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  1. thanks man, impossible to cut for the end of the month.. soon more update..
  2. Yes.. man, I think these plants give some nice main cola, we are to look at.. the smell begins to be felt, it is still not well defined, but it begins to be marked. Yeah.. thanks mate. Hi mate.. plant progressing great. but really, I have no idea if need 9 or 10 week. from what I see now , I think that between 8/9 weeks, however it goes the cut with the technique of trichomes. However progressing great.
  3. 30° DAY OF FLOWERING The plants continue to bloom very well, The buds are forming, and start to feel a pleasant smell around .. Below pictures. Grow detail: ph 5.9 > 6.1 ec 1.6 > 1.8 tmp 20 > 25 hum 45% > 60%
  4. -DAY 23° FLOWERING- ph: 5.9 > 6.0 ec: 1.6 > 1.8 tmp: 20° > 26° hum: 55% > 40% They've only given a little more space. Immage take 3 day ago.
  5. I like to see the plants in their habitat. They look fantastic, a great job with them. It will be a sight to see them flourish. take care Greetings.
  6. DAY 19° Flowering ------------------------------ Hello guy's , the plants develop very well.. Grow Detail: tmp: 21° > 26° hum: 40% > 50% ec: 1.5 > 1.7 Ph: 5.9 > 6.0 Today I made the last pruning, cut off a couple of low branches that did not take a lot of light, and some sprout always the lower area. Below the pictures, good vision !!
  7. very well, also it seems a lot better since the last time!!
  8. Really nice buds, and production seems fast .. From the pictures it seems that it could also be ready before 8 weeks. When you have programmed the cut? Thanks for the updates.
  9. FLOWERING STAGE!! DAY 15°. Rapid development, of covering the area and go to make room for the flowers. I like how to grow now... More INFO the next uptade...!!
  10. Nice work man, but FLUSH this plants, maybe a couple of days only water, a proper ph, it could take away excess salts from the plant. and working with a lower EC. I'm no hydroponic grower, but I think this is the right way. good luck, keep us updated.
  11. superblue

    Hello man,and welcome!!
  12. Nice bud,like frostly.. But this seems 5/6 week of flowering.. how much does long the flowering for this strain?

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