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  1. Hello Oleskool830 and welcome to forum We hope to see some photos of your plants soon, it's always a good time to come back! Cheers
  2. Hello ik.shady and welcome to forum The best solution for small spaces is LED lighting. You can put the light closer to the plant because it does not emit heat. Thus the plant will grow faster. You can also combine with a light bulb of low consumption. Regards!
  3. They look great companion, it will be a good harvest Thanks for sharing
  4. Hello DesIreland and welcome to forum Sure on your next trip to Dam, you can enjoy a good smoke !! A pleasure to have you on the forum Regards!
  5. Hello Jonathancra and welcome to forum! If you have space limits, it is best to work with cuttings. You can use cuttings of an Indica variety, and when they root, begin flowering. So you can have very small, but productive plants. Regards!
  6. Hello SaintSkinny and welcome to forum Congratulations on the good news, I'm glad to hear that your family is now recovering, good. Cheers
  7. Hello Praween and welcome to forum There are very good sativas in your country, we hope someday you can put some photos of your crop. Enjoy the forum! regards
  8. Hello Hashvan and welcome to forum, Maybe soon we will do a new test run, maybe you could be interested in growing some strains. Remember that it is not permitica publicity in the forum. Regards!
  9. They look great, good buds and well resins. Is it cutting?
  10. Good evolution, this gets very interesting Thanks for shate mate!
  11. Wow, looks very nice, super frosty!! Thanks for share mate
  12. Hello ddfine and welcome to forum, It sounds interesting your field of work, do you have any novelty with respect to cannabinoids? regards
  13. Hello my firend, Very good work, my friend, really impressive operation of this product, for the use of cuttings. I thought it was only used for the soil, but seeing these results .... from now on, it will be my product to root cuttings. Definitely! Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information Cheers!!
  14. Hi guys, I would like to start this section with the first contribution, it would be great that all contributions are easy to read and well explained Strain: Super Silver Haze Bank: Green House Seeds Type: Sativa CBD: 8 - 14% THC: 8 - 14% Ratio: 1:1 Medicinal effects: Helps with pain, inflammation and anxiety with an uplifting effect. It is also good to stimulate appetite and have a good mood. Pic:
  15. noobie

    Hello Vero, Can you up a photography? I think that is normal, but with a photo is better evalue Cheers
  16. Great news!! Congratulations for all Mexico weed smokers and growers !!!!
  17. Hi, With the onset of winter, and the low temperature, I am happy to start a new indoor crop, a winter crop. My intention is to make a 100% Natural culture, 100% BIO. So .... What better occasion to try the BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding? In this crop I will use the new BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding (coming soon). It will be great to evaluate results personally. If you want to see how they work, or have any questions, maybe I can help solve it This time I decided to use cuttings, instead of seeds. My intention is to grow a lot, before beginning the flowering. Maybe three or four weeks under 400w / 600w metal halide. Then, maybe the flowering will begin on the middle of January (if all goes well). It is an indoor of 1.2m2 With light 250w / 400w / 600w and 600w SL Extraction and intraction system of air Substrate: soil - Normal soil / A little coconut fiber Nutrients: Green House BIO Feeding Containers: Smart Pot 12 Liters / 3 Gallons Ok, it's the first time thats I use Smart Pot containers, so you should have patience haha First of all, I want to put a little armalite / arlite (volcanic rock) on the bottom. This is to improve drainage, just put it a little. Actually, how is the first time thats I use this type of container .... I want to see the difference, So I add a classic container 12 liter / 3 gallon. I put some earth, about halfway. And then I add some Green House Feeding BIO GROW. According to the indications, 3gr / liter of BIO GROW should be used, for a standard culture of one month and a half, or two months of duration. I start with cuttings, so the growth period is only a few weeks or a month. I Use only half of the recommended dose, use 1.5 gr / liter. Once I added BIO GROW, I put more soil and put it all together. Be careful not to move the volcanic rock from the bottom. I try to make a good mix. Also I add a big handful of coconut fiber to each pot. I like to mix it up, to make it a little more fluffy, and keep the moisture better. Now only the transplant is left. This part is boring and dirty, you have to be careful with the delicate roots of the cuttings. When the transplant is finished, I water the pots with water. Only water with PH set to 6.2 (about 1 liter per pot). Once finished, I like to add a bit of volcanic rock / arlite, on top. In this way I can retain moisture better, the soil does not dry out easily. At the moment, I will use 400w. only. In a few days, maybe 600w. The volcanic rock / arlite, has a horrible ph. You have to soak for several days, with a regulated pH (a bit acid). So that they stabilize. Always, before use. For now .... this is it
  18. Thanks SantaBuds Now I'm germinating some new seeds, to see how they come out
  19. Hello Lec King and welcome to forum Your plants look great, what variety are you growing? regards
  20. Hello SGFMark and welcome to forum, I'm sorry you're sick of Cancer, it's very complicated. Cannabis can help you reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy, cannabis can help lead a happier life, a better life. But you should know that cannabis does not cure cancer. However, if there have been cases where tumors have been reduced, with high doses of oil rich in THC. But it's not something that works for everyone, and of course, it's not something that cures cancer, it just seems to help reduce the size of tumors. We hope that in the near future, more scientific research will expand and, once and for all, find a way to cure the damn cancer. Many moods. Cheers
  21. Hello naggi aggi and welcome to forum, Everyone agrees that the cannabis plant has medicinal properties, and even in the majority of people with cancer, it has positive effects. But, you should be aware that cannabis does not cure cancer. Cannabis can help with the effects of chemotherapy, it may help to make life a little better, but it is not a plant that cures cancer, at least not for the moment. Many animes. Cheers
  22. Hello Nate and welcome to forum It will be great to share experiences with you about cultivation, knowledge, etc .... We hope you enjoy the forum! Cheers
  23. Hello Cosmic-al, You should assess whether in addition to a medicinal effect, you need a relaxing effect (relaxation of body and mind, muscle). Or if you prefer a more active effect. You can choose between varieties rich in CBD with a ratio 1: 1 and with definition INdica or Sativa Cheers
  24. And lastly, the special guest, the smoker mosquito

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