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  1. lmfao swear that so suits the situation lolz. think i might just go all coco. less risky and plamts look like they can hold 8oz ish. I got all that stringing them up business yet and trying to change feeds phaha. anyway guys. I will pop in. any of you gone for testers? i would if i were you. even if you aint ready. Im ready to go tbh i could really do with extra hands. I got another room same size and a 4×3im veg in there. wana come help? I been looking into techy stuff so can do all this from different location. id really like to push a techy grow. think cocos the way but i need cheese that grows thick and stron in it. these all skinny aszes. you think i should chop them roots and let them re grow? tbh that 2nd pic. half them root are from pass week from i broke the others right upto the pot i was only topping up too. puled my airsone and half the roots just fell off. the plants are growing nicely though.
  2. dick. I couldnt be asd to remove all the clones as i just fed n topped up n its killed me lol sweatinf like a mofo. but heres the big cheese roots and that big indica i have. I will take more tomorow. they are not sludgey but they are brittley brown to white and white in places. Some times it falls off from just the airstone. my temps have been under control but my ph, ppms and air stones have been all messing about. these roots are not good imo. not filling the buckets which id expect after this long veg. could say ive done a 3month veg. the 1 thats yellows roots were same and a clump fell off when i changed the water. like it was to heavy for the higher section to hold. I dont have a full ball either. the cheese is nearly there. In pass my bucket be so full can barely get 5litre into 20litre bucket. they eat over night hence me going 25l. the 20s were bought by mistake. oh i suspect my coco is root bound too now and this is my 1st time with coco and i here thats not good. there around 20 to 25litre too. I just dont want any probems from this week. I need this to be ready asap and i want to get new clones in there with in 3 weeks so I can get my xmas trees done. Obviously its took longer because i started from seeds but if id had clones this would be a month or so in already. Im just mad im not using the full potential but maybe at the same time i needed to do smaller to get back into the drif of things. water change is a nightmare. i bought hose and clamps but clamps no good so i bought more n again no good lol. some things ive struggled with and others have been easy. selection and choice of plants was a bad choice too for reliability but what ever i know i got 1 or 2 keepers here and I will have clones so no long in future. I need this done and go rent a place asap. 1stvpic is my tiny clone that aint growing. weird as the roots grew but not the plants. It still looks like a fresh ish cutting. suspected over fert and lack of oxygen. 600 ppm vitalink. could be ph issue too and most likely is. 2nd is ny indica dom amnesia haze 3rds big cheese. I strugge to pic this up. mixed look on the roots.
  3. Quick update. some amazing growth this pass week! my big cheese dont like the lower ppms so I upped her some. all her leaves started pointing down and rapidly going yellow. I dont mind as i want big leaves gone. Flowering this weekend. hopefully new ph and ppm meters arrive. them 2 small guys in blue buckets have grown roots but are not groing. there at 650 ppm. I think thats the problem but what ever they getting pulled this weekend. I will be adding another light and building flower ppms feed. coco will be the same as canna coco does veg and bloown. Im quit vitalink completely and use solubles only. I need to work out a 0k13/14 boost soluble formula if any one can help. Might try the dutch pro hydro as its real cheap but not sure "for new clones." Will be re lollipopping and using thos as clones aswell as removing all small plants. not sure what to do go alp coco or continue doing both. Might use them deep buckets/storage boxs and make a coco flower bed and a clone bubbler. thinking of a flood and drain or trays with timed feeds or manual for the next grow. 2 my plants real yellow. 1 coco and 1 hydro. you can see its a cheese and either white lemon or jack harer i think lol. hey what about my critical shite? growing huge remind me of a cabbage it so thick. all cocos been on 500ppm to 600 ppm but look at differences. Ive not ph adjusted them either. i dunno if testing ph and ppm is just a extra stress. i think i could easily re do this now and not care for them. ive had more problems sonce they been widely avaiable then when they wasnt. wish id never go into it. i trwat everything as disposable due to the risk in losing it all so not worth paying for top stuff for others to take or rob. pics. just took now. that big coco 1s weird. no idea how im work that guy. might take cutting to stop growth. really need to smoke it to see if it a keeper. still looking for a uk cheese clone lolz. oh yea check my 2 clones in the blue 25l buckets Beast Mode ON!
