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COMPLETED - LED Grow with GHSC seed test cuttings (5 x WW x Cheese) + 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies

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Hi all again,

As the title says, this grow will be with White Widow x Cheese test seeds kindly given by Green House Seed Company. I have plenty of these test seeds but a friend got some too and started before Christmas. He took some cuttings/clones and after seeing them I decided to try with these instead of popping some of my own test seeds simply because the cutting/clones look very good and also it will save me several weeks.


Just set up as follows:


Tent is the Secret Jardin Lodge L120 without the divider attached. (**EDIT - REPLACED WITH THE BUDBOX XL PRO SERIES BECAUSE THE SECRET JARDIN ARE RUBBISH**)
Extraction is a controllable RAM 5" fan and RAM 5" Carbon Filter which I find are top notch.
2 x 4" active fresh air intakes which are both controllable.


LED lighting:


2 x ViparSpectra Reflector Series 450w which the 5 cuttings/clones are currently under (I used 1 of these units on my previous grow in combination with a BossLED 1000w as seen and documented in my signature which provided a nice result of 11.75oz from 4 plants and 375 TRUE wattage).


1 x BossLED 1000w which will maybe added in a few weeks (also used in my last grow with 1 x ViparSpectra Reflector Series 450w).


1 x GoGrow V1 Master Grower 600w (formerly Virgin Borneo) which was provided to test and will be added later in this grow (this unit has amazing reviews from the USA as it was not available to the UK market until recently).


As you all know, the wattage of LED units are not the same as listing therefore below is a breakdown of the TRUE wattage pull from the wall as I have tested them all:


ViparSpectra Reflector Series 450w = approx 200 TRUE watts per unit

BossLED 1000w - approx 176 TRUE watts per unit

GoGrow V1 Master Grower 600w = approx 205 TRUE watts per unit


Given the above, I currently have the 5 cuttings/clones under only the 2 x ViparSpectra Reflector Series 450w with both veh and bloom switches turned on so they are getting approx 400 TRUE watts at the moment.


If and when (not decided at all yet) I get all 4 LED units in there they will be getting a total of approx 781 TRUE watts but the progress of the plants will determine if and when I add the other LED units. One thing is for sure though, I will be using the GoGrow V1 Master Grower LED at some point as the reviews for this unit is outstanding albeit only in available in the USA until recently.


I will not be updating as often as before because of other commitments and also constant updates do not show the real progress.


Currently and very surprisingly, temps are excellent for an outhouse grow with 21c/22c at night and 26c/27c during the day with the help of 2 x 80watt tube heaters attached to the underside of a pallet which the plants sit on and also the 2 x ViparSpectra Reflector Series 450w LED unit on 24/0.


The current lighting schedule will continue until this coming weekend when I will check progress and make changes as and when the plants indicate.


I have had the 5 cuttings/clones just 2 days and there is very noticeable growth and even the roots are starting to show out of their small pots after just 3 days after being in rooting cubes so all is very well so far.


Nutes will be the tried, trusted and reliable Growth Technology range consisting of Greenfuse Root, Grow & Bloom, Ionic Soil Grow and Bloom and the only other nutrient outside this range will be the trusted and reliable USA brand Nectar for the Gods Herculean Harvest. This combination has been very good to me before so I will not be fixing something that is not broken. Molasses may be added also during flower. 


Soil is the much touted Clover brand which is new to me after using Bio Bizz Light Mix and the reason for the change was simply the rave reviews Clover has and the comparative cost savings over the Bio Bizz brand.


Final pots will be 11ltrs.


More to follow but as and when I have time.


Thanks all for reading and hope this may help some of you.

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Not at all impressed with my new Secret Jardin Lodge L120.

Light leaks, very poor fitting divider that is far too big so unusable and generally very poor quality.

Complaints have been made and I will see what comes of it.

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XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 120cm x 200cm) with White interior (not silver) is the replacement.

Great reviews and excellent price so could not say no. 

Swapping over is the hassle but if all goes to plan, I should be all replaced and back up and running again within 24hrs.

Currently I have my babies in a cardboard box with minimal LED lamps which should keep them going for the meantime.



Apparently the white interior is far better than the silver interior so lets give it a go.

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Oh well, the delivery service of the new tent let me down!


