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  1. I didn't know that weed was different for girls and boys, here we be all the same and we all smoke the same, what we like I will report when I have news, it is now summer and everyone enjoys a little free time (well-deserved vacation). So it may take a while for the answer to arrive. Cheers!
  2. Hello Tuvstarr and welcome to forum, No need to say the real name, this is just a forum Here you can share experiences, doubts, share photos, cultivation diaries, etc...... Which genetics best help you to control the disease? Cheers
  3. Hi again mate, I will send your inquiry to our geneticist On a personal level, if you're looking for energy, I love my Jack Herer for his energy and taste. Also Super Lemon Haze and Super Silver Haze. If you're looking for crazy, then Hawaiian Snow is the best thing haha Cheers
  4. Hello photonix and welcome to forum We hope you feel comfortable in the forum and share experiences with you. Sounds very interesting, so.... go ahead! Cheers
  5. Hello Sriachi and welcome to forum I am happy to know that you are a lover of autochthonous strains, it is absolutely necessary to preserve them. Because in the future, there are only mixtures. White StrawBerry Skunk is a wonder in smell and taste, skunk effect. So far, I haven't found anything tastier than strawberry. Cheers!! !
  6. Hi a6281665 and welcome to forum, This is a great place to exchange experiences and knowledge, so feel at home What medicinal use do you do? Cheers
  7. Hello advnturssoul44 and welcome to forum, That sounds great, mate. It'll be great to see a growing diary you made. In a way, I've felt very much like you. I also began to cultivate very young and still do so, with the same enthusiasm of a child. And curiously, Blueberry has also been one of my favorite strains, although unfortunately I couldn't keep seeds and the current ones have nothing to do with the old ones. I guess your BB is a sativa, right? The current bb's are Indica and bad hahaha Cheers
  8. They look amazing, great job, buddy! How are the CO2 bags working out for you? I did a test a long time ago but I didn't notice any major changes in my crop Cheers!
  9. Hello! It would be great to ask the question directly to Arjan, he is now traveling. But I'll send a email with your consult. Also,You can go to any of the cannabis exhibitions (spannabis, expogrow, etc....) and meet the whole team there, we are always happy to receive visits Cheers!
  10. Hello Cure and welcome to forum, Wow, it's a really shocking story. I'm glad to know that everything is going well now and you're starting a new relationship. Thank you for visiting the forum and becoming a part of it. But, here you are not allowed to buy/sell/change marijuana. It's grounds for expulsion. No one can give marijuana, even for a charity, is totally forbidden. So in that respect, you will not get help in this forum. To share experiences, solve questions, talk about life.... you are welcome. Cheers
  11. Wow, they look great!! It's good to see them growing outdoors, without limitations. Thanks for sharing, we'll be keeping an eye on what's news Cheers!
  12. Están preciosas!! Que bien tiran en exterior, realmente frondosas y grandes, seguro que se vuelven muy productivas!! Gracias por compartir, da gusto ver fotos tan bonitas Saludos!
  13. Hello Big Dog and welcome to forum, Can you tell us more about yourself? What kind of cannabis do you smoke or grow?
  14. Hello Berdepharms and welcome to forum, What can you tell us about yourself and your cannabic tastes?
  15. Hello mate, Strain Hunters is a registered trademark, you must contact the company to request such permissions: Cheers
  16. Hello mate and Welcome to the forum It is a practice that is already done in other places, just let the bees make life free in their hemp plantation. It will be very interesting if you can put some pictures of the bees working Cheers!
  17. Hello Pirax and Welcome to forum! It must be very hot there now, so it's great if you have an outdoor (sativas) crop Enjoy the forum!
  18. Hello! I start a culture under LED light, to avoid excessive heat in summer. It's the first time I've used an Autopot system, so it'll be very interesting for me, everything is new. So far, I have prepared the substrate (coconut and 50% perlite). In the bottom of the pot, I put some arlite to improve the drainage. And so that the coconut is not constantly in contact with the water, in some way, to avoid areas with excess water. Let's go see it That blue thing, it's an Air Dome, a system that supposedly injects air into the roots, so they're more oxygenated. I don't know if it works well, it's the first time I've used it. There is a tube (you can see it in the picture) that is connected to a small air pump. The Autopot system is still not working. So the first waterings will be manual, with a shower as usual. When the plants show the roots they will colonize the pot, then the Autopot will start to work. I put in four different varieties of Green House. Can you guess one of them? Cheers
  19. A good sativa, the shape of its leaves are unmistakable Let's hope it grows a lot under the sun! Cheers
  20. They look very healthy and leafy, I'll wait to see how they grow and bloom! How long do they have? Cheers!
  21. Hi Savage and welcome to forum Strange haha, I always grow and harvest happy Enjoy the forum! Cheers
  22. Welcome to this new Medical sections, We hope to bring a lot of interesting information on the medical strains of Cannabis and their properties. This is a very complex work, there are thousands of varieties with medicinal benefits. Therefore, we hope that you too can collaborate, providing the information that you think interesting for the community. Together, we can create a fantastic base data for that people with medical needs, can consult. Room Use: Create a new thread and expose its medicinal strain. All information or images that you can provide, is great. You can also support or provide more information to an existing strain.
  23. Welcome to forum mate This is a perfect place to share opinions, experiences, photos...... you can even make a growing diary! It will be great to have you on the forum. Those genetics sound spectacular! Cheers
  24. Hi mates Our youtube channel is now active again
  25. Hi and welcome to forum Canyonbabe, Great, here we can share ideas and discuss them, it's a good place to talk about cannabis Cheers

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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