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  1. vermiculite perlite,bueno for start seed!
  2. Hola amigos, your plant looking good and fast, good luck with the ledy.
  3. good start man, Also the plant behind have a lush green. take care of the little girls
  4. Good luck friend with your seeding, we hope soon to see some pictures.
  5. Hi friend,you re welcome. right what you said , but early transplantation in new pot.
  6. Thank you all my dear friends!!! Hello, we have reached a new update. As one can see from the pictures, the seeds are 100% germinated. Do not ask me how I did it, but one night I spilled the greenhouse and I lost one seed, and I have still never found lol .. I immediately replaced. GROW NOTE: Until this moment, the sprouts will show up with a homogeneous growth rate, perhaps even do not express their vigor, but having uniforms plants for indoor growers is crucial, but maybe this'll find out later. Under the technical details: day | night TMP: 18° > 20° | 24° > 26° PH: 6.0 HUM: 75 >80% | 80 > 85% EC: 0.8 Below pictures, I hope they are to like.
  7. Newbie

    When you trasplanting this plant? probably the roots are not formed yet, what kind of soil you used? however, not to worry, the plant does not look ill. If you want rapid growth, control room temperature, and for the moment provide only water and stimulator. good luck with this little girl!
  8. Presentation of the diary Hello everyone, and welcome to the new growth test. Let's skip the introductions, and we pass to the point -----> cultivation type : indoor, pot, coco mix + perlite, light groow MH, HPS for flowering, fertilizers pwf grow + hybrid flowering. Test is started with the germination of 9seeds (ch x ww) Start germination and hydration seeds (01/10) As my habit after the seeds have been hydrated for 24 hours or so, I placed them in an airtight container, after hatching directly into their pots inside a greenhouse. Below pictures: To be Continue....... :DDD
  9. New seeds to test & Contest !!

    I want to see this cross...!! you??
  10. Super Soil Indoor

    beautiful garden !! How feeding your plants, compost tea? or until now only water?
  11. Super Lemon Hell

    very good setup man, and congratulations for self-produced lighting He chose 2 nice strain ,I like lemon skunk, there are 2 main phenotypes, one is odor and taste of citrus, and i generally do not like plants with these shades. The other phenotype skunk pheno, is something exceptional, taste and smell are something unforgettable, and also produces substantial buds. Take care of these little girls.
  12. Sick Moms

    Yes mate,i have try house garden roots excelurator from house & garden,and i think is one of the best product for root health and root growt. I agree with dust,powderfeeding for mother plant i is great to keep the plants healthy, I just administer this through the roots to my plants, and their being very vigorous.
  13. Sick Moms

    Red stem is or PH off,or the grow room so much cool,but i think the first tink is right in this case. Ec up to 4.0 because plant cant absorbe nutrient. Flush with right PH and enzymes,afther this w8 the plant show new growt,and start feed again. For prevent the molt next time add 10 to 20 % perlite on your substrate,and you forgot ioidio. My 2 cent
  14. EPIC GROW 2016

    Hello mate,you have a very nice garden!! i think soon can see appear some great bud. good luck with this lady.

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