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  1. Bi's cola on Day 27 since flipping to 12/12 : She has the longest cola at the moment at ~10 inches. Happy Growing!
  2. Hi all, Woohoo, it's competition time. I have received 10 x White Rhino seeds & GHS BIO powder feedings in good time and I'll be looking to germinate in January. 1.2m2 indoor grow starting off under 1 x 125w blue CFL (perhaps x 2) in a 60cmx60cmx90cm propagation tent. Mulling getting a MH for the rest of veg, else it will be that CFL plus 250w/400 of HPS. 600w/660w HPS for flower (new bulb). 428m3 extraction through carbon filter. Substrate: 70% Canna Coco (unfed, ie, not the Pro Plus) & 30% Perlite - so I can see how JUST the BIO feeds get on. Nutrients: Green House BIO feedings only - Water will be roof run off at a ppm of ~ 40 (ec 0.08) @ 23C. Containers: 1 litre / 11 litre / 46 litre I shall be topping early & LSTing to keep height down. Good luck everyone!
  3. Happy 420 everyone! Today, I was up at 4.20am planting my clones in the wild. Let's see if they survive & thrive over the summer. Happy Guerrilla Growing!
  4. White Rhino clones go into the wild. WRC1 transferred to 2l pot. She has grown great roots in 10 days (8th April photo of her up above when still in her glass jar). Meanwhile, back in the tent, the buds on all 4 plants are developing nicely with great spacing to grow into. This is M: Tri was flushed yesterday and Bi today with 30ppm Rain Water ~ 30l each. Run off was 1500ppm & 2050ppm respectively. That will be kept to water her with (watered down) over the next few weeks. M & 3 getting watered with diluted run off at 450ppm. Bi showing some burn (not surprising with that 4.1EC run off), the others are great from top to bottom. As an aside, Tri has the best structure of any plant I've thus far grown. It has three stems coming out of each node on the main stem, and each of those stems shoots out two stems. The tri-ness stops about 2/3 of the way up the plant. The Tri-ness of it makes defoliation not necessary as it's stems grows into gaps rather than underneath the fan leaf above which happens in normal Bi-plants. I have taken a cutting, in flower, and am trying to reveg that into a clone. I wonder whether it will turn tri or stay bi. I'd love to create a stable (lets coin it) "White Trhino" line for GHS. Happy Growing!
  5. 100% success rate on rooting clones, with the last one showing a root so will go into a 0.5l pot in a bit. Not sure if the cloning success was down to Shogun Katana Roots, or some £1 Poundland rooting powder (Doff Natural Rooting Powder), or something else. The family under HPS: With just camera flash: Happy Growing!
  6. Hi, Thanks. Those little jars are preserve jars (jam, marmalade) you sometimes get in hotels. A perfect fit for RootIt! sponges. Tri seems the best of them at the moment. She's 66cm tall and very little sign of any excess/deficiency. She drinks a lot. No need to defoliate or even leaf tuck with her, yet. Gave her 4l of diluted (to 480ppm) old run off today. Run off was 1800ppm! Bi has some burning on lower & middle stem fan leaf tips and down the spikey side of the leaves. She does not drink very much. Those tucked leaves are still alive. M drinks a lot, compared to 3. She got a 1l of 420ppm diluted run off. 7 out of 9 clone attempts have grown roots. Not sure what I'm going to do with them. Will likely wait until May and then dot them outside for the summer in various spots local to me. There's one old knook in an oak tree I fancy putting one in Happy Growing!
  7. Checking clone attempts for roots, and another (the 4th) has grown roots which can be seen easily through the clear glass sprouting jars I use: Add some 50/50 Perlite & Canna Coco, and place glass jar in pot to get hight right: I pry the sponge out of the glass jar with a syringe needle: Works a treat: Hold plant by stem and put in middle of new pot and drizzle the media around, pressing around the outside gently. Weight it, it's 126g, so I water with rain water up to 150g (24ml): Voila - a cloned White Rhino. Happy Growing & Cloning!
  8. M=80[11], 3=79[11], Tri=72[12], Bi=73[15]. (large number = days since breaking soil; [days since 12/12 flip]. Pistels galore. All plants stretching and flowering and looking well. The Inkbird is really helping automate stuff. Temps <81 >75 day and humidity 35-50%, so perfect. Flushed M and 3 yesterday, M lost a lot more weight than 3 so must have less media in. Took lots of lower and internal small flowers off 3. Have left M be, to compare. Bi I have fed 3l of their own run off (rain watered down to 400ppm), Tri 2l. Their run off is watered down to 300ppm for foliar spray as well - thrice a day they get a shower (sometimes with nute ro water [300ppm], alternating with rain water at 30ppm to give the leaves a wash) and this helps with humidity. A closed loop when it comes to nutes. A little detail of their run off that I'm re-using. I think it has a lot of dissolved PK in it, which is why I am reusing it. It has other stuff in there which is not soluble, so for the folair spray I let it sit for a few days then pour very carefully, so as not to mix the undissolvables [which sit at the bottom]with the dissolvables - also means the sprayer does not get clogged with undissolvables. A few signs of burn but only very slowly getting worse if at all, but not a worry as she'll get to a time where the nutes are not burning once she uses enough up. M & 3 have surprised by developing flowers faster than Bi & Tri. They might all actually finish at the same time (1/1/18). Bi is 61cm, Tri 60cm, M 41cm, 3 40cm. 6 days ago, Bi was 49cm; Tri was 47cm; M was 29 cm, and 3 was 27cm. Quite some growth!! No additional defoliation required (yet) as the intermodal spacing I created means there's no overlapping of many leaves. Lots of air in there as you can see in the photo's. This means no shock to the plants from a heavy pruning/defoliation, ergo hopefully a happier and more productive plant(s). M: 3. Tri. Bi. Happy Growing!
