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  1. I regularly watch the GH grow sessions and was thinking about the difference between ec and ppm, and not having an ec tester, only ppm i went on a hunt to discover how to convert my ppm to ec for my fertilizer strength. found 2 charts, mine works with tds Hanna in the flairform chart, 900 ppm = 1.8 ec (i am using flaiform products), and works out the same with general hydroponics calculations, 900 ppm x 2 divided by 1000 = 1.8 ec. hope this helps somebody
  2. was just having a laugh at the youtube subtitles lol Hello my name is arthur greenish!! who writes them lol
  3. sounds good, im sure it would increase the sales yous already get, not just split the %. although alot of people now grow feminized seed, still many will only grow regular seeds. speaking to people about which strains/breeders they choose it can be a deciding factor who they buy from fem or reg or both will get most customers. if both were available, the stubborn regular buyer might buy some of both. sell certain strains only in regulars or a whole new range of strains to get peoples attention. Arjan still has the white widow parents i believe?
  4. I was told that there was a time when GHS sold regular seeds, why do you not still sell regular? or both regs and fems?
  5. i have ordered from the single seed centre recently and they are all go
  6. ive got my eye on a 300w viparspetra with dimmable veg/bloom remote controller and timer built in, it will be for veg in summer heat, but might go with a 600w one but cant find same model i like. i need extra poles to hang more lights like in my veg tent i need 2 x 23 w grow sabre Leds as they get bigger. need a propogation tent , veg tent , flower tent. i have to veg in small propogation tent 80x50x80 . until flowering ones have finished then keep on veg in there until ready to flower.
  7. day 18 today. the pots are still quite heavy so i leave watering until monday which will be a week since last half strength flairform bloom plus additives. ppm of runoff was 1400-1500. p.h 6.5 10 days ago i fed with myco thrive, as soon as i fed it the plant looked happier and thriving nicely. i think the initial stretching into flowering has finished so i will give 3/4 -full strength bloom dose, superthrive and put a layer of worm castings on top of soil before watering. i also have a trichoderma product as a good protection for them. i am using cheap soil this round but have some canna terra and terrazilla for next time and i kNow they love that compared to pine bark potting mix. its a few hours drive to the city for the good soil so i try to stock up. I am using a 400w digital ballast in a 90x90x160 tent. i know yields are not as good as a 600 so,that is next on my list. i thought ballast i got was adjustable but its dimmable, not 600 or 400 w like my old lumatek. i will get a 100x100x200 tent to go with 600w, the 400 in this tent stays at low temp in this cool weather 23c. im waiting on my fan speed controller to help keep at better temp without extra heating by slowing exhaust fan down. its a 2 speed and low is very high, my induction has temp/speed, both carbon filtered so no dust or smell, also have 600w LED but its a cheapo so thinking of hanging it next to the 400w hps for weeks 4-8. 1000w in under a sq metre should put out high lumens for some dense nugs. humidity is 50-60% between waterings, damp rainy weather here, i have a dehumidifier ready to lower humidity as they get further into flower.
  8. 16 litre litre containers, was going to put into bigger ones but wanted to get them flowering so i can find the best ones to keep the cuttings of and ditch the not so good ones. exactly 2 weeks into flower now. i gave them a feed of half strength flairform bloom and the whole range to try. I gave them too little at the start and got some N deficiencies on first plants that are not as good as these 2. the 3rd photo is cookies #1 its a pain because its so tall i cant get the light any closer to the others, but want to test every plant before i choose which ones to keep going. also kept a clone of the goji golden cobra male and see how well it stays in veg. also started some ultimate purple regs from bc bud depot, and skunk shot from lounge lizard seed, its super skunk x yumboldt. i have a few white rhino, Kalashkinova, bubba kush, caboose and white lemon from GHS now. they will be grown alone one day soon to give them the most attention. im working on expanding to 3 tents now i have 2.
  9. putting them into flower now, had problems with a couple, i had no fert for a while so some older ones got yellow. The goji golden cobra turned out to be a male, it bleeds red sap which i thought was cool and worth keeping for future breeding, i have kept an afghan kush male too. made clones of each plant then ill decide which to keep depending on end results. i heard that greenhouse used to sell regular seeds? is this true if so when did the change to feminized only?
  10. I have been busy on the indoor gardening in winter, Thought i would make a small journal here to share. The ggc hasnt shown sex yet but the fact that its so late it should be a female, have killed a few males, the cookies are feminized, #1 streched alot, 2 and 4 are shorter
  11. ill take you word for that jose. maybe different types require different treatments, most people i know that have had cancer have neither been incouraged or discouraged from using it. but if it was a cure surely i would have been successful by now
  12. in the past i have pollinated a feminized variety, with regular male pollen. from one male there was no hermaphrodite traits in the seeds, but using a different male made almost every plant hermie. i have a fem strain now thats affy x bug bud, wide leaf, fast maturity, earthy pine flavors, super sticky. i am thinking of using a male pollen on her, but considering selfing it using colloidal silver too. i already have a male Afghan kush would be perfect to stabilize indica traits more. and would be quicker than making fem pollen on one to pollinate a clone floweres at a later date, but which would work best? fem strain, selfed to create more fem seed? or fem strain pollinated with reg male pollen to produce 50/50? i re vegged this clone
  13. is sts or colloidal silver much different? from what ive read they achieve the same goal.
  14. i believe cannabis is a great preventative for any illness. with the opinion on cancer, i have heard that thc can kill cancer cells, but only at a very high %. its still worth a try, grow a ton of herb and make lots of extract, give it to them high as possible dose as regularly as possible, ingested is best. so make it with ethanol or something safe. cannabis cant make it worse.
  15. what strains are popular in russia? im guessing its mostly indoors with your climate, or warm in summer?

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