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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, With the onset of winter, and the low temperature, I am happy to start a new indoor crop, a winter crop. My intention is to make a 100% Natural culture, 100% BIO. So .... What better occasion to try the BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding? In this crop I will use the new BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding (coming soon). It will be great to evaluate results personally. If you want to see how they work, or have any questions, maybe I can help solve it This time I decided to use cuttings, instead of seeds. My intention is to grow a lot, before beginning the flowering. Maybe three or four weeks under 400w / 600w metal halide. Then, maybe the flowering will begin on the middle of January (if all goes well). It is an indoor of 1.2m2 With light 250w / 400w / 600w and 600w SL Extraction and intraction system of air Substrate: soil - Normal soil / A little coconut fiber Nutrients: Green House BIO Feeding Containers: Smart Pot 12 Liters / 3 Gallons Ok, it's the first time thats I use Smart Pot containers, so you should have patience haha First of all, I want to put a little armalite / arlite (volcanic rock) on the bottom. This is to improve drainage, just put it a little. Actually, how is the first time thats I use this type of container .... I want to see the difference, So I add a classic container 12 liter / 3 gallon. I put some earth, about halfway. And then I add some Green House Feeding BIO GROW. According to the indications, 3gr / liter of BIO GROW should be used, for a standard culture of one month and a half, or two months of duration. I start with cuttings, so the growth period is only a few weeks or a month. I Use only half of the recommended dose, use 1.5 gr / liter. Once I added BIO GROW, I put more soil and put it all together. Be careful not to move the volcanic rock from the bottom. I try to make a good mix. Also I add a big handful of coconut fiber to each pot. I like to mix it up, to make it a little more fluffy, and keep the moisture better. Now only the transplant is left. This part is boring and dirty, you have to be careful with the delicate roots of the cuttings. When the transplant is finished, I water the pots with water. Only water with PH set to 6.2 (about 1 liter per pot). Once finished, I like to add a bit of volcanic rock / arlite, on top. In this way I can retain moisture better, the soil does not dry out easily. At the moment, I will use 400w. only. In a few days, maybe 600w. The volcanic rock / arlite, has a horrible ph. You have to soak for several days, with a regulated pH (a bit acid). So that they stabilize. Always, before use. For now .... this is it
  2. Hey Since germination started i thought i might start a grow journal on this forum. Im a very satisfied ghsc grower ;-) Germinating 20x The Doctor & 3x Cheese both from GH ofc ! I will hopefully, keep the 3 Cheese and then sort out the 7 lesser potential Doctors and bin em. So my setup: SJ DR120 600w bulp + ballast & Adjust A Wings Medium reflector 1000m³ Carbon filter & 900m³ exhaust fan Davin Fancontroller with builtin thermostat 325m³ intake fan Bionair 2.4kw Bathroom heather with a manual thermostat and 2 heat settings (1.2kw & 2.4kw) Mist +3000 Humidifier 3.3liter tank & moisture output of 260ml/h Nutrients are the full B.A.C. line Wortelstimulator ( For the roots ) Bloeistimulator ( An extra boost in flowering stage ) Groeivoeding ( Nutrients for Vegitative stage ) Bloeivoeding ( Nutrients for Flowering stage ) The Final Solution ( Used to clear the soil chloor (Cl) en natrium (Na) in order to clean up the soil and let the PK booster take more effect . Only give twice, once at start of flowering and once at the end before last flush.) Plant Vitality Plus ( A general anti-stress nutrient for the plant, also helps to keep its leaves green. ) PK Booster The soil composition 150L Atami BIO Grow Mix 20L Green Label Totall Mix 50gram Mycorrhiza Will make a few picture's soon i promise ! Greetings !
