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  1. My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. Happy Growing!
  2. My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. So, I've rolled my first White Rhino joint from Bi. First & early impressions an hour in - it's not what I expected. I expected to be very couch-locky and me losing the ability to speak while a very narcotic stoned feeling. I quite like that on occation, but my friends/wife not so much. Firstly, the smell and taste - I smell fruit, although I've no idea which one. Mango springs to mind for some reason. Nice! A bit of bark in the taste. It's also not couch-locky (perhaps, … yet) and I'm still managing to talk to the cats. Defo got a bit of a dry mouth, but at least my liquid intake will pick up I'm very much looking forward to growing the seeds I've chosen (Super Lemon Haze CBD; Arjan's Strawberry Haze; and Franco's Lemon Cheese) and hope to do grow logs in due course. Happy Growing!
  3. Hi @OG.Naj, Franco's Lemon Cheese was also a choice of mine (together with Arjan's Strawberry Haze). Happy Growing us!
  4. Looks lovely @OG.Naj. SLH (CBD) is one strain I've picked as a prize so it will be interesting to compare that to your lovely grow. Happy Growing!
  5. Congratulations LedCherryBerry for the win. Congratulations to g22 & evolution666 for getting placed. Rene, I hope your outdoor grow every success, and if you want write me a private message with what seeds you would have picked if you had won some packets, I'll share my prize with you and post a packet to you. Thank you Greenhouse Seeds & Feeding for the opportunity to compete as well as the opportunity to try your White Rhino genetics and Greenhouse Feedings. Happy Growing!
  6. Thanks. I took the picture with a microscope, the name of which is a few pages back in the grow log. I think I've detailed all the equipment I've used, as I've used It, In the log. Happy Growing!
  7. Drying the harvest is going slowly, as planned. Drying temps =<20C, drying humidity 55-70%. Here's a bud shot. The WR are drying in the main tent 12hrs/day as temps & humidity are conducive (although humidity in there is a bit high for my nearly (allegedly) finished White Berry (Day 48/50, hmmmm) and two weeks-ish to go Dutch Kush (Day 48/60) - but lots of air flow so fingers crossed). The WR are drying in the box the AC unit came in for the other 12 hrs in the room the tent is in (which gets AC'd by the …. AC) - it's a lovely big box! I've been experimenting with the AC unit, various fans/extractors & dehumidifier, and where I've been having them on an fighting with each other, I've now found a balance where the AC & Dehumidifier are OFF most of the time. Oscillating Fans and extractors, when used at the right temp/humidity points in the temp/humidity cycle instead of turning the AC/Dehumidifier on. They mix the air in the room, which drops temps & humidity levels at the sensor (and canopy top). Happy Drying & Curing & Saving Electricity!
  8. Lastly, some trichome shots from each plant. Happy Growing & Grow Logging!
  9. White Rhino (Tri) root ball, once I'd shaken most of the perlite & Canna Coco out of it.: Happy Growing!
  10. I see lots of clear ones at the moment, so you're on track to be ready in 2 weeks I think. How many flushes of pistils have you had on the buds? By flush of pistils, I mean the very white ones that come out and then below them the calyxes grow. In my short experience, there are at least four big flushes of pistils & subsequent calyx grow underneath, with each flush Fibonacci-ing the bud size. Happy Trichome Watching!
  11. Here's a link to a shared Drive folder with all the White Rhino photo's I've taken along the grow log journey. Over 700 photo's showing the steps this grow log has taken, just in case my words are not enough/too much I hope they're informative and enjoyable ( GHS can have access to the non-watermarked originals). Happy Grow Logging!
  12. What a busy day Harvest Day is! Happy Harvesting!
  13. Harvested at 4.20pm exactly From the left, first is 'Tri', then 'M', then 'Bi', and finally '3'. Good Luck everyone in the competition, and keep Happy Growing!
  14. Thanks @René Guerra Sánchez, On good days, I feel like a Master. And then there are other days when I'm a Murderer of Young Plants and I should be shot. ;-) The Great Chopping in 58 minutes (at 4.20pm, as per @g22's instuctions <chuckle>). Happy Harvesting!

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