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  1. Little but not so little update: I've watered my girls without nutes this time, following Cannabissapean and slimjim's tips. These are the Runoffs: S1 got 6,1 S2 got 6,1 S3 got 5,6 I've noticed that S3 pumped a whole air chamber out when i watered her the third liter. I managed to squeeze the pot and regain some oxygen. I think that was the "nutrient blockade" i was talking about, and i think next watering she'll have a PH in the 6 range. Anyway, below the images. I managed to get an upper and a lower shot, so you can see the canopy AND the plant's structure. S1 S2 S3 She's much more leafy than i was expecting. Watching again the old photos shows how much she has improved! Anyway, i'm also attaching an image of my auto-lst'ed watermelon, that for some reason she loves to grow this way: Nature is funny. Peace!
  2. So, it has come the time to share my current experience. I already grew some (21 plants, actually) weed 7 years ago. I was 17 back then, and had no idea how to grow, what would've come out of it, how many mistakes could the plant forgive, and so on. I was a stupid kind of guy, i guess. In my first grow, my "mother" took 6 long months to get out of the Veg phase. We started it in February, and she went into flowering only half way into August. I say we 'cause i wasn't alone doing it, of course. I had my uncle, back then, but that's another story. Anyway, that mother (Cherry was her name) yielded me approx. 130 dry grams of good weed. Not too strong, not too weak, just the right high to stone you on your couch, tilt your head 50-60° degrees while watching tv and die off. Second grow went better, same seeds, 600g dry weed from 3 mothers and 17 clones (all of them rooted, we were amazed). Gotta say i smoked my part (300g) in 2 or so months. I smoke a lot. I like smoking. Back to us, in november, 2016, i started growing tomatoes, lettuce, habaneros, carrots and such, cause i wanted to get rid of a bad and long cycle of depression i had going on for several years. I thought that growing stuff might have helped me, and it did. So, in June, a friend of mine (which is a volunteer, currently working in Tijuana) brought me 4 seeds he found in a "delicious" weed he had bought. I told him many, many times i didn't want to grow again, i didn't like taking risks etc, but he somehow convinced me to sprout them. Just to see, you know, what would come out of it. And here i am, 1 month or so after their sprouting, writing this topic. I'll specify a bit what is my current equipment: - 4x 6500K 35W Led Lamps - 4x Full Spectrum 45W Led Lamps - 1x Hortifan 15cm fan - Some sticky paper here and there - BioBizz AllMix soil - BioBizz Root Juice, Grow and Bloom as nutes - H2O2 as root enhancer and bug killer - Neem Oil as bug killer - A lot of love. And passion. And munchies. Containing: - 2x Tomato clones - 1x Watermelon sprout - 3x Friend's bagseed doing well. - 1x Small aloe clone. The Aloe serves as O2 / CO2 regulator. I found out that Aloe Vera has an inverted process of Air consumption. While weed "eats" CO2 during the day, and expells it during the night while absorbing O2, Aloe Vera will do the exact opposite. The tomatoes are just there because why not, i just like eating tomatoes. The watermelon.. well, it resides in half half-liter bottle (250ml), i just want to see how she develops. I'll transplant her in soil someday, don't worry :3 Following, from first to last, the photos of my bagseed subjects. SUBJECT 1 SUBJECT 2 After this one, it got transplanted, but the photo is in another format so i'll post another one later SUBJECT 3 Since these last photos, it has passed a week or so. I am currently trying to resolve 2 problems: I have fungus gnats flying around, and as you can see there are some sticky papers here and there. I am already applying H2O2 and Neem Oil cures. Second problem is a PH unbalance in all the Subjects, but mostly on SUB 1. I haven't watched the PH since the first day. I didn't care, i'm paying the price for it. Also, the place has been without ventilation for 20+ days. It has been only recently that i brought in a fan. Temperature stays around 28 in working hours, 24 at night (82-75 F°). I'll update the topic as soon as i receive my PH meter and feed my babies. Until then, have a good time. A presto.
