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  1. Hi @William Trust, The output fan is 428M3/HOUR, so is the input, but the input is dialled down to get negative pressure with a fan speed controller. I've tried various things to variable success rates, so the next is the air conditioner. I also want to lower humidity as well. My dehumidifier creates too much heat doing it's dehumidifying when the ambient air temperature of input air is too high. I've tried air from inside the room the tent is in and outside via a window, and watched the change on my SensorPush and other gadgets. Looking at the data, I need something to cool the air either on the way into the tent or in the tent, and then all will be well. The AC unit will be placed IN the tent, so it just has to cool that air and not the whole room that the tent is in, which means it the controller will be turning it on and off quite a bit.. I'll give the girls some cold nights in their final handful of days, to try to stress more trichomes. Winter's Coming ladies, ….. This is the one I'm getting @g22 I can connect it to the Cooling on the Inkbird temperature controller. I can then program when it comes on/off by temp. Happy Air Conditioning!
  2. 'Tri' on day 59 of flowering. I'm struggling with temperatures & humidity, apparently. If one is not high, the other is. Nothing serious, just not where I want it. Ignorance is bliss with regards to data, and now I have lots of data (SensorPush, IR Webcam, etc), there's lots to think about and change and re-monitor. With that in mind, an 8000Btu/h air conditioner is arriving tomorrow. 'Bi' and 'M' where mega-flushed today. 46l pot Bi was flushed with 60l 25ppm 24c 6.8ph rain water. Run off ended at 133ppm (EC 0.266). 11l pot M was flushed with 24l 25ppm 24c 6.8ph rain water. Run off ended at 137ppm (EC 0.274). Both fully flushed. Happy Nailing Down Growing!
  3. Side note on the Greenhouse Feeding BioFeedings. After a rocky start by using too much and making my media too 'hot', things got much better once I'd got a handle on dosages. Looking back to 20th & 22nd March: "Two days ago Bi & Tri started their transition to flowering by being moved into their final big pots (46l) with BioBloom (41g) in that pot (together with a little BioGrow [5g]). .. PPM of the runoff was high for both, as expected. 1712ppm (ec 3.424) for Tri and 2012ppm (ec 4.036) for Bi. PH was 6.5 so fine. Wet weights were 18.4kg and 17.4kg respectively, so they took on ~ 7l each. Had ~3.3l of run off for both, so will keep that aside for later". I fed that run off/slurry, diluted down to 400ppm (so ~33l worth of 400ppm PK feed imv), to all the White Rhino from then on until it ran out.I did not use any more BioBloom powder (just a little Enhancer every now and again (2 x)). So, it seems that 82g of Greenhouse Feeding BioBloom is all that's required for 2 x 46l and 2 x 11l plants/pots, or ~0.72g/l is the dosage I found works for my plants. In context, from a 1kg bag of Greenhouse Feeding BioBloom, that's 46 flowered plants in 30l pots (my new size, 46l pots are being retired after this grow as I'm finding them too big, and the new 30l (40cm) tree pots fit in perfectly three abreast) @ ~0.72g/l (1kg bag / 0.72 = 1338 litre portions; divided by 30 litres = ~46). THAT'S A LOT OF PLANTS!!!! That's MUCH lower than the Shogun nutes (2/4ml/l) I've used before (although to be fair, that's Shogun's recommended dosage (GHF recommended dosage is 3g/l) and I could have used less as I had nute burn issues with that first-to-know-what-I'm-growing grow). I will continue using slow release Greenhouse Feeding nutes first, and if I see any deficiencies (unlikely), revert to a shot of faster acting liquid Shogun if required. Happy Nuting!
  4. I've said, [15th May] "Your harvest looked very good, and I especially liked the wet trimming of your plants while they were still growing. @LedCherryBerry's looks great as well, and so does Rene Guerra Sanchez 's. evolution666's monster haul is going to take some beating!" I hope everyone's drying & curing (and growing, etc) goes great. Happy Drinking?
  5. Here's 'M' (for Matriarch), the first germinated seed to sprout 126 days ago. She's been through a near death experience and come out the other side looking, well, …… In the flushing sink. Remember, she got into a right old state: She was flushed today (day 57 of flower for her) with 13l of 25ppm fresh rain water heated to 24c (6.7ph). She holds about 2l. Run off was 225ppm. Final week, hope she cannibalizes a bit. Happy Never-Giving-Up-ing!
  6. White Rhino clones in the wild (Day 47 since roooted) get a dose of Greenhouse Feeding BioGrow. I've kept the BioGrow near the main stem and watered it in (and sprayed the plants with) with a solution containing 4ml/l of Pyrethrum 5 EC . The substrate there should be the Coco/Perlite mix from their original pots. Hopefully the BioGrow will go into this media; won't be too much and burn them; and won't feed the weeds surrounding the plant(s), Happier Guerrilla Growing!
