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  1. Hello Hunters! Let's go to grow some genetics from Spannabis 2018. Here are the 3 "haze cross" strains I selected for this grow! 1) Franco Lemon Cheese : "Exodus Cheese X Super Lemon Haze" (Green House seeds) 2) Toxic : "Criminal+ X Ripper Haze" (Ripper seeds) 3) Ripper Haze : "Amnesia Haze X Amnesia Haze" (Ripper Seeds) WEEK 1 of Flowering ( 6-7 weeks of veg) GROUP SHOT See you for the next update hunters! Peace
  2. Hello Hunters, Here are a little update We are now in week 5 of flowering and I watering the plants every two days. In one week 2x with 1,8EC & 6,5PH & 1x plain water. The plants grow nicelly and the odor in the room are already crazy! The FrancoLemonCheese This plant is beautyfull & I can already smell the exodus cheese! Very happy that i think to take clone just before the flip to keep this beauty as mother! Cant wait to cut this one
  3. Hello dude, Click on the link, you will see this strain grow !
  4. Good luck with your outdoor grow @g22! Hope you will have a good sunny/hot end of season ;-) Peace bro!
  5. Hello @Jose.gh, hope you are good! how are your plants in the autopot?
  6. Hello hunters, here's the news of the week ! We are now at the end of the week 4 of flowering This week i watering 2x the plants with 2,5ltr of 1,5 ec / 6,5 ph & 1x just plain water. Here are the pics Group shot 1 Group shot 2 FrancoLemonCheese iam very happy with the FrancoLemonCheese, she is already covered of chrystals, crazy! TOXIC RipperHaze Beautifull hazy plant! See you for the next update hunters, Peace
  7. Good choice dude, I can say the FLC i have now in flowering is very resinous and i can wait to see the bud devloppment of this beautifull lady's. For the strawberry haze hope you will find a good pheno for mother because the stability of the strawberry is not very good...
  8. Hi hunters, Here are the grow I will make for the memory of Franco. I see him for the first time in Amsterdam in 2010 for the HTCC. Every time I ask him for infos or tips for growing, harvesting, cup or anything else, she take time to help me, send me files or pic. So, when I see that the "Super Lemon Haze" and the "Exodus Cheese" are back in stock I immediately thought of making a grow journals in his memory with these two varieties that he took to the highest level with the whole GH team. The first strain i selected for this grow dairies is the famous SUPER LEMON HAZE... Veg SETUP: VegRoom : Clone boxe from homebox Ligth : Fluo compact 2x55w(blue spectrum) & i add 1 fluo compact 2x80w (blue and red mix spectrum) after 2 weeks of grow Nutrients : Plagron terra grow + Aptus Calmag Boost + GH Ehancer Substrat : Growmix from Plagron Container : 1ltr plastic pot transplanting on a 19,3ltr Smart Pot after 3 weeks of grow Flo SETUP: FlowerRoom :"homemade box" of 1m x 1.1m & 2,2m high Ligth : 600w 400v GavitaPro Nutrients : Powder Feeding longFlowering & Booster with GH Ehancer & Calcium add. SUPER LEMON HAZE (Feminised) 70% SATIVA - 30% INDICA THC: 19.33% CBD: 0.21% CBN: 1.15% GENETICS Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze. EFFECTS A very citrus-like haze, works fast and lasts long. It is a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side. Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation. FLOWERING INDOOR 10 weeks, with a production up to 800 gr/m2. Medium-tall plant, long and wide branches, ideal for ScrOG or LST. AWARDS 1st HTCC 2008, 1st HTCC 2009, 1st IC420 Growers Cup 2010, 2nd HTCC 2010, 1st Seattle Medical Cup 2012, 2nd ExpoGrow-Irún 2012, 1st ExpoGrow-Irún 2013. So like Franco say, Peace, love & THC
  9. @g22 & @ShaggyGrower Thanks for your comments guys and see you in my next grow journal with the new GH genetic "Franco Lemon Cheese" Peace!
  10. Hello Hunters, Here are some news of the GH Super Lemon Haze. Specialy the one of the two plants that i called, "the leafy pheno". Here are some pics of one bud after 10 days of drying & 2 weeks of curing... Spliff of Super Lemon Haze weed & ice-o-lator After the smoke test, i can say the taste is almost like the name of this weed & like the smell! A perfect balance of "Lemony - Hazy" smoke! Good job Green House!
  11. Big UP for the 4 winners!!!
  12. Hello Hunters, Here are some pics of the end of week 3 of flowering... The plants grow nicelly and bushy! Iam very happy rigth now! I watering the plant with 2,5ltr every twos day's and the buds are coming GROUP SHOT Franco Lemon Cheese Toxic See you for the next update hunters, have a nice and beautifull end of week!