  9. A couple of the pruned stems have grown roots. Happy Cloning!
  10. Lots of lovely chunky colas - very nice!
  11. Purchased another gadget for my ladies. An Inkbird 220V ITC-310T 6-stage Programmable Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat for Heater & Cooler, 3 Pins UK Plug ,Dual Relays. In short, it has a temperature probe and I can set a base temp (78f); set a high fluctuation (2f) and a low fluctuation (4f). The gadget then turns on the cooling socket when temp gets to 80f and turns on the heating socket when temps hit 76f. There are timers as well, so I will get more detailed with it later. I have my extractor fan plugged into the cooling, and the 135rw LED into the heating. It's been working very well over the last day & night, and makes such a difference to humidity levels and the lowering of some of the weight off my shoulders. Happy (somewhat-automated) Growing!
  12. Trying something different with Bi. Instead of defoliating, I'm leaf tucking where I can. Hopefully this will shock/delay the plant less. The middle main stem fan leaves are quite large. I've tucked, with plant clips, those four pairs (8 very large leaves) of those large leaves to a stem three nodes down. Light can penetrate better, and the leaf is still attached to the plant so that plant can extract nutrients / dump more toxins in it, and frankly, they get some light. Seems to me that cannabis plants try to get toxins/waste out of their roots first, and when they can't they dump them in the oldest leaves which are the main stem fan leaves (not necessarily the lowest leaves on the plant). While those leaves can be dumped into, I don't want to remove them or the plant will start dumping in the next oldest leaves. I'm pruning any 2nd tier side shoots that come off main side shoots, up to 2-3 nodes along. I think I am going to have lots of stems, so just want cola's on the end and not much growing down below or middle of stem. Happy Growing!
  13. Hi All, I'm a newby grower. I've recently started a new grow with seeds bought from a seedbank (current grow is nearing completion - 2 bag seeds, no idea of strain). Anyhoo, I have germinated feminized four seeds: Dutch Kush; Duch Dragon; Nebula; and White Berry (all from Paradise Seeds). All four germinated in soggy tissue although the White Berry was a very small seed and had only just cracked when I planted into 'TROPIC BAT MIX'. They're in a 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.6m Bay 6 tent under a 125w CFL (Blue). Humidity is ~ 80% and temp ~ 83°F. Dutch Kush and Nebula are bottom left and bottom right respectively. I'm going to be using the Shogun range of fertilizers, although not for a while as the Tropic Bat Bix should do for the next 4-5 weeks I think.
  14. Thanks. I've been amazed, since it was my first proper grow. I am hoping for similar results from my White Rhino. Happy Growing & Smoking!
  15. Dutch Dragon Happy Smoking!
  16. M=74[5], 3=73[5], Tri=66[6], Bi=67[9]. 59 DAYS LEFT. (large number = days since breaking soil; [days since 12/12 flip]. All plants showing lots of pre-flower double-pistels. Bi is 49cm tall; Tri is 47cm; M is 29 cm, and 3 is 27cm. They're all about the same width as they are in height. Mostly long chunky leafs, with some ~15cm long. Some slight signs of nute burn on the tips of some leaves (yellow), mostly on newer growth. Some necrosis and chlorosis on older main stem fan leaves. Nothing that's worrying me, indeed it's interesting to see what the plants do with a slight excess in nutrients/toxins, ie, what it seems to do with them. I've taken some clones from the bottom of the plants, ie, pruned and put the clippings in some rooting powder then into Rootit! sponges - lets see what happens (I have never attempted to create a clone before). I'd normally compost any clippings, but I figure if they survive, the weather outside will be conducive to their growing in a month or so. Had an issue Sunday morning with temps getting to 100c for about 3 hours. Some slight burn on a few top leaves, but hopefully nothing too bad and permanent. My tent smells like a bakery in the morning with a very yeasty smell coming from my tent. That'd be the CO2 generator I made. Extractor fan is not on during the night to help with humidity and to keep the CO2 in the tent. Still experimenting as to when it needs to come on. Next purchase when money allows will be some kind of controller to turn stuff on when temps/humidity reach certain values. If you remember, when I flushed Bi and Tri on 22nd March I wrote, "Had ~3.3l of run off for both, so will keep that aside for later." My reasoning for this is different to who has written, "In my opinion it will not wash out the BioGrow / BioBloom since it is slow release and not watersoluble " My reasoning is that some of the ingredients ARE water soluble, it says so on the packaging's. Both the Potassium and Phosphorous elements in BioGrow and BioBloom are stated as "soluble in water". I have tested the nearly two week old runoff. Same ppm as originally (~1800ppm) and ph 7.6. So I have diluted it down to 340ppm with a ph of 6.1 and watered Bi & Tri with a litre each. Hopefully any water dissolved PK will get back into the media. I'll edit in pictures to this post later this afternoon. Edit: This is Tri. LST'd with nice node spacings & stretching. Happy Growing!
