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  1. wow looked at my old pic to now and its shocking. i shouldve switched them and flowered. amazing how quick things can fk up. im done. be back next week and hopefully il have these clones a bit bigger and ready to flower. had enough now.
  2. see that big cutting. if your new ish and reading for experience advice ect. you want clones like that big as they will root and bam straight flower. I usually use hole arms off full grown plant then root and flower. its like how it is so i can spot roots. im then whack coco in instead of perlite or cover walls with rockwool and then put the coco ontop. IMO thats all coco is good for. Ive tried everything. pebbles go moldy, perlite gets algae, plastic wraper will sweat and cause mold too so im stick with this. Just use it as a top dressing to cover the top of the rockwool Thats way I do them. usually with clay balls but they always go moldy and i dont even use drippers. Also use honey and water 50-70% honey rest with phd water and seal. shake before use. yes it will stink and go alkaliney bittery but it work 100%
  3. dead ain it. be honest as i can slap clone in it. if it will recover over next week ok but if not im replace it. heres individual plants. you can see the bottom leaves from when i had troubles and neglected them basicly you cant fix damage once done but look at rest of growth all green. but the cheese lolz. look at them. even thinking pull thise coco 1s man. yea they green n fixed but arms so weak and so small n fragile. I recon coco is shit medium thats my opinion and so are canna products. ah you goto pm me i cant get on those chats guys. im on phone and it wont work so dont think im blanking. shall i hit it for cuttings now and take what i can? or will 2week veg help? 1 looks ok but this 1 guys got worser? take cuts and replace? shocking aint it how they can be mint and dead next day but i done some reading and it happens. roots are fine my temps and humidity is fine. this is ph and food.
  4. here my plants just now. 1 them cheese look fkd but other look ok. heres all plants.
  5. ah ye that extension lead say it can take like 3000wat and i wouldnt mind putting 4x400w into it. will i be ok? do i need to add bigger fuse into ky electric board for the room or will it be ok? im looking for 3000w off my lights and got 3x double plugs in the room. ive done 2 lights per socket before with 600w so this should be ok right? ordering those plug fan controllers too. my lil fans done a great job at extracting and humidity but time for it to go on inlet. still not sure how to intake. thinking just turning the fan around were it is so it draws air in from the house. Need a proper way to hang these lights too with out causing to much damage. was thinking use a tv mount on each side of the wall with wore rope holding them. Ive done how they are now before lols but these lights got those metal cases. also can i use pyrex glass on my light boxs? i was reading the originals are glass and explode hence mine having no glass. remember i wanted to put 600w into these cases but with no gass its pointess as the heats still there. this bought me onto thinking just dangle my lights. im get that light lumen thing this week to set them up and make sure im getting maximum but need some advice on the mounting lights. you recon them 2 cheese biggys are done now? or they will start veging again? just be honest so i can take what ever cuttings now amd stop wasting my time with them. any of you have to start fresh ever again i strongly suggets you drop 500 bucks on seeds and take them all to flower then cull the whack 1s to save you alot of bs. yeye advic3 on light mounting and them 2 cheese. Ive flushed and re done there buckets and while its wilting and some oeafe are deaded there is alot of good growth.
