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  1. Oh well, i guess i'll keep some leaves after all.. Sorry if i sounded rude, just woke up Anyway, i truly have to thank you and the other guys for your support these days. I killed 90% of the mites in a week, and the plants are recovering super fast. Today or tomorrow i'll post some pics along with the smallest buds i've ever seen (or at least remember seeing.. hehe).
  2. Heyo, I think i was misunderstood, twice. I don't have the possibility to bring out the plants. Weed is illegal here, so the more they are hidden, the better for me. And i have not decided yet, but i need to because i really need space, and the smell is growing too strong. I am not going to smoke a plant without thc, nor i planned to kill one of my plants just for a smoke. By that means, i am very patient. I should've done this long time ago, when they were seedlings, but i wanted to see their sex before chopping one down. UNfortunately, i beat the probabilities and all 3 came out to be females, so now i really am nervous about choosing one. I worry i might hear them scream :'( But i thank you for the recipes. I'll keep them when i chop down the true product
  3. Uhh, i'm sorry, i think i didn't have my point cleared.. I need to kill one of them for space reasons. Which one would you chose? I have a problem keeping 3 of them alive. I know it is a pain in my heart, and in yours, but one really has to go. They are all flowering, and they're already all under 12/12 since last week. I just need to decide who lives and who dies.
  4. Heyo, She's just a seed thrown there for fun. Of course i'll transplant her, planned to do it tomorrow. I have reserved her 2 cubic meters of soil in my greenhouse. I actually repotted her from a 3 gal to this small bottle. She was growing very slowly, but when i repotted her (probably giving her less space, but more air) she grew faster. Could be luck. Probably is. Almost certainly. I was just surprised that being at canopy height, she just decided to lst a bit and "get up, stand up". Anyway, i'm deciding which subject to cut off. They're all recovering very well, both from the PH problems and the infestations. Mites are almost gone. Problem is they're getting big, and smelly. I wanted them to begin flowering at 20cm, but given the problems i had to resolve first, they took some more height, and are just showing buds now. I'll probably end up with S1 being at least 50cm, S2 about 40 (which is what i aim for) and S3 about 60-70cm, too much. Problem is: S3 looks really good. She's the one who started bad, but now she's the healthiest of them all. S1 is the one with the most even canopy, but is the one who suffered the most. S2 has already good sized nuggets growing, would be a pity.. Any tips? :3 Peace
  5. I know right? I've spent my last 2 months buying stuff from amazon (forgot this, buy that, shit that looks awesome etc) so each working day was like becoming kid again. It's the only time you're actually glad you spent money on something! Do you, by chance, know about some fan which isn't noisy? The fan i'm running currently uses 5Watts, but is loud as an old Pentium 3 computer. I wish i find one that lets me sleep at night hehe. Thanks in advance :3 Peace
  6. Rest in peace DK, hope you'll find your green brothers in weed heaven. I agree with Jose, soil is a bit too wet. I'm saying this cause i overwatered mine too, even tho they survived. We all overlove our babies hehe. Try to place a really small fan inside, you'll move the air and help dry the pots a bit. Don't worry about humidity, try to place the half bottles like i said before if you are concerned about it. Remove the half bottles when the first set of leaves touch the bottle sides. To help further drying, try to elevate your pots by placing small things beneath. In this way you'll increase air flow near the roots, helping them to breathe and, consequently, the pot to dry. When i started this grow, i had no fan, nor elevated pots, and they dried in 8-10 days. They now dry in 3-4 days. As @Jose.gh says, it is preferable to leave them a bit dry, instead of a bit wet. You can always increase water in a matter of secs, but you'll have to wait a long time to decrease it.
