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  1. has anybody used the plant magic nutrients was going to switch to coco and run there nutes on my next grow but want some reviews from other growers who have or are still using these nutes before i make the switch
  2. gna upload it now m8
  3. will upload pic today not been to well so should be bk on track with everything now imbetter
  4. Hi all, This is my 1st grow journal on this forum. I will be doing zombie kush by ripper seeds, its a cross between amnesia x lavender x bubba kush had 5 seeds only 1 popped, the 1 that popped is more of a indica pheno from what i have seen from it up to now, i will be using all organic nutrients from the biobizz range. fishmix and rootjuice for veg biobloom for flower hopefully will turn out good plant is about 2 weeks old in biobizz light mix soil and is under 4 20w 6400k cfl's i do have all the other equipment needed i.e tent ect but its a bit early for that stage yet will upload 1st pic of my little girl 2moz people peace
  5. thats an insane looking plant hope minds turns out that good, whats the smoke like
  6. this user is online posting crap now they only joined the site an hour ago, just asked him nicely to stop putting his nonsence on the site but as usually u never get an answer from these people
  7. is there no way round it, to see if a new member is joining just to spam the shit out of the site
  8. yes, he has been posting some rite crap
  9. will add URLs soon it is also someone else not just the person that you mentioned gasmeter, will be online soon just waiting for kids to go bed
  10. hi could someone please help me in telling me or have some sort of explanation as to why there is loads of topics on the forum that are just in chinese writing
  11. some nice looking bud that OG.Naj, ill be popping some zombie kush seeds soon from ripper seeds hopefully i will have some nice tasting bud to smoke
  12. cheers Jose
  13. hi all , im new to the forum and also new to growing, used a few other forums in the past but this one seems to be the best from what i have read, have some seeds and will be ready to pop soon so keep an eye out it will be zombie kush by ripper seeds, also thanks for letting me join this forum peace out

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