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  1. Very nice grow mate,but i still wait another week before harwesting. Slh is really a great strain, missing in my repertoire, in the future I will add this plant to my garden. Have a good smoke,mate .
  2. Hi mate,i see nice girl!! Take care and thanks for sharing.
  3. Im ready to grow this strain auto..,you have any experience with auto version? However it seems to have an amount of exceptional resin, very nice. Good smoke!!
  4. Hello and welcome, put some pics of them mate,and can see the situation. good luck
  5. Hi mate, it's not my intention hurry up... The time of cut is a personal choice. Good luck!!
  6. from 280 to 300g dry manicured bud's,for all plant. Considering that 4 of them were under the 50 cmm plant, and that space was not fully exploited. ( Just to know, not to take as a reference for g / w ratio ) But I am fully satisfied with the result.
  7. Sorry to hear the bad news,hope you all ok. good luck.
  8. Really a good job with these girls, Looks almost ready for cutting. Good ending of growth!!
  9. Final Conclusion: Now the grass it has come to a state of excellent maturation, I can confirm that this strain, as well as having bulky and heavy shoots, also succeeds in giving excellent smoke. Growth Details: During germination and growing phase, the plants develop homogeneous and very fast. They do not need to cure particular, the important thing is to keep the cultivation and soil conditions at an optimum level. FLOWERING PHASE: During the flowering stage, you can appreciate the extraordinary vigorous qualities of this plant, its very open, chalky shape, allowing the penetration of light in all areas of the plant, the lateral branches, forming substantial secondary shoots. Final Conclusion: I think in conclusion that's a great strain. With its vigor and its structure it is a very versatile plant, it has abundant yield and good quality. The buds harvested are full of abundant resin, with an intense perfume that can not be described, I would say almost exotic. The smoke is very good, the flavor is a good sweet agro, with a smoke that goes smoothly on the palate. Thank you very much to everyone, to the next...!!
  10. I am currently smoking this plant, its smoke is very good, it has a good balance between yield and quality, I would say they are both abundant. I imagine that outdoor, with the full spectrum of sunlight, smells and flavors should be even better. Good smoked !!
  11. 57° Day Flowering.. Time to harvest 4 out!!!

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