  4. hey bro. respect to you. Im similar back ground and have meth addiction and no idea how to get off it. the way ingot addicted was unreal too! just bagging it up day to day and being around foil smokers got me a habbit. I got sent jail and tried subutex then subutex got hard to get so got meth and boy its ruining me. I dunno what to do. Im thinking finish this grow and ferry to spain for 2months minimum or even the damn but dont think i could afford it. on my 2nd year here. fkrs got me collecting it every day like a fool. took over my life bro. I stopped shotting it and heing around people and boom full blast flue symptoms but next level shyt. thats whenni got locked up. got subutex off the wing and was finentill i got reeased and no 1 could get them on the out. Im no heroin taker so had to go drs and ended up on this shyt. this shyt is worser. i feel it every day. its ruined my teeth so bad i gotnoperations next month. I have to wait with the propa smackheads and get treated like 1. not attacking them but most them are were they are threw choice its extra drugs for them were me im on minium and want off but strugling. they even reducing me but have no rehab or anything. its ridiculous. If you ever get caught up with heroin. do not go to your drs and seek help. pack your bags and go some were far far far. hotel what ever and sweat it out. you goto eat eat and eat. horriblest thing ive ever experienced in my life. it takes your attention like major tooth ache but 20x worser. ive not tried widow. always wanted too. so what you saying? widow is opiat based? i got lots of bs opiat based like tremadol. they dont touch me. Ive reduced meth down to 5ml before too its killer. best off going to heroin but as i say im not a heroin guy im a weed man oh i like the odd bj and crack too but so whaa haha. you goto go to heroin to detox. meth and subutex are worser imo. you cant go from eth to subutex either. has to be subutex to meth. the rattle you goto do from meth before subby works hurendous and best off forgeting the subby. youl be so desperate for pain relief that youl seek what ever it takes. Best alternative. get locked up. refuse meds and try get segregation for 1 month. have a fight if you goto. hmm bud helps because thc flushs your system and makes your system flush faster. this is why meth doesnt hold you when you smoke bud. its horrible. from this point i can see it helping but telling me white wido is going to take ratte off is to hard to believe lolz. if thats the case im grow some asap and fk my meth off butim pretty sure it dont work like that at all. Take care. You aint the only 1 and wont be the lastm this is not my 1st time either. I sold shyt from a kid. this is like my 6th habbit from just selling it and being around crack houses aswell as handling it. it basicly obsorbs your skin. I know pharmacists that have also got addicted to methadone threw mixing it up for patients! Lethal drug but opiate tea so good! I really dunno what to do but in this life getting locked ups inevitable so when that time comes I will do it or if these prats get rehab but then they want you to do group sessions and shyt. A cell a shower and food is what you need a oz of bud will help but sorry you will be feeling that withdrawal make no mistake your gona go threw hell. literally. so if your not known in a jail go block otherwise people take advantage. im good like that though aha. I cant think of any other way unless you go another country and leave your self stranded haha. Take care. pm if you ever want to chat 😉
  5. I cant think of the word 1st world? yea like my county England. It would be hard and risky but inner city growers life with clone only plants or anywere with rare clone onlys so you guys can do something for the world ha. Id like to see you guys like expand too have your own shops in each country even have them people strane hunt. Surely the video views would cover all costs involved so could be seen as lil investment. Ontop of that you get rare strane and breed it and sell it threw strainhunters branding. Just a thought. Id like to see some like chicago and new york shyt. Obviously I dont want you to risk your lives but be interesting what you come back with. Citys that have hype for good weed and strains too. dont get me wrong iblike all these others you do but some 1st world would be nice.
