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  1. Your plant looks much better @g22, Good job dude you are in the right direction to have a good flowering! Have a nice week end due!
  2. Hello Hunters, Sorry for the late update but with the spannabis that take time to return to the growth journal.... Anyway hope you have all a good and productive week! Today are: - the 50 Day for 2 Super Lemon Haze. - the 43 Day for 2 Sideral. The 4 plants are now under 600w gavitaPRO 400v I trainning every two days the plants to help grow bushier and better canopy. Right now, I watering every 2 days with 2ltr of EC 1,5 and PH of 6,6. This solution contain Roots booster from plagron and some "Mammoth P" that i received as a gift from the Mammoth Crew, so thanks you guy's! Here are the pics of today... Group Shot See you next friday for the next uptade... Have you all a nice week-end!
  3. Bim badaboummMMM That a beautifull forest here, as always, well done bro!
  4. Hello Hunters, I just come back at home after 4 crazy days of Spanabis. The expo was awesome and the straihunters club is just the place to be for smoker in barcelona. I can speak & smoke with many great people, Arjan, @Dust (thanks for all man), Jose from GH & Strainhunters but also with the famous grower of th seeds, Remo of the Remo Nutrients, his GG#4 is just incredible potent and tasty weed, Gavita guys, Big Buddha, the Ripper seed crew and many other. Happy to see you @Jose.gh and sorry for the beer on the bar So here are 3 pics... Remo & me with a good 2gramm+ joint of his GG#4 really good and potent weed! The first pics is all the gift we have at the expo, and the magazine on Franco come from the SH club. As you can see we have a lot of nutrients to try, stikers and seeds! We smoke just to many gram of weed from the strainhunter club and i can says the Ginger ale, tangie is tasty for sativa and Gorilla Glue 4, cheesdawg for indica are great to and well flushed weed with great white ash! In the hash category the Barbarra is just FIRE!!! So great job guys and thanks a lot for the great welcome! See you next year guy's!
  5. Hello hunters Hope you areall have a good week ! Sorry but I'm two days too late Beginning of WEEK 7 of flowering for this round... Right now i watering with straight water but before the real flush, I love to make two watering with full dose of enzym to break down all the residues in the substrat... This week i decide to show you the most beauty plant, the #Purple pheno #Purple pheno The temperature at this times is 24 °c. I continue the decrease of the temp. to 22°c to the end of flowering. Because I love purple buds See you next monday for the next update!
  6. Hi @9DRAGONS, I dont now yet in 3 - 4 weeks maybe. Yes low ec is because the substrat have a little nutrients in it, so right now is a low ec but later i will increase as a normal feeding shedule. Have a nice week dude!
  7. Every time when i come on your grow journal, I just say wow! Your plants looks just perfect & i think you are just in the right direction to have a exploding flowering, so good luck for the contest dude & big up for your work
  8. Hello @ShaggyGrower, Your plants looks better that before, specially the two plants that you defoliate! So good work & good luck for the next step! Have a nce week-end dude
  9. Hello @evolution666, First week of flowering thats sound good! A little tricks is to cut all the leaf and smal future bud site in the bottom of the plant! Thas make more air, and more vigor to the top ... Have a nice & healty flo dude
  10. wow wow wow, 6 days before flowering! Serious things will start here! Your plant looks good and beauty to go in flowering so Good luck dude
  11. Hi @sliver1, WR is a mostly indica dom plant so I dont think it take to much time to beginning flowering but that's also depend of how much time in growing process before flowering. A week is the normal time to see the first pistils, after two weeks in flo you can see more pistil and at the 3 weeks te real flowering will begin. That take more time with sativa dom strain but this is not the case here. Anyway, your plants looks good so Good flo dude
  12. Hello Hunters, Hope you have all a good week! Today are: - the 36 Day for 2 Super Lemon Haze. - the 29 Day for 2 Sideral. The green color of the four plants are just perfect! Because the SLH #3 and 1 of the Sideral are a little bit less bushy that other. I trainning this two plants a little bit to help these to grow bushier. Just two weeks after transplant i watering the second time with 2ltr for each plant with a EC of 0,45 and PH of 6,5. This solution contain Roots booster and a very little 0,2ec of grow nutriment. Here are the pics of today... Group Shot SLH #2 The Keeper SLH #3 (we can good see the trainning on this pic) Sideral "The bigger one" Sideral "the small" See you next friday for the next uptade... Have you all a nice and productive week-end!
  13. Yeah, yeah yeah happy smoking!!
  14. Your discoloration is common on cannabis plant dont worries about that ;-) Your plant are healty and grow nicely so well done
  15. Rigth now, the smell of the 4 plants is very differents. We will see what happens after the drying period !

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