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  1. nice work jimmy you should have enough now to last you till next harvest, as you have some little ones coming through, good work jimmy keep it up take care greg
  2. update time. Well i have tried some of the critical now it is nearly dry and its a really good smoke sweet flavour strong hitting and not harsh at all. A few joints at my friends the other day left us looking like 2 grinning chinamen. The others are coming along nicely here are some pics this my unknown cutting she is budding quite nicely this is my lady burn she has another couple of weeks to go but again budding nicely and last but not least my dwarf superbud she will be coming down this week smells realy citrusy this plant cant wait to dry n try her if the critical is anything to go by i should have some amazing smoke to come take care greg
  3. beunos dias jimmy lol the monster is looking magnifico should get a good crop off that girl take care greg:)
  4. looking good jimmy look what you can do if you put your mind into it, the plants are blooming nicely good on you hope you have a bumper harvest take care greg
  5. well i decided to take the critical down yesterday as the yellowing was starting to worsen, plus the pistils have been brown for a week and she had only a week to go. good tip i found out, to clean my scissors of resin fill a shot glass up with vodka and soak the tips of the scissors for a couple of hours until they are clean and the vodka smells like weed. chill until cold and then drink. i would have wrote this article yesterday but was too fucked to see the keyboard. the other three ladies still have a few weeks to go so i shall keep you posted on these take care greg oh and i shall be making more weed vodka as it was rather good
  6. happy birthday cheech take care greg
  7. do you find the superbud has a really citrusty/lemony smell to it looks like agood plant you got there cheers greg
  8. looking good jimmy, ihope your harvest is a good one for you, and you have also got your young one ones coming up for next harvest. whatever your doing jimmy keep it up as the plants are looking really healthy take care greg
  9. h3rb will live on in a little part of us all, for he will always be in our hearts and minds, we shall not forget you h3rb we gonna take you with us on our own journeys. may a little bit of your passion for growing be consumed in our spirits take care and peace greg
  10. here is an update from today i tried a different way of a taking the pics with the hps light off and just a 'normal' bulb instead i think the resolution looks better here is a top shot of the four (front left: unknown cutting) (front right: critical by royalqueenseeds) (back left: ladyburn 1974 ghsc) (back right:superbud ghsc) i dont know why the critical has gone yellow on the fan leaves it is thick with trichromes it looks like it is covered in frost this is a picture of the top bud on the critical it has cone 5 and half week out of 7 roll on harvest time for this girl this is a shot of the ladyburn 1974 she was the slowest to really get going flowering, but she is the longer flowerer at 9 weeks, the buds are still looking quite young yet, but again full of trichromes this is my 3 leaved superbud, i have no idea what has gone wrong with this plant. she is the same height now as when i started flowering her, which was the same size as the ladyburn 74 and she is at least 3 times bigger. this superbud is just 1 big bud tho and has a really citrusy lemon smell cant wait to try this plant when she is cut and dry. and finally a shot of my replacement cutting for my white rhino, which in my earlier pics looked a right scrawny thing but now she has surprised me by blooming quite well the calyxes are really big on this plant so the colas should be double the size of the other plants, well heres hoping anyway will keep you posted as the finish line is nearing for these ladies take care greg
  11. bushing up nice now brother, hope everything goes ok with your grow, have you started to flower the plant yet . she is looking nice and green take care brother greg
  12. no not got any experience with this strain but it sounds good with the 6 week flowering time, got some critical on the go by royal queen seeds. 7week flower and im 5 and half week in, and it is white with trichromes. let us know how you get on with this one earthman. take care greg
  13. the plant with 3 cotyledons will probably come out three leaves at a time romeu, it will be a tripod, very wierd looking things, my superbud has grown this way should be good i shall be following this post very closely
  14. im sure h3rb would have enjoyed watching that as i did, superb plants all at differing harvest times so contiual harvest time, what more could you ask for keep up the good work take care greg
  15. damn fice plants romeu, you deserve a pat on the back for those my friend. cheers greg

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