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COMPLETED - LED Grow - White Widow x Cheese (GHSC) & Jack Herer FAST (Seedsman)

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Need to get my new "veg" tent occupied for my follow-on grow.


My new revised "veg" tent runs a fresh active 4" intake from one of the two same fans which provides my "flowering" tent with both its fresh active intakes. Also the new "veg" tent extracts directly into my main "flowering" tent using the same carbon filter. There is not a smell of anything in the air from any of my tents. Everything (temps, RH, airflow and entire environment) is working perfectly with nice negative pressure in both my main "flowering" tent and also my new "veg" tent. 


I have gone through my seed inventory and I have decided on growing the following with very carefully planned training:


***2 x GHSC Kalashnikova (grown recently (produced nearly 3oz/plant & I want to "play" around with it more to get it full potential such as topping, LST'ing, super-crop and maybe SCROG) - **** FAILED TO GERMINATE SO REPLACED WITH 2 x GHSC WHITE WIDOW x CHEESE SEEDS (TEST SEEDS) WHICH TOOK JUST 2 DAYS TO GERMINATE.


3 x Seedsman Jack Herer FAST (these are a brand new Seedsmans strain crossed with a FAST version and should be nice)


1 Advanced Female Seeds Blue-Berry Twist (I want to taste this one and because it is a single freebie seed I may as well throw it in the mix) - FAILED TO GERMINATE PROPERLY AND WAS A MUTANT




The above plants will be vegged for around 4 weeks, in my new "veg" tent and will be the next batch to go in my "flowering" tent and will be vegged and trained for a futher 2 weeks or so until my current grow is finished. This is what is currently growing in my "flowering" tent and they will be chopped in approx 4/5 weeks time. 


The plan is to get the new seeds soaked in water for approx 6 to 12hrs to soften the shells tomorrow, then they will go straight into tiny pots with their already chosen medium. The medium will be the same as I my current grow, Clover Multi Purpose Compost with approx 33% added Perlite. This Clover brand is not so well known and is fairly limited availability unless you want to pay very expensive delivery charges. Luckily I have a garden centre very close with a very good for the price, the soil is not too hot at all and an excellent fine dark texture without any lumps, chippings and any other rubbish. The added bonus is also that it comes in 60ltr bags


Final pot sizes will be 11ltrs therefore their route to this will be re-potting from tiny 1/2ltr pots, then 3.5ltrs and finally their ending 11ltr pot.


I am an LED grower as you know with a fair few different brands of LED units to chose from but 1 x ViparSpectra 450w & 1 x Go-Grow V1 (formerly Virgin Borneo) Pro is currently being used in my "flowering" tent therefore since I have another ViparSpectra 450w, this will be used in the new "veg" room. This is a very good LED unit for the price and I have used these particular LED units in all my recent grows so far.  


As for flowering, this will be the same as my current grow and the grow previous to that, they will be flowered with 1 x ViparSpectra 450w & 1 x Go-Grow V1 (formerly Virgin Borneo) Pro which draws approx 375 REAL LED watts from the wall.


My main "flowering" tent is the new 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m BudBox XL Series with the white interior and I find them spot on. Very good quality regarding all components and fixtures with no light leaks at all, very solid chunky 25mm metal frame including metal corners and also very good zips. It is the best tent I have ever used and the price from a certain site is much cheaper, by a long way (if based in the UK), from one particular supplier.


Anyway, that is the plan and the ball will start rolling tomorrow so hopefully within a few days I will have 5 tiny new plants to show you all if germination is successful.


Also, sorry to say but this will be my last documented grow dairy on any dedicated growing social website for several reasons, mainly security issues as I like to spend as little time with my plants as possible. It is time consuming taking & transferring pictures and also writing a detailed narrative about everything carried out and the traffic on this site makes it pointless as replies are rare and it is like speaking to an empty arena.  Sorry but these are the facts and I refuse to risk my security and waste time any longer. I grow for my own supply and my current set-up enables 4 grows per year to be easily and totally self sufficient all year round without growing during the coldest months (November to February) when I will not grow at all.


I will keep you all updated and thanks for taking your time to read my posts.