I have added a proper LED unit though which is GoGrow (formerly Virgin Borneo but had to change name due to issues with Bransons Virgin empire) V1 Master Grower LED, instead of the temporary LED bulbs (2 x 12watt) I put in there yesterday after a took the tent down. This is it first try of this LED unit and it looks impressive so I am eager to see how it performs as it was given to test. I have been heard they are from the same (Chinese) manufacturers that produce the KIND LED units and you can very clearly see the similarities. Obviously KIND will tell you a different but the units are exact clones. 


Hopefully the replacement XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 120cm x 200cm) with white interior will arrive tomorrow and I can get everything back running properly again.


Lesson learnt with the Secret Jardin Lodge L120, it was utter rubbish hence the replacement.


One of the cuttings/clones looks a little sorry for itself so a couple of days ago I decided to pop a couple of CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies seeds and they have come up already. So all in all now I have 5 GHSC White Widow x Cheese cuttings/clones and 2 CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies seedlings sat in a big cardboard box with holes, in the airing cupboard under the GoGrow V1 Master Grower LED unit and a fan. The smell is very faint which is good and tempos are fine so they will be happy there for now.


All appears to be very well and I just hope the the new tent arrives tomorrow so I can get set back up properly again before I decided to replace the Secret Jardin rubbish. At least I decided early whilst the plants are small. Like I said, lesson learned.


Here are a few pictures of the current situation which is ok for now and opinions and advice are always welcome so please do so.






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Although not fully setup very first impressions of the XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 120cm x 200cm)..............................I am blown away, these guys really know what us people want with regards to quality, assembly and ease of use.


Sorry but I have no pictures as yet because it is not fully set up. I have it assembled with the extraction in place, next is the 2 active intakes then the LED units and I am good to go.


When complete I will post a few pictures up but so far massive thumbs for BudBox, they have far exceeded my expectations.


Most plants (except one but it is improving) are looking very well in their temporary home under the GoGrow V1 Master Grower LED unit and all going to plan, should be in their new home day after next at the very latest.

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All done and dusted....well, just a few more minor jobs to do but all the plants are in there new home and doing well.


Obviously the full growing area will be used but with them still being babies I can get away with the setup as it is for now.


The plan for the minor jobs are make a bigger pallet with the existing heaters currently being used and re-attach them to the bigger pallet covering most of the floor area. I also need to get that active intake out the tent to free up the floor area bit they are easy jobs. 


Currently there are 7 plants in total, 5 x GHSC Cheese x White Widow cuttings/clones which are around 3 weeks old and very well rooted. The other 2 are seedlings which are CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies which have come up great in just 6 days from seed to as you see them now.


All 7 are under 1 x ViparSpectra Reflector 450w and 1 x GoGrow V1 Master Grower and getting around 380 REAL LED watts.


Here are a couple of quickly taken pictures from today to give you an idea.




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Thanks for the photos and update man, and yeah the secret garden are far from being the best tent but pretty cheap and easy to find everywhere, the best of the tents i have tried i think were the Mammoth grow tent, super strong and thick tissue and easy to setup, real quality material as well like you seem to say of the Budbox.


so anyways i wish you all the best with the LED and be careful to not burn the plants as it is pretty stronger compared to HPS ;)


Have a good grow!

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Hi All,


The few little jobs have been done and now I have the 1.2mtr x 1.2mtr whole floor area to play with.


Repotted the 5 x GHSC Cheese x White Widow cuttings/clones into their final 11ltr pots as they needed it. Also upped the pot size a little for the 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies seedlings as they needed more space too as their roots were coming out the bottom of their existing pots.


Now the 5 x GHSC Cheese x White Widow cuttings/clones are in their final pots I have decided to start the LST,  just a couple of ties on each plant (1 low to keep the stem straight and the other higher to get these girls bent right over) to start with. A lot more LST and supercropping will be done as the plants develop and the plan is to "open" them right up making full use of the light penetration. This way, every branch, even the lower ones, will make it to the top canopy and hopefully come the end of stretch there will be a mass of budsites all getting the same light similar to my last grow. 


Anyways, here are a few pictures without any lights on, just a camera flash, so you get the idea.


As always, comments and advice are always welcome.






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Looking good, I'm Sal.

Here's a tipp.  When the extraction fan is running, the sides of the tent will be sucked inward, reducing the space for the plants and restricting the light distribution.  It is well worth it to buy the  additional side-braces that help to hold the tent walls back.  You should be able to get them from the distributor who sold you the tent.  If not, contact the tent manufacturer directly.  Buying 2 sets of braces will allow you to set them at locations 1/3 and 2/3 the height of the tent for better results.