  7. Here's a screen video of my Sensor Push data so far: Wednesday night I was not about and the dehumidifier was on during their day made things a bit too hot. The dehumidifier is now on a timer and only comes on during their night if required (Humidity gets >45%). It's on the Turbo 40%-45% setting. The input/output fans come on when temps get > 76f and go off at 74f day or night. Apart from that, I'm getting to grips with the detail and I'm quite happy temps and humidity are being kept in check. The night time temps are creeping up. This will keep the gap between night and day close. Their night time temps are 74.6f-72.7.6f with humidity 53-43%. Daytime it's 80.4f-76.1f with humidity 47.3%-41.1%. Average 77.6f/44.5% during their day, 73.9f/49.5% during their night. Fine with me. Happy Grow Room Refining!
  8. Oooh, night vision! Now I can keep an eye on them from anywhere with the new wifi camera installed in the tent. Edit: It works via my mobile data as well - Excellent!! Happy Voyeur-ing!
  9. Hi, That's how I am long-curing as well. Mine are currently at 7.0c in glass jars with 62% Boveda humidity packs in them. In my wine cellar Wine, like cannabis, needs to be stored long term correctly. Now, if we were to sell it, not that we do, but if we did, long-term cured cannabis is much like a Reserve or a Gran Reserva - aged on site (by the grower) until ready to be released for the possibility of consumption. Reserve = 5 years, Gran Reserve = 10 years. So, our White Rhino Reserve we could say is a 3 month cured bud. A White Rhino Gran Reserve could be a 1 year cured bud. Happy Long-Term-Curing!
  10. Some bud shots. They're really filling out, with more calyx's Fibonacci-ing along nicely - nice logarithmic spiral formation around the main calyx's. Tri below is on day 57 of flowering. Bi below is on day 60 of flowering. Bi below. Bi below. Happy Nearly Final Week of Growing!
  11. Bi on Day 56 of flowering (so entering Week 9, final week): Bi & Tri: Bi, Tri, M & 3 have all been mega-flushed (4 x media). M & 3 will still need a watering to before harvest, Bi and Tri have enough in their media to get them through to harvest. Happy Growing!
  12. Sad news. White Rhino clone 1, White Rhino Tri-clone, and a Vertigo (auto) plant have found new homes. At least, that or they have grown legs and walked off. I'm in mourning. Unhappy Guerrilla Growing
  13. No plans for automatic watering. I like my routine of weighing the pots too much and feeding-by-feel. Also, I really like sitting in my tent (the main reason I got a bigger tent) and observing them/getting a tan/having a dooby/getting away from her indoors ;). Moving their day to start at 8pm has been a bit rubbish from my perspective if not the plants. By that time in my evening I'm usually a bit, erm, over-medicated. Still, the less I sit in the tent with them disturbing them, the better it is for them, but its a hobby grow for me, so I want it to be fun! Sensorpush is excellent, although I did nearly brick my phone twice getting side tracked with PrivacyGuard. Here are a couple of screenshots (I've set alarms at <40% & >55% humidity and <72f & > 74f - graphic shows red when these are breached): It's interesting (for me anyway )already to see the swings when the input/output fans are going on and off. This is where the Sensorpush is in relation to the Inkbird sensor, note it is under a bit of cardboard for a bit of shade. It's ~2.5c cooler under the cardboard shade than not (that's the difference in the sensors). Happy Data Gathering!
  14. Sorry @G22. I've modified the text using the same language for the same things (instead of calling it 'extractor' or 'input', etc etc). Sorry for making it confusing. I sometimes write too early in the morning (for my brain to be awake) or after I'm had a smoke (generally after noon, usually no earlier than 2pm). The temp of the room the tent is in lights on is 70-75f at the moment. I guess this will go up as the summer progresses. From about 8am-11am and 4pm-8pm (the start and end of their night), sunlight does not directly hit the window the air input ducting is at. This means the air in is cooler and more humid than the 11am-4pm period. Between 11am-4pm sunlight does hit the window, and the air is much less humid and hotter. The humidity controller works a lot during 8am-11am & 4pm-8pm periods when the air in is cooler but more humid, and less when hotter & less humid air comes in during the 11am-4pm period. The plant in the middle (M at the moment) is currently 50cm (19.5'')from the glass at the bottom of the reflector when on 1000w. the plants not directly under the lamp are 45cm (17.5'') from the glass (my concave canopy). I think I'll have a lot more answers once I get the SensorPush set up and recording, then I can screenshot graphs of temps & humidity levels, and a picture will tell a thousand words Happy Growing, Smoking & Music Listening! PS, Temp in the tent now (11.43am) is 64.1f and humidity is 50.3 (so input/output fans are on as humidity > 50%).

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