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  1. Mapito 1st run - Blue Dream

    Couldnt agree more with Santabuds, it is totally normal and allowed to disagree or agree to disagree or whatever you wanna call it, just remember to respect the grow journal where you are writing in Private message are perfect for this and i suggest anyway to just share a good joint all together and admit that everybody has a diferent technique, you can like it or not it is the way it is and if somebody doesnt like a comment best answer is to ignore That being said good luck with the new clones and mothers hope it will go well this round Have a good grow!
  2. Thanks for the news man good to see the plants filling up so nicely Some of them have some nice long blades on the leaves ^^ How is the algae thing going? Still there? Have a good grow
  3. Nice canopy man! I always loved the SCROG photos it looks so neat when its done properly ^^and with the LEDS it looks even better Have a good grow Thanks for the news!
  4. Day 61 Since rooting day 26 Flower

    Nice looking ladies! Nicely trained with a nice canopy, looks clean thanks for sharing the pics man what strain is it there ? And are those lights T5 you grow with? Have a good grow
  5. Seeds from the 70's

    With some very old seeds i know people like to soak them as well for a day before germinating, with some rooting boosters whatever organic product, and it usually works good for them. But a good wet paper and humid place is good as well Make sure the temp is minimum 22 in the room where you will let the box, not too hot neither otherwise they could rot but not cold neither Good luck and dont forget to share photos if they germinate will be nice to see some hippie sativas probably Cheers
  6. I'm out of hospital

    Well one thing is for sure, she would be happy with a little bit more food Beside this she looks really nice, the shape overall reminds me of some blueberry i have seen. And Cannabispean the double serrated edge like this appears a lot on the skunk lines like exodus cheese and also on the great white shark for example, i think it is some relics from the afghan genetics.. Just guessing Have a good grow man thanks for sharing your plants, dont hesitate to open a grow journal in the Indoor room of the forum
  7. Uv protected greenhouse vs outdoor

    I agree with lansingking and would add that anyway if it is only the rooftop that is uv protected the plants should still get uv from some reflection anywhere around them. unless the greenhouse is entirely hermetic i dont think it would affect a lot the plants in termes of quality.. maybe yes ^^
  8. help my auto ak auto ak doesnt start flowering

    Hello, You could try giving your plants some dark period of 2 days at least without light and then put them on 12/12 of light. It should help them to declare. Good luck!
  9. 2016 Dank Cali Bagseed NY Outdoor

    wow nice job man those are looking like some happy ladies! And for sure it seems the cali sun gave them a good treat as well! Buds are looking really nice and resinous! this should end up in some happy harvest Have a good grow
  10. I'd say relatively normal, you are probably getting toward the end of flowering and have a light deficiency but at this time it is also normal for the plant to start fading in outdoor especially if the temps are getting colder in the night, at least it means you will have a clean smoke , just make sure they dont starve before harvest neither but if its only the big fan leaves i wouldnt worry too much. Bless have a good day these babies are gonna look really pretty before harvest
  11. Need help - is this mould

    And also make sure you have no caterpillar eating the bud from inside it can be a cause of mold in outdoor as well. Cheers
  12. Need help - is this mould

    Yes sorry man this is mold, and the problem is pretty advanced already, the best you can do is cut a few cm from the rotten part and make sure that rest is perfectly clean, try to move as little as possible as the spores are super volatile otherwise it will spread even more so dont touch the good buds after cutting it. and watch really carefully your plant in the inside of all your buds, It often happens in mid flowering when the weather is a bit humid and the buds a bit dense and resined. the only thing you can do is make sure they stay as dry as posible and always open a bit your buds to check them reguraly. Have a good grow and good luck
  13. Exodus Cheese

    One of my favorite smoke of all time ^^ the ultimate skunk haha, a really tasty strain and in outdoor it should taste even sweeter! Thanks for sharing good luck for your grow!
  14. Virus ? Problemas con el PH ?¿

    Hello man, well if this started since the beginning it could be some kind of virus or simply a genetic malformation, it does happen while making seed that some ones get out like this. It is not common but i saw it before. what strain is this? If you wanna make sure it is not just a PH problem or something like this get 10 or 20L with the PH and EC controled and give her a big flush, collect the running out water that comes out of the pot and check if there is a big diference with the water you added, it can vary of 0,2 more or less from the start water but more means that the soil has something wrong and maybe some salts builded up or just a bad soil. Have a good grow
  15. Great Idea I think

    Well yeah for sure on the paper it does look good, If you manage to get everything to work idont see any problem in this kind of setup, the hardest part is gonna the room air tight enough for the suction to work and dont get it evenly from both side. You will probably have to play with the diameters of tubes to get the good presure but its not imposible. If the main problem you wanna get rid of is the odor with the filter, a good trick is to have various small carbon filters with an intractor on top in the corners of the room, so the air from the room gets in the filters constantly and if done properly it can hide alñost any smell. it is maybe a bit more cost but works as well ^^ Have a good grow

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