  6. hai..regrads from indonesia

    me like indonesians. me play lots of games with them gorls so sexy too. welcome
  7. yea thats whats been happening bro. Ive put air valves there to hold the lid and yea they all got there own line now as 1 or 2 was sharing. I got the pumps just thought they were fine. I notice when electric goes too they do not restart. they like block. Im skint now so I goto ride with what ive got. When this done think those thicker air circle things would be much better. I wanted to have 1 powerful pump hut to noisey too. yea i check ph reguar but i should of been checking calibration more as ive been adjusting when i may not of needed too so now im stick at 6.0 so if im a few out its fine. my waters ph is 6.8 from tap and 6.5 is what i get after food coco but 7.0 with vitalink hard water. my water ppm has dropped to 240 now too it was 380 from tap when i started. cocos are under control doing what i want just wish the friggin hydro would too. Heres some pics ive removed some from hydro to let them dry out and If they stretch a lil il flower but most these small clones going to go in coco in cupboard and i will add them as soons they big so then I can get another harvest a few week later. rooms half done. these will double in size or 1/3 atleast. I got some serious arms too and tight nodes. cant wait. In come back and look threw as im missing replies and i aint ignorant im just on phone and takes ages to load the page up. Take care all. Infact leme show you quick what ive done to stop the lidm see you goto go like this as a hole in top will put light into your water which is a nono. they the last 1s. take care im come spend 5min on here later if i can ha.
  8. good spot dick. id i just write this. ive removed a few to dry out and thinking coco them like i done with my others. Please pm if you spot things im missing. as you can see im taking on quite abit by myself. Advice and criticism always welcomed. ye you right in passed my rockwool at harvest always be mouldy. this why ive tried perlite and rockwool and coco. I have to layer the bottom and holes of the mesh pot with rockwool then fill with coco. I was thinking this maybe limiting the roots but if it was they wouldve grown upwards " I suspect. think combination of me not reacting quick, ph aswell as the water in buckets being too hi and then shitty air stones. Its been a while since i done grows but man didnt think id be this slow lol. atleast il have xmas sorted haha. yea im dry these and think about re hydro. id never done coco or soil before this id always been hydro. I never messed with ph ppms tds much. completed grows with no ph in pass. im get another ph pen as i think thats the root to my problems. Ive even put 1 way valves now between bucket and lid so airline cant get blocked.
  9. quick update. ripped everything out to see whats up ph pens got its own mind and my airstones are shite. tried to make them air walls with airline but no go. im using 2x 4ways. i have 4 in total but 2 in use. ive removed 2 black buckets as them clones had been in 2week with no growth. I got 11 plants ready. wanted atleast 15 hydro but now its half n half but im still push these igger clones. Kinda nightmare grow lol but oh well. some pics. ive redone food down to 400-500ppms. im push 1 more week with this nute and 100% flower feed for the hydros. cocos using canna coco which is for veg and bloom il use pk boost too. cocos are great but the cheese is tooo small. Im thinking this big coco is damnesia but i not 100% Can any of you spot which is which? them 2 in blue bucket been there 2 week too and hardly grown. its like im over watering them but in hydro. im start only fill till root tips touch. Take care and remember. trust no 1 not even ya mom
  10. New seeds to test & Contest !!

    About time Cheese x white widow. I would like both but if that means some 1 else losing out id prefer just cheese is there a grow already on these? or has he just released these for us? Whats he looking for? overall growth and honest opinions? Ive got space for a few. Im in for both but cheese is preffered. some idea on charateristics would be nice. im guessing a small indica but what about if sativa comes oh boy that be some cash crop right there. this should been mixed ages ago tel me the cheese x widow got a sativa pheno. oh boy Aha and even win a things this is way it always use to be. nug of the month plant of the month ect. Take care!
