhouse catalog online there is a new line of CBD strains including the Great White shark which is pretty indica and could be good for you. if you want to avoid your mother to get too high try to get some pure cbd or the strongest cbd tincture you can get and give her a good dose half hour before getting the THC so it will counter act the psychoactiv effects. You have to go progresivly on the levels of cbd and thc to see how much you need for your mother to not be high, but so far i have seen most product need a good 10 to 1 cbd/thc ratio to not get too high for non smokers. Check a little about the rick simpson extraction method, it is based on alcohol i think and gets a lots of the canabinoids out of the buds and is good to cook, not the best in term of taste but it is not what you are looking for here. Good luck with your mom.
  12. Finish Auto.house

    Nice! the purple plants always look pretty cool on photos ^^Even tho it is not my favorite smoke honestly, the taste of the purple is kind of bitter, but some people like it Have a good smoke on those!
  13. Thanks for the news man could you put some photos for us and some details on how you germinate and water them? Thanks man have a good grow with the ladies! I hope it will be a new keeper for you
  14. Well even if the cbd doesnt have any psychoactive effect doesnt mean that it doesnt have any effect. I dont have anything against or for CBD strains, i am just happy to see they are available for the people that want it. now to answer to why people would want some cbd in their strain, well you do get a nice muscle relaxation by smoking cbd for people that do a lot of sports it could be usefull, also having a strain with a 1:1 ratio could be a good strain for a debutant smoker that doesnt want to get tooo high, so the CBD will counteract a bit the Thc of your strain and lower a bit the high, maybe good to introduce somebody to smoking, Less paranoia on sativa strains for the people that are sensitive to it maybe, and im sure we could go on But i do understand your point also in the sense that for regular smokers there is no real advantages to smoking CBD beside the fact that it is just good for your body And as far as what is the most potent CBD strain on the market i dont know, if you want to get CBD on low levels and a good high just take a strain like the HCemdog i think with almost 2% CBD its a good start already ^^there are a few in the catalog that goes between 1 and 2% i think. Bless have a good grow man!
  15. Hola! gracias ppor compartir el seguimiento con nosotros! Puedo pedirte en que pais vives por hacer un exterior ahora? al menos america del sur no jaja? Bueno te deseo mucha suerte por este cultivo y que sobreviva a todo lo que puede pasar! esperare para buenas fotos y noticias

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