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Cheers @superblue, should be an interesting final dairy.


As for my lighting, I use LED only and have done a few grows past and present on here which are all well documented. I do like LST and good training. A good bit of brutality is what brings more vigor out in them.


I'm not stopping growing completely, I just want to not grow all year and 4 grows a year with a 4 month break each year, during winter considering I use LED's, enables me to be self sufficient and I am happy with that and it lessens security too which has to be a good thing.


Anyway, seeds will be up this coming weekend I hope as all have been soaked and are in soil.

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Quick update and also shows how germination is very unpredictable.


I usually have a very good germination rate biut all is not lost just yet.


So far I have 3 Jack Herer of which 2 have flown out super fast so 3  of these in total.


1 x Blue-Berry Twist which is very slowly coming but with a slightly damaged cotyledon which was my fault for remove some seed shell "skin".


That makes 4 in total so far but there is also 2 x GHSC Kalashnikova germinated exactly the same way yet to rise. I have had a very gentle dig and there is very clear tap root on both seeds but they are slow and I was expecting them by now as the last time I grew her she was out very fast.


So, all in all, I have 4 and still waiting for the other two to show themselves.


To be honest, I wanted to do 5 ideally but if only these 4 stay up I will just go with 4 because 6 is far too much and I know this from current experience.


Here are the 4 that are currently up and away.




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14 hours ago, superblue said:

Hi Sal.

 Germination percentages do depend on Fresh seed., and also one is dealing with nature. In my present grow, I wanted 8 plants but only six came up, so I had to plant 2 more plants.

you garden is looking very good, but I have noticed. here and on your other grows, that your plants world look better if you watered  them slightly less often than u do now. 

other than that, all looks great.

take care,




Cheers for your comments @superblue


I fully understand germination can be hit or miss but these particular GHSC Kalashnikova seeds are from the very same pack I have successfully grown from during my last grow of 2016 so I know they are viable.


They are not old seeds and they were part of a batch of several strains generously provided by GHSC to document in grow dairies. In fact, I have had a 100% germination rate with GHSC seeds and I have no doubt at all that the seeds this company sell are very good. I know they are, I have grown many strains throughout the decades including GHSC strains. All have been very good but germination is not a given as you well know.


I am surprised that you never noticed that I have grown GHSC Kalashnikova  before as you do say "but I have noticed. here and on your other grows, that your plants world look better if you watered  them slightly less often than u do now". You must have just missed that in one of those grow dairies (last of 2016 actually) the GHSC Kalashnikova is in there so I am no stranger to this plant, its germination rate from my particular packet and also the characteristics of the plant.


You will find that particular grow dairy below detailing every plants progress including the GHSC Kalshnikova which you have missed.



As for watering, if you have fully understood all my grow dairies you will very clearly see that I run a very strict watering schedule and I would say I actually deprive my plants of water which is done purposely. I even perform mid-flower flushes which GHSC suggest i their grow dairies.


I would say that none of my plants ever look under or over watered, nor has any other poster on here or other forums indicated likewise, therefore I disagree with your comment regarding watering less. I see no ill effects, I have hands on experience not only visual but also by weight of the pots and know what to look for in the plants when they are over and/or under-watered. Conversely, If you have seen any signs of over-watering, as you suggest, I would kindly like to know which specific grow and/or plant you have seen this.


In the latest pictures of my "flowering" tent you could literally pick each and every pot up with my finger tips (11ltr & 15ltr pots)....they were desert dry with no weight to them at all. Every time I water with my current grow with nutrients it is just 2.5ltrs very maximum (more like 2 ltrs mostly in 11ltr & 15ltr pots remember) so I am not drowning them. When I water ONLY I will water more and use it as a mini flush, just as GHSC suggest and the run off is either pumped out the trays with a small 12v pump or, if more water only is used, I will water them over a container which collects the run off, hence the reason for cutting my plants out of its SCROG so I can get to them all as detailed in all my previous grow dairies.


Again, you would have clearly seen this detailed in all my grow dairies. 