  3. I guess your actual Humidity is fine after all, i missed the 80% sentence. Humidity should be 75-85% Seedling, 50-75% VEG and 35-55% BLOOM. I apply the half bottle because i grow in my bedroom, and humidity is stable at 50% all the time. Putting the bottle on top raises it at 70-80%, but remember to leave the cap open. If i may, top them when they developed the 6th node, and top between the 4th and 5th node. I topped mine just above the third node, cause i wanted her to grow very, very flat. Last question, did you build or buy your grow room(s)? They look nice :3 Peace
  4. Heyo, Look at those babies! Do you intend growing them low? Or you're going to change the grow tent? Just a couple tips. - Try to water only what you think is the current "root zone". You'll avoid overwatering. - Take a 500ml plastic bottle, remove the cap, cut it in half and place it above the sprout. You'll raise humidity, while supplying oxygen, giving more days for Tip n°1 to dry out. I say this cause i overwatered my babies, resulting in a slower growth. I want my babes to grow low, but not by overwatering
  5. Goddamn she's gorgeous! I'm thinking she's a Hybrid. Long leaves, yes, but fat and not skinny. Also the colour, but it might be from the photo itself.. I know it is a bad idea, but maybe try tilting your pot to avoid burn? You'll have to re-tilt it for each watering, but you'd gain some cm since your plant is leaning on a side. Beautiful job so far, though! Anyway, welcome to the forum. I'm new myself, joined a couple weeks ago. I also grow mainly bag-seeds. I love the fact that you totally don't know the strain, because it's the perfect opportunity to learn about that particular one. Downsides are you could get very weak genetics, or runts, or whatever else nobody that does it for a job wants, but since it's not my job.. Anyway, you may already know these things. See you around!
  6. Heyo, Thank you, i try to write as detailed as possible. That never happens, i'm always high when i write I'll follow your thread greedily if you have opened one! And yes, war against bugs and mites! Those fuckers have their days counted. Peace
  7. Giving it a second thought, it would work better if a timer set to like 10 mins per hour attached. In this way: - You would prevent your soil from drying up too quickly - You would prevent mold or gnats formation - You'd still supply a good amount of oxygen directly to the roots. - Alternatively, you could use the same tube for feeding. You would give feeding equally in all the soil without caring for proper distribution. - You'd have to clean the tube with fresh water afterwards to prevent, indeed, rotting or mold. We could call those TechPots hehehehe Post Post scriptum: - You wouldn't be able to transplant, so the starting pot would also be your final.
  8. That seems interesting, and has given me an idea. If this method points at giving more air to the newer roots, i'm thinking of integrating a multi-perforated spiral tube in a regular plastic pot. I don't know if there's any already done, i just came up with the idea. I'd basically craft and perform little holes on a plastic tube, like the ones you use for compressed air. I'd close one end, the other one leave it open. In this way, i'd have a circular pot with multiple air-rings inside the soil, constantly supplying fresh oxygen. I'd then attach an air pump to the tube, and plant my baby. It would be noisy, yes, but i doubt it'd have negative consequences. Please correct me if i'm wrong about this
  9. Scribble, scribble.. I'm writing everything down. Just wanted you to know. I've been always told not to reuse the same soil in which grew cannabis, but i guess than in a disinformed country, you can have disinformed people. I should start doing my compost, then. Unfortunately i will not be able to do "la crème de la crème", as it is kind of difficult for me to transport cannabis leaves around the town, but i'll be able to gather some grass, some kiwis, strawberries, and whatever grows in my greenhouse that doesn't make it in our bellies. Just to be precise, i don't grow cannabis in my greenhouse. It would be stupid, too many eyes and ears in my town. Also, this summer temperatures reached 50.1 C° inside, so i guess unless a strain develops leaves like a cactus, i doubt i'll be able to ever grow something there. In january, temperatures reach 36 C° degrees in a sunny day (inside). I mainly grow different kinds of salad, chili peppers, tomatoes, carrots, watermelons inside the greenhouse. This year went special because i left for holidays my tomatoes and the habaneros without water, without fresh air, inside the greenhouse. Indeed, temperatures reached 50 degrees. I came back 45 days later finding half of my tomato plants still alive, and both the habaneros still alive. Dry, but alive. Gave them what it seemed like 100 liters of water, and in a day they came back up. The tomatoes that i'm growing in my grow box are the clones i took from those tomatoes, and the habaneros are giving me more fruits, right now. I'm really hoping for a late-fall crop Gotta go to sleep, work's work. I'll update as soon as i have updates hehehe
