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  1. Yes, lovely looking plants. Trying to work out when you popped your seeds. A post with shots from 7/Jan, with a '48 hour later' following a '30 hours later' earlier, so does that mean the beans were started (soaking in tissue) 3/Jan, @Golloelcogollo?
  2. 11am White Rhino germination preparation. R/O (0.106ec 53ppm) 6.5ph small amount of H2O2. Three huddling together with the matriarch off on safari already:
  3. Thanks @LedCherryBerry. Yes, I'm keeping an eye on humidity but feel I've got a handle on it. I've popped my White Rhino beans just a few hours ago! I'll update that log in due course. [spoiler alert] (~8 weeks. 2 weeks seedling; ~6 weeks veg [12/12 perhaps week 7]; ~10 weeks flower. )
  4. 7 days since feeding/watering DD, JW, IC and SS. Weigh in: DD 10.2kg 11l 6.32ph 700ppm 23.4c 0ml-12%HP in, 6.91ph 1143ppm 19.5c. 0.95l out. kg wet - ph a little high again, ppm high again. Nebula 13.8kg - leave a few more days (~2-3) JW 12.7kg - leave a few more days (~1-2) IC 13.9kg - leave few more days (~2-3) SS 14.9kg - leave a few more days (~3-5) Plants will be using less water due to the defoliation last week. I think the defoliation (like topping) will set them back a week as I've learned from my previous grow. Temps 60F-80F Humidity 45-65% Lights 11.40/12.20 (day/night, -10 mins every week now) 660w HPS ~ 50-60cm from tops. Means no light burn or heat burn, plus that far above the canopy means the light will stretch to the edges of my tent. Any closer, and it would not. I've extended the tend a little by placing bars and bodged extenders (16cm ph boxes wedged in). Worked out that's an extra 8% in tent space at canopy height. The more the merrier! Happy Growing & Good luck fellow farmers. PS, this week I shall be popping the White Rhino contest beans!
  5. Hi @g22, Regarding microscopes, I don't have one, but I have read an article [1] about recommendations, and the Carson Microbrite Plus 60x-120x [2] gets good reviews and is only £18! I'm sensing another Amazon purchase for myself .... edit: yup, I ordered one. [1] - [2] -
  6. Lovely, lovely. Load of light getting to those buds allowing them to hopefully join up into a baseball bat How many more days to go do you think @g22. Keep up the great farming!
  7. Nice job @Golloelcogollo. My only query would be they look a bit root bound and perhaps would have benefitted form a transplant a bit earlier? I was taught that their leafs reach the sides, the roots are likely to be touching the sides as well.
  8. What kind of capsules, and what's in them?
  9. Are they needed? Vegetables come in a capsule of sorts already - their skins.
  10. "Thank you happy new year equally to you and all, you will have to apologize but I have to start a little later than the start of the contest because these days ago have been very cold and I am one of those who thinks that the moon exerts a lot I influence our little ones, I have to wait a week or two more at least that this crescent that I think is the best time to take the seeds to germinate, I hope next week and I will put pictures of the habitat preparation where the I will have, greetings and great fumes." ~24 Enero? It looks like you're going to be growing a lot of plants (20?) Good luck!
  11. Hi @LedCherryBerry, Yup, for that one you'd need to buy an adapter. Others available with good star ratings from Amazon Italy with a European plug. We have 240v in the UK.
  12. Hi @LedCherryBerry, WR-2 does not look to bad. I'd be trying to gently tease those cotyledons open a little. I am a sucker for the underdog Regarding timers, I have a couple of these that work fine: Good luck!
  13. Hi @g22, Well your seeds 'in coffee filters in vertical position so that the taproot grows straight' worked great! Oscar Wilde said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery [that mediocrity can pay to greatness].", and with that in mind I think I'll try your germination technique when it's my turn. The germinated seeds look great with some already getting hairy. Perhaps that is the Enhancer at work already Good luck!
  14. Hi @LedCherryBerry, Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for micro bananas. I've not had any males either yet (finger crossed) so don't have any answers I'm sorry. But if someone attacked my balls, .....
  15. "hello dear lovers of the holy plant.Here are some photos of the white rhino rushing their last days in the coffee glasses. As you can see in the photos there are 2 of the small ones that demonstrate a more sativa phenotype than their sisters. Greetings from my corner." Sativa Rhino - lovely :-) Good Luck!

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