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  1. this is a fox that live's right next to my property. my dogs dont like him much(they are Chihuahua's lol) but he just wants to play figured i would share
  2. thanx guys i put alot of hard work and love into my cannabis, fruits, and veggies @ tokage you should have smelled the last batch
  3. so its been really hot this week it got close to 100f (last time i coverted to celsius it was wrong so you do the math) and we are being hit with a tropical depression well to start off the buku is doing fine shes growing quite vigorously even though she was stright smashed by me DOH! she grew 7" in one week heres some pics alright next on the list is the two bigger of the black annas they are going fast and strong most likely males with there fast growth. and i save the rest for last so between the heat and the rain and work i didnt even notice my compost tea brewer wasnt working correctly and i had a bad batch of tea come out i think anaerobic but nether the less my seedlings suffered they turned bright yellow i tought i was going to lose them but they came back. i made a new tea brewer an airlift style here's a vid of it in action brut here pics ot the seedlings some are still kinda yellow but ill get them back alright the kings kush and blue chesse and the exodus chesse (btw got one of its leafs ripped off by the furious rain weve had round here) and chem dog and the last lady on the list is the fruity chronic juice shes a fat girl look the how bushy she is and her branch structure is awesome enjoy well thats it for this week i hope everyone is digging it as much as me untill next time happy growing (p.s. im pretty drunk so if i mispelled anything ect. sorry but eat it lmao) happy growing L3V3R2ooo
  4. shes doing great. growing way faster than before ill post some pics as soon as it stops raining. that post is really a week old i just edited the temp that i put down it was wrong
  5. so i think the burmese is going to make it i taped it up and put some bamboo as a stake and tied it to it. so far today it made it but it is really hot here 95f so the next couple of days will be rough heres a pic of my quick fix
  6. beautiful they are some healthy ladies im loving it.
  7. Well i sat a bucket down on the burmese kush today and snaped the stalk doh so i taped it up and so far it seems fine only time will tell thats what i get for being stoned and not payin attention. I will post some pics later.
  8. Alrighty time for an update so my two fruity chronic juice's and the blue widow are already flowering it's my fault for putting them out to early at the peak of the photoperiod. Down here we get 13.9 hours of light, and that's not for another week (sigh). I'm not even sure if it will reveg( i doubt they will ) so I've got another clone to make up for it. I've pulled up one of the fruity chronic juice's and put it in a pot then I replaced it with a bonsai clone. So even if it does go into flower it will give a decent yeild. I'm only allowed so many plants so I'm trying to keep the plants that I have to get a good yeild. So heres a pic from left to right (fruity chronic juice , blue widow, new fruity chronic juice) the new FCJ So I'm going to take the other two flowering plants and move them to pots, so they can finish. They are only a foot tall and in full flower so I don't wanna waste the time with them in my grow at the moment so i will gift them to a friend. On to the rest of the ladies the Burmese Kush clone I recieved last week is looking great she's loving the areated compost teas i've been feeding her. heres some pics of her heres the seeds that i popped up on the 26th from left to right (super lemon haze,chemdog,kings kush,and blue cheese) the super lemon haze almost didnt make it . the ladies here on down are the black anna (onyx x annapurna) thats it for now i hope everyone enjoys and have a great week. p.s. I've also got some seeds from a big bang that got pollenated from the annapurna that im going to name gangbang lol happy growing L3V3R2ooo
  9. nice post superbluehaze very insightful answered alot of questions i had thanx.
  10. well when i got home from work today i had a dvd that came in the mail and in that i had goodies and also i was gifted a burmese kush (t.h. seeds) and og kush (Reserva Privada)clones so today was a good day the two clones burmesekush og kush and the goodies in the dvd. and some pics of all the babys. well thats it for now i think i got my arsenal kicking right now. happy growing L3V3R2ooo
  11. looks good friend keep up the good work if you shower them in love they return the favor.
  12. i would love let them dry out thats the only problem with growing outside is that you cant control the weather and it rained all weekend but it is what is is .as for nutes as soon as the soil drys out im brewing some compost tea as we speak ingredients(5-gallons) 1/3 cup mexican guano 1/3cup black hen (chicken compost) 1 cup worm castings 5 tbs sea kelp meal 5 tbs blackstrap molasses i will go out and give a foliar feed in a lil bit
  13. alright we heres the weekly update.well we have a shit load of rain this weekend and had to cut down the autoflower (ill diabolo)she was close all trichs are cloudy and about 20 to 30% amber.man she has got an awsome fruity coffee smell and a blue hue to the buds here's some pics.I will give a smoke report in a week or two. alright next is a pic of my blue widow im not sure but it looks like its going into flower or is it just preflowers not sure but this isnt my first rodeo and it looks like its going to flower let me know what you think . and heres a bunch of pics of all three. and finally the seedlings that just came up so this one is a bean i got out of a bag of trainwreck. and these are the seeds im calling "black anna" (onyx x annapurna) lets see how they turn out ive got 10 of them. but im really worried about the blue widow and the fruity chronic juices they have been outside for bout two or three weeks i think they came out from 18/6 grow tent and the photoperiod right now is @ 13.2 hours of light a day and it looks like they are about to flower so any advice would be nice
  14. beautiful superbluehaze your ladies look magnificent keep up the great work and thanks for sharing. Happy Growing L3V3R2ooo
  15. Alrighty guys i just put these 5 beans in the wet paper towel treatment. So these beans my buddy gifted me couple of grows ago. He was doing an autoflower grow and all the seeds were suposed to be feminized, but one male got through and it was annapurna (superauto) and the mother was an onyx (autoflower). Now I guess my question is, will these seeds be an autoflower variety or just a fast flowering indica or neither. I don't know much about breeding but I figured someone here does. Happy growing L3V3R2ooo

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