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3 years ago i stopped smoking tobacco/cigarettes and then began using a tobacco alternative so i could still enjoy the pastime of smoking a joint.

I use a brand of tobacco alternative called greengo which comprises of papaya, eucalyptus, mint and hazel leaf. It isnt bad but has some consistency issues( can be very dry, have very fine dust or large leafy parts that dont burn well).

I have tried some other alternatives such as Knapster which i find over powering and very perfume like in taste and smell.

Can anyone recommend any others they may have tried?

Greengo is the best so far but just curious if there are other mixes people can suggest?


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i use the cannabis trim leafs that dont have resin or very little resin  from my plants to dilute too strong or sticky buds for joints, i find the knapster taste horrible as well 

you can slow dry and cure the leafs just like buds and they can get very mild and sweet taste in the end

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