  10. Heyo, Goddamn i love long answers! So there's another fool like me (don't take it personal eh) that loves experimenting! 3 to 4 strains at once? Damn man, my envy is rapidly increasing.. hehe, joking. I don't have the intention to water at PH 10, i was just trying to understand basic math However, i really want to give the flush a try. I haven't done any flush on these babies. I flushed once in my first grow, because i fucked up with the nutes (too many) and burned an entire corona (i like to call the secondary colas beneath the main one like this). I intendo to flush this time because i want to be sure that i wont fuck up like that ever again. I am seeing the signs of burn, i'd like to intervene asap. I am glad that you explained to me your schedule, mainly because i can see other's work and thought. May i ask you how do you prepare your compost? Do you follow a particular method, or you got your own? I ask because i am thinking of doing my own. Other than my growbox, i have a small greenhouse near my workplace, and near that i have a small field from which i could gather my resources. I am not thinking of using that compost for my babies, i'm thinking of using it as a fertilizer for my greenhouse. I don't wish to use any chemicals there, just the resources i get from my surroundings. I built the entire greenhouse for the sole purpose of trying to feed myself in the cleanest way i can Can you link me the grow-sessions you're talking about? I'm very interested in reading-viewing-listening to any of those. I'm a greedy learner hehe. I get what you're talking about. Plants should be seen as individuals, and not as a species. Not in the morale way, of course. Each of us humans come from the human race, yet we are so different: we require different food, we listen to different music, worship different gods (i'm atheist, btw), live different lives. Why should plants be any.. different? Maybe, they do come from the same "mother", but they do, indeed, require different attentions. This got too vegan, and spiritual. Not my ground anymore. The last part of your answer is really interesting. So you basically gather up as many soils, in a way that they mix their nutrients so you'll just add what they're missing, when they decide to show a deficiency. It's clever. I also don't like using nutes at full strenght, or at what the producer suggests. I am always convinced that what i'm feeding them, i'll be smoking later. The less chemicals i put in my soil, the less i'll smoke when she's ready. Yet, i understand the needs of a plant in a pot, so.. I fuck up. Like, all the time. I love my babies too much ehehehehe Wish you good things, hope i'll be able someday to pass you this joint
  11. Heyo, I will do as you suggest. In page 1 you'll find my nute schedule. Figures that i started my schedule at half the strenght cause i didn't want to cause a burn. Karma hates me. IMO, i'm not under a strong schedule. I might have given too many BioBizz Root Juice at the beginning, but i thought 1ML/LT would've been fine for the first two weeks. As i said, i'll do as you suggest. I'll keep watering without nutes until runoff PH reaches 6.2 - 6.5. One thing makes me scratch my skull: S1 shows major nutrient burn, alongside its many spider-mites bites.. But S2 and S3 show very, very little damage. Could it be that the 3 strains absorb nutrients in a different way from each other? Or prefer a different PH? Has it ever been tested, if Indica or Sativa strains prefer a PH instead of another? Might be a dummy question, but it's really making me go haywire.
  12. Heyo, Thanks for all your kind answers. Yes, i feel like i'm starting to win this fight. The mites seem less active, even tho they're getting greedy. I can see some of them moved from the under side to the upper side of the leaves. I try to catch them with the sticky paper, without messing too much with them: i am afraid of webbing. I also caught a bigger mite, different from the others. "He" is on the upper side of a leaf, black, at least double the size of spider mites. He's black. I still can't see him on camera, i'll need to buy a macro lens for it, but that's something i'll buy when i'll be rich! Hehehe.. Anyway, answering slimjim. Yes, i've missed PH basics. Meaning that, when i first grew, i didn't care about PH cause i didn't have any problems with it. I was extremely lucky. In my first grow (this is my third), i used the same soil i am using now (biobizz all mix), the nutrients are the same (biobizz rj, grow and bloom), and the water that came out of the sink was the same of my town, so i assumed it was the same in my home, too. It might be that the water i used came at a ph higher than 7, 7.5. So, when mixed with nutes, the soil had the right PH. I also never measured my PH in my first grow, so what i'm saying is purely hypothetical. With this grow, i've come to understand that i NEED to measure my PH. So, it passed more than a month since i started this grow, and realized i had a PH problem. As soon as the PH meter arrived, i tested my water's PH, my nutes PH, the runoff of soil+clay, only to have an idea to what i'd find with the actual runoff. Sorry, this is complicated writing, i can't imagine you reading it! hehehehe.. Anyway, the first actual runoff that i measured from my plants, had a medium PH reading of about 5.2. A week later (today), i tested the PH, and it resulted 5.5. I am planning a flush for next watering, or next week. And i am also looking at some PH-UP on amazon. Please correct me if i'm wrong, i need to understand if i got this right. If i have my water at 7, and my runoff measured 5, it means i have a PH of 3 in the soil, right? So, to UP my runoff PH to 6,5, i'll need to water them with PH 10 water? I also need to understand if there is a "barricade" of acid PH, and if so will i be able to remove it with a flush? Thanks for your time.