I am very strict with watering and you will also see that I have a schedule of WATER ONLY every third watering. Your plant is what you give it, how you treat it and the environment you have created for it and so far, considering I am using only 375 REAL LED watts for flowering, I think 0.88GPW is very reasonable and this includes a GHSC Kalashnikova. Some using HPS, MH and CFL. including other lighting such as the newer CMH, do not achieve this GPW so I cannot be doing too bad surely.


As for the current GHSC Kalashnikova seeds, I will give them a few more days but so far it looks like this next grow will be with 3 x Seedsman Jack Herer FAST & 1 x Advanced Seeds Blue-Berry Twist. 4 is fine with me as they will be very manageable and I will be able to get a lot of training into them.


I'll keep you all updated.

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I've given up on the GHSC Kalashnikova seeds as they will not germinate.


After a 2 gentle inspections, the seeds have got a taproot but its stopped growing.


Therefore, this final grow will be with 3 x Seedsman Jack Herer FAST & 1 x Advanced Seeds Blue-Berry Twist.


So, all in all, 4 plants in total and this will be a welcome relief as I will have lots of space to manipulate them. The plan is starting off with topping and then extreme LST with the possibility of a SCROG net again.


Here there are at 6 days old and they seem to be doing well, especially the Jack Herer. The biggest of them is on it 3rd node set already and its daily growth is actually very noticeable. 


The 3 x Seedsman Jack Herer FAST  are in the round pots and the 1 x Advanced Seeds Blue-Berry Twist is in the square pot.


The Blue-Berry Twist is by far the slowest and I did think it would not make it but it seems to be picking up now.




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On 4/21/2017 at 7:17 AM, superblue said:

I am a fanatic about letting the roots get plenty of air; your plants always looked good, but I thought they would look better with slightly less watering. Mate you are doing well, it was not a criticism, but a suggestion. You are doing great,  (I can can not remember which plant it was); I did not say the plant was over watered, just that it would do better with  slightly less fluid. 

Take care,


No criticism taken at all @superblue, I was simply pointing out my exact "routine" so you get a better understanding of the situation.


I too am a fanatic about letting roots get plenty of air and I do this purposely for, probably, the same reasons you do.


In fact, my plants needed watering yesterday as the were really desert dry but it was not possible, so tonight WAS the plan but again, not possible. On Saturday night it is certain they can be watered but being without water for an extra few days does not alarm me in any way. More air to the roots and they have to use their own resources of stored nutrients which I think strengthens them making them more tough and resilient. What I also find by doing this is that the plant actually defoliates itself as if naturally when using up it stored nutrient rich leafs.


Anyways, these 4 plants appear to be heading in the right direction and glad that only having 4 will allow me to have a good play around. These 4 are under 1 x ViparSpectra 450w with just the "veg" switch turned on which puts out approx 100 REAL LED WATTS. I will not turn both the "veg" & "bloom" together (whilst still in my "veg" tent) until these 4 little ones have been potted up into approx 3.5ltr pots at the very earliest.


My flowering plants are doing well and as soon as they are chopped, in about 3 weeks, these little girls will take their places in my main flowering tent where they will have a couple of LED units over them, probably 2 x ViparSpectra 450w until flip where I will replace 1 of these for a unit with more "red" as I have now in there.


It will be an interesting dairy so lets see how it plays out.

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8 hours ago, superblue said:

Hi Sal.

 I push my plants to the limit with watering, and they always look better for it. I use large pots, and even when dry at the top of the pot, I do not water, as the roots at the bottom of the pot have to have access to air too. I wait until the pot feels really light before I water, and that way the bottom roots get air.

I think you will find that your plants will show no problems by letting them go a couple of days late for water, but they will stand firm with their leaves pointing outwards searching for more light.

good luck with your grow and happy harvest,





Sir, the self proclaimed "Grow Guru" as detailed in his very first post back on this forum!!


I have no problems at all with any of my grows as you wrongly assume yet again!! Come on man, wake up!! 


I am sure we have been through this topic, in detail, above and we came to the fact that you cannot identify any of my grows that are over-watered as you still imply.


I replied with a very detailed "routine" I have and all my grow actually show how to correctly water. What more do you want because you cannot even find this certain "over-watered" plant nor me either!!


