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Hi Guys,

             I just recently  came across this amazing idea of growing in a CPU case and decide to make a wooden box of a slightly bigger size than a CPU case. Here's the size and also a few  pictures of the box for an idea. 

75x25x55 cm in size


Please HELP me with choosing the lights for this setup. As i want to use LED Grow lights. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT AMOUNT OF POWER DOES THE LED NEED TO HAVE FOR THIS SET UP? at present i used an 18W led with red an blue. But it seemed to be growing slowly. i switched to a normal 60W yellow light bulb and the process is quite faster. Since its too hot i cant have it for long. I want to get back to LED but i want to know what power should i go in for.


It would be much appreciated if anyone could give numbers rather than a formula.


I have decided to Grow with Hydroponics in that brown container with a 3.5" net pot in the middle. Also would that container be enough for 1.5 feet tall plant?(i cant contain 4 liters of water) That little light bulb is just for the picture its not the actual light i used that's just for the picture before the set up.







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Hello ik.shady and welcome to forum


The best solution for small spaces is LED lighting. You can put the light closer to the plant because it does not emit heat. Thus the plant will grow faster.

You can also combine with a light bulb of low consumption.


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