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  1. The Dance of Day and Night

  2. I do have an extraction fan, but that has a very low effect on air temperature control. Obviously, the tent shut has its advantages, as you are suggesting yourself. It seems though that Cervantes is seen as a guru and a master of growing Cannabis, so I will listen to him and don't go over 29 Celsius, which means my tent will be partially open. Thanks for all your comments guys Peace
  3. Learning the Art of Keeping the Plants Well

  4. Cheers guys for all your comments, I have a grow tent 60 cm x 60 cm x 140 cm with 1 x 250 W CFL 2700 K and 1 x 250 W CFL 6500 K. It is placed in an extension room, which gets hot easily during summers and cold during winters. I can regulate the air temp by having a fan on plus leaving the tent open during the day time. My friend's suggestion was to have the tent shut all day through (which would take the temps above 29 C and Cervantes does not recommend it), but I rather want to keep the temps as stable as possible without too much of a drop between 20 and 27 C ( day and night) than to stress the plants, even if that means to have the tent partially or fully open during the day time. During my time of sleep the tent is shut. As I have only an autoflower strain I run 1 CFL 24 hrs a day and both of them during the time I am awake ( usually around 17 hrs / day). Peace :-)
  5. Am just wondering now. If Sativa is more natural to a tropical, warmer climate, how comes it would probably do better indoor with lower temp than Indica, which grows in cooler climates?
  6. Thanks Tokage, According to the info on the Northern Light Blue strain it says it is 100 % Indica, so I could let the temp go up to the range between 25- 27 C as you suggested. Peace :-)
  7. Hello guys, Would you please share your knowledge and experience with me? I started 3 feminized autos Northern Light Blue on 11/09/12, it is my first indoor grow. Have a book written by Jorge Cervantes "Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible" and on page 319 he mentions that "under normal conditions, the ideal temperature range for indoor growth is 72 - 76 F (22- 24 C)". I have been trying to keep the temp to that level, but a friend of mine (more experienced) suggested to let them go up to 32 C. Now, Cervantes says that "daytime temperatures above 85 F (29 C) or below 55 F (13 C) will slow / stop growth". What do you think about that guys? Thank you very much Thanatos :-)
  8. Am doing first Canna Oil, thanks for the inspiration. Have used 150 ml of sezame oil and 2 grams of very strong bud, finely ground. As suggested above, have put the uncooked mixture to set in the fridge and leave there overnight. Shall progress to cooking step tomorrow. Peace and Unity
  9. Thanks Dust for your kind words. Strain Hunters is the best website for lovers and growers of Cannabis. It is great pleasure to share with such wonderful people, who I have had the honor to communicate with on here. I would be very happy to make another grow journal when I start grow again. All the best luck to You and All :-) Om
  10. Hi guys, an update here. Due to the change in personal circumstances the plants are not anymore. Maybe some other time I will have the right circumstances to grow them amazing plants again. All The Best To All
  11. Thanks Dust, I'll try to do my best :-) Peace , Love and Happy Growing :-) Btw, I love your quote of John Lennon :-)
  12. Thanks Tokage, I haven't grown it before, I might have smoked many years ago, but am not quite sure whether it was this strain or other Afghani.
  13. Thanks Tokage for your feedback, it was my first upload on Strainhunters website and I was not quite sure what I was doing :-) I changed their status from private to public, hopefully now you and other members will be able to see them. Peace :-)
  14. Had a look around the internet and local garden centers about the shade cloth, have decided not to use it and just paint the bubble wrap I got for the greenhouse with white, which will keep the project private and also reduces the sun glare. The greenhouse has windows that react to temperature, so the ventilation should be okay there. Happy Growing to All :-)
  15. Images of the Original Afghani No 1 Regular 5 seedlings. One of them has not developed the second pair of leaves yet, others seem to be ok. Feel free to comment. Peace

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