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  1. Upping for curiosity :3 Cheers!
  2. It does matter. Sal isn't wrong on some points. But thanks for saying that. Ofc i'll do as i want: otherwise i wouldn't be here. Ofc i'll follow ghs nute schedule, but the lights, spacings, airflow etc is all my decision. If i don't try this, i'll never know if you can do it, or not. Imo, it's possible, but not easy. Anyway, i repeat, thank you kiwwi for your kind words and encouragement <3 Wish i could send you a couple chilos of my kiwis, i've just harvested 40kg heheheh.
  3. Read some of the old posts, it's all written there. My space, my lights, everything. I'm readying up.
  4. Thank you Cindy. Ofc i'll stick around, your plants are insane! I can't wait to see the amazing buds on your girls. I wish you could try a blunt out of my stash. S2 is a calm smoke, while the other activates every cell of your body. It's been a long time since i've felt so dynamic.
  5. Hey'all, Let your plants chill a bit w/ these cool tunes. Fresh discovery for me, maybe a classic to somebody. Damn that voice melts my interiors.
  6. Hey'all, This has been a relatively long journal. I've enjoyed the tips, the guidances, and the experience that came out of this. I wanted to thank everybody who participated and helped me growing these 2 beauties. With this said, here's the last picture. On the left, S2. On the right, S3. Below the jars, the main colas. S2 weighed approx 30g. S3 approx 40g. Total harvest stays around 70 dried grams. Thank you for sticking with me and my mad ideas. Catch you guys in my next grow!
  7. I don't have 2 boxes. The tent i'm using now will be dismantled, because the new one (still arriving) will replace this in the same spot. I don't have the physical space to implement the use of 2 tents. At the time i did the 18 clones, there were 3 mothers with them. Back then i had a "tent" which was more close to a wooden box, which had 2 rooms. Back then i used to flower the mothers in one tent, and veg the clones in the other. When the mothers were done, i switched some of the clones in the flower tent, and so on. Back then, the tent i used was 100w x 200l x 160h.
  8. I have some experience with small pots, but it's "clone experience". I managed to flower 18 clones in 4-6 liter pots and get 10-15g from each. Mainly did so many clones because i wanted to try different shapes (spiral, triangle, LST'ed etc). I was very young back then. Small pots are hard to handle if you don't repot correctly, at least this is what i've learned.
  9. Also, to be more precise, i do not believe i'm pulling the helping hand. GHS explicitly said is willing to give to any participant UP to 10 seeds, while i requested for 4. I like to believe that if i get choosen as a participant, somebody in GHS read my post, my idea for the grow, liked it, and was willing to let me try. If i fail, at least, i know that i tried. As i said, i don't care about winning. I am already a winner, for having choosen to subscribe to this forum, and get to know some of the most friendly and helpful people on the globe on this matter. I might be wrong, but i'm not sorry about that. Competition IS about winning, but ALSO about learning. Let me learn.
  10. Goddamn, i wish i studied BASIC MATH when i had the chance. Little corrections along the way: My actual grow tent is 55x58x146, and it was crafted by myself. The grow tent i'm going to grow the WR is 60x60x170, and its arrival (ordered it last friday) is estimated between 11 and 14 december. The pots i want to use are 28 cm in diameter (can't remember the height but it's less than 30cm). I've already shown they can fit perfectly. What sal is suggesting is that pot sizes ain't the issue: plant growth will be. The point between me and sal is that i believe i can grow 4 small plants in that area, and he says it's a waste of time and resources. I partly agree with him because i know that one plant can give you more than 4 little ones. I say partly because it is still my grow, and i know i can succeed in growing 4 small ones. Hell, i've just finished 2 bagseed girls in my tent, and they gave me 70g whilst being below 40cm height. Also, my bagseed were 3 months old when i harvested them: with white rhinos i got time up to 5 months. I think i will stick with 4x11Liters pots anyway, even tho to some eyes it's a waste of time and resources. To mine, it is not.
  11. You're right. I shouldn't pull the helping hand too much. What do you suggest? A single mother? Or even smaller pots? I can find a 30L pot but am quite sure the plant wont fit inside that. Sorry for the fast answer but i'm late for work hahahahaha. See you later! :3
  12. Anyway, this is a inscription post. To talk about our techniques and issues, we should move to private messages. I wanted to say that i understand what you mean. You want everything to be in place, with the correct feedings, light schedule, spacings, airflow, bug treatment etc etc. I want this to be my case too, but i also like to experiment. I don't really mind if my grow "sucks". If i manage to get some flowers, it is a success. If the flowers are smokeable, it is a far better success. Of course, if i grow 1 plant, and care for that plant, and that plant manages to flower, in a 60x60 and finish the job, i will have so much weed i can stop growing for years. As i said, i don't care about yield. What i care about is experience and knowledge. And i also need to test it out myself. I will never learn if i don't do my own way. I need to see what i'm fucking up.
  13. I agree with you, but i need to clear out a point: I'm NOT happy with the space i've got. Let me explain. I know that 11 Liters is a good medium when it comes to flowering. I also know (and hate to do) that plants in close-quarters suffer a bit. I've experienced this grow that a poor airflow can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to treating pests. What i WANT to do is different from what i PLAN to do. I want to grow as many plants as possible, so that i can decide who stays, and who leaves (if ya know what i mean). But since i don't have that possibility, i plan to plant 4 of them, and grow them low on purpose. Say, if i grow 1 plant, and fuck up with that, i've lost BOTH the contest, and my grow. With 4 smaller plants, yes, i will have less yield, but if i fuck up 1 plant, i still have 3 as a backup. Placing 2 rectangular pots could be a solution to both problems. Do not worry about airflow: in the picture above there are no extractors as they've been ordered and are still coming. I will place the filters outside the tent, so that i have much more space to work with. I have a couple fans for air circulation. Recap: i'm not happy with the space i've got, because i perfectly know that what i'm about to do is 80% wrong. I'm not happy because it's illegal here, and no matter what my efforts are, i will still be limited to grow ninja-style. I wish someday i will have 1500mq of space to work with, but for now i am limited to 60cm2, and have to deal with it. Anyhoo, as you said, it's my grow, my fuck ups, and my experience. In my place, we use to say that you need to hit a wall with your head to understand a concept. Maybe it's because of that that we can't understand basic concepts.. Regards!
  14. I appreciate the tips and the full explanations man. I know you come from more years of experience than i do. Comunication is a big issue with human species. If we, say, comunicated through images, we could instantly understand eachother. Words are fucking complicated when it comes to 200+ languages.
  15. Hey Sal, Here's what i meant when i said it's possible. I'm showing you in this picture my actual tent, which is 55x58. I can fit perfectly 4x11Liters with space bewteen the bases. I can also fit the 18L, but they're a bit squeezed. You're using plastic round pots, and they're hard to fit. I'm using cloth pots they take the form I TELL THEM TO. Hope i was clear enough.

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