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  1. I've been reading more about Curing processes. It seems that i've been wrong the whole time (including my "studies" and research throughout years) and you and @William Trust are correct. What i've been doing is what i'd refer to Phase 1 Curing, or the 2-3 weeks to smooth harshness. What i've been missing is indeed the 2-6 month Phase 2 Curing, where buds improve in taste/smell and potency. Unfortunately, i do not have the time nor the space to replenish the stashes, as said above, so i really "can't" wait in terms of smoking it. If i had a perpetual setup, i would then definitely do the entire process, as it's a matter of some months before i'd have perpetually perfectly cured buds. Instead, as of now, i'll need to rationalize these 95grams in 3-4 months, up until i can grow again. Thank you for pointing that out, guys. The more you know.. Peace!
  2. I understand what you mean, buddy. Sorry if what i wrote above sounded like a rant, it's just that Yes, i'm very paranoid. If i was living in a legal state, i'd probably be not as i'd not have to worry every 3 seconds that police busts in my apartment and sends me to jail for growing something i'd like not to buy on the criminal streets. Instead, what @William Trust wrote above sounded to me like an indirect way of saying that I'm a grower for money only. Sorry for misunderstanding that, didn't mean to sound rude. I'm only afraid somebody misunderstands me for what i'm clearly not. Friends of mine would call me an asshole, because i've never ever sold not even half a gram to them. I'm too afraid of consequences to even do that. So.. again, sorry for misunderstanding. About the curing process, i'll keep in mind 2-3 months instead of 2-3 weeks. Now, i have zero possibility to start growing again up until september/october, so i can't replenish my stashes. Ergo, i'll save a couple colas both for tasting / storing reasons. I know my chickens (me hehehe) and this weed, if good as it smells now, wont last very long.. Cheers!
  3. My method is what i studied, and what everybody i know implies, so.. I don't use any ventilator or drying machine. When i harvest, i chop the colas and not the entire plant. I hang it upside down, trimming away fan leaves and half of sugar leaves (parts without resin anyway). When it's dry (5-6 days later) i just bottle them up without humidipacks. I keep checking buds regularly and daily, to see if there's any ammonia (bad) smell or a very humid enviroment (also bad). So far, with all the weed i've grown and dried-cured, range for curing is 2-3 weeks, while for her max taste and flavor/smell it takes up to 1.5 months. Of course, i'm not willing to wait that much for a simple reason: it's not much weed and i want to smoke it all. It's my weed, after all. And just to clarify, if i wanted to sell my weed, i would not be SO stupid to update each of my moves on a forum. Considering the forum is controlled, considering my local laws, and the fact that i grow little to for personal consumption, should let you guys understand i have NO interest in selling weed. I grow for myself. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the enviroment in which i dry and cure is very, very dry. It ranges from 25 to 35% of humidity. Drying took place in my tent, where humidity was under control. Curing is taking place in a separate dark room, humidity is almost absent there. That might be a reason for why my buds dry a bit quicker than yours. Cheers!
  4. Now that's something i didn't know. I dry 2-3 weeks because i want to smoke it. It would be illegal to sell it, and i have no interests in getting 20 years for less than 100 grams But since i'd like to know the difference, i'll save a couple colas in a different Jar, and test them in July. FOR SCIENCE!
  5. Curing process is almost over, as of 10 days since they've been put in Jars. Smell/Taste report is coming at may 26-27. Buds have taken a nice colour, and are very, very compact and hard on touch. As of now, they don't crumble yet. As soon as i see crumbling, i'll add the boveda humidipacks. I'll see you all in 5-6 days. Peace!
  6. Holy shit you've got endurance, man! My mouth is watering since my harvest day.. How can you even resist 2 months? Hehehehe Cheers!
  7. In august? I think your dates are a bit off.. Either way.. you did it FOR SCIENCE!
  8. Just a hint, about the Boveda humidipacks. Instead of wetting them to recharge them, do this: - Take a glass Jar, like the ones you use to cure buds - Fill it with 20-30 ml of water - Place a solid object in the jar - Place the humidipacks ABOVE the object - Seal the Jar If you wet the packs, with time they will become yellow and crumble on their own. With that you risk some of the salts going around in your jar and on your weed. If you instead let them absorb the surrounding water, they'll recharge without getting yellow and crumble. With this you are basically doing the exact opposite of their job: slowly recharging them without water touching the outer layers. I'm doing this right now for the 4th time in 3 months, as i've used a couple packs for keeping my tobacco humid enough, and well tobacco drains humidity way faster than weed does. The first one i wet it and after 1 month it broke. Could've been me doing it wrong.. but i got confirms about the other method: http://www.puff.com/forums/vb/cigar-accessory-discussion/183307-recharging-dry-stiff-boveda-pack.html Cheers!
  9. Beautiful harvest, man. Your buds look tasty! Can't wait to hear your taste report.. Cheers!
  10. Drying process is finally over: buds snapped easily from branches. I've divided them in 3 bottles: - Popcorn buds - Side colas - Main colas with the last 2 bottles sharing the same branches, meaning the side colas are actually the smaller flowers of the main colas. As for the weigh: keeping a precision weigh in the house means you're a dealer. It's the first item cops will look for (after seeing plants). If i'll ever be busted, at least they don't have the exuse to say: he's got the p.w., he's a dealer. FYI, i'm not. I grow for personal consumption ONLY. Either way, i had to use a more rustic version: the pasta weigh! Pics for your eyes: Now, the weighs. Popcorn buds (23g): Side Colas (36g): Main Colas (36g): Highlander: I'll see you all in 2-3 weeks, when the buds are going to be well-cured, for a smell/taste report, and to end this Journal. What a journey, it has been. Cheers! EDIT: Forgot to add final weighs. Overall, Highlander produced 95 grams of dried buds. Over 320 W (which i still need to test at the wall for real power consumption) 95g are 0.296 GPW, which isn't bad considering i've been using a horrible homemade setup of 8 led e27 lamps. And i'm quite surprised by this amount, i thought i wouldn't reach 80 (0.25) and that i maybe would have harvested around 60g. Now i'm just hoping they improve drastically in smell and taste. BTW, the little joint in the half-coconut was from all the leftovers of branches and snapped buds. Had the first taste of it yesterday: i went to sleep at 10 PM. That shit is absurdly strong.
  11. Now i want to be a Goat, and hang on that tree..
  12. Remember to keep those buds separated from the rest, and do a secondary smoke-report for them. I'm quite curious of the outcome. Being marijuana a.. well, a weed, she'll struggle to stay alive in any way possible.. I've kept one leaf from one of the last defoliations, put it in a glass of water, and after 12 days it lost color but is still alive. So i guess this is totally plausible and possible: weed will suck up anything to survive. Much like when you buy a bunch of roses and put them in water. If you didn't, they'd wither away in 12 hours or less. Cheers! EDIT: Forgot to add, remember also that beer attracts insects and critters. You might want to cover a bit your glasses, or you'll find yourself with a glass of mosquitoes
  13. I've tried to snap off a bud from one popcorn cola, and.. It still leaves the stringy tail. Which is a good thing, i feared i accelerated the drying process a bit too much but apparently i did not. I'll try to snap a bud tomorrow, and so on until they're done. Don't want to risk any mold for sure, and since i've got 10 humidipacks ready i might as well leave them to dry one day more. Cheers!
  14. Maybe it's just her normal time to dry up. I calculated 6 days, but she'll probably be done in 4. Either way, tomorrow i'll check again and bottle them up just in case they're ready. Cheers!

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