  13. Heyo! First thing i did when i woke up was to power on my pc, and google up "are tomatoes poisonous" hehehehe. I knew about potatoes, and about the apple seeds. We always joke on that. Still, i'm surprised about tomatoes. Meh, fuck it, i'll give more attention to not eat the leaves, or to suck its branches hahahahaha. Anyway, back to the GJ: - Sprayed again with NeemOil+Soap - Fed the babies with only water (1/4 the pot size) - Runoff 20% - Runoff at 5,5 PH (better than the last time, which was around 5,2). S2 Had a runoff of almost 5,8. - Can't see any fungus gnats flying around, nor on the sticky papers. Maybe i got rid of them. In such case: Hurray! - Mites number decreasing - Growth seems still a bit stunted. I think i'll move my tomatoes in a grow box me and my family built outside, so i'll give them natural light, and will have more room in the Grow Box. I'll head to bed. If God took a nap on sunday, why shouldn't I do?
  14. Didn't know that! In what way are they poisonous? You mean the whole plant is a bit poisonous except the fruits themselves? I knew about zucchini leaves, but not about tomatoes. Meh, i'll try to isolate them better. Also, those tomatoes are clones. Their mother died due to old age, those 2 somehow managed to survive and flower again. I wonder if they'll be able to produce at least one tomato, their mother did. I also wonder what strains are S2 and S3. Their leaves show a slight blue tinge, S2 in particular way. S1 shows purple stems and branches, but i wonder if that is from the cold at night (20 C°) or just plain genetics. This plant is amazing.
  15. As promised, the photos. S1: I LST'd the 3 main colas (2 colas from topping, 1 cola came from the underground hehe) after this photo to let the other small colas get some light. S2: Here's a close-up of the main cola: And here's S3: They don't seem too happy, but neither seem too sad Uno stack pieces as a bonus, i use them to elevate my pots so they have a better airflow beneath them. I don't know why, but my tomatoes seem to be spider-mite-proof. Can't see a single one on any leaf. I'll consider them lucky hehe
  16. Hey, that's the price for my pizza recipe hehehe Nah, i'm the one glad i joined this forum. Without, i think i would've fucked up. Still, the GJ is far from over! I'll need your help too to accomplish what i'm doing Thank you man, appreciate all the help.
  17. Small update: S3 (aka cindy) is a female! She put her white hairs out tonight, yesterday they weren't there. I'm so glad she is a she! I've also noticed that the numer of mites is decreasing. I'll keep spraying for another 2 weeks, just in case. Those spikes in humidity are working wonderfully. Also, S1 is stable, and i don't see any more yellowing. S2 (aka rebecca) is starting to pump her flowers. I'll post pictures in the afternoon.
  18. The grow space smells like ass for 2 reasons: 1. It is not fully sealed. 2. Neem oil kind of smells like ass. Neem oil spray is.. like a fart sprayer. I cannot ventilate directly outside my home, i would get busted in less than a day if i did. But my grow room shares the same air with my bedroom. Yes, yes, i realize this grow is bannable from every conceivable reality and dimension. I am breaking so many rules i am also wondering why my plants didn't smoke me already (scary movie 2). Next year i'll manage to buy a real grow box. I just need to figure out how to exhaust my air. I can buy a filter, of course, but i don't have any holes for that. And, i can't keep a window open at night. Two main reasons: cold temperatures, thieves. Italy's a weird place. I read about alcohol on other forums, but i limited myself to cleaning too. I wont test alcohol on MJ, let someone else do it hehehe Anyway, i've followed your instructions and happened to reach 80% humidity throughout the day. Removed the wet towels, it dropped back to 50%. I'll repeat the process in 3 days. Thanks for your tips
  19. Good evening, fellow growers. Just wanted to introduce myself I've already grown back in the days, mainly critical haze and, as my name suggests, red cherry berry (which i recommend you if you're looking for some nice couch lock stone). Since i'm thinking about doing a grow journal (came up with the idea this summer), and since i've been reading tons of info on many, many forums, including this one, i thought i might sign the hell up for once, and share it with you. Also, i think it's a beautiful opportunity to learn more. Anyway, as I said, i'm italian. I'm no cook, but you can ask me whatever you want: if we're all with the mafia, if we play mandolino, how's the weather, if we stink like cheese or beat our women with salami.. i'll be glad to answer. I'll head tweaking a bit my profile. P.S. It's been like 10 years or so since i wrote something on a forum, i'm feeling a bit embarassed. Also, my English ain't that good, please be merciful :3
