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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. Has anyone heard of using cinnamon? Apparently this is kryptonite to the ants... don't suppose anyone has tried it before? I'm going to give it a shot this weekend and I'll report back with results. Thanks again for the help, next step is borax... despite crop circles clearly showing each plant ;-)
  2. Hi Folks! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this one. I've got a problem with ants. A very big problem. Its my outdoor grow. Now when I say outdoor it really is outdoors. There's a post floating about here somewhere about the site - its in a valley, near a beautiful river. Its the standard little black ant - monomorium min... But there are millions of them. If you stand still for 2 seconds they will cover you from toe to knee. I have no idea where the main nest is. When we setup the area we thought we'd chased them away - used soapy water, then tobacco tea and finally... actual insectacide. They were gone for a few weeks but now they're back. With a vengence. Theres no damage to stems, leaves or shoots, in fact the girls are rocking - no other noo-noo's trying to get a free lunch - but I'm sure the little ant dudes are going to start at the roots if they haven't already... Anyone got some novel ideas on chasing them away? I will consider acts of extermination... but if it turns out that they will kindly share the area without causing trouble then groovy, they can stay for now - even though working in blistering heat with ants crawling all over you is really shit. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. I very seldom see the chat...... the usual for me is "Chat (Loading...)" its a bummer. I've narrowed the problem down to ISP/Firewall/Router Rules/Ghosts-in-the-interweb.
  4. I reckon you'd get some proper bud with the warm, dry weather you get there in the summer! But it gets really cold at night doesn't it? fozen hosepipes cold? I've never grown with CFLs before, but there are plenty guys around here who have, so double check with them, but I'd say add some warm white to the mix, especially when it comes to flowering - you need some of that 640nm - 720nm light. Red light... <--are my wavelengths correct??? The bonus with growing indoors is of course that you can get seeds and plant whenever you want! And the GH strains really do rock... there is quite a few cats growing them in SA these days, the local bud available (in durbs) now includes SLH, jack herer and the church. Keep us updated on your progress man! Peace!
  5. Hey Sprigg. The local Swazi bagseed can produce killer plants. Depending on the source obviously, but still nowhere near what a specifically bred batch of seeds can do. What sort of CFLs are you using? and why not plant outdoors? We've got such an awesome climate, its worth it! Depending on where you are in the country...
  6. Hey man! A warm welcome from a fellow Safrican! This is a well groovy forum; some really learned folks lurking around here when it comes to cannabis, and everyone is more than willing to share their knowledge! Peace!
  7. Yeah, the Galapagos, with the lizzards and their salt tolerance! ...or something along those lines.... The cannabis in and around central and southern africa is stupid trippy. Mozambique has this deadly looking black-red bud that turns you into a blubbering cave man attracted to shiny things... and its not fermented like some swazi and malawi buds, it just becomes very dark when dried. You don't find it much around Ponto in the south, there its all swazi, but further north is starts getting mystical! The Sun; it does magical things to cannabis. Did you do any surfing while you were there? Theres a spot in Anakao on the west coast with the most epic and continious left....... mmmmmm.
  8. Madagascar has so many unique plant and animal species, its real biodiversity hotspot, and because of its isolation, plant species have been left to evolve from their original species into a completely separate species, most even being reclassified or initially reclassified. Like those islands Darwin wrote about with the lizards and the salt water... I forget the name. It makes sense that the cannabis there will be quite unique, and with 2000 odd years to evolve to a tropical African sun!!! Edit, did you smoke any?
  9. Distillation apparatus is rather expensive... The Homebrew Hexane and Butane methods are much easier, but the oil itself is difficult to store and its sticky and its hard to collect etc etc...... There are some chemical crysalization methods but its a mission and the equipment is expensive. There is a way to get a decent, practicable product though..... Make the honey oil stuff, but try use hexane instead of butane!! Its soooo much easier! Then lay your sticky oil flat on a baking tray or tin foil and whack it in a pre heated oven, like medium temperature. ***Just make sure you've let the oil stand for a day or two. Butane and oven DO NOT MIX*** The oil will start to 'fizz'. each time you see it bubbling mix it up and stick it back in. Repeat as desired and then let it cool, it will become nice and semi solid. DO NOT let it start smoking in the oven unless you want to hot box your house. Oils etc are OK, but why not go with a good 'ol bubble bag?
  10. I love that water curing process. It makes sense and I think its a groovy sight to have a big tank full of buds in water.... but.... I'm a little hessitant to try this one at home with some prime bud. Has anyone attempted this?
  11. Simon, man, your plants are spectacular!!!
  12. Looking at those, I have an overwhelming desire to hug each plant... they just look so comforting and bushy. A Great Big Hug! Very nice Simon!
  13. When you put it like that drunk, it does make sense... plausible I'd say, although I'm sure there's a downside to the procedure... Maybe hermies, mutations. Someone needs to conduct a controlled experiment.
  14. Looking really nice man!!! Just starting to flower! Thanks for putting those up! I was well tired of them frogs in ice.... Girls are looking so healthy and happy... looks like you got a little jungle of plants in that greenhouse... Nice One!
  15. ........ ..... ..... frogs in ice...........

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