  6. ok my big cheese are dying. ive flushed and done fresh oower feed. my frigging ph pen went off so when i ph to 5.5 it was 5.2 and obv i clued when my ph wasnt rising. im hoping ive cought them in time as my clones are growing and i was planning on flipping over next week or so. Ive took some more cutting from damnesia and arjhans haze as they growing amazingly. arjhans haze was my 1st dead plant i threw in coco. it is the back row on the far right. she is also in more cheap soil from local shop that was lying around. look at the difference. easily my best greenest plant. i chopped the critical and soiled it. I also chopped another 1 which im rooting. i just took the main head. ive got few cheese cuts but i dont even want to grow them after this. this is the problem with seeds and id advise you get clones or add extra few months to your grow. On another note look at my shittyy cheese on front right next to pump. she fixed up and growing like arjans haze. guys its the nutes man. aswell as genetics. I will never buy ready made feeds again. you always have problems. my coco dont better on straight phd water. look at arjans haze. thats on basicly my tap water and looks better then em all. im inclined to say calmag and silica caused me most my problems. Ive got de ionised water now and ready to make up my own dry feed. I will put together a chart for others to use. every grow forum is covered with bs and hype and nothing but problem plants and its the nutes. Anyway fongers crossed. bit mad with my big cheese. just out the blue wiltered and gone like that over a few days might even be suicide syndrome but i aint sure. the 1 that died was deffo from me adding silica to up ph and while it was 1/4 strengh it fully killed plant over night. so bad that i re done the feed and it still wouldnt perk up. well it did a lil and i took those arms for clones. fingers crossed these guys perk or il have to pull and il be honest ere. im ready to pull all the cheese if these clones show same probs im pulling them. i should be a month into flower or ready to harvest now. no taking clones and starting over. granted ive had a few problems but look at the other straines to the cheese. well the arjhans haze and damnesia. the jack herer is doing well ish too. my cheese in coco has all good growth now but no size or strengh to them. I pushed there feed from 1 to 2ml per litre and they drooped so i flushed and went back to 1ml and boom they preying like they should be. Putting rest of clones in buckets today and going to be ontop of them for a week or 2 max and im take a clone for mother and switch to flower. dunno why i even went with coco. all it good for is top dressing and may be at bottom instead of lime stone. otherwise soil gives better results for sure. Any way guys. hopefully when this is done il have good mothers and just take big clones, root and flower. stay tuned though as i will get big plants. remember the double. Im work out some support for them or even tomato cages or diy cage. wish id gone sog but i dunno. Im also considering light movers but my time patience and money is running low with this. I shouldve popped like 50 seeds, took them into 1st 2 week of flower and culled any that fk about. saying that this way i will know what ive got and can produce it every time so it is not a bad thing that the grows gone like this as i will know from seeing the parent grow that she is worth growing again. I just need 1 good cheese, 1 good haze and 1 good kush. thinking pop a 10 pack of ghs cheese right now and doing what i say but itl be doing what ive done now all over again. pick your food and genetics wisely. what other cheese options do i have? tbh i grew ghs and big huddhas many times and although they both connected buddhas do be easier to grow espescially the blue cheese but its shyt. Would love to get hands on real clone but its letting people know my business. do any of you got real cheese? send me some clones? Id be up for sending you clones too. I had it for years and run it against ghs and buddhas, buddhas blue grows the same but its shyt. anyway this 1 i got that recovering next to the pump is sativa dom amd looking great fk knows why its decided to grow like this. think it was pulling the feed right down. im noticing better results at 550 ppm then any other range and ive been at 450.500.550.600 all the way to 1200 and all of them prefer 500 ish. my waters 380ppm from tap. look at my clones. i gave them some of the feed from that cheese 1 on 1 of them and he huge but others on water growing fine with no probs. anyway take care guys. il supercrop in like a week and make up my mind to switch. the 2 dying cheese may recover but if not il pull them and just do the clones but more hazes. smell off damnesia alreadys amazing. youd think it was in flower. and the jack herer. I took the haze cuts a bit late. there rooting right now were the others have been rooted and potted. soons root appear il bucket them. anyday now. I will do a write up at the end for people who are following. suicide plant syndromes rare. my ph was at fault so im hoping they wasnt to far gone and can recover. i got clones anyway but these guys. look at my pics. i shouldve flipped when they were asking but made no sense as room can take alot more plants. ive cleared another room/cupboard for clones now too so may just put my lights up and on flower 24/7 and just try work rows of plants so when i take a row, i can replace it and by time i get to last row of plants the 1st row will be ready for harvest if you get what i mean. im try rent a unit after this or shipping containers. to much stress on my house. I aint talked about it but ive had police checking the house out too. this was around a month or go aso ago and i just neglected them a bit and was going to stop it all as tgey were in the gardens. I watched, we was out there sun bathing but came in for a bit n closed door. heard radios n they were in garden. neighbour asked who they were looking for and they said our door number. im not known here so couldnt be to do with me. its the girls house and something to do with her. She got them to stop coming so i continued. I shouldve pulled it but i thiught fk this. no way i could of bought police so must be her and it her house so if they come in its all on her. if i genuinely caused police to turn up id take the charge but not when i know for a fact they not for me. I dont have my own home as its to hard to get a place. ive been on homeless list for over 5 years. I cant buy a house cuz i cant prove my income so my life is in other peoples hands. I cant get a mortgage either. this is why i stopped cropping and went back to class A. I couldnt do that this time as police had been hounding me and basicly I eyed up few girls and set shyt up. i did go threw a stage were id do a few at a time so i didnt worry about getting robbed so much but i dunno what it is woth people, you help them get on there feet and then they forget you or try fk you over. May be 1 day I will be able to buy my own lil place, had the money to many times over but id need some 1 else to buy the house or get the mortgage and they could rip me off. basicly, you cant spend your money on what you want. I even got into businesses to sort my money to try for a mortgage, they take fkn tax off you bro. so you earn 10k from your grow. you want it egal? going to have to pay some 1 and then pay taxs lol. fkn funny right? mofos will lock you up n take your life away with 1 hand but on another they will turn blond eye if you paying the tax lolz. Dunno man. cant even private rent no more cuz ideots have made it hot. so i go for units or container next with cameras and auto feed. need this to work out though hey haha. got my license back too so ya know. hopefully my life gets back on track. any of you notice how this life is repetative? and that you always lose everything? then get it al back? annoying. if people just mind the business you good. Take care guys.

