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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I managed to get some 1:1 oil, it worked! For Trigeminal Neuralagia a chronic pain condition Soooo, need to get going to grow and make oil...starting point. Whats the best seeds to use, and any suggested firms to look at Thanks in advance...... ......a lot to learn!?
  2. Hi all, Can someone tell me what's the highest cbd % level available and/or legal in alternative medicine form, also how important is the quality of the plant (as in old strain) for quality of the oil produced? Speak up, cheers
  3. All I want right now is a straight answer. I want someone to tell me which strain(s) are specific to the most effective 'cancer cell suicide' trait caused by cannabinoids and trichomes(spell correct??) We have been administering cannabis oil for my wifes breast cancer for 4 months, as clean as we can find it. I learned today that "KUSH' is not effective against cancer cells. Further, 80% of the products available in edible, or oil/shatter form are derived from 'KUSH' specie flowers. I feel duped. I feel tripped up by the misinformation. I am now growing my own, one is a 'Pinapple Kush'~ and an Indica 'Mango Chutney' I did not cultivate these plants as they came with the grow kit I purchased. I am not interested in wasting any more time here. I want to grow clean organic bud in the specie that it should be, in order to prevent and cure my wifes breast cancer. I need to know what strain is correct and...... I NEED TO KNOW WHY. Can you help me? Hello forum, this is my first post.
  4. Ok hello fellow tokers, i have a question about weed edibles one specific that i came across last night so i live in a household were i can not smoke or leave any smell linguring around in the house or my room. ive vaped in my room plenty of times without hetting caught. i know vaping is the best for you and your bud too as it reqires less bud and gets you pretty fuckin high. i want to do edbiles cause i would like to be able to just whip it out and eat it get baked with no worries about smell. my parents leave the house pretty often but there are times were i would enjoy a nice sesh when there home andi. cant. so the edbile i can across was mixing weed and yogurt. i did that last night but maybe a bowl and a bit of growned up herb basiclly pouder form put it on yogurt and stired ut up thourhgly, i ate it and waited 1.5-2 hrs nothing happend. another person saaid you can put broken up weed on a spoon pour some cooking oil over just enough to cover it and have a lighter underneath heating it then put it in yogurt. 1) can anyone confirm this works 2)can anyone give me detail insructions on how to do it correctly (ie. how long lighter needs to be under spoon) 3) can anyone give me other easy to make NO SMELL I REPEAT LITTLE TO NO SMELL edible recipie
  5. 2 cups olive oil. 1/2 oz buds or 1 of sugar leaf. saucepan with water, pour oil into a glass bowl or similar to fit saucepan keeping bottom from touching the water, you just want steam. don't let the oil boil, put plant material in and heat for 2 hours. let cool. strain the oil and plant matter through cheese cloth catching oil in pot underneath, strain cloth, make sure all the liquid comes out. discard plant matter. cook whatever you like that involves olive oil. work out strength, I start with half a tea spoon, give it up to half hour after first dose before trying again if not strong enough. any more recipes post here!!
  6. I found this article and thought it worth sharing. I think it provides another stream of hope for overall fight for proper cannabis laws globally............................................................................................................. "Evidence mounts as a growing number of papers published in scientific journals are establishing that cannabinoids have anti-tumor effects on the cellular level and in animals. Increasing numbers of people have been using Cannabis “oil” —plant extracts consisting of 50% or more THC and/or CBD— to treat conditions ranging from mild rashes to potentially fatal cancers. Reports of success are circulating among medical Cannabis users and on the internet. They gain plausibility from a parallel stream of papers published in scientific journals establishing that cannabinoids have anti-tumor effects on the cellular level and in animals. The anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids were a recurring theme at this year’s meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, and also in a course for physicians presented Oct. 24, 2012, at the University of California San Francisco. One speaker, Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD, described a particularly dramatic case seen by a San Diego colleague: a 90% reduction in the size of an infant’s brain tumor achieved over the course of a year by parents applying hemp oil to the baby’s pacifier before naptime and bedtime. Aptly dubbed “MMJ13001A” on the UCSF website, the half-day course on cannabinoid medicine included talks by three researchers whose findings about cannabis and cancer have been under-reported, to put it mildly: Stephen Sidney, MD, director of research for Kaiser-Permanente in Northern California; UCLA pulmonologist Donald Tashkin, MD; and Donald Abrams, MD, Chief of Hematology-Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital. Some 60 doctors received continuing medical education credits for attending the half-day course at UCSF’s Laurel Heights auditorium, which was organized by the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, with help from Abrams and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and reprised the next day in Santa Monica (MMJ13001B). A very interested auditor at the UCSF session, Michelle Aldrich, had used cannabis oil as a treatment for lung cancer. Donald Abrams, who consulted on Aldrich's case, says, “The fact that Michelle didn’t have cancer that could be located [after using the oil] is a bit unusual in someone who started treatment with an advanced stage. I don’t usually see that in my patients. Did the cannabis oil make a difference? We don’t know because we don’t have a controlled study.” Abrams has met with a UCSF neurooncologist “to discuss whether or not we should do a clinical trial adding oil to chemo for patients with glioblastoma [a brain tumor that is usually fast-moving and fatal]. Manuel Guzman’s studies have shown that cannabinoids have great potential in treating brain tumors.” Undoubtedly Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly, who grows marijuana for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, can produce a uniform, highly concentrated extract for research purposes. But whether or not NIDA will let Abrams have some is uncertain. Abrams has jumped through bureaucratic hoops before. He has obtained all the necessary approvals and funding to conduct clinical trials involving cannabis, and published his findings in peer-reviewed journals. Because chemotherapy has a measurable benefit, he says, “There’s no way we could get approval for a study that evaluates cannabis oil as a cure for brain tumors without giving patients temolozide [the standard treatment for glioma].” “A ‘cure’ in cancer means five years of disease-free survival,” Abrams reminds us. So what Abrams has in mind is “a study of the pharmacokinetic interaction between cannabis oil and temolozide.” Participants would be patients undergoing treatment for glioblastoma. Researchers would measure the level of temolozide in their blood before and after adding cannabis oil to their regimen. The primary objective would be to establish safety —to confirm that large cannabinoid infusions do not interfere with the body’s ability to process temolozide. Another objective would be to document examples of cannabis oil expediting or promoting tumor reduction. Such a ‘signal’ might justify a trial of cannabis oil on its own. Abrams does not want to promote false hope. “I do integrative oncology,” he says, “so I hear about ‘miracle cures’ all the time. I hear about about noni juice and graviola and many products. What’s disturbing is to hear people talking about cannabis oil as a ‘cure,’ because a cure in cancer means five years of disease-free survival and people have not been using cannabis oil for five years. “I think it does a disservice to the cannabis community to make claims that are not supportable. I may be seen as a nay-sayer but I’m not. I say ‘Let’s study it.’”