  11. Just come to my head. I recon that vitalink is my problem. ignore my whining in ere. it my only way to release stress and get advice. you guys only know my shyt. i do this for you! and franco. I wish he would be here more working with testers. I need cheese clone 100% no bs. but I cant get local as I cant risk people knowing. Just send to relative. Id like to get into breeding too but i always seem that is what franco do so why bother but still theres oppertunities. kust like the strainhunter branding. I only realised this recent and I like it. Id love to know the numbers stranehunters strains have earned. Im off. take care. ps guys. you need to pm. when i come here it look like im ages cuz big writing but i write that in secs and upload pics and gone. I stopped following replies ages ago and stressed pm as this sites hard work on my phone. Im re saying this as i can see my pm/group chat highlight but it crashs if i look. last pic of my fave. this 1 was all dead at begining. was a seedling that got over watered. Of course the ghs cheese
  12. Hi all. Dumped that dead cheese and replaced with bigger cuttings. Ive got few probs. I think they are fixing though. its just taking time with some the cuts. Come to conclusion that this batch preffered coco hence using rockwool and coco. keep alga off too. dont use perlite like i did. your choice in coco. my coco ok but id avoid. Ok I cant wait any longer. this all works out till november as it is so im switch and pull all small clones into seperate room and veg. I will put them into flower at a later date. Im in 2minds to just take my last hydro cheese and take conplete arms for cuttings and root quick but that would leave me only coco cheese and they small ish. be totaly honest. coco has impressed me and saved this grow. impressive size from 1 or 2 too so i may just switch to completely coco next grow and manual feed. I see there is seeds up for test I will take a look as im here for same reason as you guys "straine hunting." If it wasnt for testers there would be no white lemon, damnesia, cheese ect the programme needs to be run to hype and build google to help people see what they will get. this is big in creating sales too. I like the way they action branded our tests strainhunters. that is amazing in my eyes. Anyways. some allround pics. Im switch to flower feed and go in at 500 ppm and add 50ppm a day till 700 and see what they tell me then. You know you probs think i burned my plants up? was no chance i use less then 1/4 recommended dosage. what was weird is I dropped them from 1000 ppm to 700ppm when they done that. No idea but others are well. few clones look bad condition thats due to them having them leaves before when on mother. some have new shoots come threw while others seem like they struggling. they have big roots though. My roots dont look good on my hydros. I think the B part of vitalinkmax has stained but i dunno i pulled some off thinking root rot but it not slimey. its fully built a hole jew root and literaly bigger in every way bright white about say 20cm with others coming off. come over 5 days amazing but some them are real brittle and breaking there self. I recon a low ph like 5.5 or under changes the way your roots grow. The might squeeze 1 more week from me while they get flower feed. The rest are coming out to a different room for veg. im do that and enquire test seeds so when these go in i can start seedlings and by time my plants done id done all this bs selecting. Im mad that i wont be able to use my room or lights to there potential but what i can do is push these hydros hard and dedicate 1 light each. Im pretty sure im get my 10ozs off each except any small 1s i may throw in. guys I cant get on that group chat its to slow and crashs. need to pm. see them leaves growing bigger then other? thats light aint it? i changed to 600w again anyway. see them hydro in the crowd that are small with tiny purple ish leaves? i read and says potasium difficiency but these were 650ppm feeds. roots are huge but no growth? i think its me being in the lower ph sides so ive switch to 6.0 ph and im stay there from now. they dip under 5.5 and reck everything. yea i think my oxy lines were squashed too so ive put 1 way filters inline to hold lids. I dunno if I shouldnhit with nitrogen nitrate. Im be trimming these back too or half cutting leaves. 1 more week 1 more push with bloom feed and 12/12. at the worst i got cuttings to go in, bud and change for xmas. If youve been reading threw. I got it in black and white I was right about police checking the spot. I fronted it and its paying off but now im in process of putting cameras up and may be a far distance wireless. Basicly the girls x and kid made police come here over some bs but guessing were upto something. case is closed and they have no idea who i am but my 1st name has been mentioned. im thinking they wouldve just took the door off like any other time. I dunno i needed this bad and got no back up plan. this is the 1 that kicks off the rest kind of deal. if your new or not experienced. dw if you ever fk up and lose everything. its not nice but you just restart. you can never get to ild for this. Im over 100 mile from my city. Im pissed. i never let any 1 in but had no choice and this is the shyt you goto go threw. I dunno why people cant stfu and make some money. Enjoy and take care. remember. trust no 1 not even ya mom.
  13. Some clones. not sure whats what. Some cheese. some damnesias. some of all tbh. use 60% honey with 1/4 strengh feed for 100% success roots. I find the cup or little pots then transfer is best. Some growing weird. specially the cheeses the like mad indica doms with super tight internodes. the damnesia clones stil kind of stunted but 2 have took off. That 1 I threw away I took complete head and its growing amazing. 1 sec im take some pics right now and show you. and my weird canoe leafs.
  14. Some clones. not sure whats what. Some cheese. some damnesias. some of all tbh. use 60% honey with 1/4 strengh feed for 100% success roots. I find the cup or little pots then transfer is best. Some growing weird. specially the cheeses the like mad indica doms with super tight internodes. the damnesia clones stil kind of stunted but 2 have took off. That 1 I threw away I took complete head and its growing amazing. 1 sec im take some pics right now and show you. and my weird canoe leafs.
  15. Other cheese. smallest coco cheese. was hydro reject. stupid small.

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