  3. Greetings strain connoisseurs, let me make my introductory post with my humble bio grow of AH#3. I embarked on this little project in a very casual way, not having much idea of what I was getting into and overconfident about my previous general gardening experience. Here's a brief (or not so brief) rundown of the things I've done wrong (or not so wrong) thus far: Not knowing that there needs to be a vegetation period PRIOR to flowering I started germination August 29 with the intention to make it an outdoor grow with a harvest sometime in November (summer here lasts well into October and there are enough sunshine hours in the days up untill December) After having botched the first germination batch by losing 1 of 3 seeds during planting, I ended up overwatering the 2 seedlings I got. On top of that, poor quality soil, bad drainage of the containers, a failure to spot and remedy those problems early on and my still clueless muddling through with lighting types and photoperiod schedules, lead to the inevitable withering of both youngsters by September 15, whereupon I started the process anew. By now I realise the folly of my plans and I decide to switch the project to indoors AND THIS TIME DO IT RIGHT . This meant no more 12w CFL bulbs! So I started looking for more powerful solutions and having gone through the mandatory n00b purchases of 70w incadescents (of the spotlight type to boot) I settled with a mix of a 40w@6400K and a 20w@2800K CFL, with a total output of ~3200Lumens. Being overly cautious not to repeat the same overwatering blunder, I was very frugal with water rationing the new seedlings during the first week. However, roaming the web for growing technical knowledge and stumbling upon some sizeable AH#3 plants made me succumb to my impatienc,e at what I perceived to be a slow growth rate. So I overwatered my plants, AGAIN! Thankfully, my better choice of a growing medium, improvements to the design of my DIY containers and my elevated alertness for signs of trouble allowed me to not immediately lose the plants and put them in intensive care: emergency manual draining of water clogged pots every hour, introduction of 24h fan service to dry out the soaking soil, support the bent to the ground seedlings, addition of a new 50w@6400K CFL for warmer conditions...the works! For the first few days my plants are clinging on to dear life as their roots struggling with air deprivation. One of them, which was of a more robust phenotype (stouter stem - broader leaves) recovered faster, while the other one, which I came to name "The Runt" (sprouted later - slower rate of growth), was still struggling to keep straight unsupported due to its much more slender build. After 2 weeks of drying I was relieved to see them both surviving the ordeal, although I still couldn't leave the Runt unsupported against the breeze of the fan. Day 19 of the grow and as I woke up and opened the door of the closet to inspect the seedlings...DAMNATION! of my makeshift light fixtures had become...UN-fixed overnight and dropped right on top of the stronger seedling, completely desiccating it. Lessons learned here: electric tape turns soft due to the increased heat from the extra ligh bulb - need to install an exhaust fan immediately and do a light fixture upgrade. Also at this point I dither between risking another disastrous loss of a young plant due to my inexperience and epic bad luck, and starting a 3rd batch of seedlings which is going to be tricky because any new plant will soon be at a different grow stage with the survivng plant and I can't afford two separate grow spaces in order to manage their cultivation optimally. The Runt's frailty didn't inspire me much confidence on its long-term survivability so I immediately planted a seed in the newly vacant pot figuring if I'm going to go into the trouble I may as well do an extreme test of germinating abilities of the Green House Seeds. Five days later and another sprouted seed emerging from the ground (a total of 6 out 6 success rate so far) means at least I'm getting my money's worth from the Amsterdam team. Nearing day 30 I have done enough research on the basics of growing to dare to use the GHS's official grow video for the strain as a benchmark for my own. GHS' organic plant was a clone rooting for 28 days and reaching a height of 22cm. My Runt on day 28 was 23cm but with less developed folliage and branching. On day 30 it was 28cm tall and still a bit lacking in branching, but considering the stresses it has been through, the low power lighting and the still haphazard photoperiod scheduling (still trying to adjust the schedule so that the new seedling will spend 12 of the 18 hours of its schedule sharing the room with the big plant), I'm not too jealous. Day 31 I transplanted to a large container with a mix of 40lt potting soil and 20lt humus. I intend to see how this basic nutrient arrangement is going to work in the end, so I'm giving nothing more than water unless a dire defficiency develops and even then only something bio like guano is to be used. NATURALLY I OVERWATERED AGAIN, so I had to implement the whole intensive drying regiment once more...LOL...good thing the Runt had become much stronger by now and the new abundance of food together with better lighting (150w@2700K+50w@6400K CFL+reflector+reflective wall lining) and better climate control helped turn what could have been another stressful situation into vigorous growth (3-4cm per day!). Of course I let the soil thoroughly dry out for 12 days before watering again... I am currently on day 51 (day 21 of flowering) and the plant is 82cm tall. GHS's benchmark grow plant growing under a 600w HPS bulb was 67cm and a stark difference with a much bushier branching structure and greater flower progress. Do I need to trim the top in mine and, if so, by how much? The time to switch the seedling to flowering is approaching and I still don't know what to do to bring it up to speed with the older plant. I'm thinking of prolonging its vegetative time to maybe 60 days but it still would need to find its permanent place next to the other one...*shakes head*...LOL, what did I get myself into?

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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