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  1. Thanks Franco and Arjan for making it out for another good year. Was great seeing you. Look forward to seeing you next year.
  2. CONCLUSION: The Health Canada has proven to be an effective strain that eliminates back pain and promotes healing. No insects or mold or any sickness, plant diseases were discovered in the plant whatsoever. The Health Canada strain thrived in hydroponic condition. It smokes smooth, has a nice smell and flavor and an amazing effect. Sticky with crystallization. A phenomenal 5 star strain. The plant yields moderate to moderately heavy with an 8 week flowering time and can handle moderate amounts of nutrients. It is an excellent strain with an excellent effect. Very Strong and potent, but not knockout or drowsy.
  3. In Canada, they try to regulate the seeds to some degree. And, in Canada, marijuana seeds have become part of the controlled substances act.
  4. Hemp Depot is a legit seedbank company, they ARE NOT authorized by the Office of Controlled Substances, though there is currently really only 1 well known reseller for general population requiring medical genetics but they are the next best thing in the sense that they sell the seeds that they say they do and are not ripoff artists. Ie. If they tell you Greenhouse they will sell you Greenhouse.
  5. I think it's very similar to the Heath Canada strain except this was taken from UBC while it was undergoing preliminary rigorous scrutinous testing and the Health Canada seed is the one that has passed all these tests and met the standards as required by government and they have the necessitated lab results on it, including insects infestations, heavy metals, mold/fungal spores, and they have maximized the potential of the strain so that it is up to standard with the needs for healthy medicine for Canadians and is as beneficial as possible.
  6. Another friend of mine who is also friends with the person who got the seeds from Hemp Depot was published in a book by Greg Green on the subject of Chemo. I always see people asking them about the kemo strain and he makes seeds and works together with other common friends. It's a possibility that this is the kemo strain but it's not anything necessarily definitive and there may be different versions, for example Kootenay Mountain Seeds has a whole variety of chemo strains. Dr. Greenthumb has a whole variety of chemo strains and many more people. Hemp Depot had the chemo seeds f3 or f4s on sale in packs of 20 back in the day. Federation was the official person that was selling chemo seeds to the general public, as health canada's MMAR program under the Harper government is currently only available to a mere 9000 Canadians and previous to the Conservative government was only available to approximately 1000 Canadians, which is relatively a very small margin of the market so with consideration of all the controls that are put in place, it's unlikely that the Health Canada seeds are being distributed to the extent of making their way really into the mainstream market. At least not in a first or second generation form (first generation is more desirable for breeding but less desirable for growing out). I would guess that they give you f2s since it's a better choice to grow out. In Canada, for example, there are over 1000 hydroponic shops, it's not possible for each customer by themselves to keep a hydroponic shop alive for example. The market in Canada is well in excess of $2 billion dollars per year, there's bloom boxes, etc.., everything galore, nutrient companies, portable grow labs, control systems, seed companies and it surpasses all other crops including Canada's second largest crop, wheat.
  7. It could very well be the same strain as kemo but I'm not sure. I have spoke with someone in Montreal that used seeds that were available from Hemp Depot that was sold as UBC Chemo, recreated and perhaps those are the seeds used. In either case, it could be related based on early trials of the Health Canada strain that were performed before the strain was officially sold by Health Canada. As far as the Skunk #1, you do have an interesting point. I've had the Sensi skunk version from a few friends and it was fruity and floral but it is very different from this one, which although fruity and floral is part of the description it seems more earthy than the Skunk #1. Also, Skunk #1 or skunk hybrids such as Big Bud are a bit more expressively pungent, whereas this strain is quiet laid back, but can than be profoundly pungent in a deeper way. It really is an excellent genetic that I have certainly been impressed upon. The weight seems like I will be getting an oz cola or so and I am extraordinarily impressed. Germination was 100%. The plant was super healthy, vibrant. It's a good experience, thanks for the feedback and support and I shall keep you further posted.
  8. the health canada strain is not a skunk as it's not very stinky. skunks tend to have a profuse smell. it's more of a juicy fruit and it is a well beloved strain in Canada often referred to by people as chemo because of the fact it's prescribed to patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  9. Just wanted to give a quick Thanks for all the support from my fellow strainhunters.
  10. health canada update
  11. in the background is organic buds
  12. This is the health canada strain some sort of juicy fruit prairie plant systems
  13. i added a photo of more hydroponic plants for comparison the ones in earth are organic just above photo 2 is a lot of purple kushes! (in the small containers)
  14. Thanks for all the feedback and support. Yes, all the plants are the same age but not from the same offspring. The seeds grown in soil were designed specifically as organic seeds. The hydro seeds were designed as specific to hydroponics. It's not my first time in hydroponics. Also, I couldn't resist on some of the hydro plants I ended up feeling compelled to give them organic nutrients to get their health back. I gave them one dose of medi grow and some of the other hydro plants were treated with algamic from Biobizz.

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