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  1. Thanks @OG.Naj and @9DRAGONS, Thanks for the reassurance. It's my first banana and caused panic. Anyhoo, big second defoliation of the remaining fan leafs yesterday, and now there is lots of light getting down to bud sites. It's all very sparkly in there, but I would like the buds to get bigger (obviously -lol). I make it 4-5 weeks to go (Day 37 of flowering), so take off the last two weeks where I'll be flushing, so I have three feedings left (about once a week) and perhaps only two as they are drinking more slowly. Now, I've ran out of Bloom nutes. I have Grow nutes (6-2-4) and PK (9 phosphorous, 18 potassium, 5.1 Sulphur) and Potassium Silicate (6%). Am thinking of giving a 25% Grow (for a little N) 50% PK and 25% PS mix in an EC 1.2 solution. Do you guys have any thoughts/advice?
  2. Hi All, I'm a newby grower. I've recently started a new grow with seeds bought from a seedbank (current grow is nearing completion - 2 bag seeds, no idea of strain). Anyhoo, I have germinated feminized four seeds: Dutch Kush; Duch Dragon; Nebula; and White Berry (all from Paradise Seeds). All four germinated in soggy tissue although the White Berry was a very small seed and had only just cracked when I planted into 'TROPIC BAT MIX'. They're in a 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.6m Bay 6 tent under a 125w CFL (Blue). Humidity is ~ 80% and temp ~ 83°F. Dutch Kush and Nebula are bottom left and bottom right respectively. I'm going to be using the Shogun range of fertilizers, although not for a while as the Tropic Bat Bix should do for the next 4-5 weeks I think.
  3. A bit of researching and yes, that's a male sex organ. One does not mean the whole plant has hermied apparently. Can't do much about it now, half way through flowering with no spare tents/space, so I've cut it out, prowled around for a bit looking for others but seeing none, and I'll be keeping and even closer beady eye on them from now on! And it was all going so well ....
  4. Erm, is that what I think it is, ie, has my plant hermied?
  5. Hi @LedCherryBerry, '5' is already part way through germination I think, ie, filled with water now, so I think it may be too late to stop her germinating without killing her. It'll be a week behind, so not too much bother as long as I label each pot correctly I think. If all 5 make it, I'll give one to my mate @THELOCKYONE who did not gain entry into the competition, so he can still grow a WR (his fav). Happy Growing!
  6. Hi all, Woohoo, it's competition time. I have received 10 x White Rhino seeds & GHS BIO powder feedings in good time and I'll be looking to germinate in January. 1.2m2 indoor grow starting off under 1 x 125w blue CFL (perhaps x 2) in a 60cmx60cmx90cm propagation tent. Mulling getting a MH for the rest of veg, else it will be that CFL plus 250w/400 of HPS. 600w/660w HPS for flower (new bulb). 428m3 extraction through carbon filter. Substrate: 70% Canna Coco (unfed, ie, not the Pro Plus) & 30% Perlite - so I can see how JUST the BIO feeds get on. Nutrients: Green House BIO feedings only - Water will be roof run off at a ppm of ~ 40 (ec 0.08) @ 23C. Containers: 1 litre / 11 litre / 46 litre I shall be topping early & LSTing to keep height down. Good luck everyone!
  7. Thanks @LedCherryBerry, Yup, pure genius that pic - still making me laugh "5" has sunk, so is now between the germination plates in a moist (not soggy) tissue. Fingers crossed. '4' seems a little greener. Kinda want her to pull through, but kinda don't as I only want 4 plants in my tent this time as 5 is too crowded. I'll take what life throws at me Happy Growing!
  8. I've reviewed '4', and I don't think she's going to make it (although while it has green, I still have hope), so I have popped another bean in to soak. I am the worlds worst young plant handler. This time, as soon as it's cracked, it gets planted.
  9. Will do @I'm Sal. I have the dehumidifier at the ready just in case. Fingers crossed!
  10. 16-28 February. ~4-5 weeks.
