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  1. Man 99% this is light burn..
  2. Hi bro,thank you so much. This is no kush,this is one 6 mont hold SLH . other great strain
  3. Unpacking ___________ Hello guy, the grass is over, but the rewards are just arrived !!!! This morning I get a call, and it was the courier who contacted me for delivery. All material inside has left me very satisfied !!! The biggest surprise was the smart camera, I did not expect was of a similar quality, then Canon is the brand you prefer. The rest is all perfect, both the hammers that the sweatshirt are very beautiful, even the cap is very cool. I thank all the GH team, especially for the excellent direction of the competition, and even Mike we exchanged a few emails, and was very kind, and all friends of the forum who followed me . Thanks guys, see you soon, and I recommend it <always grow never stop> Thanks for watching. Greetings from myk76.
  4. GH KUSH

    hi slimjim, very nice healthy roots!!
  5. Hi guys, I decided to post this simple guide, for those who wonder, what PH value must be of irrigation water in the soil. The info that you will see below, are taken directly from the network, but at the same time It is what I meant. This is the direct link ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| In the world of gardening, pH both affects and is affected by everything. Indeed, the entire process of growing plants is a study in the physical dance of pH balance. The plant itself has a pH identity, with some plants being more acidic and others more alkaline, the water of different regions has a pH identity that is determined by a variety of environmental factors, and the soil of various regions also has a pH identity. So, how does the gardener master this dance of acid/alkaline polarity to bring forth a bountiful crop? The first step is gaining a basic understanding of pH, the needs of the particular crop, and the tools at hand to provide the optimum environment for that plant to prosper. While the physics of pH can indeed be complicated, they don't have to be. When preparing to grow the Cannabis Plant, it can comfort the grower to remember that cannabis is a hearty herb that has historically been considered a weed in horticultural circles. The cannabis plant wants to live, and will do its best to do so. The pH scale runs from 1 to 11, with lower numbers being acidic and higher numbers being alkaline. The cannabis plant prefers a pH environment of 5.5 to 6.5. When the pH environment rises in alkalinity above 7.5, the roots are not able to consume the available iron, copper, zinc, manganese, and boron ions in their vicinity, and when the pH lowers into acidity to less than 6 the roots are not able to access phosphoric acid, calcium, and magnesium because they lose their solubility. If the pH drops to between 5 to 3 with temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius fungal diseases become a threat to the plant. Soil culture and pH Savvy gardeners know that the success of their crop always starts with the condition of their soil. Sandy soils are acidic in nature, clay soils are alkaline. Woodland soil usually falls right in the middle, and is referred to as loam. One should remember, however, that since woodland soil is created by the process of decay of leaves, bark, and other organic debris, the top soil that is involved in this process will tend towards acidity. It is always best to conduct a simple pH test to determine the identity of the soil, and one's water as well. Growers of cannabis have praised the results of growing their crops in sandy loam soil, as the sand encourages good drainage and allows the roots to easily grow, while the loamy soil is rich in nutrients and holds water. Gardens with inherent clay soils are usually rich in nutrients, but need to be amended to create the conditions that will allow the plants to access those nutrients, as well as encourage roots to easily penetrate that tight clay. Organic methods of amending alkaline clay soil can be as simple as mixing leaves, chopped or ground pine needles, coffee grounds, and the contents of tea bags into the soil, but remember that these organic methods should be done in advance. It would be optimal to use this strategy of soil amendment starting the winter before planting to allow the amendments to decay and compost, and settle into the soil, making their pH adjustments. A quicker adjustment is made by mixing compost and sand into the soil. Sandy soil will provide great drainage, but has no ability to hold nutrients, so gardeners must amend this soil with a high quality compost to achieve the coveted sandy loam. Hydroponic Gardening and pH Hydroponic systems are designed to simplify the process of growing one's crop. The grower checks their pH at least twice a day, and is able to quickly make adjustments. A basic pH of 6.0 will allow the plants to ebb and flow between 5.5 and 6.5. Reading and Feeding the Plant Gardeners of both indoor and outdoor crops should remember that the pH of their growing medium naturally changes as the plants consume their nutrients. This is the challenge of the pH dance. Experienced gardeners learn to read their plants, and can tell what they need by indicators such as the color of the leaves, the stance of the plant, and the plant's growth pattern. Yellow leaves indicate a lack of iron, indicating alkalinity, and acidic conditions will create burn spots on the leaves and a wilting stance. The main objective is making sure that the feminized cannabis plant has the necessary nutrients. Chelated plant food is chemically designed to be available to plants, and will assist the gardener throughout the ups and downs of the pH.
  6. Contest Winners test

    Great, thank you all guys. I enjoyed to grow seeds Ghkush, is a very interesting plant. I selected 2 of the best i grow,for taste and aroma, and soon I will make a new cycle with her. Peace and good smoke!
  7. GH Kush by Levente

    Excellent work mate. Smell and taste improve day by day .. enjoy the smoke!
  8. Man, mix potting soils on the market have a pH adjusted at about 6.0, by the buffering effect of the components of soil, peat, humus etc. So if your tap water be 7.2 PH it is not a problem, around 7 is ok.
  9. wow wonderful pics .. I guess the crazy smell that will have around ... really frosted buds, I'm sure he will be an excellent smoke. good luck with the cooking. enjoy the smoke and peace!!
  10. yes man, I'm storing all the small leaflets to make a little bit of hash. The problem is that I do not have bags for the sieve, if I can get some, I'll put the pictures .. thanks for the advice. Hey man.. yes smoking is excellent and also the high, the taste and smell improves day by day. What do you intend to cook? I've never tried it, you will use the gems or waste? anyway, thanks for the comment, and it would be a pleasure to share one with you one day,why not.
  11. Welcome mate, From the pics,seems the ph is low, in the soil there is no need to lower the pH of the irrigation water.
  12. FINAL SMOKE REPORT Hello guys. The plants were upside down for almost 10 days, now I cut the buds from the stem and placed in the glass container. The amount obtained from 5 plants of a final height between 50 60 cm, was approximately 140 grams. Bud dry description: The dry bud, is very dense and compact, is completely covered by a layer of resin. SMELL; The smell is very strong and intense, sweet skunky odor. TASTE; The taste is good, it remains a nice aftertaste that is felt on the palate, after smoking. SHOT: hits fast, and lasts long, mind body relax, good for those suffering from insomnia, I think, also good appetite stimulation. My impressions of this strain, are very good, both for the quality, and it is for the generosity of the shoots. I hope you enjoyed my newspaper, and I leave you with the latest images.
  13. I do not know who and what we advised you, but as the temperature increases the oxygen diminishes, is a matter of fact. Obviously it depends on the circumstances, whether to use a heater for the water, or a water chiller, but in both cases, the goal is to keep the root tmp around 18 °.
  14. @Cannabissapean Our work was really great, many photos many growth details and everything else .. Your plants have been in great form for most of the period .. But the experience comes with the years, and grown in the hydroponics, it seems easy, but at the same time is very delicate, and it takes little to fuck the system or part of it. If I can give you some advice, try to keep the roots around 18 ° / 20 °,, above 24 ° the roots die, if the roots die, the plant can not absorb more other substances and water, and then starts to die. However then again, you did a great job with everything, I enjoyed following your diary, I hope to soon see new jobs.

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