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  1. yeah mate it is whiskey in the end. primo stuff and it only costs me about $30 to make 6 bottles.last year i made around 300 litres and the year before was around 600 litres. keeps me busy and well worth it. im looking into getting a licence to sell and supply legally
  2. this is one of the afghani x big bud now at 1.2 metres in a 30L pot it is the top one from the previous photo
  3. sorry for late reply mate. i mix sugar, water and yeast, distill that then age it in oak barrels. its fully legal here but not alot of other countries. yeah i have heard of H that was more popular here in the 70s and 80s. methamphetamine is really expensive here between $500-800 a gram where in america its only $150 per gram. the culture is alot different here and the people that deal in this are usually making alot of money. recently a person was found with $175000 and 3 kilos. while he was making it rich all the people he was selling to were spending all their money on it and homeless and out robbing and stealing to get more and neglecting the children and its a bad look for the rest of society they let this happen. their has been police, lawyers, doctors, and alot of everyday people using this drug they call P here. alot of corruption in this country too. some people the police turn a blind eye because they are related or family friends or they are dodgy police connected to gangs that make it happen. they seem to wipe out all the cannabis that takes a few months to grow and dont realise that meth can be made in a day or 2 so alot of cannabis dealers and growers that are in it for the money turn to selling meth that is more readily available and more profitable. the government here are looking at legalization but not making progress like they said. i hope this will help with the problems in our country like unemployment , poverty and homeless people. cannabis can do great things
  4. i have been waiting in hope every day and expecting mailman to have a surprise for me but still no joy. has anybody else not recieved theirs yet?
  5. i havnt got mine yet. hopefully they make it here safely
  6. what is brown?
  7. i made a Facebook page and done some hunting managed to get sum tinnys. small but good weed. i make spirits at home and its fully legal here but need a license to sell or supply it. saves alot of money. i enjoy a drink most days but rather smoke than drink. i have used meth myself in the past but it makes me more anxious and because of the trouble it causes i have excluded it from my life. too many bad things happened and so many gang members hustling everybody. im over the wasted partying days now and focused on making the for myself
  8. well this is the longest time in years that i have not had a smoke in 3 days, and i dont feel great at all. have pain in my hand from nerve damage where my thumb was half chopped off which makes me light headed and nauseous along withconstant stabbing pain in my ribs that had been broken and i thought were healed. im still hating the police for taking my indoor setup, i never went without. too many people here smoke meth and its so hard to find green even at harvest time because not many people even grow anymore and its so secretive because of the law and heaps of people just sell weed to buy meth. im leaving this stupid country (new Zealand) as soon as possible. it doesn't help that i dont have many friends here but everybody i knew has ripped me off, caused too much drama or are into stuff i wont be involved in so i just keep to myself and live with my mum because she the only family i have along with our Pitbulls. cant wait to have enough money to leave and find a new home in a different part of the world where there is plenty of green and good people. our government here say they will legalize medicinal cannabis but it isnt making any progress.
  9. i started a few in july/august and kept them inside on window sill sowhen i put them outside it lowered the hours of light which started them flowering. the clones i made off them i keep in veg by bringing them inside before sunset around 9pm and i sometimes i put the clones in a dark cupboard or in a box after 12 hours of sunlight so they dont take as long but takes more effort. budding takes alot longer with 15 hours of daylight but it still works using this method. although some tend to re veg i dont mind. i read somewhere that if you stress a plant by extending and shortening its light hours repeatedly alot start showing hermaphrodite traits, which can be handy, but the ones that stay fully female are classed as true breeding females with xx chromosomes and its best to select these ones for breeding and using as mothers
  10. i have sent a couple fellow newzealanders a link to this page so hopefully get more people to join in
  11. these are the afghani x bigbud updated from last pic above of the 2 small ones.
  12. best of luck everybody. white rhino is one of my old favorites and i havnt seen it around here for a few years so cant wait to get my hands on them seeds
  13. tbh id rather come 2nd or 3rd for those prizes than the 1st for the i pad
  14. i would love to join the contest please. with 10 feminized seeds i would grow them in 10 pots, was that a trick question? i look forward to hearing if im in
  15. can u send me link to testers contest please.

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