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  1. A little update. All four Greenhouse seeds have germinated successfully. I did not use RootIT! sponges this time, simply soaked SLH2, ASH and FLC in a little CalMag'd RO water for 24 hrs then put directly 1.5cm below surface of old Canna Coco Pro Plus & Perlite before they'd even cracked or showed any root. They all broke ground without any shell casing attached to them. The ShaggyLettuceBerry is actually ShaggyParaBerry3 I have since learned. So that will be 3 x ShaggyParaBerry's in with them (chances are they are Whiteberry's). Plus a 1cm tall Space Cookies clone that's still going, and a couple of re-veg's if they make it. Heck, I might even bring in White Rhino clone number 7 (WRC7) which is going strongly after some major tlc, from outside, in a month or so. This plant is all three-fingered leaves at the moment. Seems the stress it has been though during it's life (into ground @ 4.20am on 20/4) has morphed it into something different. I wonder if some original heritage has been activated in it's gene's. Happy Growing!
  2. Loving the structure of your plants and the detail in your diary, @Chesterland The plants look great for such small 3l pots, I would not thought that was possible so thanks for showing it is. Did two of the five beans not germinate? (So a 60% success rate). I'm wondering where to store beans/seeds for the future. Fridge, freezer, jar, I don't know. Your plants are the same age (give or take a day) as my Space Cookies (indoor grow, Day 39 of flowering today). I have some GHS Haze's germinating so am interested in watching how yours perform. Happy Growing!
  3. Yup, no salt in Canna Coco Professional Plus: "CANNA Coco Professional Plus consists of 100% coco flakes. Specially selected prime Indian coconuts form the base for CANNA Coco Professional Plus. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds or soil diseases. Washed in fresh water means no salts are present." Happy Growing!
  4. I do not rinse out Canna Coco Professional Plus as it is already pre-rinsed & buffered. It's their top product. Rinsing would wash out their buffering. I've not had an issue using it without rinsing any other time. I'll use Enhancer on SLH2 and compare to SLH1 and I think that could show me what it does. Happy Growing!
  5. I'm just blaming something, anything, other than me for the initial 'hot' burning media that killed my early WR's and fucked up my timeline. Your and others' grows looked fine with it, so it WAS likely something I did with it. Still, once bitten, twice shy. I have five Jacky White clones in a Grow Caps test grow (see Grow Diaries), and five spare JW clones that were not needed (I was too successful at cloning) and have been put outside in 11 pots with coco and …….. Miracle Grow (lol) to fend for themselves. I shall try Enhancer on those outside ones. I shall also try Enhancer on SLH2 if she germinates and compare her to SLH1. I shall give SLH2 the same as SLH1 with the only addition of Enhancer. Happy Growing!
  6. I still use Canna Coco Pro Plus and Perlite (50/50) for seedlings. I rinse out the old rinsed media used by harvested plants as it is airy and has 50% perlite in it, and mix it with a little new Coco. When they get transplanted to veg pots (11l), those will have some old rinsed media as well as new Coco and some Bat Poo (Tropic Bat Mix). It'll also have a quarter measure of Greenhouse Feeding BioGrow and will be watered with Shogun liquid nutrients at an EC of ~1.0. a quarter measure of Greenhouse Feeding BioBloom will be mixed into their flowering pots (30l) and Shogun used when watering. Enhancer I'm a bit scared of using - maybe it's for soil and not coco. I have a 4*8 tent. There's a 1000w HPS down one end for flowering, and a 135w LED down the other to help get light over the veg section. Veg section gets hot-swapped at 7am (flower night start) and sits on a window sill in a large dome, and goes back at 2pm for 5.5hrs of darkness until the LED comes on at 6.30pm (sunrise) and HPS come on again at 7pm. Seedlings are on a heat mat this time as I have found keeping substrate temp very high (28c) works wonders. I was absolutely gobsmacked to find seeds in my weed, @g22. I did not know whether to be joyous (free seeds!!) or mortified (what a shit grower!). I've settled on joyous. There are three more ShaggyParaBerry's in media I'm hoping will germinate, but it's been about 10 days now and I don't have much hope. I have one other ShaggyParaBerry seed for my genetics collection (not sure if it will germinate or not). Anyhoo, here's a shot of my Space Cookies as of now (Paradise Seeds, new strain, I'm one of the first growers) - day 36 of 63-65 of flowering: Happy Growing!