You really do sound like a broken record yet what is the hilarious part about it all is that you state you have followed all my dairies but still you cannot seem to find the issue you keep banging on about despite all those details.


For God's sake, you never even knew what plants I have grown when you went off on some spiel about germination of the seeds I put in.


Thanks but this really is a waste of time because you are speaking to a deaf ear with your watering nonsense because I know for a fact and you know really but just cannot point it out as I have asked you to do. My pots are light, ultra light in fact, I never feel them with poking fingers, I pick them up to see that the soil is waterless and as dry as can be. I told you in my last post the roots get lots of air (via "twist pots" actually) but you simply seem to have disregarded anything I wrote in there but you still continue with this same rubbish.


Carry on and you will be reported and I will not even waste my time with you and this dairy because there is always "one", (the grow guru" who proclaims to be in his first post back!) that ruins it and it seemingly appears it could be you!!


You know what you are doing and I certainly do because I have the facts to prove it. 0.88GPW under LED's is not from plants that has been over-watered.


Really, come one!!!


End it all right now or report and ignore.


Your hilarious, despite your self proclaimed "Grow Guru" title, really but just do not spout your nonsense on my new thread when you, and all of us, know, you are talking nonsense.  Over watering my ass........and to think it relates even to my other thread and not this new thread. WTF!!


So funny but now you are tiresome and talking nonsense despite the facts being all documented and you fail and even admit you do not know what you are referring to!!!!


FFS and sorry but your opinion is not welcome to me because it is nonsense and I do also note that you have suggested the very same "spiel" to another grower on here and also posted pictures of your plants which are NOT, as you say, praying to the light (JUST LIKE MINE ARE IN MY LATEST SET OF PICTURES FROM LAST NIGHT). If anything they are very droopy which look very much like water related. 

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Anyway, besides the "Grow Guru" nonsense lets try to get this thread back on track.


All 4 plants are doing well and I will maybe post a re-potting and update in a few days. 


If not, then sorry guys..............................I might just be an observer of other grows from now on.


Thanks everyone especially GHSC, Mike and Jose....you are stars.   

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Here we are at about 12/13 days and the 3 x Jack Herer FAST (Seedsman) are doing well. The 1 x Blue-Berry Twist (Advanced Seeds) is mutated but growing so I will keep it going to see what it decides to do. 


The biggest JH was root bound so I potted them all up into 3.5ltr pots a few days ago. Within a day it was back to its perky self as are all the JH's.


The JH's have started well and they will be topped between the 5th & 6th node when they reach that point in about a week or so.






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Sad to say but the Blue-Berry Twist is looking as if it won't make it. There is only 3 big leaves and no new growth tips at all.


I will keep it a while longer but very much doubt an actual plant will form.


So taking the Blue-Berry Twist away only leaves 3 x Jack Herer FAST which are doing very well, I have topped one just above the 5th nodes, FIMMED one which was starting it 4th node and left the other to grow out normally but all will be extremely LST'd.


Also, since it looks like I will only have 3 Jack Herer FAST plants, I am in the process of germinating 2 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese (TESTERS) to make the numbers up to 4 plants at least.....maybe 5 which I could still cope with.


4 plants in a 1.2m x 1.2m (approx 20" square for each) will do me perfect with careful training and I could push 5 at very most.


Will keep you updated regarding the 2 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese hoping they sprout.

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Here are the latest additions.


I did not want just 3 plants, I, ideally, wanted 4 but these new additions make it 5 plants in total which is manageable in my 1.2m x 1.2m with training.


So, all in all we have the following:


3 x Jack Herer FAST (SEEDSMAN) - 21 days old, 2 have been FIMMED and 1 has been TOPPED

2 x White Widow x Cheese (GHSC) - 2 days old and doing well in my veg tent with the 3 x JH


The new additions will be potted up, in about a week, to the same 3.5ltr size pot as the other three. These are are already prepared and sat for the soil to warm up in the upper right hand corner of the pictures.


These 5 plants will eventually go into my flowering tent when my flowering plants are finished which should be about a week or two. Their final pots will be 11ltrs.