    Its been a while but ive tried a few things. odd 24h lights off, pinching and bending. feeds. I usually keep trim them and lolipop a week before switch and cut any fan leaf that block light in half or try to tuck them down. I also pinch and bend threw out veg which make me be able to make lower arms go out for 1st few nodes then the pinch will make the rest point upwards. I tie them up too so I can spread the arms for light to get in. this helps support the buds too. I try do this before the switch. feed wil be low feed bumped weekly, flushed 2nd weekend with fresh food added. Goto watch this as it can stunt them. try change the complete food as lil as often after that flush. I will mix food up and top the bucket watching ph and ppm. Pinching id say out of everything works the most. it like sends a biost to the damaged area and will beef it up. up feed as you like then 5the week do a flush with fresh food and pk 13/14 boost. then reduce feed weekly till last 2 weeks then just flush. Thats what I do anyway and mijimum 8oz dry depending on strain. had upto 20oz off others. what ive learned is your bucket limits you to a certain size. you have to run a 20 litre next to a 30litre with exact clone n feed to see what i mean but i bet the 30l will be 2 times bigger in every way. Ive tried pk13/14 vs none on same clone on same feed to with hardly any difference. Id say the growth is more to do with how you feed then what you feed. try pinching them between nodes till they crunch and watch mad growth from that spot. best to pinch all arms same time. regular 24h off too. like once a week. these just my findings.
  8. Super Critical Autos - 1st Grow!

    Your humidity is fine between 50 and 60 fine. your temps are going off though. your over watering too which will get serious. can see the wrinkles, theyl start deforming soon if not sorted so go to like 1 feed every 3 days and as they get bigger goto 2 days then 1. Ive just gone threw this myself. Right im be honest as ive been were you are. scrap these and go hydro with 2 plants before you waste any more time or swap these plants into hydro asap.youl end up with a few ozs from this unless you go sog, lst and supercrop. your pots are to big too. soils bigger and better in every way but hydros even better. the hype behine coco is so bs unless you going organic. them big pots going to cause you lil issues. Just stay under feeding and feed rationely maximum once every other day for now id even do 3 day feeds of 1/4 veg feed. Id lst or even re pot them into smaller pots and do more plants as i recon you could easily double your plants if you control the height, supercrop or lst. id say go sog too to maximise the plants but the coco going to limit you. you need either 1 big 60l bucket with sativa plant or wilma 4 pot or multiple indica in soil coco for your tent. unless your straine is known to grow big. you could get some more seeds asap or wait for cuttings. id say start another 2 or 3 seeds atleast. 400w will give you 20oz if used right 20 to 30. but I can tell you aint getting that from this so go get some more seeds asap. 1st grow id try different strains. you should always grow 2 strains due to tolerance. Im just giving my opinion. these could turn out ahyt phenos, hermies or anything. get some more going for just incasers and also add another strain or 2 too. I know 1.2m is small but ive had 1 plants give 20 oz off 400w. its really not worth your time and electric bro. smaller pots and more plants for sure. if go to tall top them. if to bushy lst or pinch. you need to consider sog too its so easy in that tent and will give you maximum results for your space. Just my opinion. your set ups fine. your watering and big pots is your prob for now. canna food is shyt too. look for a water soluble fertiliser and dont get caught up with the hype on supplements. Take care. will check back.