  7. There she blows! She went in to soak on Sunday, and by yesterday I had given up. Guess 6 hours soaking was not long enough. Also, popped her straight into media this time rather than use sponges. So yesterday I was thinking I'd best try to pop some more just in case - usual DOH! So, I have another Super Lemon Haze (CBD), a Arjan's Strawberry Haze and a Franco's Lemon Cheese all soaking. They'll go straight into media as well, although I'll give them 24hr soaking first. These will be grown with my ShaggyParaBerry's and the ShaggyLettuceBerry (random seedling found in my lettuce patch!! Don't ask, ….) I grew some White Berry by Paradise Seeds in my White Rhino competition grow. That grow was not my best as I had many issues, and the White Berry must have hermied as I found seeds in her buds when I was smoking her!! WTF! Anyhoo, some of those seeds have germinated. I found some cured nana's and whole pollen sack in the White Berry buds. Not sure if the seeds were true hermies, or whether the Dutch Kush or White Rhino's in the tent hermied as well, and pollinated her. Here are the ShaggyParaBerry's and the ShaggyLettuceBerry as of yesterday: Note that the '?' (ShaggyLettuceBerry) has it's first leave on the same side as its cotyledon, the other alternate. Happy Growing!
  8. Invite someone from Thailand over. They love grasshoppers. Nom nom ……
  9. I want to try a CBD strain, so with my joint second place in the previous White Rhino grow, I chose as part of my prize Super Silver Haze CBD seeds. Not much space going forward, but if I don't pop one now, it'll be next year before I can grow one, so into some filtered water a bean went this morning to soak. If she pops, she'll be in with the Crazy Runt grow - two ShaggyParaberry's, a ShaggyLettuceberry; a 1cm Space Cookies clone; and perhaps some Jacky White and White Rhino clones. Happy Growing!
  10. The taste is great, earthy and pine with something sweet in there that sits on the lips after taking a toke. My taste buds are shot though so I'm more into effects(s) & smell. Effects - very body relaxing but it does not throw you into the couch. Has some creativity about it so you can get on with jobs, just not complicated jobs. Only negative is a very dry mouth afterwards, which is good for my liquid intake (ie, I'm reminded to drink liquid!). Happy Smoking!
  11. White Rhino smoking time! Happy Smoking!
  12. My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. Happy Growing!
  13. My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. So, I've rolled my first White Rhino joint from Bi. First & early impressions an hour in - it's not what I expected. I expected to be very couch-locky and me losing the ability to speak while a very narcotic stoned feeling. I quite like that on occation, but my friends/wife not so much. Firstly, the smell and taste - I smell fruit, although I've no idea which one. Mango springs to mind for some reason. Nice! A bit of bark in the taste. It's also not couch-locky (perhaps, … yet) and I'm still managing to talk to the cats. Defo got a bit of a dry mouth, but at least my liquid intake will pick up I'm very much looking forward to growing the seeds I've chosen (Super Lemon Haze CBD; Arjan's Strawberry Haze; and Franco's Lemon Cheese) and hope to do grow logs in due course. Happy Growing!
  14. Hi @OG.Naj, Franco's Lemon Cheese was also a choice of mine (together with Arjan's Strawberry Haze). Happy Growing us!
  15. Looks lovely @OG.Naj. SLH (CBD) is one strain I've picked as a prize so it will be interesting to compare that to your lovely grow. Happy Growing!

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