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Cannabis entrepreneur Arjan Roskam takes Dutch state to court on charges of violation of the Dutch constitution.

Press Release – For Immediate Release
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (April 16, 2012) – Cannabis entrepreneur Arjan Roskam takes Dutch state to court on charges of violation of the Dutch constitution.

(Amsterdam) New proposals for anti-drug laws in The Netherlands call for restrictions being placed on who can buy cannabis in infamous Dutch coffee shops. The Dutch government is trying to set up a system that judges people by ethnicity and nationality in violation of the Dutch constitution. Far-right politicians have proposed legislation that would only allow Dutch residents to enter cannabis-selling coffee shops. This legislation would require Dutch residents to register as members of the cannabis-selling coffee shops and would prohibit any foreigners from becoming members. The membership system, also known as the “weed pass”, is not supported by any of the Amsterdam political parties besides the Christian Democratic Party.
Together with a legal team of 4 well-known cannabis-business-branch lawyers, Arjan Roskam (a well-known cannabis entrepreneur) has decided to take the Dutch state to court, claiming the new legislation is a violation of the Dutch constitution. According to Roskam “the introduction of the weed-pass, and banning tourists from coffee shops would only be possible through local regulation on the grounds that the visitors of coffee shops create a public disturbance. The legislation as proposed by the Dutch state calls for a national ban on tourists in coffee shops, however if the local municipality is against the legislation it is not possible for the Dutch state to enforce such a ban.” Roskam continues to explain, “Artikel (or) Clause 1 of the Dutch constitution states that all that are in The Netherlands will be treated equally, discriminating based on religion, lifestyle, political views, race, gender on any ground is not allowed. For this reason, the national ban on tourists visiting coffeeshops would violate our constitutional rights here in the Netherlands by discriminating against foreigners.”
Arjan Roskam and his legal team are scheduled for a court hearing on the 18th of April 2012 where they will challenge the Dutch state for violating the Dutch constitution.


Kick some butt Arjan!!!
Malta Grower
Apr 17 2012 03:03 PM
Dear Arjan,
You are the true KING and that's why you and all your team command respect all over the world.
May God bless you and help you with all of your tasks in life and may you be rewarded a thousand times more than you already have. You are an inspiration to, what I can guess, millions of people that just like me know that we are NOT doing anything wrong, and yet risk a hell of a lot. Here on the tiny island of Malta Europe a man got ten years of prison for being caught with a couple of plants for personal use. I have a 12 plant in total system just for personal use and I risk something like 20 or more years. Yet I see you in strain hunters missions, together with Franco, another inspiration, and always fighting for everyone's right for freedom and that gives me courage to just keep doing what I know deep in my heart is quite simply my way of life.
Thank you for everything that you do and most of all the courage you unknowingly give me.
Hopefully i'll meet you in person next time i'll be visiting the great free city of Amsterdam.
Good luck and i'll be supporting you in your court battle against the Dutch government.
Arjan you truly are the king!!

Malta Grower maybe you should move to a safer country 20 years is a LONG time..
lorenzo Losa
Apr 17 2012 04:11 PM
Go Arjan do not give in to government !
I as Dutch smoker support you!!
Malta Grower
Apr 17 2012 06:34 PM
hi kaner, i know it's a very long time and believe me when i tell you i tried to relocate but it just isn't that easy for me.
GO Arjan and the 4 colleagues that signed with him!!
Badger Jones
Apr 18 2012 09:25 AM
Well he's absolutely right, the law is the law how dare they try to discriminate against 'tourist smokers'; hats off for standing up, saying it then going through the unpleasant motions of a court case.

The Christian Democratic Party showing how well religion and politics work together. Watch out for the Republican crazy nutters all too close to power in USA right now; the've got plenty of rational scientific views those Creationists!
Yeah u show them where the box is standing Arjan! Respect!
Chronic Grower
Apr 20 2012 09:45 PM
Arian is truly the king respect
He is the king for a reason =)!!! Amazing news it is, and Im very happy that he win whit his team against the Dutch state... I hope to see this in all Europe in some time, we all need to fight the good fight and spread the word about Cannabis. I send my respect to Arjan and a big hug for his amazing work for us.

Hope we win the flight
Hup Hollandd Hupp !!
go on arjan you bloody tell them arss holes