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  1. ill take you word for that jose. maybe different types require different treatments, most people i know that have had cancer have neither been incouraged or discouraged from using it. but if it was a cure surely i would have been successful by now
  2. in the past i have pollinated a feminized variety, with regular male pollen. from one male there was no hermaphrodite traits in the seeds, but using a different male made almost every plant hermie. i have a fem strain now thats affy x bug bud, wide leaf, fast maturity, earthy pine flavors, super sticky. i am thinking of using a male pollen on her, but considering selfing it using colloidal silver too. i already have a male Afghan kush would be perfect to stabilize indica traits more. and would be quicker than making fem pollen on one to pollinate a clone floweres at a later date, but which would work best? fem strain, selfed to create more fem seed? or fem strain pollinated with reg male pollen to produce 50/50? i re vegged this clone
  3. is sts or colloidal silver much different? from what ive read they achieve the same goal.
  4. i believe cannabis is a great preventative for any illness. with the opinion on cancer, i have heard that thc can kill cancer cells, but only at a very high %. its still worth a try, grow a ton of herb and make lots of extract, give it to them high as possible dose as regularly as possible, ingested is best. so make it with ethanol or something safe. cannabis cant make it worse.
  5. what strains are popular in russia? im guessing its mostly indoors with your climate, or warm in summer?
  6. is the greenhouse feeding range organic?
  7. what is your question?
  8. I got some free feminized girl scout cookies with my order from the single seed centre, 4 of 4 are growing well. my favorite one has a webbed leaf, only one leaf but hopefully more grow like that, its only the second set of true leaves now so hopefully this will be a keeper.
  9. i had never seen anything about making hash except hand rubbed from harvesting, a few time ive been given bags of dry trim with small buds in it, after picking out all the stems, seeds leaves with no sugar coating, and smoking most of the buds, i make sure it is nicely dry. Get a sieve or a couple with different size mesh, a glass or pyrex dish, a plate, oven tray , the bigger the better, or line something with aluminum foil, makes it easier to see what you are working with, start grinding the cannabis material though the sieve onto the tray, the hash will stick to the tray and most of the left of fine plant material will just shake off leaving hash on the tray, i blow on it and pick out any green specks, it works so easily as long as the leaf etc is properly dry, but not quick dried because it will lose the stickiness and wont stick to tray as well and wont press into a ball, it will stay powdery. i will go and make some and add the photos soon. after watching some strain hunters docos i seen that they make hash in Morocco very similar to this method. i thought up this idea myself because i seen so much useable stuff going to waste i would get it for free, also making isopropyl extract, but sometimes iso isnt available but a sieve and tin foil always are! i got half a big rubbish bag of shake one year from a friend, it lasted me the whole year with oil and this hash making process. After sieving and mingng the hash, the left over grinded cannabis can still be used to make oil, it will not yield as much with most of the hash removed but if you have alot just rinse each lot you do, i usually do first rinse with the same iso to increase the potency , then rinse with fresh iso to get left overs, finely ground cannabis absorbs alot of liquid so you leave many cannabinoids in the plant material if you do not rinse 2x or more sometimes. gold is good, green if you soak it too long,
  10. didnt make much but still a few good spots. i just make a bit as i feel like it, could make alot but no need. enjoy
  11. i thought of this before i had watched that strainhunters Morocco. i had no internet 12 years ago. i knew somebody else would have thought of it long before me.
  12. Congratulations to the winners, i couldn't compete because i didnt get my seeds, but now i have some white rhino, big bang, Kalashnikova, bubba kush , caboose and afgooey to try along with 600w led and 400w digital ballast hps. i will be keen to enter the next one, ill start a new grow journal soon anyway. heres a clone i have re vegged because it was beautiful outdoors but had problems getting too wet and not drying out with the dense indica Nugs. will do well indoors, might self her to keep it going.
