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  1. Opium,,,who the hell brought that
  2. Here is a link to a song I recorded if you are interested
  3. @ Dust ... those afghani are nice, the smoke is very sweet, kind of minty, the plant looks like it is a sativa, grows like a sativa, and the buds on the pheno's i have looked sativa ( very airy), but they rippened between 48 and 53 days in flowering @ Tokage .. the flowering room is 12 feet by 12 feet and the veg room is 8 feet by 12 feet, I like lots of room for my grows, it helps keep the temperature under control, and am less likely needing an air conditioner.
  4. EPIC!!! awesome guys, that is unbelievable how they grow in the swamp like that, one would think there would be too much humidity and would result in rot. But there they are, beautiful as ever !.... RASTAFARI !!!
  5. What to say, I was in the begining stages of re-vamping the grow,( I am stepping away from the SoG, as I just physically cant do it anymore) when I re-injured my back. So the last 4 days have been pure tourture, trying to get plants re-potted, watering, and the usual stuff that goes on. The afghani cuttings I took, I ended up throwing out, only about 30% were rooting, and I really did'nt have a place for them, so out they went. My friend also came by and picked up his MLI clones and BC Big Bud plants. Now the veg room looks a little more manageable, not much, but a little. Today, I was able to take a few photos of my progress. Attached files
  6. Now the flowering room Attached files
  7. I am definately looking for that one ..sour tsunami
  8. That is too bad that you only have 3 plants left, growing in those small pots is ok, but as i recently found out, not for all strains, my Afghani I also grew in 3.68 litre pots turned out ok, but would of done much much better in larger pots like a 10 litre or more. Next time I grow these from seed I will be putting them in those pots.
  9. This is going to sound wierd...3.68 litre pots..I only had them in veg for 28 days, I have done that with other strains in small pots and no problems...I was however not expecting the amount of growth in flowering as I seen with these girls, between 200 and 250%, AMAZING!!! I deffinately want to grow these from seed again, next time in proper pots. I also want to find the very best of this strain I can find...I already have smoked some quick dried, and today 3 days after picking one at 45 days flowering, some of the lower branches were dry..In my opinion, too early. nice pleasant buzz, not overwhelming..not what I was expecting from what the write up stated..a definate keeper though.. and today I inspected the trichomes on the remaining 4 afghani, and 2 were ready, 1 still a day or 2, and the last not sure yet..maybe a week. So 2 more are now hanging and awaiting sampleing when dry.
  10. Plants are all looking great, Good job
  11. Lookin tastey
  12. Now in the flowering room, the Afghani clones, what can I say, those things keep amazing me, they shot up at least 150% in the first 2 weeks, the moms kept going for another week and a half, will be putting the next batch of Afghani cuttings in a liitle smaller, around 6 to 8 inches instead of 8 to 10 inches, they just grow like mad!! The afghani mothers will be coming down tomorrow, that will be 49 days. I had taken 1 at 45 days (the recommended flower time) but i noticed they were not quite ready. The Diesel and MLI mothers are now 3 weeks and 3 days into flowering and looking great. Attached files
  13. Most of the Maple Leaf Indica under the veg light are doing good, there were a few that were stunted during the transplant process, but they will all bounce back. Hard to get all transplants in without stunting at least a couple when growing larger scale crops. The 2 Diesel are doing good, and the Afghani mothers for next round are perfect. Attached files
  14. Here we go...First off, the clones I took last weekend were, the lankiest I have ever taken, and will not be doing that again anytime soon. I had to trim off more leaf, they were leaning over, so I made some make shift steaks out of paper clips to hold them up-right. I don't think I will have very many survivours ,. C'est la vie. Attached files
  15. I love the look of that GWS ..absolutely beautiful!!! definitely ordering that strain

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