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    Just a hobby grower with small space indoors for during winter, in summer I grow outdoors in greenhouse. So far I've not managed to sustain my smoking requirements so end up having to get other supplies, I supply about half my smoke.

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  1. They were flushed for about 7-10 days before harvest and yes very nice smoke, very fast hitter in the head too. Toaor PS: I just seen the news about Franco, I am very sad :-(
  2. Rest in Smoke Franco Loja

    OMFG, just opened my email to see this sad, sad news. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and the whole GH crew. RIP Franco. Toaor
  3. Hi Guys and Girls, time for a little update as I cropped two plants last night. Measuring only 49cms and 55cms they have cropped 231gms and 230 gms of wet, so should dry to about 115gms. I work on getting 25% of wet weight, anything more is bonus. So roughly speaking they'll produce just over 2 ounces per plant and for such short plants that's pretty damn good IMHO. Here's some pics of them before I cropped. Peace y'ole Toaor
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, almost time to harvest these babies, three of them will be 8 weeks on Wednesday this week and one is a week behind. None of them are completely ready so will take longer than the 8 weeks stated by Heavy Weight Seeds, I reckon another week or so for one of them, another 2 weeks or so for another two and obviously longer for the one that is a week younger. Here's some pics. Toaor
  5. Thanks Dust, I'm just experimenting with these four and then four NL autos, if not enough I'll go back to normal photoperiod strains. All the best my friend. Toaor
  6. Very nice smoke off both AH and WW. I made some cannabis e-juice for my vapourisor, smoking now, clean, nice, tastes mildly of a good black hash, heady, feeling nicely mellow. Got about 65ml out of 10grms trim. Peace y'ole Toaor
  7. Hi All, me again back with another journal this time with Heavy Weight Seeds - Fast and Vast, which are supposedly producing 600-800gms ms2 in just 8 weeks from germination to harvest! Well, I'm five weeks in with three of them and four weeks in with one and as you can see they are nowwhere near ready and ain't goning to be in three weeks! Although that may be down to my pH keep rising, up to 7.5 at one point, and they were also getting a bit cold when light was off for 4 hrs each night. They got some serious growing to do if they are to produce anywhere near 600gms let alone 800gms! I reckon by the end I'll be lucky if I get 200-300 off all of them but that's not a problem, I'll have some NL autos on the go later this week so 200-300gms would carry me through 6 weeks till they're ready. They're currently under my Viparled 675w LED light and will get swapped to 600w HPS at the weekend. Anyway, here's some pics. Peace y'ole Toaor
  8. Hey Dust, how's you my friend? There's three strains - 1 x RQS Amnesia Haze, 2 x Delicious Candy (free seeds from Herbies Head Shop) and 2 x RQS White Widow, which ended up as the big yielders. I cut them down last week and off the 2 x WW, I got 1,375 gms, which I'm guessing will dry down to around 460gms ish, that's an amazing 8 ounces per plant! Even if it dries out a little more than 1/3rd I've still got the best yield I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's not much on the others, don't think they had the room with the WW taking over, around 1.5oz dry off the 2 x Delicious Candy and about the same off the 1 x Amnesia Haze. I've now got 4 x Fast and Vast Autos on the go but had a little pH trouble in the beginning so not looking too big so far but budding up nice. And, I'm waiting for some RQS Northern Lights Autos to arrive, should be today, then I'll start them as Fast and Vast have about 4-5wks to go so the NLs will be well on their way by the time I crop, which should be around Xmas. Trying to have crop every 4-6 weeks from here on in with my little starter tent in loft, gets cold up there but only for around 4 hrs, as I have autos on 20/4 under my Viparled 675w, then I switch to 600hps for final 4-6 weeks. I'll start a new journal for Fast and Vast and then one for NL autos. Take care my friend. Toaor PS: Are there any tester seeds? I'm happy to do a grow and journal it.
  9. Hey Guys and Girls, hope you are healthy and happy. Some pics I took a few days ago, they're now on flush for a week or so. Heavyweight Fast n Vast are the next girls I'm growing, they're in the loft tent 3 weeks old so far.I'll start a new Journal for them soon. Peace y'ole Toaor
  10. Hey Dust, hope you are well. Algae hasn't been a problem and hasn't grown in anyway, I think maybe as they canopy filled out less light is getting down to bottom so slowed down to a stop. Toaor
  11. Some more pics five days on.
  12. Hi Guys and Girls, beginning of week four pics, I have no idea why the first one is small!
  13. Hi Guys and Girls, just a little update with some more pics. I've added a garden wire mesh over the top to spread them out screen of green style. PH still seems to rise so I have down it every couple of days just to keep in the right range.I've also upped the amount of nutes I'm giving them as Dutch Pro states 250-350ml per 100 liters water. I've upped that to 400ml per 100 liters because they recommend EC = 2.0 at this stage but mine is always around EC = 1.5, even upping it by that much I'm only getting EC 1.8 My normal tap water ph is around 7.0-7.2 so in the normal range, I then take down to 5.8-63, well I'm trying to keep in that range! I haven't yet but will put some clay pebbles over the roots to hopefully get rid of algae/chlorophyl. Peace y'ole Toaor
  14. Yes there is a puddle of run off, which is where it is happening, no not sure if Algae oir Chlorophyl but doesn't seem to be doing any harm at present, plants seem really helathy apart from a few leaves stunted or curled at the tips but think that's more high ph, it keeps going up.
  15. Hi Guys and Girls, I've not posted in ages so I hope you are good. I have a completely new set up 1m x 1m tent, Viparled 675w LED and my own hydropnic setup consisting of 32 liter plastic box reservoir, a cement mixing tray, airpots, water pump and a micro irrigation set. Cement mixing tray 32 litre reservoir I have Airpots sitting on top of cement tray, which I've drilled holes in to allow nutes to drip back into reservoir underneath cement tray. I used normal garden hose £5 for 15 meters and attached Micro irrigation My question is how harmful is the green algae growing on the roots coming out of the bottom of the airpots? Here's some pics. Toaor PS: Plastic bag in middle of plants is CO2, plants are four weeks today and about to put to flower. I'm using Dutch Pro.

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