  7. Unfortunately i don't have the physical space to place 2 big led lamps, so i had to buy 8 separate and smaller ones. I also was looking at Platinum's or Viparspectra's led lamps, but the dimensions of my homemade grow box are quite ninja (60x60x160) so it's quite hard to place one.. I'm happy that YOU can have 2 of those. Always wanted to see girls grow under those lights, and now i'm seeing its performance. Thanks! Peace
  8. Thank you! I have almost the same true wattage (320), yet mine have grown in a different way. I love yours for being so bushy and low. It's exactly what i'm aiming to grow (yet failing so miserably hehehehe) Peace
  9. Nicely? Those are monsters! Beautiful job ^^ I love the fact that they're growing so bush, and low. How tall are your girls? You might have wrote this somewhere, but i can't remember. How many Actual led watts are those babies under? Need for a comparison on my equip. Keep going, those girls will pump out good buds :3 Peace
  10. Heyo, All my thoughts to the DK. Hope that seed lives :3 I've read on forums people like to top between the 4th and 5th node, somebody else tops at the 3rd, others top when the plant are almost ready to flower. I personally prefer to let my babies grow a bit more, and then top them at a height where i want her to be, and where i see i'll have a good amount of colas. I also wanted to clarify that it's the first time i topped myself. I've witnessed topping before, but i wasn't in full control of the grow. And i also want to clarify that i've topped only 1 out of the 3 subjects i'm growing. I also wanted to tell you that strain height on strain specs says totally nothing. My second grow was 1 seed Critical Haze+, and the other 5 were Red Cherry Berry. The 5 reds grew in a way that made each one distinguishable from one another. They all varied in height (from 50 to 140cm), while giving the same nutes, the same light, same enviroment. What really matters is the way you want them to grow. If you want them low, use LST or supercropping, or SOG, or Scrog... There are millions of ways. I've also read that Blue light increases the chance of developing short internodes, while red light did the opposite. I've seen that in my actual greenhouse, too. I cover my gh with an opaque veil, and that one blocks blue light. My tomato spec says the plant should grow 50-80 cm tall, but they grew 2.5 meters. Also chili peppers are monsters in height (100-130 cm). They all gave flowers and fruit btw, like that was their normal enviroment. So for my indoor grow box i bought 4 blue led lights, and 4 full spectrum. I let the blue led lights to come closer to the plants, and the full spectrum stay higher. When blooming comes, i increase the height of the blue lamps while reducing the full spectrum's. In this way i keep the distance, while increasing or decreasing certain frequencies. Anyway, one rule to remember. When you switch to bloom, plant will (mostly) double in size, rarely triple. So if you intend to grow them 1 meter tall, you should switch them at 50cm approx. Sorry if this is too long, i wish you succeed in this with all my heart, cause i remember how many times I fucked up hehehehe. Peace!
  11. Little but not so little update: I've watered my girls without nutes this time, following Cannabissapean and slimjim's tips. These are the Runoffs: S1 got 6,1 S2 got 6,1 S3 got 5,6 I've noticed that S3 pumped a whole air chamber out when i watered her the third liter. I managed to squeeze the pot and regain some oxygen. I think that was the "nutrient blockade" i was talking about, and i think next watering she'll have a PH in the 6 range. Anyway, below the images. I managed to get an upper and a lower shot, so you can see the canopy AND the plant's structure. S1 S2 S3 She's much more leafy than i was expecting. Watching again the old photos shows how much she has improved! Anyway, i'm also attaching an image of my auto-lst'ed watermelon, that for some reason she loves to grow this way: Nature is funny. Peace!
  12. I guess your actual Humidity is fine after all, i missed the 80% sentence. Humidity should be 75-85% Seedling, 50-75% VEG and 35-55% BLOOM. I apply the half bottle because i grow in my bedroom, and humidity is stable at 50% all the time. Putting the bottle on top raises it at 70-80%, but remember to leave the cap open. If i may, top them when they developed the 6th node, and top between the 4th and 5th node. I topped mine just above the third node, cause i wanted her to grow very, very flat. Last question, did you build or buy your grow room(s)? They look nice :3 Peace
  13. Heyo, Look at those babies! Do you intend growing them low? Or you're going to change the grow tent? Just a couple tips. - Try to water only what you think is the current "root zone". You'll avoid overwatering. - Take a 500ml plastic bottle, remove the cap, cut it in half and place it above the sprout. You'll raise humidity, while supplying oxygen, giving more days for Tip n°1 to dry out. I say this cause i overwatered my babies, resulting in a slower growth. I want my babes to grow low, but not by overwatering
  14. Goddamn she's gorgeous! I'm thinking she's a Hybrid. Long leaves, yes, but fat and not skinny. Also the colour, but it might be from the photo itself.. I know it is a bad idea, but maybe try tilting your pot to avoid burn? You'll have to re-tilt it for each watering, but you'd gain some cm since your plant is leaning on a side. Beautiful job so far, though! Anyway, welcome to the forum. I'm new myself, joined a couple weeks ago. I also grow mainly bag-seeds. I love the fact that you totally don't know the strain, because it's the perfect opportunity to learn about that particular one. Downsides are you could get very weak genetics, or runts, or whatever else nobody that does it for a job wants, but since it's not my job.. Anyway, you may already know these things. See you around!
  15. Heyo, Thank you, i try to write as detailed as possible. That never happens, i'm always high when i write I'll follow your thread greedily if you have opened one! And yes, war against bugs and mites! Those fuckers have their days counted. Peace

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