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Thank you very much for your response ... winter in india does not go below 10 degree Celsius where I stay.... I have attached a chart to explain better. I wanted your suggestion on the best months to grow keeping in mind the temperatures here...July august September is overcast monsoon. Rest is always sunny.


I wI'll be growing Arjana haze 1 feminized



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Karan, if you intend to grow those plants outdoors, then it is imperative that you avoid having the blooms during the monsoon season.  Rains will ruin the crop.

My suggestion is that you germinate your seeds indoors in mid-August, grow them in 1-liter pots in a window or under a CFL-lamp, then transplant them outdoors about mid-to-late September.  It might also help to transplant them to a raised mound of dirt so that they will have good drainage if the rain is excessive.  In that first month outdoors, you may need to cover them in some way to prevent them being drowned with the last downpours.  The cover should be transparent so that light still gets to the plant, but the cover should not touch the plants at all.  They will need good airflow.  After the monsoon is over, remove the cover.


Since I do not grow in your area, the above is only a guess on my part, based on the information that you had provided above and in your previous posts found in other topics.

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Are you beginning to gear-up now to begin the germination and vegetation approximately mid.August?

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