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Thanks for the tip @Cannabissapeanbut I noticed this with my last grow and with this too. It is negative pressure which is needed to stop smells escaping.


I have never encountered the problem you suggest before and certainly think I do not need to worry about it.


I have the ability to fine tune my controllers (extraction and 2 x active intakes) so I have slight negative pressure and a few touches of the dials is all what is needed. I also make sure the plants are never touching the sides of the tent because I have noticed that when the plants (leafs and/or buds) do touch the sides of the tent it creates moisture. Obviously you know this could be disastrous when in flower and could cause budrot.


This Budbox Pro Range XL Series tent is really good and I am very impressed with it but although the area is 1.2mtrs x 1.2mtrs the plants will never be in contact with the sides of the tent, I simply do not allow it.


You may have also noticed that I am keen on SCROG nets and it is not simply for its intended purpose. Using this method I make the SCROG net smaller than the tent so the plants have no way of ever touching the tent sides and also helps an even canopy as you know and as seen in my last grow.


Thanks for the suggestion but I will not be paying extra expense for any braces as I have never needed them in the past and always had decent results. Besides, I think you will find that a very huge majority of other tent users never use braces too with equally good results so I really do not see the point of extra expense.


As for light distribution, well..............maybe but I have always been happy with my results and the braces you mention are not a common accessory with any tent and are certainly not listed in the Budbox accessories brochure so you might want to put your suggestion to them. I certainly won't be a buyer of them as I think they are not needed and I am sure if Budbox thought they were needed they would have made them available.


Sorry but I think you are thinking too much of any issue, however remote it could be, that might cause a problem. I think I have more chance of falling over my nutrient bottle head fast through my tent than any issue that would need braces.


Just my opinion and being perfectly honest so please do not be offended in any way.



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This may be of interest to you @Cannabissapean regarding your concern about "braces":


Here is the link - http://www.growell.co.uk/blog/2014/12/the-pro-evolution-budbox-grow-tents titled "Grow like a PRO: Brand New BudBox Tents" and as I said, any form of "braces" are not even in the accessories brouchure and if you own one of the XL Pro Range Series you will fully understand why your suggestion is not needed. Even more so when you have entire control over intake and extraction with the slightest touch of a dial.


These tents are top of the shop and, as I siad many times before in this post, they have far exceeded my expectations.


No horizontal or vertical support bars in the growing area

The solid frame that runs around the outside of the tent has been designed to support the entire canvas without needing vertical poles or horizontal floor poles in the centre of the growing area. This gives you the freedom to pick your preferred type of growing system, as long as it will fit inside the tent.

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Just a quick update regarding lighting schedule.


Since the start the plants have been on 24/0.


Turned the lighting to 18/6 yesterday with the 6 hour dark period being from 11am to 5pm. Looked at the temps just before the lights came back on and it was only 12c which is not good enough for me or the plants. Therefore the veg lighting schedule for these plants be 24/0 until I am happy that I can maintain at least 19c during any dark period.


Have searched the pros and cons of 24/0 and it is very mixed but I would rather maintain temps than let the plants suffer in the cold dark periods.


Even though LED's do not produce a lot of heat, the units I am currently running produce enough heat to maintain an environment with more suitable temps alongside 2 x 80watt heaters on 24/0 so this is the direction I will be taking until outside temps pick up.


With the current setup I can maintain a constant temp range of between 22c to 25c which will be fine for the next 4/5 veg weeks or so but hopefully in the meantime the outside temps will have picked up a bit to introduce some amount of dark period during their vegetative growth. If temps do not pick up during this time the only options are to either veg longer under 24/0 or run additional heating during the dark period when I decide to start 12/12. 


Otherwise, all appears very well but I must say, despite the 5 x GHSC Cheese x White Widow cuttings/clones looking good, I would never use cuttings/clones again because I do believe, as stated before, starting from seed (as I always have previously) is the best option and the 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies seedlings are looking fantastic despite their very young age of approx 10 days. 

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Just a quick update Guys and Girls.


What a difference a week makes and I am certain the pictures will show the clear progress the plants have made in just 7 days.


During the last week all they have had is plain water and a few more LST ties added.


Included are the pictures from last week which are, obviously the first 2 pictures (also included also in an earlier post a week ago) and the most recent pictures taken yesterday exactly 7 days later.


