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  1. Upping for curiosity :3 Cheers!
  2. Ofc. My fault for taking this too seriously. Can't wait for the next update Cindy. I was looking at the ScrOG you made and it's impressive. Very well done.
  3. I believe you lost completely your mind and point. And don't call me my dear. I'm not your friend. Weed dealing isn't drug dealing. If you're convinced weed is a drug you're on the wrong forum. You know that we don't live in YOUR country, and many people cannot grow weed themselves. If GHS decides to send me the seeds, it'll be THEIR decision, not yours, if it's a waste or not. Mind your own business. I'm Pissed because you keep harassing me and Cindy imposing your wrong will and "reasoning". You can keep them for yourself. Yep, indeed comical. This is NOT a private message, it is Cindy's GROW. Consider writing HERE about your thoughts on her GROW only. It is called 3rd indoor grow, not "I'm Sal's personal opinions about shit". You're not god. You're not an admin. You're not from GHS. You're not right or wrong, you're just frustrated. Go spit your demons elsewhere. We don't have time to waste on failed judges like you.
  4. THIS is a noble service.
  5. Holy fucking shit for real? I'd be saying Nice but i don't know if you liked it or not.. Anyway: NICE! I always pictured you as a Sniper or something hehehehe Good looking girls Cindy. You're doing an amazing job.
  6. Maybe not all, but the majority of us, if we could, we would be selling it. We would almost all be in for the money. Whether she does it or not for real, it's her business. Verba volant, scripta manent, but "i'm in for the money" and "i'm selling right now" are quite different sentences. Just sayin'..
  7. Hey Cindy, I've spent the last 8 minutes trying to write a good reply, ethically and friendly. But then i remembered this: "Power is money, money is power"
  8. Holy shit. That is an insane view!
  9. It does matter. Sal isn't wrong on some points. But thanks for saying that. Ofc i'll do as i want: otherwise i wouldn't be here. Ofc i'll follow ghs nute schedule, but the lights, spacings, airflow etc is all my decision. If i don't try this, i'll never know if you can do it, or not. Imo, it's possible, but not easy. Anyway, i repeat, thank you kiwwi for your kind words and encouragement <3 Wish i could send you a couple chilos of my kiwis, i've just harvested 40kg heheheh.
  10. Read some of the old posts, it's all written there. My space, my lights, everything. I'm readying up.
  11. Thank you Cindy. Ofc i'll stick around, your plants are insane! I can't wait to see the amazing buds on your girls. I wish you could try a blunt out of my stash. S2 is a calm smoke, while the other activates every cell of your body. It's been a long time since i've felt so dynamic.
  12. Hey'all, Let your plants chill a bit w/ these cool tunes. Fresh discovery for me, maybe a classic to somebody. Damn that voice melts my interiors.
  13. Hey'all, This has been a relatively long journal. I've enjoyed the tips, the guidances, and the experience that came out of this. I wanted to thank everybody who participated and helped me growing these 2 beauties. With this said, here's the last picture. On the left, S2. On the right, S3. Below the jars, the main colas. S2 weighed approx 30g. S3 approx 40g. Total harvest stays around 70 dried grams. Thank you for sticking with me and my mad ideas. Catch you guys in my next grow!
  14. I don't have 2 boxes. The tent i'm using now will be dismantled, because the new one (still arriving) will replace this in the same spot. I don't have the physical space to implement the use of 2 tents. At the time i did the 18 clones, there were 3 mothers with them. Back then i had a "tent" which was more close to a wooden box, which had 2 rooms. Back then i used to flower the mothers in one tent, and veg the clones in the other. When the mothers were done, i switched some of the clones in the flower tent, and so on. Back then, the tent i used was 100w x 200l x 160h.
  15. I have some experience with small pots, but it's "clone experience". I managed to flower 18 clones in 4-6 liter pots and get 10-15g from each. Mainly did so many clones because i wanted to try different shapes (spiral, triangle, LST'ed etc). I was very young back then. Small pots are hard to handle if you don't repot correctly, at least this is what i've learned.

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