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  1. She looks a picture of health, @g22. Nice! Happy Flowering!
  2. Pyrethrum might help with the caterpillars, and can be used up to two weeks before harvest I think. Also, Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis.
  3. Plants growing well except for #ShaggyLettuceBerry, which I think has died on its feet. The two ShaggyParaBerry's are epic. Purple pheno seems happier than crinkly Green pheno. The 1cm reveg'd #SpaceCookie has a great structure now having been LST'd down even further. She has five main branches now. The various GreenHouseSeeds plants look a little light green & internodal spacings is a little stretchier than I'd like so will be topping at 6th node not 8th (like SPB's) and upping the feed EC a little. The Monster-Copped Space Cookies look weird with their sugar leaves trying to turn into fan leaves, but I guess a flower reverting to veg then vegging will do that. The #DurgaMataCBD twins and #Wappa seedling from #ParadiseSeeds are doing fine. I usually hot-swap the above into the HPS tent so they can enjoy 600w+135rw to 1000w+135rw for 12 hrs. Yesterday I got so wasted on Space Cookies that I could not be arsed, so left them in the pantry under the 135rw Visparspectra LED, the HPS (600w) just had the nearly done Jacky White & Delahaze and the five Grow Caps Jacky Whites clones. Happy Growing!
  4. Humanity is just too dumb and chats shit, or machines?
  5. You are very welcome my friend, and I'm pretty confident you will have a spectacular harvest with them as you look to be going to have with your White Rhino. You're a natural at growing cannabis I feel, so naturally, you needed & deserved some seeds Happy Growing!
  6. Seeds have all germinated successfully. So, top left is ShaggyParaBerry2, which was topped two days ago; top middle is Space Cookies (Paradise Seeds) 1cm reveg; top right is ShaggyParaBerry1. Second row left is Arjans Strawberry Haze; second row right is ShaggyLettuceBerry. Third row left is Super Lemon Haze CBD 2 with a just sprouted Wappa (Paradise Seeds) in it's glass conserve jar; middle is Franco's Lemon Cheese; right is Super Lemon Haze CBD 1. Bottom row. Far left and right are two reveg's of Space Cookies; bottom left & right are Space Cookies reveg's from flower; bottom middle is a Durga Mata CBD (Paradise seeds) that has two sprouts from one seed - TWINS! Happy Growing!
  7. Yes. If grown in the ground, the ground would insulate the roots to a certain degree. Growing in pots that are sitting on the ground/in the air means the heat will be drawn out of the media by the ambient (cold) air temperature (likewise with heat). Good luck!
  8. Fair enough. Under those constraints then a solar panel converting light to electricity to store in a battery that is connected to the heat mat. Thinking laterally since, like, forever.
  9. My 2p's worth. I think the media in the smart pot is going to get cold, fast, as temperatures drop. This will slow down the plant's growth. I would place the smart pot into bigger wooden box and place a seedling heat mat under the smart pot in the wooden box. The wood should insulate and keep heat in; the roots/media will stay warmer and thus growth will continue and you should be more successful than if you let the media/roots get too cold. Happy Growing!
  10. I'd advise getting a seedling heat mat and a grow dome, like: A great site for beginners is: Happy Growing!
  11. Up-potting day: Happy Growing!
  12. A little update. All four Greenhouse seeds have germinated successfully. I did not use RootIT! sponges this time, simply soaked SLH2, ASH and FLC in a little CalMag'd RO water for 24 hrs then put directly 1.5cm below surface of old Canna Coco Pro Plus & Perlite before they'd even cracked or showed any root. They all broke ground without any shell casing attached to them. The ShaggyLettuceBerry is actually ShaggyParaBerry3 I have since learned. So that will be 3 x ShaggyParaBerry's in with them (chances are they are Whiteberry's). Plus a 1cm tall Space Cookies clone that's still going, and a couple of re-veg's if they make it. Heck, I might even bring in White Rhino clone number 7 (WRC7) which is going strongly after some major tlc, from outside, in a month or so. This plant is all three-fingered leaves at the moment. Seems the stress it has been though during it's life (into ground @ 4.20am on 20/4) has morphed it into something different. I wonder if some original heritage has been activated in it's gene's. Happy Growing!
  13. Loving the structure of your plants and the detail in your diary, @Chesterland The plants look great for such small 3l pots, I would not thought that was possible so thanks for showing it is. Did two of the five beans not germinate? (So a 60% success rate). I'm wondering where to store beans/seeds for the future. Fridge, freezer, jar, I don't know. Your plants are the same age (give or take a day) as my Space Cookies (indoor grow, Day 39 of flowering today). I have some GHS Haze's germinating so am interested in watching how yours perform. Happy Growing!
  14. Yup, no salt in Canna Coco Professional Plus: "CANNA Coco Professional Plus consists of 100% coco flakes. Specially selected prime Indian coconuts form the base for CANNA Coco Professional Plus. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds or soil diseases. Washed in fresh water means no salts are present." Happy Growing!
  15. I do not rinse out Canna Coco Professional Plus as it is already pre-rinsed & buffered. It's their top product. Rinsing would wash out their buffering. I've not had an issue using it without rinsing any other time. I'll use Enhancer on SLH2 and compare to SLH1 and I think that could show me what it does. Happy Growing!

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