All appears to be going well and long may it continue.


As always, opinion and comments as more than welcome.







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The 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies have been re-potted into their final pots which are 15ltrs as I got a good deal on them including saucers, in fact the 15ltrs were cheaper than the 11ltr pots I am using for the 5 x GHSC Cheese x White Widow clones so it made sense.


The plan for the 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies is the same as the other 5, extreme LST which I started today and after about 4 to 5 weeks of veg all 7 can be flipped to 12/12. 


I have to be mindful that the 5 x GHSC Cheese x White Widow clones are about 2 weeks or so ahead of the 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies so depending on growth rates the flip to 12/12 may have to happen sooner. Problem with this is that it would mean the 2 x CBD Girl Scout Cookies would have had very little veg and their full potential will be effected. On the flip side, I could give the 2 x CBD Girl Scout Cookies a decent veg of say 5 weeks and this would mean the 5 x GHSC Cheese x White Widow clones would have had about 7 weeks veg which sounds much better.


All are doing very well and I plan to keep all 7 plants so I can't run out of space like my last grow were I had to re-home 2 plants.


Still undecided if I will use a SCROG net over the entire area but that can be decided in a few weeks after I see how the canopy develops with the extreme LST which I am doing on all plants.


Will post a picture update next weekend and if their progress continues as the last 7 day update I will be very pleased. Early indications suggest there will be countless budsites and I am hoping to fill the whole space with a dense level canopy of colas similar to my last grow.


As always, comments and advice is more than welcome so fire away.

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I popped in this morning and all seems to be going very well. They are still under the 2 x ViparSpectra units on 24/0 as the temps are far too cold to introduce a dark period and looking at the forecast, it is going to get colder.


The 2 x ViparSpectra units pull approx 390 REAL watts but when I decide to flip to 12/12 (weather dependent) I will remove 1 of the ViparSpectra units and replace it with the GoGrow Master Grower unit (formerly Virgin Borneo) to introduce more "red" and I might even add the BossLED 1000w for even more "red" but that will be decided upon development of a week or so of 12/12 whenever that may be.


I popped in there this morning because there were due a watering and more LST needed doing. This was planned for this coming weekend but after looking at them last night their growth was so much they could not wait any longer.


Anyway, instead of a picture update this coming weekend I decided to snap a few shots today to show their progress since the last picture update which was just 4/5 days ago. I think you will see the progress in such a short period of time so I have included pictures of the latest to get a better idea of how they have developed over the last 13/14 days.


I have also started feeding the very slightly, currently all 7 are on 1/4 strength Growth Technology GreenFuse Grow (0.25ml per ltr), Growth Technology Ionic Soil Grow (1.6ml per ltr) and Growth Technology Ionic CAL-MAG Pro (0.25ml per ltr). Lets see how they handle this mixture and I will adjust accordingly dependent on each and every plants reaction.


So far, I am happy and things seem to be smooth sailing, long may it continue.


As always, comments and advice are more than welcome so come on guys and girls, get tapping on that keyboard please.










3H (1).JPG

3H (2).JPG

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The 5 x GHSC Cheese x WW clones are about 2 weeks ahead of the 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies which were from seed, so I really want the latter 2 to, at least, get somewhere near the same size (branch wise) as the 5 x GHSC clones. The way the 2 x CBD Girl Scout Cookies I am fairly confident they will make up some of that time fairly fast. These 2 plants are really growing fast and are impressive for their age.


As for vegging, I am thinking another 2 to 3 weeks so I get an even canopy with the extreme LST I am doing but this will be needed more on the 5 x GHSC strains.


Regardless, this grow will be the same as my last, were I will continue the extreme LST (with more on the 5 x GHSC clones due to them being older) then on the last week of veg or switch to 12/12 I plan to cover them all (dependant on their development) with a SCROG net so during the 2 or so weeks of 12/12 stretch all the budsites of all 7 plants will fill the SCROG net rising above the net, hopefully 8" to 10" of solid buds.


I really do prefer to grow from seed and this is the first and last time I will do clones. Not that there is anything wrong with them but I just feel from this experience that growing from seed you develop a much stronger plant with equal branches which, I find, are much easier to train because of the uniformity and symmetrical structure from seed.


Currently they are all on just 1/4 strength feeding, unless the plants tell me they need more, but I will be introducing the usual touch of Nectar of the Gods Herculean Harvest soon as I firmly believe this is a top notch nutrient but this will be only added every 3rd feed.


