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  1. arjyuan

    @OG.Naj Thanks is for Checking in on the gals👌 They are on the final stages been macro shooting every 3 days watching THC closely....
  2. arjyuan

    DAM belladonnas looking mighty health as they reach their final week full beast mode🤯
  3. I'm interested in any feedback or thoughts on THC ripeness. So If im not mistaken THC has 3 levels of maturation. CLEAR CRYSTALS - NO THC-UNRIPE MILKY CRYSTALS - PEAK THC RIPNESS AMBER CRYSTALS - DEGREDATION IN THC Now I know letting the crystals go amber leads to a couch lock effect but is it a true effect or are u smoking THC that is loosing it's true potency? Surely the crystals go through a stage of ripening post harvest also? Does anyone know to what degree? IMO ( and I would really appreciate feedback from the pros🙏!!) Surely once all crystals have turned milky then that is peak time. Now obviously the crystals don't nature perfectly at once. So then naturally ,through the ripening phase, some crystals would mature more than others leaving the odd peppered amber crystal or even clear. Say 5-10% max (which could even be to much????) I hear some people let theirs go 50%amber and that to me just sounds crazy? Surely if you want to couch lock get a bad ass indica for that purpose?! Thanks all
  4. m.oRganics all So we are at the end of the second 12/12 week on this mono crop grow of Blue Cheese. I am blown away at how these girls are in full beast mode and look so incredibly uniform and strong.... Can already see the flower points pinning🤯 Can't wait to see the flower and THC produced!!!
  5. arjyuan

    Not quite ready. Induced a couple more hrs of the dark phase to promote ripening...few more days for peak THC levels
  6. arjyuan

    m.oRganics all So these bad girls are done. I have started to induce my 24hr post flowering drk phase for final ripening stage. Trich heads are so juicy u can almost see em about to explode with a naked eye...... Dripping in THC, crazy psychedelic colours, and terpenes that will smash your smelling senses to pieces..... Will post some harvest pics...... Heaven time has arrived, fist pumps to give thanks to the magical bud!!!🤯
  7. Hey guys I'm super excited to post this journal and see the results but I have to say am pretty impressed with these bad gals at 5wks.... White Walker kush Kosher kush De la Haze Serious kush Ak47 These will all be feed ghs bio feed molasses. I happy for new genetics but can't wait to visit Amsterdam and visit GHSC and Strain hunters check the floral genetic😍 Will keep posted happy organics
  8. Great post!! Very informative Grow dedication 🤙
  9. Hey G22 Thanks for all the interest and the follows🤙 So I use a medium from a supplier. It works in conjunction with some liquid certs I used on my first grow with the smart bags. But basically the medium is similar to a promix but there are a few extra things in. These guys wouldn't tell me what. But i will start mixing my own soon. Ingredients are below but it's the quantities that one needs to get right I will send a quantities pic when I find it. MEDIUM Buffered peat (cal mag) Perlite Vermiculite Daiotomaceous earth ( spelling) Rock dust Worm castings Mycelleum fungal spores Slow release fert pellets Mychoriza Rock phosphate
  10. Hey guys I have a 2nd garden on the go which Is a mono crop garden of Blue Cheese. Here we get to mass grow the juicy genetics!! I am happy to say that since joining this forum they are now on have molasses strictly added to their schedule. The info I've read recently here on molasses is great. Thanks all. This room has been in veg for 2 wks and they are on the 4th day of their first 12/12 wk. Will keep posted happy organics
  11. Thanks bro🤙 Yeah it's a test and not sure if it's going to make a difference. But it can't harm it so that is most important!
  12. arjyuan

    Hey all So we've reached the camels hump of the 7th wk and man these beauties are really starting to transform , fatten up and show off!! THC is maturing nicely and the terpenes really pungent. The garden is swarmed with tones of pine, fruity b(banana citrus specifically) and a somewhat putridy yet sweet beautiful smell ( that's the good stuff STANKY😷 Babba kush Sour Diesel DNA Blue Cheese Damnesia Ghetto cheese or a chem soda( supplier miss labeled 🤣but just so happens to be the most snow covered of all).... that's defiantly one for the 420 puff!! I love this final maturing stage watching THC like a hawk 🦅 Awsome day to all!! divine organics
  13. @g22 Thanks for the interest! So I've never tried this method before. The theory is the mycelleum takes in oxygen, that's present in the Garden, through the hepa filter( the white pad at the top quarter of the bag in the image). Then Co2 I released through the hepa filter , in to the garden, for the ladies to use in the garden . I reckon it's easy enough to do yourself. The only special thing I can see needed is the bag and hepa filter. I'm not sure where u live but if you live in the 1st world it should be difficult. I stay in Africa so it ain't so easy to source such raw materials. The mushie spores are easy enough, l9ads of people are growing edible mushies . I think oysters are the spores in my bag but will double check.. A mate grows mushies and we want to experiment growing edible mushrooms is a split sealed garden next to a Dutch garden and extract the c02 straight in and see results.. But as I said this is new territory so am excited and will keep posted...... don't panic stay 🤯rganic!!! 🤙
  14. Hey guys just reading through this thread and a lot of detail really awsome!! very interesting about the honey feed. I have heard about and am keen to test out! Would it make sense to alternate feedings with molasses and honey? Would they not then get the best of both worlds? I am using the GHbio feed . I am wanting to test the GH booster on this garden. Would adding a honey & molasses (either 1 or the other or alternating) feed benefit or would it be to much ? Would there be any negative impact if I use the bio and booster in conjunction?
  15. Hey Guys I went in to my local horti store and they had mycelleum co2 exchange bags. It says the bag will sustain 6cubic meters for 4 months. There is no indication on levels given off per bag. My garden is 5.76 I am testing the bag out on a mono-crop garden of Blue Cheese that has just been flipped to It's 12/12 period Has any body ever tried using theses mycelleum exchange bags. I would really appreciate some feedback on results found with this method. Irie day y'all!!

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