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  1. hi admin, yeah its my new account thats not working, i have just had too request new password again to log in, :-( what will happen if i make new account will all that i have posted in new one disappear?? im running outa passwords i can remember now :-P
  2. excellent work guys, yet another strain gaining pedigr ee. wish i could have been there hopfully next year i will finnally make the cup. and maybe even pay to be judge :-) all hale the kings :-P
  3. yeah i seen it a few times is awsome
  4. did you know that you get a super son-t plus aswell and i would say stick with the 1000 as its able to penatrate further into the cannopy than a 600 i think a 600 does like 3 feet plus distance from topps. plus all depends on size of area and number of plants!
  5. require some feedback! does the nevilles haze require more nitrogen than indicas? and does this look like just a nitrogen deficiency or calcium and magniesiumdeficiency tis about 6-7 weeks into flower Attached files
  6. for some reson doesnt seem to recognise my password or my screen name and i have to keep requesting new password tis really annoying :-) im hoping that this time when i log oot it will not do the same
  7. just getting thru last of my skywalker from dp allso just finishd mk ultra and sweettooth the mountainlion will be next for the smoking feww days till dry so meantime i will have some kushage till mountain lion is dry but the creme del a creme is still too come in7 weeks the nevs haze!
  8. well thanks for the comments guys :-) i should really tell the hole story of this plant, my mothers partner had a freind go to dam 17 years ago. when she came back she said she had bought some seeds from the greenhouse, she had asked for somethin not to strong but good painreliver, so she said the guy said it was himalayan gold. i am hoping that arjans or franco may shed some light on this. as to availibility to time scale. anyways grew this plant for 15 years and have not yet come across anything even close to the allround proper stone this plant would give you it was infact too strong for most peeps, man it used to wake you up in your sleep to go raid the fridge two three times a night i have grown himalayan from green house since i lost the old one but wasnt the same, so this leads mee to wonder if infact it was himalayan that wee used to have??? or just that i dident get the correct pheno who knows.>?
  9. home made NFT two 400 w sodium, and europonic ferts no longer availible i think. Attached files
  10. yeah i second that jamesbud, but there are some indicas that need just a little pruning to let light thru to lower buds stay high n happy
  11. awe! am feelin the luv dude have some back :-P

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