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  1. Tri and Bi given their final bit of Greenhouse Feeding BioGrow. Perlite removed from top of pots, then BioGrow sprinkled on top of substrate and watered in with PH6.2, and perlite then replaced. Happy Growing!
  2. Slight bit of taco-ing, so have lowered the ph a little. Happy Growing!
  3. A short documentary on the adventures of a gnat fly:
  4. Tri and Bi are perfect plants. Not a sign of deficiency or excess on them. They're at Day 45 and 42 since breaking soil, with an internode distance of 1 inch and they're 20cm and 18cm respectively and on their 10th set of nodes. I have upped temps quite a bit to 70-85f to convince the girls it's the height of summer. Humidity is still 45-60%. Not sure if they're going to be ready to harvest at the end of May for the competition, but getting placed in the competition is secondary for me (although that would be lovely). Firstly, I want to produce a decent harvest in whatever time frame it takes. My other responsibility is to GHS&F. It is to produce a grow log as promised in exchange for the WR seeds & GHFeeding. So I shall produce my grow log; try to get it all finished by the end of May but if that is not possible, then it will finish when it is good and ready to finish. My musings on other sites frequently contain links back to this site and grow logs, so hopefully that increases traffic & customers for GHS. Another thank you from me to the Greenhouse Seed Company. To increase the chances of me being able to harvest by the end of May, I'm not going to top any of the plants now as that would stress them out and cause a delay. This will be my first time growing a plant indoors from seed without topping/fimming. M & 3 I will post updated progress on tomorrow. The last of my first-to-know-what-I'm-growing grow has been harvested today (Dutch Dragon - Day 83 of flowering) and is hanging in front of me as I type, looking lovely and smelling just a good. This means the small plants have my big tent to themselves. The white board is working exceptionally well I think, and the gnat flies are really annoyed with the Perlite. Bi: Tri: Happy Growing!
  5. Top left is 'M', bottom left is '3', top right is 'Bi', bottom right is 'Tri'. They've all started growing much more vigorously so perhaps the nutrient & media & water combination at present is good. Hmmm, might even be able to make competition harvest date. Excellent. Perlite (sieved) added to top of pots to prevent gnat flies entering media from the top. They were all given a root drench in 3% H2O2 a few days ago to hopefully kill gnat fly larvae. Temps 65-75f; humidity 45-60%; 480rwHPS & 135rwLED.
  6. JW dried and into jars. JW has the biggest yield so far; was the tallest plant at 90cm; and was the only one that had Miracle Grow in place of Bat Poo (as I ran out of bat poo). She's also the most pungent with a grapefruit+ smell. She smokes very creatively. Only DD left to harvest. It's Day 81 of flower for this 75% Sativa with 63-70 day flowering window. Lockouts I think caused a delay (in all of them), and trichomes are nearly ready while new calyxes are still being grown. Current totals: Nebula 143.50g final harvest (5.1 oz) JW 181.3g final harvest (6.4 oz) IC 130.55g final harvest (4.6 oz) SS 113.20g final harvest (4.0 oz) My initial estimate is that I managed to create ~1.5m2of canopy surface area with plant arrangement/horizontal extensions in my 1.2m2 tent, hence the increase in yield compared to expected. Happy Growing & Smoking!
  7. "M" (under just LED light). Happy Growing!
  8. Enough of the handbags, here's my WR's as of today (under 480rwHPS and 135rw LED). ('Tri' - Day 41; 'Bi' Day 38; 'M' Day 48,'3' Day 45 - since breaking ground) Tri & Bi are working on their 9th set of leafs. Happy Growing!
  9. Please stop with the cyber-bullying @I'm Sal. Your continued harassment and negativity is making me very uncomfortable.
  10. My setup now. The tent is split in two with a white board. White board to reflect the light back onto the plants. The extension on the side my propagation tent, which is also my drying tent. Air is sucked in through that tent then into the big tent and filtered on the way out. Bi has her field LST tied down: Happy Growing!
  11. I used a coco that the manufacture (Canna) said had been pre-rinsed and pre-buffered. Canna Coco Coir Natural is allegedly exactly the same as Canna Coco Coir Professional apart from Professional is buffered a bit more. I have had issues with the Natural, but the Professional works great. Perhaps it's another one of those where we need to ignore the manufacturers recommendations and plough our own furrow with their product. CANNA Coco Natural "CANNA Coco Natural is a quality product that meets strict horticultural standards. The purity of the raw materials used distinguishes it from other substrates based on coco. CANNA COCO Natural consists of 45% wood cellulose which ensures that the physical characteristics are retained for a long time. The water/air ratio is 73%/23%. In addition to this the medium offers ideal conditions for cultivation because the coco flakes are rinsed and buffered. This enables the plant to develop quickly from the start of cultivation."
  12. The packet says "Soil and Coco" regarding media. I tried with pure coco (Canna Coco Coir Natural) with the recommended dosage(3g/l) and got burn (M & 3 as results). Recommended dosages are important, especially for this type of nutrient delivery system as once you add too much of this stuff, you're fucked, or need to flush the fuck out of the media to get it out and your timelines go out of the window. With liquid fertilizers you can simply flush it out, with this fertilizer, you're locked into 8-week cycles, so if you see burn at week 5 of veg for instance, you could flush the media to leach those too many nutes, but then if you add any more you're locked into 8 weeks before it's used up. Perfect grows are wonderful, but they can give a false sense of security. For me a test is to see how products/companies function when things go wrong. Much more to be learned from issues, and one can have experience of how much support is offered by the company as well. I've learned quite a lot about plants issues thanks to the issues I've had with the WR grow, and about different things compared to what I learned with my wonderful (and which gave me a false sense of growing security, ie, it seemed easy peasy) first-to-know-what-I'm-growing grow. Happy Growing!
  13. With your apparent searching skills @I'm Sal, it should have been a breeze for you to find out my plants ages. I also am not aware of many issue and have not indicated such. I wrote 'some', not 'many'. Those words may be interchangeable to you, but they have specificity to me and different meanings. It would have been great if GHS & GHF had told us that the recommended amount of BioGrow, etc, should be a MUCH different amount than written on the packet. You're saying 0.5g and they recommend 3g. It would have help some of us who have experienced nute burn due to following the recommended dose. Perhaps this is part of the Test though - to see what amount each strain/pheno copes best with. I'd have thought this info was already know, but apparently not and perhaps that is our job to find out for them. When testing turns into wasting money (electricity, time, etc), there's only one winner for me - a full tent by any means necessary and in whatever time frame is required to do that.
  14. They were all germinated in January some time, @I'm Sal. We could go back through this diary for exact dates and work out exact ages at will. I've no date when I'm going to switch to flower now. My original schedule has gone out of the window due to my issues with them as young'uns. I'm going to see how Tri and Bi progress before deciding whether to top or not. I'm leaning towards not so I can show a side by side comparison of a bi and a tri leaf WR growing. Ignoring any recommended feeding amounts and finding a non-dangerous-to-the-plant-amount-that's-not-too-much seems to be a test for these WR looking at some of the other diaries. M & 3 will likely also not get topped due to their stuntedness.

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