  20. Heyo, I woke up sick. Guess i'm connected to the babies. Anyway, that's a good opportunity to follow up-close the enviroment. I put a wet towel inside, but i'm having difficulties placing the second one: i have no more room. Humidity inside has reached 60%, hopefully i'll bring it to 75%. That's what i had to when i was growing 7 years ago, for Veg Phase. I checked under the leaves, just to see how were the mites doing. They're moving slowly, much more since yesterday. I don't know if it is because day has just begun, or because i increased the neem oil concentration in my solution. Either way, this makes me happy. Means i can get out of this Another thing i did, i left some neem oil drops just outside my windows. Not diluted. Since my city is labeled as "garden city", you can imagine the amount of trees and vegetation around me. That doesn't sound good for possible infestations, so i thought that leaving some drops might prevent them from trying to sneak in. A con? If i open my windows, it smells like ass I'll post an update in the afternoon, as soon as i get my hands on pyrethrum spray (we call it Piretrina, took me a bit to figure out what it was hehe). I've also purchased any kind of alcohol (ethyl, denatured, food grade).
  21. Heyo, Yes, i've realized i should fight them instead of giving up. Not only for the sole purpose of a "good experience", but because this has become personal. They invaded my space. They gotta pay. I will spray every 2-3 days. I also bought any kind of alcohol, for cleaning, and a pesticide. My morale is a bit on the floor, 'cause i had to spray S2, that has some mite even near the flowers. Yet S3 seems holding up, so i trust i'll get rid of them once and for all, someday. I should buy some gloves, my hands stink after 5 washings hehehe Thanks for the time you put into answering me. Means a lot.
  22. Goddamn, i'm becoming anxious. But i guess it's pretty normal, right? Heheheh.. Anyway, i found out my neem oil solution WAS actually pretty weak. I was using 1ML/LT with 3 drops of soap, while i should've used 8ML/LT + 5ML of soap. This might explain why it took so damn long for the fungus gnats to finally die off. So i mixed up my solution, sprayed them good. What i'm amazed about this is that the poor watermelon in the bottle is doing just fine. No webs, no mites, no nothing. Love it. Got 2 shots just for curiosity: My homemade "secret jardin". As you can guess, i can slide up and down each lamp for better distribution. A "close" up of my babies. On bottom right, S1. Started well, but she looks so sad :'( On bottom left, S2. She flowered on her own under 18/6. Wonder if its an auto. In the middle, S3. She was the smalles, but now... Hope you guys are having better luck than me. Peace!
  23. Heya, I just came back from work, and took a look at the girls. They're still infested with mites, but is see no more fungus gnats flying around, so that's a mehh.. I can spot easily 2-3 mites per leaf tip, giving the whole leaf about 20 mites. The motherfuckers move slowly, but move. I am not sure my neem oil-soap solution is working good. I am sorry i sound much more angry, i'm kinda feeling like i stepped on my balls. Anyway, i evaluated my options, and either I: - Continue with my neem oil-soap solution, day by day, increasing the concentration - Pass onto harsher pesticides, like rubbing alcohol or chemical pesticides - Start over If you were me, what would you do? Small recap - 40 days old babies - fungus gnats momentarily defeated - spider mites racing on - a whole lot of supplies. literally. i can start over anytime and lose just some carbon (the plants).
  24. Now this is a plot twist.
  25. Following your lead. Next thing i'll do tomorrow is cleaning like a beast. Should i treat with neem oil every day, or.. follow another schedule? The room stinks like hell, i gotta sleep in it. I hate sleeping, but.. Has to be done. I was also thinking about starting over. Since this is all "Science, Bitch!" for me, i was prepared enough to reserve me another 50L bag of soil. And since i am a month and 10 days into this, i can start over and lose overall some dirt, and some love. What i can do when i start over, though, is make sure i have prepped my soil, make sure everything's fine and dandy, clean, and bug-free. I'll see what will happen in these next 7 days. If the situation worsen, i'll start over. I should not "grow fond" to them, if they're going to die anyway..

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