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  1. Parece que solo afectó a las hojas bajas porque las plantas se ven muy sanas y saludables ahora mismo Descansa!! Jaja, sé a lo que te refieres cuando dices que estás cansada..... Tengo una huerta y cada vez que quiero hacer algo, un pequeño agujero... siempre termino muy cansado. Pero esos huecos serán geniales para que las plantas desarrollen buenas raíces fácilmente, con la tierra movida. Saludos! Ahora para los poliglotas: Looks like it only affected the low leaves because the plants look very healthy and healthy right now. Get some rest!! Haha, I know what you mean when you say you're tired...... I have a vegetable garden and every time I want to do something, a little hole... I always end up very tired. But those holes will be great for plants to develop good roots easily, with the soil shaken. Greetings!
  2. These tails look very interesting, when they form the whole tail when they get fat it will be fascinating If, at low temperatures, the clones (outside) usually stop growing... but if the day is warm, there may be no problems. Everything looks great, good job! Greetings
  3. Congratulations man, you see a lot of delicious buds. Only with the color they have, I can smell them from here yum-yum!! Yes, the PK additive always helps a bit to gain weight, however, not all genetics get fat (there are genetics that are simply not productive, no matter how much PK we use). I'll wait until everything is dry and you can smoke a bit, it'll be great to know how it tastes, what effect it has Greetings!
  4. Hi and welcome to forum There are many things you can use to have a very fertile soil. However, it is important not to abuse them, an excess can be harmful (it can create problems in cultivation). You can use goat or sheep poop, it's first class manure. It mixes with the soil and provides many nutrients. Another type of manure is also good, such as cow manure or horse manure for example, although often this manure contains traces of seeds, which will also germinate creating weeds. You can make at home some concoction, like banana tea, use bone or wood ashes, etc.... In fact, there are many free options for a good floor. Greetings!
  5. Yes, many things hehe, you always learn new things, every day (even for those of us who have many years of experience in farming). Micro irrigations are good but do not stimulate the full development of the root, just make sure the substrate dries out normally. Excess water can rot the roots, it is very good to have drainage (well done). I'm sorry, but I don't understand this "leaf juice" part. What do you mean? Greetings!!
  6. Hi mates! We have created a new channel in Instagram, where we can share some of the forum photos. You can follow him from: #StrainHuntersForum We will use it to share photos, publish contests, publish news, latest news, etc...... Don't miss it!!
  7. Small, compact and, they look delicious! I'm looking forward to your opinion on this smoke.
  8. Hi mate, No, I will select photos of this forum and publish them. I'll always mention the grower. BUT, If you want to share a photo in IG, you can use #Strainhuntersforum or @Strainhuntersforum The most beautiful photos of IG, will also be shared in the IG forum account. The purpose of this IG account is simply to expand on the good work you all do in the forum. Excellent growing diaries, tests, helps new growers, etc.... Cheers!
  9. Wow, man, this is beautiful! Very good work, this is great. I'll share some photos on IG.... Do you want me to @ you? Those buds make you want to eat them haha
  10. They look wonderful, good tails, it will be a good crop, friend
  11. Personally I don't like nettle, it itches a lot:) Maybe other people can help us with this question.
  12. Hi Bozick, You can do whatever technique you want, you will surely get good results because it is a productive plant. On a personal level, I prefer cropping: Cheers
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum What strains are you growing? The LED crop is not the most suitable for the first time, because it requires previous knowledge (the soil dries more slowly, for example). Tell us more details, and we will be able to advise you Greetings!
  14. First of all, to carry out a medical treatment it is always obligatory to consult a doctor. Some conventional treatments are not compatible with the use of cannabis, always need to be informed and consulted. On the medicinal effects or CBD effects, the CBD does not provide any effect of "high" or "high", ie is not an obvious effect as the THC that makes us fly... CBD actually inhibits much of the effects of THC. But this does not mean that it has no effect, in fact CBD is much more effective than THC on a medicinal level. Even when treatment recommends high levels of THC, it is positive to add high levels of CBD to counteract the effects of THC (they can be excessively strong, especially in people with low tolerance). Breeding and smoking CBD strains is obviously something that will be done by people who, wanting to smoke cannabis in high places, want to use cannabis in a medicinal way. And of course, there are many different varieties, you have to keep trying until you find the one that makes you better. Greetings!
  15. Hi guys, I would like to start this section with the first contribution, it would be great that all contributions are easy to read and well explained Strain: Super Silver Haze Bank: Green House Seeds Type: Sativa CBD: 8 - 14% THC: 8 - 14% Ratio: 1:1 Medicinal effects: Helps with pain, inflammation and anxiety with an uplifting effect. It is also good to stimulate appetite and have a good mood. Pic:
  16. What is the problem with PH? I use a natural product (lemon juice concentrate) that is citrus and lowers the pH without any problem. It stands, I recommend it. Do you use a water tank?
  17. Hello mates, This is a new rom for do the news grow diary of the new cross: Cheese x White Widow Super Bud x Train Wreck We hope all enjoy with this new test!! Cheers, Jose
  18. Hello Big FG This topic is from many years ago, maybe a more current topic can help you with your doubts. Greetings!
  19. Congratulations on the harvest In my opinion, the goal is to reach the end, some years better and others just to get there. Your buds look good, plants a little affected by insects (totally normal). It is certainly a good harvest, perhaps not the biggest (due to the heat), but a good one. Congratulations , now it's time to enjoy the smoke!!
  20. They forget to mention two very elegant options: Autobomb: His name already tells you what you're going to reap, you beast. Sweet Mango Auto: Sweet and fruity, delicious with a more sativa effect. Both genetics are autoflowering, simple for outdoor crops in good weather.
  21. Hello! It is complex to know, but at first glance, it looks like some kind of deficiency (magnesium - calcium?). Do you regulate pH and use nutrients?
  22. A little yes, too much no. Honey contains a lot of carbohydrates (sugars), it is good to use a little, but without excess. Now there are people who make honey from cannabis flowers, I have not tried it, but obviously it will not have psychoactive effects. Bees in place? hehe Greetings!
  23. No doubt my favorite variety, I will be watching how it grows and blooms Good smoke, good taste and good effect!!
  24. I don't recommend Spannabis Madrid, because it doesn't look like Spannabis Barcelona. If you have the opportunity, Spannabis Barcelona is recommended. Accommodation can be found in the outskirts, where it is more economical. Undoubtedly, it is a great experience for all cannabis lovers. Many novelties, many companies, many visits (cannabis lovers), good atmosphere, everything!!
  25. Personally, I don't smoke anything that smells or has's dangerous to your health. But you can always use UV rays to kill spores or bacteria.

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