I am feeding very little nutrient strength which I plan to continue throughout this grow as I do believe that less is more and feeding maximum/recommended strengths are just a waste of nutrients and has the potential to create problems.


Also, feed wise I will be trying something different, as they will eventually having 3 waterings a week (late veg and during flower), which will be as follows: 


First watering with both 1/4 strength Growth Technology GreenFuse Grow & Bloom (0.25ml per ltr), both Growth Technology Ionic Soil Grow & Bloom (1.6ml per ltr) and Growth Technology Ionic CAL-MAG Pro (0.25ml per ltr)


Second watering with just plain water, no nutrients at all.


Third watering with 1/4 strength Growth Technology GreenFuse Bloom only (0.25ml per ltr), Growth Technology Ionic Soil Bloom only (1.6ml per ltr) and Growth Technology Ionic CAL-MAG Pro (0.25ml per ltr) and Nectar of the Gods Herculean Harvest (0.75ml per ltr)


Obviously, I will add the usual Growth Technology PK Boost later when in full flower but that will also be minimal and not every feed.


The plants will tell me what they need so even though I have a plan it is highly likely to change.


All in all, I am pleased so far and all 7 plants appear to be thriving.

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The girls needed a watering today and that is all they got, just water to fall in line with my new feeding schedule with these.


Also took a few pictures for you all to see the latest progress.


They seem to be doing very well.


My idea now is to throw the SCROG net over them this coming weekend, they can be tucked under the net for the following week then flipped to 12/12 on the weekend of 11th/12th March and continue poking/tucking/moving, just a little, trying to fill as many SCROG net squares as I can during the 12/12 stretch. That will make a tent full of colas hopefully. Looking at them they have enough budsites already to fill the tent (using a SCROG net) but just going to give it a little time for the 2 x CBD Crew Girl Scout Cookies to catch up.


As always, comments and advice are more than welcome.

4A 28th Feb.JPG








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Just looking back at the latest 4 photo-shoots over the last 18 days, some decent growth here I think. 



1A 10th Feb.jpg

2A 18th Feb.JPG

3A 23rd Feb.JPG

4A 28th Feb.JPG

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Yeahhhhhh, a great usage of your surface, thats sooooo gooood, really like it ill keep watching

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Took a quick peek at them this morning and decided to throw the SCROG net over them. This was planned for this coming weekend but got fed up of adding more LST ties so the SCROG net came into play.


Because of the odd number of plants, 7 in total, I am not entirely happy with the arrangement of the plants, in relation to filling the net/tent, but what I decided on was the best of a few awkward options. Basically, the corners of the tent have no plants and my logic behind this is that most of whatever lighting I decide to put in there will not be hung in the corners of the tent so I am making the most of the more central area.


I also had to take into consideration of the Carbon Filter and Extraction Fan in relation to future lighting point fixtures.


I'll, hopefully, get some pictures up soon, you may see the logic in my thinking, and also how much they have come on again during their next photo shoot.


The formation of the 7 plants is similar to the diagram attached, I think, because I had a good smoke whilst messing around with them.


SCROG Formation.jpg

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Quick update.


As mentioned in a post during the week, the SCROG net was added middle of last week and the tucking and weaving has begun.


They had a watering today with nutrients (minimal strength of Ionic Soil Grow, GreenFuse Grow, Ionic CAL-MAG Pro all by Growth Technology and a touch of Herculean Harvest by Nectar for the Gods) because their last watering was just plain water only as per my new feeding schedule.


They have been on 24/0 most of the time, 18/6 for a week or so and next weekend they will be flipped to 12/12.


All appears to be going well and you can spot the identities of the 2 different strains very easily.


As always, comments and advice are most very welcome.

5A 4th March.JPG





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Quick update of 4 days later.


All going well and all plants producing many heads growing through the SCROG net hoping for an even canopy.


Still only using the 2 x ViparSpectra Reflector 450watts (approx 180 REAL watts each unit so a combined 360 REAL watts in total) but will be swapping out one of the ViparSpectras for something else when I flip them to 12/12 this coming week end. 


Ideally they needed watering again today as the soil is really dry but decided they can rough it and wait until this coming weekend.


As always, comments and advice are more than welcome as it is like speaking to a empty arena here and I question why I take the time to document progress at times.


Anyways, thanks for looking if anything else and will update at the weekend if I find the time.



7A 9th March.JPG





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