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  1. very nice jungle you heve there, bro! about the young ones, its may be over watering. they are still a bit small relativly to the pot and still cant absorb all those water, so be gentle with the watering, especially now when they need the oxygen to develop roots.
  2. OK, so i checked and the PH of the soil is somthing between 7.5-8.0 .... pretty high will flush my girls with slightly acidic water to balace them off... and see what happens. I will also reduce my nutes as you suggested, john. did'nt know that sativas like less food... first time i'm growing a sativa, thanks for the advice i'll be happy to get some more comments or advice if you have'm guys take care for now, green lovers
  3. I water every 3-4 days and feeding them with nutes every second watering, at 50% from what the biobizz tables say. so i dont think its an over fertilization problem (but really, i dont know). the water in my area has a high level of dissolved salts, thats why i flushed them 8 days ago. do you think i should flush again anyway? i'll check the PH of the soil and come back with fresh results
  4. hello to u all green lovers! So last month i came back from a trippi weekend in the beautiful Amsterdam, with a precious stash of GHS super lemon haze and arjan's haze #3, and barney's farm mr. greenspoon. 5 SLH and 3 AH#3 germinated in a paper towl on the 2912, then put into rockwool slabs, and after 5 days planted into 1.5L pots in 25% perlite soil, and 3cm of hydroton in the bottom to help drainage. they grow in a 100x100x200cm Secret jardin tent under a 400w Sunmaster HPS and fed with Biobizz biogrow+fishmix, and Hesi supervit. they are now about 20cm high, and two of them (one of each strain) are gonna be mothers, so i'm working on a new veg. room with a 250w MH. room temp 25c , 28c when co2 enriched (with a yeast bucket, pics at the bottom). RH arround 40% at days, 60% at nights. cant stop looking at those beautiful girls of mine!! in the last week the vertical growth was slowed down dramaticly, few of the plants started yellowing at the bottom, and one of the SLH leaves start to twist in a way i've never seen before. my guess will be too high soil PH, that lock the iron, Mg ang zinc. tell me what you think This is the tallest AH#3 This is the SLH that i cant tell what she is trying to tell me... look at the strange leaves another SLH, but a healthier one This is my co2 setup - a bucket with yeast, water and sugar, and a fan with a timer that goes on during the daytime only. all the credit to markus - thanks for the idea! Peace & Love from the middle east to you all keep'em growing and spread the word!!
  5. so today i competed my Co2 setup - very similar to what markus have done (thanks for the cool idea!!) the thing is: i dont have a Co2 meter, so i wouldn't know if the level will be too high, so i was wondering what are the symptoms of Co2 toxication? what signs do i need to pay attention to?
  6. very good thinking, my friend!! once again, creativity has proven to be the most important asset we growers have... my plants will enjoy this setup very soon, thats for sure, but can CO2 harm the plants above a certain level? I know that above 5% (conc. in the air) it is toxic for humans

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