  9. look at the lil guy lool swear he been in that pot a week and nothing. was in bucket before for 2 or 3week amd look at it. I think that is critical mass. shouldve been critical zero mass. critical no bud haha people would buy that lo haha. this was last week some time. my last pics are this week. if you look youl see the lil guy in the buckets. all the others grew on low dosage of food. so good ive stayed at that feed yet this guy just look at him. wasting my time but its the only critical mass. its so shyt it hasnt even grew cola arms. critical trash. critical pass. Anyway I write you a hook. you should fall asleep haha.
  10. Appreciate the advice. Yea im using phosphoric ph down and they do not like it at all and I do the same. remember my dead 1 at the back? look at her now on pics I just posted the other 1 wouldnt recover it was cheese. basicly all leaves shriveled. I flushed and it just dried out and went crispy. felt bad on it but it wernt growing. I did take a cutting or 2. I think a big problem is nutes feed schedules. I had to dial in with my 1st seeds and now all my clones and most others are perfect. But that dial in can cause permanent scars though. Ive found less is more but some I cant get my head around like the 1 in the soil now. its atleast a month old from seed. been in 20l oxy pot but wouldnt grow so ive thrown it in coco. im around 3 month in now. yes. im do 1 part N with 1 part 6.12.36 and stop the N in flower or lower it some. Im looking to get 81% phosphoric acid as ph down but agree they dont like it in veg as i killed 1 plant the other day via using silicon as ph up. I dont understand as I used way under the recommended amount. Pluss I couldve used water to ph up lol. I thought its well under the recommended dosage and she could do with some kinda boost ha. wrong killed her. Getting nitric acid is hard work here involves a lil check but think I can walk in car shop and buy it but I know over 7% is illegal unless blabla lol. I may try go in shop and get it, 1 litre should do. I read just to ph 0.1 down is alot so they say instead of going straight to h 5.5 settle for 5.9 or 6.0 and watch ph rise. I tend to go 5.5 and theyl settle at there own liking. Im try my new nutes 1st and see how they go. I even thought buy npk 1.5.1 as a ph down but I recon with my dry feed i can work something. to ph up I just water. if i notice no growth I will dilute. funny you say that as I too flush if i think theres a problem and boom it works and ive noticed better results using less food now. 1ml per litre for all the plants is enough but it does need upping eventually for example my big 1s now. I wanted them to stay short so under fed aswell as pinched and bended main stems. it worked and now I want them to shape up so I upped food a lil. 1 has decided to start shriveling leafs so ive added water to dilute the feed. must not of liked it but I really need these guys to straighten up for flower. I need a straight run no probs as im already over working my self with this. only 1/6 of the room is filled. Im manual feed and electric too. knocks it out of me lolz. my back plant that was dead has fuly recovered and is the best there hands down. I believe it arjhans haze #3? and shes lucky she wasnt binned tbh as she was real bad. she in soil too with hardly any coco and been under fed compared to rest but look at her. again she was hydro but didnt like it amd bam loves soil. amazing recovery. not 1 bad leaf on her. on that note I will never do coco again either just look at them. Not noticed growth for ages but there new leafs on the upper are all green. I swear these would look better with just phd water. Ah my cloning gel worked a treat 100% success. 50-70% honey rest water. and also a very light feed of half a mil per litre seen them root in a few days and now look at them. I run same plant clone feed just ph 5.5 water to half ml vitalink max A and B perlitre. Roots grew faster and bigger infact all were 4 to 6 days faster then the plain phd water. I even run 1 with straight tap water which took longer. infact still waiting lol. its the last 1 ha. Im happy but wish this was 3 month ago I wont be growing the cheese again. I remember having these same probs before except I got that good pheno. I thought I had it but I dont think I have. shit 1s will give 5 oz but not the point for same light and room I can get 10 or 15 so why do I want those lil shyt things. recomendation on other cheese please and not bigbuddhas blue as thats shyt too. grows big but its shyt. took more clones from damnesia and will keep a mother. arjans haze is a keeper too. Need to find something close to cheese or another company. shall we place bets on hermys? im betting atleast 2 or 3 of the cheese are hermy. Anyway. thats it il be back next weekend. hopefully I will have them all in buckets and another light up. I will then switch to flower and add a light