  17. Hi growchaote, Salt residues from plant waste will cause the media ph to rise, and thus the run-off. What coco are you using, as not all coco's are created equal.
  18. First little pistels on Bi Happy Growing!
  19. It does look like powdery mildew to me, but I'm certainly no expert. I've read that a lot of these leaf molds can be combatted with baking soda & lemon. Me, on a large plant I would chop off the badly effected leaf petals (not the whole leaf if I don't have to), and then spray with a baking soda/lemon juice solution and wipe each leaf with a sponge, and spray again (trying not to get liquid into the pot from the splash from the spraying). On a small plant I would be tempted to swish the whole above ground part of the plant upside down in a solution of baking soda & lemon. Hope you find a solution!
  20. 63 days (9 weeks) until the end of the competition. All four WR are now on 12/12. M & 3 where flipped last night with no extended dark period. They will be staying in their 11l pots as a test vs my usual 46l final pots. No more hot-swapping for the WR. The four plants are on 12/12 so they get the big tent. DK & WB are moved to a small room (with the 135rw LED on from 7pm-1pm) and then moved to the big tent at 7am. M was defoliated and pruned of small shoots & leaves, so was 3 to a lesser extent. Bi [Day 5 of flowering] was defoliated, pruned of lower shoots, and LST'd. Tri was defoliated a lot more than Bi down low and inside, with four of her small stems into Rootit sponges to see if they'll make clones. The defoliation consists of removing some lowest main stem fan leaves and some lower pruning of the stem shoots' lowest leafs & shoots. I've defoliated/pruned now so the plant can concentrate on forming pistils on the sites I want; and so there are no dark places in the middle of the plant for mold/pests to make their home. In week 2/3 of flower and I'll select which side shoots to keep and which to chop off for additional clones/compost. Foliar spray has been changed to Rain Water (25ppm). There some excesses showing on some of the older stem fan leaves on Bi. I suspected this might happen as BioGrow & BioBloom are in the big pot (lots of nutes). Not a big problem at the moment and hopefully foliar spraying with very low ppm will enable the plant lower the concentrations of excesses (ppm) in itself. Granted, immobile nutrient excesses (nitrogen for instance) are difficult fix, apart from chopping the leaf with the excess. I choose to let the plant build up these excesses a lot on the older leaves, and then chop them off. Once I chop them, any additional excess will go into the next oldest leaves, etc etc. I'm finding that they don't use a lot of water, although I am foliar spraying so this will account for a bit of this. Bi and Tri where flushed 8 days ago and weighed 18.4kg and 17.4kg respectively. Today they are 15.4kg and 14.4kg respectively. That's not a lot of water use over 8 days imv. I think I must have been very close to root-rotting Bi & Tri. They still have ~ 10 days water in them, so 18 days in total (they'll be dry about 10.5-11.0kg) which I think is a long time between waterings. Photo's: M: 3: Bi: Tri: Happy Growing!
  21. This might help:
  22. Sensi Star Happy Smoking!
  23. Tri went into darkness last night at 7pm after a 12hr day on day 60 since breaking soil. She'll be in darkness all day today. Bi will join her this evening at 7pm for her night. They will both be brought out at 7am tomorrow morning where they join the others for an hour of 135rw of LED 'sunrise' followed by 11hrs 660rw of HPS (3hrs of LED from noon-3pm also - 'highnoon') before being put back into darkness at 7pm while the others have another 5hrs of HPS and 1hr of 135rw of LED 'sunset'. Bi will have had three more days of flowering transition than Tri. Lets hope this darkness routine does hurry up flowering. Fingers crossed. Extractor fan only on during daytime. At night it's off to help up humidity, although the airflow fans are still going. Tri before going into darkness. Ruler is a 30cm from media for an idea of height/scale: 'High noon'. Largest fan blows across the HPS light. There is a piece of Perspex plastic taped under the light to act as a cool-tube (reduces leaf temp by 7c compared to not on). Fan far right is upside down to blow air under the pots/ circulate colder air. LED at a angle of about 65 degrees. Spray bottle in there to keep warm. Canes used for LSTing and placed in media before roots had time to grow to them (ie, just after transplanting, so as not to damage roots): Happy Growing!
  24. Yup, they look like they have their little arms in the air waving & clapping away They look really healthy with lovely intermodal spacing imv.

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