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Today I have thinned out my plants and cut all under growth off! Placed bamboo into supports and tied them to the frame to make them open up and more rigid. I couldn't find my scrog nets so I got some trellis netting and placed them over the top of 2 plants want happy with it so I left the other 2 to see how it goes! I have now placed them in 48hrs darkness ready for 12/12 I have also got a stronger air pump for my teas using 2 x 6" round flat airstones 





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First day of 12/12 and they have had their first bloom tea pics of brew in stages 9hrs 20hrs 24hrs I also added bat guano and alfalfa meal which are not in the picture the new growth had gone very yellow after I gave them 48hrs darkness hoping that's a normal thing from light deprivation! I removed a leaf off the black Jack to let light into c metre of plant and after being out of the tent for 5 mins the whole house stank so it's safe to say the super soil ingredient are working them terps. 








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Lil update in this ghostown! Day 13 12/12 day 3 of flower still only had 1 tea and fed on water the rest of time flowering has commenced stretch has stopped smell is unreal super soil is definitely working for me. 







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Day 11 flower had to turn one fitting off heat for up to 35c a couple of days they weren't showing signs of minding but I was it was too hot to work in hopefully I'll be able to put up with it for the last 2-4 weeks give them that boost. All is going well day 11 flower tangie ghost train is starting to crystal up where as the black Jack is just racking up ready to fill in from the stem rub black Jack both smell different to each other. The one I split is dominantly Black domina the other one smells peppery lemon. Tangie ghost train doesn't have much smell as yet but last time it came on strong half way through. 







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