When all 5 are in my flowering tent I can have a play around with them regarding training. I have already been hacking at the 3 x JH, I have cleaned the bottoms up a touch as I plan to start as I mean to go on with this grow. Clean bottoms and solid buds on top hopefully.


Anyway, here are the new additions and also a group shot.







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Here we have the final cast for the next grow.


All in 3.5ltr pots for now with their final pots being 11ltrs.


So, the cast members are as follows:


2 x White Widow x Cheese (GHSC) - 4 days old 

3 x Jack Herer FAST (SEEDSMAN) - 23 days old


Currently, these 5 plants are under a ViparSpectra 450w with just the "blue" veg switch turned on. It kicks out about 90 REAL LED watts with just the veg mode on. When these get moved to the flowering tent they will go under 2 x ViparSpectra 450w with both veg and bloom switches turned on kicking out about 375 REAL LED watts with the option of adding more different LED units with more "red".


As you can see, there is a 3 week age gap so the plan is to veg the 2 x White Widow x Cheese (GHSC) for around 5 weeks in my flowering tent meaning that the 3 x Jack Herer FAST (SEEDSMAN) will have had about 8 weeks veg. This will give me a lot of time for training of all the plants but I will not start LST until they are in their final 11ltr pots in the flowering tent.


You may notice that I have already been picking at the JH, 2 have been FIMMED and the other topped but also I have removed some leafs to open up the new growth which will become nice bud sites. I will be doing the same with the other 2 plants when they are big enough in a few weeks. I want as many "tops" as I can get with no undergrowth at all that is not exposed to the light. These 5 plants are in for some torture!!


Currently, the plants in my flowering tent (pictured) are into their final stages and I could chop them this coming weekend, which would be about 60 days of 12/12, but I will see when it comes to it after looking at the trichs. The trichs will be my indication to chop and I am looking for a mixture of cloudy/amber but all are clear so far!


As soon as the flowering tent is vacant these 5 plants can be moved in there.




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Hi Everyone,


I think an over due update is due on these because they are now in my flowering tent. 


I have been holding them up actually because I wanted to get all my others cut and dried and the tent cleaned out before I put these in the flowering tent. By holding them up I mean topping one of the JH's,  fimming the other two JH's and lightly defoliating all plants along the way so the main budsites are at the upper portion of their stems. 


I have done this purposely because I am not using a SCROG net and I had to put the 3 x JH in their final 11ltr pots from the 3.5ltrs that they have been in. I have LST'ed all the main stems down to open them up. You will see from the pictures.


I also have 2 x GHSC test seeds White Widow x Cheese which are around 2 weeks behind the JH's. I have just grown this strain during my last grow but this time I will be only keeping the upper portion of all the stems as it can be a dense leafy plant I found from last time. I might even just LST them both and leave them to develop a main cola without topping or such like. These 2 plants are still in their 3.5ltr pots but I have started feeding them tonight because I think they need a feed and I have also removed some poorly lower leafs but will keep an eye on them.


These 5 plants will now stay in veg for another few weeks to fill out and currently they are under minimal LED ViparSpectra 450w with both switches on that draws around 200 REAL watts. I will add more LED lighting as they go along.


Anyway, a few pictures showing how different topped and fimmed plants can be when you fully open then up with LST. Also, there is the potting up stage, for the 3 x JH's, from 3.5ltr to final 11ltrs, with the LST using an large strong elastic band around the pot and good string with bent plastic coated paper clip hooks DIY special. The elastic band acts as an anchor when the string is placed underneath it. The strings/ties can be pulled and they hold the weight of the stems no problem


Also, always remember to fully clean your filter socks after every grow.......it makes a noticeable difference and is kind to your actual CF.

















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Although this feels like I am speaking to myself I may as well document it.


The 2 GHSC WW x Cheese have been re-potted into their final 11ltr pot just as the 3 x Seedsman Jack Herer FAST had earlier in the week.


No SCROG this time, just LST and super-cropping if needed.


All 5 are still under 1 x ViparSpectra 450w but with both the veg and bloom switches turned on which puts out about 180 REAL watts and they will veg for another 2 weeks or so then flipped to 12/12 with additional LED unit(s). No need for the tube heaters now also so they have been switched off and I get around 28c hottest and 22c coolest but I can play around with these numbers via the controllable intakes and extraction as they are only running at about 40% very max.


