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  1. Thats nice man, I like to make kief through the silk screen too...Last week I made some kief called NO PRESSURE KIEF...cause I basically used no pressure at all, luckily I had some Kryptonite last week and all you have to do is cut up the weed with scissors on top of the screen collecting only the the trichome heads that seem to burst or shoot out when you break up super frosty nugs, I know with some average dank it would take forever but I was suprised how fast the kief collected with the Kryptonite and how white it was! It was by far the best Kief I have ever made or smoked..All you guys should try that out, I mean have a seperate stash to collect and make the No Pressure Kief, its the highest quality kief you can make..
  2. California Kush Report Part 2 Wanted to follow up on my last report, wanted to save these specials ones...There actually the two top strains I have ever sampled, enjoy OG Martian SFV OG Kush x Martian Mean Green 11 of 10- Surpassed any strain of cannabis I have ever sampled. This strain is the Kush of Kushes, the rarest and most potent variety of the strain I have seen or sampled, and believe me growing up in Southern California I’ve seen a lot. It would have been a great loss to my expertise if I would have not tried it raising my valuation ability and standards to another level. It is a cross between a female San Fernando Valley OG "Perfect Kush" clone and a Martian Mean Green Male developed in Amsterdam by DNA Genetics. It is grown hydroponically in Southern California and is one of the rarest most potent strains in the world; It delivers a powerful, uplifting and perplexing stone which launches the mind into orbit through a peaceful and delirious voyage that will never be forgotten. Its sweet dense light green buds are covered in crystals and monstrous thick red hairs which give off an overwhelmingly fruity, lemony and spicy dank aroma and flavor, the fruit aromas are literally sweeter and fruitier than fruit loops, smelling almost exactly like the cereal blended with a pungent dank lemony OG aroma. It tastes incredible like the freshest tastiest Kush and tones of delicious fruits and lemony OG flavor. OGMK possesses the power to replenish, uplift and energize your mind which is incomparably blended with potent narcotic, mind perplexing, body sedating forces. This strain has combined every single desirable and superior trait of Indica and Sativa in a way I have never seen anything parallel to, making probably the most powerful, most exotic and complex cannabis strain ever produced. OG Martian’s superb quality derives from a long line of exquisite genetics and Cannabis Cup winners, for example the very famous West Coast legend, OG Kush which is a combination of Lemon Thai and a Land race Pakistan Kush backcrossed with Chemdog and its other parent is just as special, Martian Mean Green a highly potent Indica/Sativa hybrid originally created by crossing Sharksbreath, one of DNA Genetics frontline strains, and a G13 Haze from Amsterdam. It can be a one-hit-a-quitter and is not for the novice, its high THC concentration can get even the most experienced stoner incredibly high and at over 500 dollars an ounce in California, OG Martian has to be a bang for your buck. Perfect Kush AKA $100 OG Kush Genetics:SFV OG Kush (just grown to its full potential) 9.9 of 10 One of the greatest strains I have ever seen or sampled, its San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Its basically some superior OG genetics grown in superior hydroponic conditions. Perfectly Grown, perfectly dried, perfectly cured, it’s a prime example of a masterpiece created through the art of growing and breeding. The name $100 OG Kush comes from SFV dispensaries making fun of Hollywood’s clubs selling the strain for a ridiculous $100 an 8th! Though this strain can be bought at $45-50 dollars an 8th in San Fernando Valley and $60 reaching throughout the surrounding Southern California area. Though this is the real deal, some killer ass weed that should have a warning label for beginners, its intensely potent, so good it’s almost evil, its fukin wicked! It’s definitely some of the most potent, most beautiful herb to have ever graced the planet, even before I laid eyes on it I could smell it from feet away, a powerful thick miasma of fruity OG dankness that filled up the room in seconds, the smell is so strong you could almost taste it through the air. If you take a strong whiff you’ll get an incredibly clean aroma of lemon pine sole blended with an overpowering aroma of Fruity Pebbles. No exaggeration, the smell is so sweet, so fruity and it really does smell exactly like the cereal, one of the traits of true OG. The plant grows thick clusters of fat round boulder like buds pushing out at every direction forming into fat squat cone shaped colas. The amount of crystal production is amazing, the complete surface of every calyx and leaf is smothered in beautiful frosty crystals, even some of the hairs are covered in crystals. The buds are ultra dense and sticky but break up pretty easily into sticky little chunks that smoke perfectly in a bong. The smoke is rich sweet and very powerful, you’ll feel the wickedness the instant any trace of smoke hits your throat! The buzz comes in