each week. goto straighten my room out. been thinking out a electric rail of some sort to give my lights some movement for max light penetration but then im thinking no point as lights with cover and over lap. had a heat wave this week so ive not done alot. ol Oh dont use perlite the way i did. it goes green and manky so ive changed it to coco. fk knows why as my others havnt. think there leaves blocked the light hence no green. Any suggestions for my room? like ideas? I could do with a simple rail idea. was thinking use like electric curtain rail lol. Im get them wall plug fan controllers too so I can adjust my temps/humidity. lil 4 inchs been doing a great job. ok then my feeds and temps ect. temps have been 24c to 31c last few days 31c. humidity was at 60 but now i keep around 50% I know they like humidity in veg but still thats mold risks. feeds Ive been up and down with feeds and this is my recomendation. Remember im in hard water and start with 380 ppms and 8.0 ph so this may be why I need less food and needs to be taken into consideration. I do believe under feeding will not hurt your plant at all, just watch them and add feed 1/4ml per litre a time. 1ml vitalink max A and 1 mil vitalink B per litre "all hydros are in." build from 1/4ml per litre for clones and seedlings. Go to 1.5ml per litre max. 1ml canna coco A and 1ml canna coco B per litre. start again at 1/4ml per litre and build 1/4 a week untill 1.5ml by then you be ready for flower. stick to that and your winning "Trust me."when no more growth and slight yellow up the feed by 50ppm about half a ml per litre. Forget all additives. there shyt and im almost convinced there made to fk your shyt up so you go out and buy more shyt that fks your shyt up. so no calmag. no silicon. and as less ph as possible. no seedling/plant starters. no rooting gels. there all a con. stick to npk ratios with the lightest feed and most accurate npk and ph. Youl be fine. If anything get a seperate N feed to add for veg to stop peafs fkn up. The nutrients industry is 1 massive con and if any of you reading have any sense about you, you will do the same as me and switch to dry feed asap. I just goto work ph down out. Ive read that most dry ph down is no good as its sulphate and thats no good in hydro but I guess it a trial and error thing which I aint got time for right now so im looking towards battery acid "nitric acid" or 81% phosphoric acid or gh dry ph down. Think I can go local car shop and buy the nitric acid. " I may of mixed nitric and nitrate up threw the post lol." Im really trying to go light on ph down but my water is 8.0 it takes about 4-8ml to get down to 5.5. I ph after too now as i phd before and added food and ph shot back up. from what i read changing the npk ratio can adjust ph. pretty sure its npk 0.1.0 or so, more P but then ive read N can help so im try my dry feed then work it out. goto watch to much of 1 value will lock out another. Ahh ive noticed not so much run off on my coco infact none last 2 feeds and i didnt use any lime stones at the bottom. I just used tap water and they fine but I used a lil more. say I use 1/4 litre per plant per feed. usually il have 10% atleast run off but nones come out of any. Should I flush till some comes? sounds like the holes are blocked at bottom? smack the bottom a lil? sorry im newb with coco. hmm my worrys are just mounting my lights now and setting fans up. oh and getting my dry feed right. Take care guys.
  11. I had ghs powder sent before but never got to try it. I would of bought ghs dry if I had not seen nearly exact same for so cheap. Otherwise ghs powder would if been the way. I will use 2 clones with my soluble feed so I can do different things. Ive researched real hard and im not far off. If any thing I may need a veg feed but now I have the magnesium nitrate 11.0.0 i can just add that to the 1.2.3 untill i get 5.2.3 or what ever. Im be carefull. I only want 4.2.3 some N for veg and remove it is the plan. worked out to 13 bucks for 2kg mag nitrate and 1kg 1.2.3 but ive seen calcinit and other dry 25kg at 20 bucks but I need research on those. There basicly soluble calmag. my water got 100ppm of cal already hence me going magnesium. now id like a ph down and have seen swimking pool ph down powder. yea I will do a formula and feed schedule. These are so conscentrated you can just upfeed a lil for boosts like pk13/14. Suprised there aint more recipes. I been having to contact manufacturers and all sorts. basicly they like to sell this in massive amounts only. do we really want or need 25kg around the house? no but the saving is huge and if your getting the good results why not right? haha take care guys. experiment a little. im stick with my regiment vitalink hydro and canna coco but im try soluble in both and I honestly believe im going to get better results. Just less shyt in there if you get me and if your using ppm you get a idea of things. basic macros but ratiod npk and maybe additionel supplement like calmag for defficiences but then id say if your getting defficiences up your feed 50-100 ppm. I was out of shape this grow. been a while but im ontop of it now and should all go smooth take care all
