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  1. Autos indoor/greenhouse

    Sorry I haven't logged on in a while. Autos are a race against time. Important things to remember. Avoid transplanting and if you do it very carefully. Big pots from the start is a better day. Avoid watering too much, and avoid heavy soil. They can resist high ecs, use this to your advantage. High Nitrogen is good the first month.
  2. My first Grow 2

    Nice plant. Quick question. What happened to all the fan leaves. Did you cut them off? Try not doing it next time. You will notice bigger buds. They produce the energy the plants need to flower.
  3. Autos indoor/greenhouse

    three weeks from seed. First is in greenhouse, second under 600w hps. The greenhouse directly in 25 liter pots and the indoor will be in 11 liter pots one more week and then transplanted into 25 liter pots. The growth difference is already remarkable. cream manderine from sweet seeds
  4. Lemon haze spring flowering Mediterranean

    Little update on the last plant the most sativa. No lemon smell at all. 86 days flowering could probably go a week more but don't have the time or space.
  5. Put out to greenhouse last week of February. Cut them this week. Out of ten seeds one of the plants revegged. The rest are fine. More leaf to calyx ratio than in autumn flowering but less bugs
  6. korea

    Weed is legal in north Korea
  7. Not really new

    I'm back after a little pause. Hope everyone is doing fine. Tokage, potent, Jose, hope you're still around.
  8. Problems with the doctor

    I always enjoy when u spend 15 euros on seeds And this is the result. Go ahead buy seeds for 120 euros. I have and there isn't much difference.
  9. Problems with the doctor

    The doctor a 9-10 week strain. Seven-eight weeks so far. Have started to give ripen and flush every other Day
  10. Problems with the doctor

    The doctor has a few phenos. Fruity smell indica type plant. Pine tree smell hybrid type. No smell yet... slow as fuck sativa type with great calix to leaf ratio. 6 weeks of flowering outdoors. Spring flowering is better than fall flowering because of the lack of bugs and white mildew. Just be careful to give a correct 12/12. Cycle.
  11. Problems with the doctor

    They are all under sunlight only. All of them are the doctor. I've flowered sativas before in spring. 1st time go with indicas
  12. Problems with the doctor

    Any of u seen this before: Three weeks into flowering The last pic is what a normal plant would look like. The first pics are what all my other plants look like. Wtf? The plants are healthy and in a greenhouse
  13. Colors of autumn

    The purple weed taste horrible. Have 20 grams of horrible shit. Its Ice cool from sweet seeds. Horrible shit. Dont buy! Ill make hash with the bud.

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