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    Just a hobby grower with small space indoors for during winter, in summer I grow outdoors in greenhouse. So far I've not managed to sustain my smoking requirements so end up having to get other supplies, I supply about half my smoke.

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  1. Week 9 Haze Berry Hi Guys and Girls, sorry not been around much to update this journal. Suffice it to say I'm currently smoking the Skunks, Special Queen and Power Flower but very disappointing yields. I know this is down the cooler temps in my new tent through the winter months around 22-24c with lights on and down to 15-17c when lights are off. This should sort itself out through Spring and Summer and bring them back up to the 26-28c range during lights on and probably 20-22c lights off. Everything else is just about perfect humidity, lights, extractor all brand new and working well. Anyway this is the last plant I left, Haze Berry, which is a 9-10 week finisher, she is exactly 9 weeks today so I might crop her later if I have time if not will be Friday. She's not huge yield but oh so resinous, take a look at the pics. I have now on the go 3 x Royal Caramel 6-7wks, 3 x Bubble Kush 7-8wks and 2 x Amnesia Haze 10-12wks I'll start a new hournal in the coming days and hopefully keep it more up to date. Peace y'ole Toaor
  2. I have ordered a 50-500x magnification USB microscope so will be able to put up some nice close up Trichome shots as they develop. I've also ordered some CO2 bags to see if they make any difference.
  3. Hi Guys & Girls, time for another update with pics. Gave them another dose of PK13/14 as it's still within the one week timeframe back to normal feeding without PK next week, in theory they have 2/3 weeks to go. Peace y'ole Toaor
  4. Hi Guys & Girls, back for another little update. PK day today, just given the girls there blast of Canna PK13/14 They're getting the complete range of Canna Flores, Cannazym, Boost, Rhizotonic and today PK13/14 Week 5: EC 1.93 pH 6.2 Temps between 30c at its hottest but never for very long and down to 16c at lowest but mostly around 24-27 during lights on and drops when lights off. Humidity is around 45-60% when lights on and up to 95% are off so I need to adjust extractor to stay on a little longer after lights out or it needs to come on in the night when lights off. Anyway, here's today's pics. Peace y'ole Toaor
  5. Hi FIM, how's you? 135 x 5 watt LEDs total 675 watts apparently drawing around 330 watts of power. It cost me £155 new from Ebay seller but they are around £290 direct from Viparled. Peace y'ole Toaor
  6. Hi Guys and Girls, I'm back with new set up for the new year. Happy new year to you all. Bought myself new 1m x 1m x 2m tent, new extractor fan, Phat carbon filter and new LED light Viparled B3X3 I'll post more as they progress, here's some pics, enjoy. Peace y'ole Toaor
  7. Well I thought I'd better update and close this journal. The girls did not fair well where I put them not enough direct sunlight so although they grew tall and nice in veg when it came to flowering not so good and very, very late finishing and what they finished with wasn't even worth cropping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You live and learn. Toaor
  8. Hi Guys, it's Toaor back again and a happy new year to all. Just an FYI, when I try to login to this site I get a warning from my browser that the Site Certificate is out of date, therefore could be under attack from hackers trying to steal information. I logged in on three different browsers Chrome, Opera and Mozilla, all three gave warnings not to proceed unless I trust this site, which I did but would like the assurance that everything is up to date please. All the best for 2016 Peace y'ole Toaor
  9. Canna EC+ vs EC?

    OK so I use exactly the dosage quoted but my total EC is around 1.4 where Canna say it should be up at 2.0 at this point in flower. How can I raise EC, simply by putting more of everything in the mix? If so, more of what the Flores, Cannazym, Boost, Rhizotonic? I'm sure I can get more yield once I get the EC right.
  10. Canna EC+ vs EC?

    Hi Guys & Girls, peace to all. I have a quick question on EC+ vs EC measurement quoted on Canna Terra range. This is what is says on Canna website about EC+ EC: EC+ value is based in mS/cm when EC water = 0.0 at 25ºC, pH 6.0 That said the EC difference between EC and quoted EC+ is quite high. Example during 1st week of flower EC+ 1.2 vs EC 1.8. So which should I be working towards EC+ with lower score or the higher EC. Link to their information Peace y'ole. Toaor
  11. Hi Guys and Girls, Here's some pics of the guerilla girls, not all doing brilliant but should produce something at the end of the cycle. Plus some pics of the harvest of the greenhouse auto buds above. Peace y'ole Toaor
  12. Hi Guys and Girls, Haven't been out to the guerilla girls so here's some more of the greenhouse auto girls, I'll start flushing them today and harvest at least three next week. I have no idea which plant is which as I didn't label them straight away and then couldn't remember, haha. I'm guessing that the two tallest at the back are the White Widow and Royal AK, just because they are behind the others in flowering and they take the longest WW 10-12 wks, AK 9-10 Wks, although these are well over that, I think because I transferred from 20/4 under lights to greenhouse at around 15 hrs getting more as it got nearer Solstice. Peace y'ole Toaor
  13. Hi Guys & Girls, just some pics of the Autos in greenhouse. 1 x Royal AK, 1 x Creamatic, 1 x Critical, 1 xWhite Widow, 1 x Bluematic They are all well over their supposed ready time by at least 4 weeks! I started under lights then transferred when started flowering into greenhouse where light hours were less than under lights so not sure if that slowed them down. Enjoy. Toaor
  14. Heyyyyyyy Levente, how's you? Yes I'm back and have now planted out the other 3 x Hollands Hope, one went out last Wed and the other two on Sunday night. BUT, I managed to break the top off the first one I planted out!!!!!!!!!! It had been incredibly windy, so much so it bent the green plant support right over and the plant with it. I attempted to straighten it up and somehow caught the top of the plant in one of the rings!!!! However, not all is lost as I saved the top and put it in glass of fresh tap water when got home and it seems to be surviving three days on, see pics. I did discover though that someone has been in the area but think it was a while ago as I found an old 20ltr paint bucket hanging from string on tree but it hadn't been moved in at least one or two years judging by the colour and leaves in it so not sure if my girls are safe only time will tell. Here's the pics of all of them except the broken topped one. Peace y'ole. Toaor
  15. Hi Guys, thanks for the encouragement. I went back yesterday for the first time since I planted them out some 20 days ago and they are both doing fine, see pics. I've also got 3 x Hollands Hope to go out plus 3 x Kog seeds from the famous Ozzie grower Kog - Sent to me by a friend about 4 yrs ago, not all germinated and they are regular not fminised but I thought I'd give them a go, here's a couple of pics of them all plus 5 x Autos in flower now in my greenhouse. The three at the front are Hollands Hope, three behind are Kogs. The rest are the Autos in flower at various stages some are 10-12 weeks to finish others are supposed to be 7-8 weeks but so far they aren't! Peace y'ole Toaor

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