  11. Some close-ups of their buds
  12. Hi @OG.Naj, You're photo's are looking good. You're method from step three ("Compress gently the soil up the seeds") is a little different to mine. I don't compress, and also I put water the media before putting the germinated seeds in. This is due to past issues where the soil got too compacted and the roots drowned. I've found that compacting and then watering, over-compacts the media for just-germinated seeds. Just my experience though, and that was before I'd been recommended Perlite. Happy Growing!
  13. A wizz around my tent in Week 6 of flowering: Top left is Nebula, Top right is JW, middle is SS, bottom left is DD, bottom right is IC. I've turned them around, so their backsides are facing the light. They seem to love that and the inside flowers are going potty. Happy Growing!
  14. 12 hours after the photo collage above: M is doing great, and '3' has it's stalk lengthening as well which I take to mean all is well underground with it's roots. '2', which popped through the surface before '3' (hence why it's '2') must be struggling below. It's growing very, very slowly (it's the one in the middle bottom above). It's 2nd single leaf is starting to show so it's alive. It reminds me of how IC started. '4' has got greener but is the least happy. I expect all of them to pull through as they're tenacious little plants. Happy Growing!
  15. Hi @OG.Naj "I saw your grow in the other section. We can already see the beautiful results. Interesting to give 24h of light. What benefit do you get from this lighting strategy can you explain?" I do this so there is a consistent environment. More changed = less consistency. Leaving the light on = no change, so hopefully more consistency. With the light on consistently, the temperatures will be consistent as well. So too for humidity. Under this regime last time, they grew very tight stem internodes and I'd like to repeat that so am keeping the same blue-light-24-/-7-3-10cm-from-canopy strategy. They'll get 24/7 for 14 days, then they go to 18-6. Happy Growing!
  16. M has outgrown her jam jar over night and has been upgraded to the cranberry suite. I've afraid , 2, 3 & 4 have come out of the ShaggyGrower germination phase a bit bruised and battered. '2' needed help with a shell case, '3' & '4' had dodgy looking roots due to too much water I think so uber amounts of tlc was required last night in surgery to get their shell cases off and help those small leaves get their first light and hopefully help out the shrivelled root. Happy Growing!
  17. Hi @OG.Naj Thanks the info. You're quite right. There's lots in play. My current grow [1] that's nearing completion had a good early start and I hope to repeat it in this grow log. This early, 24 hrs a day is the same for them I guess as they're isolated in a tent with minimal environmental changes. Happy Growing! [1] -
  18. Welcome @TheChemsit, Around 9 of us are currently in a Greenhouse Feeding test with the Greenhouse's own White Rhino. Pull up a chair and see how our White Rhino's go as it may be a strain you'd like to grow as well: Happy Growing!
  19. Matriarch ('M') and her peers are now in the propagation tent (60cm x 60 cm x 90cm), 3cm (for tight initial internodes) from a 125w blue CFL 24hrs/day. The plants are in little glasshouses (shot glasses) with most of the media not (so more open for gas exchange with the tent air). M is 2cm, with two others starting to show and one still a no show as yet (although did have a tap root cracking through so hopefully is just a little slow). Temps ~ 28-30c; Humidity 85%+. I have a 1ml syringe which I am using to put a drop of half strength enhancer on them every now an again. Happy Growing!
  20. Thanks @slimjim, my bad, I was talking about me keeping my tissue/cotton wool too moist (when germinating) but I did not explain my self well. 'As of now they're as below, with small tap roots. I've resealed and moistened and placed back, will have a look how long tap root is this evening.' - this is where I over moistened and where next time I'll pop them straight into coco coir rather than back in the germination jar lids/tissue/cotton wool. Happy Growing!
  21. Thanks @slimjim. I think I keep them too moist, ie, wet, too late on. Still learning that fine line. I'm now thinking wet (floating) until sunk; very moist/wet until shells have cracked and I can see a small tap root; then just moist but not wet. Though process is, once the seed has absorbed as much as it needs to stretch out of its case, it does not need as much moisture indeed too much will drown it I'm finding, hence why I transferred them to the moist (but not wet) pots. Thoughts?
  22. Looking good. Leafs starting to go yellow nicely. Have you been flushing?
  23. The Matriarch White Rhino rises: She's looking great. Got rid of her seed casing before breaking ground! The others have a leader to follow. Happy Growing!

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