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Best hashish that you ever smoked

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I thought of a twist to the 'best strain you ever smoked'. What is the best hashish that you ever smoked?


The best hashish I ever smoked was Hawaii Kona gold hash. Only had it once through a previous roommate that moved to Maui and visited me in NorCal with a few grams. We stayed high for a week on that stuff. That was sensational. Gold hashish. I never saw that before or since.


O/w the best hashish for me is/was Lebanese Red. I smoked a LOT of that stuff in the late 70s/early 80s. Many ounces... I bought it by the quarter pound. I liked that so much I am growing 2 red Lebby land race strains now here this year that I got through a friend in Europe. Being able to grow Lebanese plants legally is a dream come true for me. I think it has the perfect balance of THC to CBD. Of course there was also Lebanese blonde hashish, which is an earlier harvest of the same general Lebby strains growing there. For some reason the red seems more memorable to me though.

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Was lurking on the forums, just found this old post, wanted to give it a try.

The best hash i ever smoked was the famous Ice'o'Lator, the variety i picked was from Baba in Amsterdam. I mostly smoke weed, so i am no expert when it comes to hash. What i remember (and it's surprising if i do) is that it was 35% THC, can't remember the CBD, but MAN that thing fucked me up.
I was there with a friend, and over the course of 5 days we smoked something like 180-200 joints a head.
During the 4th day we tried that hash and.. i never recovered.
Taste is pretty intense, reminded me of chocolate.
The high was absurd (i was 18 at the time, so that's possibly the reason), it overwhelmed the stone i carried for 4 long days. 3 hits, and i was gone for 2 hours. Gone. Stoned. I don't know how you want to call it, i was looking brain dead. 
As far as i remember, it stones the shit out of your body, but your mind stays pretty clear. 

After that, in second place comes, indeed, Lebanese Red. 
That, too, was a blast. Can't remember the taste tho :(

3rd place comes the oil i made when i first grew. I know, it's not hash, but it's worth sharing. The plant was 1.9m tall and carried 130 dry grams, but since it was my first she suffered some mistakes, and came out very bushy. I managed to get 4-5ml of amber-colored oil from that. 
I remember i woke up on a sunday morning, rolled a tobacco-free joint of that weed, dipped the joint in the oil, smoked it, and.. Don't do it if you plan to be somewhat productive. You wont. 
Taste was piney, almost minty. 


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