  13. drying this nug out off a clone.before and after shots top one was when it was younger
  14. i am keen to buy some of francos lemon cheese when it is released. i,seen it in the newsletter. and ill buy some white rhino too because i really want it. i got my hands on some new genetics from masterpeace seeds. the genetics are Snow Wizard x Geronimo. Snow Wizard Genetics are [Snow Lotus x PineQueen]mum.. crossed to Ed Rosenthal Super Bud[dad] and germonimo genetics are Aficionado.OG[dad] cross to Blush = Chem91sk va x Bubba98 x SFV.OG.Kush mumma its the new rendition of te puke thunder created here
  15. no, no los he recibido por desgracia. ¿No hay un número de seguimiento?
  16. he whakaari tenei? Kaore au e whakaatu i nga mea kei te tupu. whakawhetai mihi.
  17. ¿Por qué mis semillas no están aquí todavía? puede confirmar si fueron enviados por favor.
  18. yeah mate it is whiskey in the end. primo stuff and it only costs me about $30 to make 6 bottles.last year i made around 300 litres and the year before was around 600 litres. keeps me busy and well worth it. im looking into getting a licence to sell and supply legally
  19. well this is the longest time in years that i have not had a smoke in 3 days, and i dont feel great at all. have pain in my hand from nerve damage where my thumb was half chopped off which makes me light headed and nauseous along withconstant stabbing pain in my ribs that had been broken and i thought were healed. im still hating the police for taking my indoor setup, i never went without. too many people here smoke meth and its so hard to find green even at harvest time because not many people even grow anymore and its so secretive because of the law and heaps of people just sell weed to buy meth. im leaving this stupid country (new Zealand) as soon as possible. it doesn't help that i dont have many friends here but everybody i knew has ripped me off, caused too much drama or are into stuff i wont be involved in so i just keep to myself and live with my mum because she the only family i have along with our Pitbulls. cant wait to have enough money to leave and find a new home in a different part of the world where there is plenty of green and good people. our government here say they will legalize medicinal cannabis but it isnt making any progress.
  20. this is one of the afghani x big bud now at 1.2 metres in a 30L pot it is the top one from the previous photo
  21. I was given some seeds today and the first thing i noticed other than the cracked and broken ones was a few with a ridge or vein looking thing from top to bottom on both sides. i have seen thousands of seeds and many with deformed shape or different markings to distinguish them but these are the first ive seen like this. has anyone have an idea of what can cause this or is it a trait of a certain strain? i found 8 if them exactly the same so it seems consistent enough to be a genetic trait. ill get them germinated and sprouted and post updates of how they go. (bottom row are the ones im talking about)
  22. sorry for late reply mate. i mix sugar, water and yeast, distill that then age it in oak barrels. its fully legal here but not alot of other countries. yeah i have heard of H that was more popular here in the 70s and 80s. methamphetamine is really expensive here between $500-800 a gram where in america its only $150 per gram. the culture is alot different here and the people that deal in this are usually making alot of money. recently a person was found with $175000 and 3 kilos. while he was making it rich all the people he was selling to were spending all their money on it and homeless and out robbing and stealing to get more and neglecting the children and its a bad look for the rest of society they let this happen. their has been police, lawyers, doctors, and alot of everyday people using this drug they call P here. alot of corruption in this country too. some people the police turn a blind eye because they are related or family friends or they are dodgy police connected to gangs that make it happen. they seem to wipe out all the cannabis that takes a few months to grow and dont realise that meth can be made in a day or 2 so alot of cannabis dealers and growers that are in it for the money turn to selling meth that is more readily available and more profitable. the government here are looking at legalization but not making progress like they said. i hope this will help with the problems in our country like unemployment , poverty and homeless people. cannabis can do great things
  23. i havnt got mine yet. hopefully they make it here safely
  24. what is brown?
  25. i made a Facebook page and done some hunting managed to get sum tinnys. small but good weed. i make spirits at home and its fully legal here but need a license to sell or supply it. saves alot of money. i enjoy a drink most days but rather smoke than drink. i have used meth myself in the past but it makes me more anxious and because of the trouble it causes i have excluded it from my life. too many bad things happened and so many gang members hustling everybody. im over the wasted partying days now and focused on making the for myself

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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