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  1. Apologies for the delay. Here are 2 photos.
  2. This is amazing.. I will post said photo later today
  3. Thanks @Shagg One last favour Could you show me in the photo I sent you where to cut the plant??
  4. Thanks again @ShaggyGrower I put it in soil on 30 Dec. it popped out on 3 January.. so on 17 January is day 1 of veg. stage so it is now 4 weeks in veg. I read a lot about LST and topping, but I am afraid to harm the plant if I top it or even FIM it,,, for my skills, I think the best thing is to use LST to bend the small colas because I am not sure how exactly and where to cut for topping..
  5. Thanks @ShaggyGrower I implanted it on 30 December, so she is now 46 days old... I am growing in soil mix, in a growing tent of 102cm Width, 102cm depth, and 203cm height I am using the LED light which produces almost no heat (and it has a built-in fan to such the heat away)... I see some photos for plants that are four times bigger than mine and it is still in veg.
  6. Hello again,,, I cut off all harmed leaves and this has been almost 10 days after my "fix"... what do you think? When is good to start flowering? If I start flowering now the plant size would go bigger.. or?
  7. I hope it will be good thanks for the heads up!
  8. Anyway, I got a powder and I was told that I have to mix it with water and give the plant once every 10 days.. The amount depends on the size, for example for ever 20 liters of water I should put 2 table spoons... I put almost 1/3 table spoon on 500L (half liter of water).. What do you think?
  9. I just got the NPK fertilizer.. I was able to find something like 5-5-5 I read that this will get the job done..
  10. Thanks... it is such a relief reading what you said! I am using a 600W LED light.. with around 60cm away from the plant.. I am off now to get the nutrients I will share further soon later.. Really.. thanks!!!
  11. I guess for my case I will need the liquid form because my plant has already grown... But what if I find the powder.. can I mix it with water and pour it over? According to your knowledge, this will save my plant and make it healthy again? Finally, is this a normal size for week 4?
  12. Thanks a lot, again! Yea, I read this article before (some of it).. But now I am reading it with a focus on the nutrient part! So, do I just put the material on top of the soil around the plant?
  13. Thank you so much for your reply. Is there a specific method of supplying the Nitrogen to the plant? Your advise would be great... I only water it when the top layer of soil becomes dry, I do not soak it wet so I do not suffocate the plant.. Could it also possible be over-watering? Because it is only the edges of the leaf turning yellow and not the entire leaf...? Would the plant grow bigger during flowering time?
  14. Hi all.. this is my second grow.,, it is White Indica I bought from Amsterdam... this is now week 4 of veg. I use 18/6 hour light schedule.. is this normal to have yellowish leaves? When I can start flowering (12/12) ? Am I doing something wrong here? I use LED VIPARSPECTRA light (all reviews recommended using this brand/type.. Your help/advice would be really helpful.. Thanks!
  15. Hi All,, I am Allen..

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