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  1. week 2 off rooting and already growing fast


  2. 1 week after the flip and still going strong


  3. hello again

    it's bin some time from my last post last time I had to pull 1 off my clones in the big 35 liters hydro system

    well yesterday I got a new one in plus 1 extra mmm no problem at all

    the one in the 12 liter system goes really well after 2 week rooting and 1 week veg the roots are already forming in the bottem off the system that's fast

    the canopy stretches up to 30cm and because this system is running in the small tent I already flipped them to 12/12 light cycle and bloom nutrition sow it get's interesting from now on

    the first picture will be the new amnesia haze clones in the big system  they will be rooting for a week or 2 maybe 3 because off the bigger size off the system

    the second picture will be the one in the small system from last week before the flip

    and the last picture will be the one from today 1 day after the flip when the lights where still out

    shot with my I phone




    1. ghostganja


      okay something went wrong

      first pic is from today when the lights where out

      the second is from last week

      the last are the 2 new ones in the big system

  4. well it didn't go well with the upload off the vid at least a screenshot is possible


  5. hello guys

    it's bin a while

    my 2 amnesia haze clones just one is going strong the other i needed to pull  out

    becouse it didn't rooted well

    sow i put 3 arjan's haze seeds in a cup off water till now nothing is happening after 3 days

    as a backup there is a re placement clone underway 

    till it comes in and rooted in the system i have only a little peek in off my 60cm by 60cm by160cm grow tent

    my setup a 12liter hydroponic top feed system

    a 180 watt spectrabox pro 5 on vegs mode

    filter is off dont need it yet and the tube heater is on temps are around 27 and 28 degree Celsius

    and the humidity lays around and between 85 and 90% a small passive air slit is open for a little venting and of course the clipfan is on for some air movement

    water temp between 20 and 21 Celsius

    all by all sounds good and go's realy well this far here is a look till sow to see for your self a fast little video made with my I phone enjoy      iff i get the vid up

  6. hello all

    i'm not completely used to the site yet  but soon i will post more even pictures off my own 2 plants

    it helps to be a hobby photographer sow i'm able to put up high quality pictures

    i'm new to growing and learning on the fly

    my setup 1 12 liters hydroponic and a 35 liters hydro top feed system

    i did made some mods to it sow it's a hybrid system now top feed dwc system

    to bad i had to take out the pumps for the dwc system because they where to loud i have to find a few that run silently only my budget doesn't let me sow i need to wait till my new money comes in

    my 2 lady's amnesia haze  that came in yesterday are liking the hydro and till so far all goes well

    sorry that i  didn't take pictures yet they come soon iff i'm able to visit granny and her laptop again

    the growing fun has started and i'm stoked to see them grow daily

    the cure is growing and the hopes are high for a good end product      lets hope i don't screw up this time

    as soon i'm able i will post some pictures sow that you guys can see the progres and maybe have tips and tricks that i didn't thought off and of course i like to see others growings to

    green thumb up to all you growers out there and have a good smoke or vape  


  7. hello everyone ghostganja here i finally can use the site because my i pad and i Phone won't let me sow here i'am on the laptop at granny's place i'm a new grower for my own medicine and hope here to find support tips and tricks and of course to hear and see how you guys are doing it but first things first hue am i nickname ghostganja i'm 34 years old living in the NL and weed and i are very long friends since my teen years now that i'm older and since a few years disabled for 80/100% i decided after the discovery that painkillers and other kind off medicine doesn't work on me and my docter found it dangerous te amount off pills i need te take that works a litle isn't good for my health popping painkillers like m&ms is a no go and sleeping pills do more harm and magnify my symptoms here in the Netherlands cbd came late to my knowledge and last year it hit the stores and i tested it first e liquid to vape and soon after that the oil well that helped but it all was without thc sow it didn't do much against my painlevels well iff big pharma can't help and even blocks the pad to my cure well you can guess iff there is a way to make it yourself a fat big middle finger to big pharma and the loopholes in the law there is room to make it HA my first grow off 2 plants on soil went not that good this year but that was my own error 8 grams dry well it's a learning proces and the 8 grams helps me in nights that i don't can sleep long live my bong my scond run i dealt with bad seeds and the free seeds did pop up but in week 6 all dead because i didn't knew that on coco you need calcium sow i took it to the next level and my brand new hydroponic system is since yesterday up and running with a little help from youtube i hope this time all goes well i did my home work green house seeds on facebook was a great help a big thanks to Nicky for the free sample powder feeding for hybrids on his advice i'm here now and the help by finding nearby the green house seeds to buy via vision seeds in maastricht i got myself the church and arjans haze 3 and some free seeds from vision seeds a big thanks goes out Danny for the great service and fast respons and putting it on the way via package post well if my luck didn't run out i got myself 2 amnesia haze clones yesterday and till sow far they like there hydro setup and feeding well till so far this is me myself and i and what i'm up to till today sorry iff my english isn't that well best regards ghostganja

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