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  1. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa get their higher eduction on , roll one smoke one and enjoy the funniest stoner film of the year have a good new year! Snoopadelic Films , in association with Taylor Gang Films and The Yard Entertainment Stampede Management - Rostrum Records Starring : Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa Directed By: Dylan Brown 2012 Snoopadelic Pictures Inc. No Copyright intended For Grass Users Only. Link to full movie : Keep smoking peace to all of u
  2. im there i cant wait to try these strains , the hash sounds amazing yuhhuuu peace to all have agood evening :-)
  3. hahaha lovin it Homi :-) :-) Have a good evening Alex
  4. going fishin lets hope i catch something weather crap

  5. pefectly , everything back to normal im so happy again no more worrys hooray One Hug Alex
  6. favorites good experiences 1. Greenhouse (super lemon haze ,hawaiansnow ,the church,el ninjo 2. Barneys ( Vanilla kush , Pineapple chunck, laughing buddha) 3.The doors (coffeeshop (morrison haze ) 4.Bulldog. ( Bulldoghaze) 5.Dampkring ( Ak47 ,Violator kush , They also have exeptional widdow 6.kashmir lounge(no idea its supposed to have great hash thats a fact 7.Resin (has an amazing hash froml lebanon the price is ridiculous 35 euros or so 8. Bluebird ( I remember good weed but bad location 9.Baba ( The place to go if u like edibles space cake etc. the muffins are cool, Also they have very strong Afgahn Kush Now the list for the coffeshops which werent so pleasent Hunters coffeeshop ( just a big tourist trap , for drunk stags) la Grota or whatever its called ( just plain weird) 420 cafe shady little shop there usually you can spot if its shady or not Have a good day
  7. dragin ya boots feelin nice , dragin ya boots feelin nice , dieforce

  8. LOOK AT THE VIDEO ITS IN ENGLISH BOTTOM OF PAGE The Mayor Of Ams in interview Dont worry its good news :-) Coffeeshop owners in the city of Haarlem have reached an agreement with the mayor, which they believe will make the introduction of the weedpass unncessary in their city. Under the covenant, the owners have pledged to monitor who enters their coffeeshop, bar minors from entering, provide reliable information about soft drugs and ensure that there aren't any disturbances or troubles in the immediate area around the coffeeshops. The mayor of Haarlem is pleased with the measures. But he says, if the weedpass is introduced throughout the Netherlands on January 1, 2013, it will also go into effect in his city. The weedpass was introduced in the south of the Netherlands in May. Only Dutch residents can now legally purchase soft drugs in coffeeshops. Foreigners are barred. The measure has led to a surge in the illegal trade in soft drugs in the southern part of the country. Things are lookin up fellow stoners jah rastafa
  9. The underwater one with the guys swimming are amazing it looks like they are floating weightlessly through a different world , the sand and waves give the picture something very mystical its deep . nice one mr.x thanks peace
  10. great lookin chillis , you can see the dedication put into them top shelf work
  11. I live on boarder to holland the information is up2date im not worried one bit about january , the hallmark will be set ,the mayor has confirmed this he has already held a meeting with the Dutch Government they have already agreed . the most up2date website on the net all others the infos are updated daily click articles in english right hand side Peace rasta is di right tradition
  12. the most important person in my life its...wifei