  7. Hey! Is there anybody outthere... That knows the difference between using alcohol or butane to extract the sweet hashish oil? I've heard that some people use acetone, but will the outcome be pure? Just want to know May all your weed grow big and potent
  8. Every grower gets anxious when harvest time is still weeks away, and they have no smoke. Speed drying buds with ballast heat or other methods is never satisfying... Here is a method of making the best cream hash in the world while you wait on those buds to ripen fully, (even from fresh or living buds!): You will need: Extractor tube- preferably glass (broken bottle with split cap and optional coffee filter works perfectly) Alcohol- 99% isopropyl(cheap) is best or everclear(expensive!) Glass or Pyrex pan for evaporation Clean poker- I use a metal shiska-bob stick Flat edge razor-blade (comes new with petroleum oil on it/clean with soap-water and/or alcohol!) PROPER VENTILATION!!!- do outside if possible or under vent-hood of ELECTRIC stovetop if it's powerful enough- Use the same safety precautions as you would for "Rick Simpson Oil"! My evaporation method may not be the safest for your own unique environment, but outside is safe.. Heated water (to heat alcohol)- optional, but I think it makes the oils dissolve in seconds First of all, select any potent plant material (usually aging/older sugar leaves and thin lower-branch flowers and leaves from growing plants, as well as fresh trim) that you wish to extract. A few grams will work ok if you don't have much to spare or want to make a fast and easy batch the first time. Remove any leaves that have no trichomes so they do not add chlorophyll or extra "planty" flavors to your oil. I do not cut or break the buds up unless they are rock hard; all of the oils are usually exposed for the alcohol to flow over without further manipulation. Chopping or grinding the living/fresh weed will only expose chlorophyll to the solvent and yield a green oil. Screw a cracked plastic cap (with an optional coffee filter in between) on to the mouth of the bottle and pre-rinse with water, then alcohol to ensure cleanliness. Place your selected plant material into your bottle extractor (pictured). Heat water to near boiling in a pan on an electric stove-top, then turn off. Alcohol and its evaporating vapors are extremely flammable and explosive if ignited! Make absolutely sure you are in a well ventilated area free from sparks and open flame (No smoking or gas stoves, as well as red hot electric elements). If your stove has a strong vent fan, it will take away the fumes safely. I use the vent fan, a small handheld fan, and a window fan blowing outside. Place your alcohol bottle into the hot water for a few minutes until it becomes noticeably hot to the touch; this will dissolve the oils more quickly like cold lard under hot water. Stir the plant material in the bottle with your poker, but do not grind the weed while doing so. You just want to disturb the oils only. Pour just enough hot alcohol to saturate the wet plant material while holding the extractor over your Pyrex dish. The buds and leaves take on a "crunchy" texture seconds after the alcohol is introduced, similar to dry weed. This allows the plant material to be stirred, then compressed lightly in the bottom of the bottle with your poker. Again, do not cram too tightly or grind the plant matter unless you want green oil! This part should take only a few seconds for best quality... I then flush about three or four separate shots of alcohol through the bottle over the next 45 seconds to 1 minute. The heated alcohol drains through more quickly and will dissolve 99% of the oils in the bottle with only a few ounces of solvent. It is important to do this quickly to avoid dissolving the green parts. It is also important to use as little solvent as possible for a faster and safer evaporation. Now you evaporate. I turn the electric stove on medium and set the stove-top safe Pyrex dish down for a few seconds at a time, until I see convection in the solvent just a little. I know my ventilation is adequate in my environment, but make sure you are either outside or that all of the fumes are immediately carried out of the area! When most of the solvent is evaporated turn the heat off. It will take on a thick, syrup like consistency at first, then start to dry and possibly look grainy. I put my hand on the bottom of the glass for a second after removing from the heat to make sure it is not too hot (it should be hot to the touch after a second, but not burn you). You will now have to rake and smooth the hot oil around in the pan for a few minutes to release the last trace of alcohol. The oil will have the consistency of olive oil at first and easily glide around. Keep it warm as you scrape it, and it will slowly get waxy over a couple of minutes and stick the blade to the pan. It looks like this when its finished and spread out. It should chip like glass at cool temperatures and come off of skin easily if it is free of solvent. If it appears too wet, reheat to a warm temp and spread again..
  9. From the album Herb Pics

    Nasty, nasty, nasty! Use fresh herb or its not worth your time!!!

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