  13. Thanks for the trick's @ShaggyGrower! So let's go for the big washing :-)
  14. Curious with the result! :-)
  15. Hi Hunters, Here are the pics of today at the end of week 2 of flowering. GOUP SHOT The "Franco Lemon Cheese" Zoom on the Franco Lemon Cheese All is good, the plants are healty and grow well. I watering 2 ltr / plant every 2 days with roots and enzyme. And i make a little defoliation to allow the light to penetrate down into the plant... I have some small mosquito or small fly and i dont know what a can make to evacuate this shit out of my box naturally.... Right now i use some yellow stipe but it is not enough... Any advice guy's?
  16. Hello hunters! Here are the picture of the two clones of "Franco's Lemon Cheese" I take just before the flip to keep this strain as a mother plant. For this clone I use the Green House technique with the "Ehancer" and Iam happy whit the result. Happy Healty clone! The 3 plants grow very well specially the "Franco's Lemon Cheese"! I will post soon the pics of the plants in the box So, see you later hunters!
  17. Your bud look wonderfull Shaggy, good job bro!
  18. Hello Hunters! Here are some news of my last grow. The for plants are now cut & in the drying room. I can say now that Iam very appy with the final results, specially with 1 SLH and 1 Sideral.... Up left Sideral "Lavender Pheno" / Up right "The Keeper" Below left Super Lemon Haze / Below right Super Lemon Haze "Lemony Pheno" More infos, buds pics and smojke report are coming after the drying and the curing.... So see you for the last uptdate in a month or so!
  19. Hello Hunters, Here are the pics, the snif test and the smoke report after 2 weeks of drying and 1 month of curing in a glass jar... For the smoke report I use my glass bubbler #Purple Pheno The smell : "Blueberry yogurt", fruity & creamy in the same time The taste : like the smell, smooth and fruity The effect : strong and long, great happy buzz #Pheno 2 The smell : pine and fruity The taste : Good... The effect : great focus effect The #Purple Pheno is for sure the keeper of this grow, very dense buds, great color, geat taste, great buzz! & The #Pheno 2 have a great quality but nothing special. See you for the next hunters........
  20. Hi hunters, Here are some news & pics of my current grow. The strain I selected is the M.O.B from TH seeds! M.O.B aka "Mother of Berries" The plant is an East coast Legend- brought to Amsterdam by our Boston friend. It’s an incredibly fast, short and fat plant. It looks different then what you are used to- some purple and crazy pink color and it’s full of terpenes. This 100% Indica gives a very unique flavor, like nothing you’ve ever smelled or tasted before. The first time we smoked it in Amsterdam we had great time but kept forgetting our keys so we named it “stupid bud”- be warned- The MOB® is strong medicine! The first entry ever by MOB® was at the prestigious Expo grow Cannabis Cup in Irun 2015 - it won 2nd Place in Indica category - much more to come. INDICA Height 60-110cm Yield 450-550 p.s.m Flowering time 42-55 (text on top and pic below is from thseeds website) I put the seeds the 1 decembre. All seeds germinate out the soil at the 5 decembre. SETUP VegRoom is a clone boxe from homebox and the flowerRoom is a "homemade box" of 1mx 1.1m & 2,2m high Ligth for the veg : Fluo compact 2x55w ( i add 1 fluo compact 2x80w after 2 week of grow) Ligth for the flo : 600w 400v Gavita Soil: Growmix Plagron Nutrient: Plagron terra grow/bloom/PK13-14 + Aptus Calmag Boost + GH Ehancer Pics of grow + 13
  21. Hello Hunters, With a little delay, here are the latest pics We are now at the begining of week 9 of flowering for the 4 plants Last 7 days of 2 weeks of flush! For the Super Lemon Haze,: The more leafy pheno of SLH have a good lemony smell and thats make me very happy! The other one dont smell too much now, we will see later... For the Sideral: I will keep the keeper one for a reveg session to keep this beauty pheno as good mother! The other one, the more strechy/lavander pheno, is wonderfull and have amazing color See you for the next update hunters Have a nice and smokyyy sunday!
  22. Hello Hunters, Before the "grow pics" it is time to roll a good spliff with some Lemon Og Candy weed and M.O.B bubble hash Cheers everybody So... we are now at the beginning of week 7 and i watering the plants every two days with 2,5ltr with a nutrient solution of 1,7Ec and 6,5 PH & as you can see, the buds of the SLH #3 love that and start to foxtail! The SLH #2 becomes every day better and i cant wait to smoke the two and see what happens Below is the Sideral, THE Keeper of the two seeds. I think this plant can have a little strong feeding... See you next week & have a nice smokeyy week end every body!
  23. ouhh ouhhh ouhhh suspens... :-) Do you check the ec for this coco crop or you just put the recommanded dosage?
  24. Hello Jose, Great to see you back with a new Grow Journal! What do you use for Ligth and nuts? So I think you grow some : - Super Lemon Haze - Franco Lemon Cheese - Holy Punch Cant wait to see the results with the autopot

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