  13. <a target='_blank' href=''><img border='0' alt='' src='' /></a>Takent Hinduism is an amazing religion thought this was inetresting peace Taken from Cannabis and Religion - Hindus and Rastas By Shivapk1 Shiva Shankar Shiva is the oldest known godhead figure in the world. Devotees of Shiva sometimes meditate by drinking a milk and cannabis mixture prepared by priests (Bhang). Sadhus and other devotees endlessly walk around India searching for the spiritual oneness with Shiva. These Sadhus also smoke 'Charas' and 'ganja' from chillums. It is widely accepted amongst Hindus that Shiva takes Bhang. What's disputed is the consumption of it by ordinary mortals. Most Hindus do not know their ancestors used to take cannabis whenever they saw fit. Consumption of Bhang wasn't always reserved for the Gods and holy days. In fact, not so long ago it was considered an insult to refuse Bhang. I believe this change occurred no earlier than 1900, after the Indian Hemp Commission's report was released in the late 1800s. Bhang is also considered a sister of the Mother Ganges (a holy river and a Goddess in India). There are many songs which start off: "Gang Bhang Dono Bhen Hai, Rehti Shivji Ki Sang. Charan Karne KI Gang Hai, Bhajan Karne Ki Bhang." Roughly translated this means the Ganges and Bhang (cannabis) are sisters and both live in Shiva's head. The water from the Ganges is poured over a Shivalingam (a form of Shiva in the guise of a phallus shaped black stone) at a Temple and Bhang is consumed by the devotee so they can mediate, be better able to sing hymns, achieve a blissful state and be like Shiva. Another often forgotten subject is Soma. This is the Nectar of the Gods mentioned in one of the oldest Hindu scriptures, 'The Rig Veda'. Soma is said to be cannabis in some writings but some people dismiss this idea. I think that Soma is just an ancient name for Bhang. Bhang is made using cannabis leaves and milk, almonds, rose water and various other items. Bhang is also used as a word to describe the actual cannabis plant in some parts of India. In short it appears that the ancient Vedic Hindus knew how to extract THC from the cannabis plant using milk. Soma is one of the oldest intoxicants known to man. Many Hindus are unaware of the significance of cannabis to Shiva. They seem to know that Bhang was Holy and relevant to Shiva but a lot of people did not know that Bhang contained cannabis. Cannabis use is stigmatised by Hindu's the world over but if you ask real priests in India about its position compared to alcohol they will tell you that cannabis and only cannabis is acceptable to a Hindu, and priests are only allowed Bhang and Ganja but not allowed alcohol. Rastafarianism The reason true Rastafarians have dreadlocks, are vegetarians and smoke 'Ganja' (a Hindi word for compressed female buds) in 'Chillums' (another Hindi word for a small clay pipe) is partly because of the British. When the British abolished slavery they shipped over hundreds of thousands of Indian labourers to work on sugar plantations. These immigrants brought the religion of cannabis to a new continent. Cannabis appeared and started growing in many places where the British took Indians. The Caribbean is just one place where local people quickly acclimatised to the plant and claimed it as their own. There are stories about Rangoon in Burma being another of those places as well as Bangkok, Philippines and even Lebanon. One of the most important things that Rastas call the best female weed is Kali. This is a Hindu term for 'Kali Mata' a dark form of Shiva's wife Parvati. In addition, Kali means Bud in Hindi (pronounced Kuli). I think Rasta's probably got the term from Kali Mata when the Poddkar priest named them after sexing. Another thing that relates the two religions is Shiva and Rasta's dreadlocks. Most of the ancient Rishi's mentioned in the Hindu scriptures had grown their 'Jata' knotted hair when they renounced normal living and became Spiritual Sadhus; these are some of the most respected people from the religion. It is also noted that in the famous epic 'The Ramayana', both Ram and Lakshman grow their hair into Jata's when they went into the jungle for 14 years. The Sannyassins in India usually go to the mountains or jungles to meditate and they probably did the same when they went to the Caribbean. The slaves were freed and some went to work as paid labour in the fields or the big plantation houses, but a few freed slaves went up to the mountains and hinterlands where they learnt about spirituality and cannabis. When Marcus Garvey came along with his 'Look to East for the Coming of the Black King Speech' the Rasta's (freed people of the mountains) had a real interest because of the religious stories they had heard from the Hindu priests about the Avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu and how he will appear on earth again. Then Haile Selasse got crowned King Emperor of Ethiopia and the Lion of Juda. This was it for the Rasta, they saw it as the Saviour and the Avatar mentioned in the old stories as well as the man in question was claimed to be the direct descendant of Solomon and Sheba. And also of Moses.
  14. this is constantly uptodate and the owner of the website is like a dutch cannabis freedom fighter Noel VAn schalk click articles in english and read the information its flawless bro peace and have a good evening jah bless

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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