  12. Update. took cuttings and the 1 that I phd up with silicon died and was under the recommended dosage. ive bought some tv wall mounts im stick 1 on each side for more support for the lights. sorted top of door but no pics ha. 2clones in bucket 1 buckets filled the other im waiting for roots. 1 at the back is alive. will be pulling 2 the 2 left seedlings or taking a cutting or put them in coco. they been in buckets 2 or so week and no growth. the other 2 are very indica dom. white lemon and damnesia. tbh im thinking fill that tray with coco pots so 9 plants and chuck a 600w over. Im re wiring the lowbay lights now @@@@ any 1 know about powder pg down for swimming pools@@@@??? oh yea. kinda change of feeds. I got yara mangesium nitrate soluble feed which im run with npk 6.12.36 = 1.2.3 then im eaz off the N for bloom and increase feed. atami got back to me with samples but il be honest. dont want them knowing my address n business. so feed reg is vitalink max hw in blue buckets. nice n green but some mag probs hence hetting yara mag. canna coco a and b took all additives out and plants have greened up. tbh i think i got to much cal in my water and overdosed the cocos on calmag 1st few feeds but now they green. Also with npk valuse. you dont get just 1 npk threw a feed. different dosages can change your npk and you have to be carefull as you may run low feed giving low npk and not enough feed of 1. this why i got the mag nitrate its 11.0.0 I got a 5inch carbon filter for intake for 1 pound lolz i changed room around. boxed my fan for filter and mounted 8inch ducting to wall. getting a clamp n few more things and im done. this set up is nearly complete. stay tuned as flower time soon and im bet i get my 10z min per plant from my hydros. buy me nice BM just come off my ban too. M5
  13. Ok 1way I need help and a 2nd way id like to talk and learn npk values. 1st I need help. im using similar products to yara and im going to post oics at the end. Now npk 6.12.36 equals 1.2.3 it baffles me and messing with my calculations. am i right to think were just rounding off numbers? or is it a mixed calculation of multiple ingedients. Im asking does the calculation total add all of the elements? see how im messing up? luckily most products show the smaller npk values and I found them on here. so i already got 1 and it is Buddy npk 6.12.36 equaling 1.2.3 +mg +te I can give % of all butim just going to write my options here now. 20.20.20 equals 2.2.2 18.18.18 equals 1.1.1. "hence me thinking rounding numbe off in comparisment to the 20.20.20 20.8.8 equals 3.1.1 "im thinking this." 13.40.13 equals 1.3.1 5.0.0 "not sure it a N boost." 0.0.51 soluble sulphate or potash. yara mag nitrate 11.0.0 9% mag 15% oxide. think theres more options. I need a ph down too. heres some pics. please tell me what you recommend I use as a veg and take into account i have the 1.2.3 buddy I will be using in flower. im thinking the I could just use the yaraliva yara mag alone with the 1.2.3 but what you think about 20.8.8 bein 3.1.1 magnesium nitrate 11.0.0 and then the buddy 1.2.3 and may be potash 0.0.51? im thinking go with ppms and ec. kind of works like yara kristalon with yara calcinit but more suited due to me not needing the calcium. also ha see how that 20.8.8 ratio equaled 3.1.1? why not 2.1.1? or am i missing something? I agged my water statistics too. please help. I got about a week to work out what to do. im thinking 3.1.1 as veg. add lil 1.2.3 if needed but deffo start adding the 1.2.3 and reducing the 3.1.1 or you think i could run 3.1.1 all way threw and add 1.2.3 as a pk boost? TALK TO ME BABBYS.
  14. these are powder feeds lol. just like yara kristalon brown and yara calcinit. there actually the companys that supply these companys that rip us off. I assure you. I am not far off my calculations. these are pretty much close to ghs powder feeds at 1/8 price.f thats the thing most these companys dont have no feed schedules for cannabis. its not publicly accepted. well here anyway. hence tomato feed and ive found a tomato feed 1 feed that has all for veg for 1/4 most companys and 1 or 2 have the exact npk values. were im at now. is were all these companys are at. its just down to % of npk. its really as simple as that. cover your trace elements and and maybe a cal or mag supplement. in my case im thinking im need magnesium. them products I showed you above are all powder feed and were the main companys buy from. I need a simple ph down too. im watching this. and tbh thats same ingredient and percent as my botte of ph down.

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