There is even very noticeable growth in just the 4 days since my last update which is encouraging.


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These plants seem to be doing well in their new environment.


They are still in veg and the 3 x Jack Herer FAST (SEEDSMAN) are obvious to identify from the 2 x GHSC WW x Cheese because they are about 2 weeks older.


They plan is to veg for anther week then flip them to 12/12.


I have been "playing" with all the plants....1 JH topped and 2 JH fimmed. The other 2 GHSC WW x Cheese have been left to grow naturally but all have had some very serious defoliation inflicted upon them and also all 3 of the JH FAST have really had some extreme LST.


They are on very minimal nutrients (less is more theory using 1/8th strength only) and with a 18/6 lighting schedule. Until today they were all under just 1 x ViparSpectra 450watt (approx 190 REAL LED watts) but earlier I did add my  Go-Grow V1 (formerly Virgin Borneo) Pro which again throws out approx 180 REAL LED watts.


I will see how they go and if, when it comes to flowering. and the buds look fine I will stick with these LED units until harvest or if I think I need to add more LED units I have another 3 units to choose from which are just sat on a shelf ready for action.


So far so good considering I have been purposely holding them up until my flower tent was vacant and now it is that is their new home and they appear to like it.


Anyway, what do you think if anyone cares to reply for a change?








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2 weeks of 12/12 with plenty of bud sites forming and all going well.


The stretch of 2 x Jack Herer FAST (the 2 fimmed ones) has caught me out but no issues and I can cope with them.




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Good evolution, this gets very interesting   Thanks for shate mate! :)

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20 days of 12/12 and they are coming along well.


Just to recap, we have 2 x White Widow x Cheese by GHSC (at the front) & 3 x Jack Herer FAST by Seedsman (in the middle and the back) under 1 x ViparSpectra 450w & 1 x Go-Grow V1 Pro (formerly Virgin Borneo) which, in total, draws approx between 375 to 380 REAL LED watts from the wall.


Nutrients are still only at 1/2 strength and they are Growth Technology Ionic Soil Bloom, Ionic CAL-MAG and Nectar for the Gods Herculean Harvest. The CAL-MAG will be stopped soon and replaced with a tiny touch of Growth Technology Ionic PK Boost for the rest of flowering.


My routine is the same regarding watering, they are given 2 consecutive nutrient rich watering, but only when the soil is absolutely desert dry, then every 3rd watering is just water ONLY with nothing at all added but with a lot of run off so it is like a mini flush.


All seems to be going well, what do you think?











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24 days of 12/12 and all these girls are really coming on fantastically.


Glad this is my last documented grow as it's like playing to an empty arena!


Anyone care to comment or is this all just a waste of time?























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Thank @Cindy.


Just a little update.


33 days of 12/12 and they are doing well.


These pictures were taken last night just before a much needed water and feed because they were all desert dry. You will notice the droopy leaves but they very quickly burst back to life after the water and feed.


They are drinking 3ltrs each every 3 days now with the feed still at 1/2 strength but I will be increasing it to 3/4 strength next feed. The plant in the middle has a slight problem which I think can be sorted out with a touch of CAL-MAG which was given last night.


As always, comments are more than welcome.




































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Hi @Cindy


For seedlings (1 week) and early vegging (2 to 3 weeks) I use 1 x ViparSpectra 450w with just the "veg" switch turned on which puts out approx 100 REAL LED WATTS.


For late vegging (2 weeks maximum) I use the 1 x ViparSpectra 450w with veg and bloom switches on then when switching to 12/12 I also add 1 x Go-Grow V1 (formerly Virgin Borneo) Pro. When I fully switch to 12/12 the combined power of both these LED units is approx 375 REAL LED watts from the wall.


I have a few other LED units but the ViparSpectra 450w & Go-Grow V1 Pro combination work well together so I will stay with them for now.

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42 days of 12/12 and all going fairly well.


All 5 plants are really gaining weight now. 






























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Nice and frosty.:drinks: Next 2 or 3 week and happy days.


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