fast and hard hitting your head once you draw in the heavenly or “evil” smoke. When exhaling you taste a trail of rich hashy, Kush and lemony flavors that blend into sweet fruity pebble goodness. A thick perfume that sticks to your mouth and lips for hours, it is something definitely worth tasting. The high comes rushing in immediately and expands throughout your entire body as body numbing waves rush throughout every limb. Your head is instantly cleared, thoughts run quickly and you feel an all out sedation creeping stronger as the seconds pass by. It almost rushes right past through that clear relaxing phase and heads straight to a total body numbing head blow. I was surprised how fast and how clear and powerful the effects were, I then knew that this was one of the strongest weed I ever smoked. Its fast relief, a fresh breathe of air…feeling its fast acting tranquil sedative and contemplative effects I realized that this is some potent fast acting medicine for any area of human need, immediately through the first draw my body was overtaken by a tingling and sedative numbness that reached my entire body and a rapid change of thought and mentality I knew this is great medicine for anyone in need of fast acting and long lasting pain relief as well as for stress and anxiety and even depression. My eyelids dropped so fast I thought this would be excellent for glaucoma patients and after a few bowls in that dreamy mid-summer afternoon I had the best most revitalizing sleep I had in a very long time, this strain is great for Insomnia as well. I remember being outside and hearing almost every single minute sound with full clarity and sharpness, I could hear even a conversation from several yards away and strangely maybe I heard things from their mouths that had to be of my own imagination that had me both paranoid and giggling and in that moment I realized that this weed is extremely psychedelic. More of a smoke for the experienced, effects can be felt with only one hit, three will have you good and anymore will melt u into a grinning puddle. In certain situations the high can be trippy, confusing and even paranoia provoking but I kinda love that, it lets me know when its some potent weed! But if set and setting is good expect an all out head and body stone that will keep you sedated, smiling for at least two hours. This herb is definitely a great choice for the experienced smoker who wants extreme looks, flavor and potency and for the patient in need of fast acting and potent long lasting relief of almost every type; Perfect Kush provides all those needs and even more. PS...Dont have a pic of the Martian Kush but it looked alot like alot like the Perfect Kush since it it is crossed using the best SFV cut...Tried to find pics but can't find any anywhere, and I have only seen it once, had a quarter of it luckily like 4 years ago and never seen it since..Super rare strain, I doubt it rarely ever leaves the grower's stash, both of these strains are amazing, serious genetics. Attached files
  3. Thanks Sacred, I did end up posting a review today, its called The California Kush Report if you guys wana check it out, heres the link http://www.strainhunters.com/portal/content/california-kush-report
  4. Yes Chemdog IS NOT....OG Kush x Sour Diesel, and yes Chemdog is the mother plant of OG Kush and NYC Disel Diesel which was then used to make Sour Diesel, the OG and Diesel crosses are in the HEADBAND family...OG Kush is actually Chemdog crossed with Lemon Thai and Pakistan Kush landrace strains. And yea that Grateful Dead story, that is the accepted consensus among our stoner/grower community...Jason King also wrote in his book that it was actually twelve seeds but yea that is pretty much the story. Love Chemdog by the way, I had the 91' cut two years ago, fuckin loved it, it has that ultra strong Diesel aroma and taste and the high is incredible, super cerebral high with a nice stone effect, its so rare tho but you can still find other Chemdog cuts going around Southern and Northen California... Miss that 91 tho!!
  5. Man go with the Afghan Kush, I love that strain, was living in a desert in Southern California for a year, it was realy big there, easy to grow, strong plant, well actually it was mostly grown indoors tho, massive dense buds...Not to mention the taste, its so bomb very hashy, spicy and kushy haha, you do realy get that strong, smooth trail of Kush on your tounge when you exhale, its good man, dense buds too!
  6. Thanks, you'll be seeing me around....and tokage yea man Ill see where I can post a thread here and throw in some reviews, smoked some nice buds and I wana show you guys some of these great strains and genetics...Anyway thanks again, Peace and stay high
  7. Hey, just found this site, glad to find so many people so into breeding and strain hunting..Im from California and am currently studying for my bachelors degree, and writing two books on the cannabis plant, one basically about everything to do with the plant like facts, history etc and the other is a book on strains with the history of legendary and landrace strains and reviews on some of the newest most amazing ganja I can find.. Im glad to find this site, hope to find new knowledge and give knowledge too Stay high

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