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  1. Hi mates, Here are some basic rules on the procedure for test. You can start the test and grow diary, when you receive the seeds.You are free to use the medium for grow you want, your fertilizers, your favorite substrate, etc ...You can choose indoor or outdoor cultivation The competition to participate in the awards ends on April 15 (must be cut before the end of the 15 April)You can continue the test after that date, but may not participate in the awardsWe would like to have your opinion on the smoke (tasting notes), but is optional for evaluation the awards. We would like: Start as soon as possible your grow diaryUpdate your grow diary at least once a week (minimum). If possible, including photos.Be kind, share experiences and tips with other testers. There really is no time to start, but we appreciate it as soon as possible. We need to know your opinion on these varieties, problems if be, etc ... There is a deadline for completion (to qualify for prizes). You can organize your crop to match this date (if you want). Since April 15, the team of Green House, evaluate the grow diary. Give the names of the winners as soon as possible. You can perform all questions in this thread. In short time, we give you a little extra info about each variety. Cheers
  2. Hello mates, This is a new rom for do the news grow diary of the new cross: Cheese x White Widow Super Bud x Train Wreck We hope all enjoy with this new test!! Cheers, Jose
  3. Hi mates, We started a new contest where you can try a known strain, amazing strain: White Rhino We can send 10 feminized seeds and BIO Feeding / Feeding to each grower interested, that meets with the requirements. We would like to make a little contest, about grow diaryes (the work performed and exhibited in the forum). The contest start January 1 and finish June 1 of 2018, you have 5 months for grow, bloom and harvest. Also we have some prizes for the best works 1st prize: IPad 4 mini 2nd prize: T-Shirt + Hoody + 3 Pack of seeds 3rd prize: T-Shirt + Hoody + 3 Pack of seeds The Grow Diaryes, should be initiated at: We will be given preference to users of this forum with more seniority, and / or grow diaryes. Limited: Limited participants. Excluded all people who requested seeds in previous editions, and did not do a grow diary, without exception. Do you want to participate? Reply to this post, write your answer: say me how many pots will you use. If you are selected, we will contact you by private message on the forum. IMPORTANT: You can start cultivating at any time, but should start your grow Diary in January. If you can not grow at this months, please not write to be a competitor. IMPORTANT: We do not ship to USA. Federal laws forbid it.
  4. Buenas, Hace ya tiempo que enviamos todas semillas y siendo de Argentina probablemente te tarde un mes en llegar, por lo que sinceramente no creo que merezca la pena participar ya que no te daría tiempo. Hay que estar mas atentos al foro!! Saludos
  5. Hi mate and welcome to forum, I do not understand very well .... Are you saying that we go to another website to read your cultivation journal? Why do not you publish it in this forum?
  6. Welcome to forum newtfox, Tell us something more about you. What do you like to smoke, or cultivate? regards
  7. Hello Loubud and welcome to forum We are happy to have you, if you have any questions or want to share experiences, this is a great site. regards
  8. Buenas Newdataman, Siempre que hay algún concurso similar las cartas a Latinoameria tardan mucho más en llegar que al resto de participantes, lamentablemente no podemos hacer nada ya que todo va en función del servicio de correos / transporte. No obstante, aunque suelen tardar, siempre llegan Saludos!
  9. Hello OG and welcome to SH forum Glad to have you Cheers!
  10. Feliz año nuevo René!! Gracias por iniciar el seguimiento, veremos que tal se portan estas WR bajo tus manos Saludos!
  11. Happy New Year friend!! Good configuration, I also use 16 for a similar culture cabinet. Looking forward to seeing results! Regards!
  12. Happy New Year friend!! WOW, 46 liters sounds amazing, I'm looking forward to see how they grow in such a large container with coconut! Regards!
  13. Happy New Year friend!! I was pleased to see that the seeds arrived correctly, I thought there was a distribution problem. Everything is fine then Personally I have always reused the soil when I have had some failed germination, since it has not really come to be used completely. Nice hash!! Regards!
  14. Happy New Year friend!! That configuration looks very good, I'm looking forward to seeing results !! It will be without a doubt, very interesting. Regards!
  15. The party is already starting! Happy New Year friend This seems very interesting, surely we spent good times observing how plants evolve. I also use propolix how preventive, it is very effective (and natural). Regards!
  16. Hello anarico and welcome to forum We are happy to have you here, we hope you enjoy the forum. And be able to share advice! regards
  17. Hi, With the onset of winter, and the low temperature, I am happy to start a new indoor crop, a winter crop. My intention is to make a 100% Natural culture, 100% BIO. So .... What better occasion to try the BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding? In this crop I will use the new BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding (coming soon). It will be great to evaluate results personally. If you want to see how they work, or have any questions, maybe I can help solve it This time I decided to use cuttings, instead of seeds. My intention is to grow a lot, before beginning the flowering. Maybe three or four weeks under 400w / 600w metal halide. Then, maybe the flowering will begin on the middle of January (if all goes well). It is an indoor of 1.2m2 With light 250w / 400w / 600w and 600w SL Extraction and intraction system of air Substrate: soil - Normal soil / A little coconut fiber Nutrients: Green House BIO Feeding Containers: Smart Pot 12 Liters / 3 Gallons Ok, it's the first time thats I use Smart Pot containers, so you should have patience haha First of all, I want to put a little armalite / arlite (volcanic rock) on the bottom. This is to improve drainage, just put it a little. Actually, how is the first time thats I use this type of container .... I want to see the difference, So I add a classic container 12 liter / 3 gallon. I put some earth, about halfway. And then I add some Green House Feeding BIO GROW. According to the indications, 3gr / liter of BIO GROW should be used, for a standard culture of one month and a half, or two months of duration. I start with cuttings, so the growth period is only a few weeks or a month. I Use only half of the recommended dose, use 1.5 gr / liter. Once I added BIO GROW, I put more soil and put it all together. Be careful not to move the volcanic rock from the bottom. I try to make a good mix. Also I add a big handful of coconut fiber to each pot. I like to mix it up, to make it a little more fluffy, and keep the moisture better. Now only the transplant is left. This part is boring and dirty, you have to be careful with the delicate roots of the cuttings. When the transplant is finished, I water the pots with water. Only water with PH set to 6.2 (about 1 liter per pot). Once finished, I like to add a bit of volcanic rock / arlite, on top. In this way I can retain moisture better, the soil does not dry out easily. At the moment, I will use 400w. only. In a few days, maybe 600w. The volcanic rock / arlite, has a horrible ph. You have to soak for several days, with a regulated pH (a bit acid). So that they stabilize. Always, before use. For now .... this is it
  18. Hi mates, Yes, all requests have been accepted The shipments have already begun, you will receive your pack soon. Some shipments include nutrients and others only seeds, to avoid customs problems. Regards!
  19. Hello Mr and welcome to forum It seems really interesting your project, good luck with the selection and breeding Regards!
  20. Hello Thewellbeing, This is like riding a bicycle Never forget! If we can help with your doubts, expose them regards
  21. Hello FLO. and welcome to forum Thank you for your kind words, we hope you enjoy the forum very much !! Will you participate in our testers contest?
  22. Hello Solarman and welcome to forum Legalization in Jamaica is relatively new, so perhaps the licensing issue may be complicated for the time being. Good luck with your project!
  23. Hello Main and welcome to forum
  24. Hello Mistaya and welcome to forum Maybe you're interested in participating in our contest with White Rhino?
  25. Hi mates, All requests have been admitted (except US participants, we can not send seeds to USA). Soon they will receive their packages at home There are still free places Do you want to participate? regards

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