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Hello all,

       This is my first time growing and I have a question about ID ing a strain. I received 7 seeds from a friend and have had great success in germinating and growing. I'm just now switching light times and nutrients to force flowering. All seven plants are beautiful. I'm aware that soon gender will be apparent and the males will have to go bye bye. My question centers around the fact that I have no idea what strain the plants are. Is there an easyish way to tell once they're mature and budding? I have smoked the bud the seeds originated from so I know it's quite nice. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


PS. I'll add some pics of my beauties soon.

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Ditto, what Sal said.


And if the smoke from where you got these seeds was good, why not allow a couple males to pollinate one of the females? 

Let her go to seed and mature til she dies to give the new seeds all that the mother-plant has to offer, then you'll most likely have a nice quantity of seeds for a big field.  The remaining females should easily produce enough high-quality smoke for you while you ramp-up the next batch of plants.  (That way, you'll never be in a pinch for seeds if you cannot get the premium seeds of your dreams.  Always have a back-up plan.)


To avoid contaminating the sensimilla, just remember to separate the pollinating pairs from the flowering sensimilla females:  1.before the males popp, 2.during the sex-act and 3.for a couple weeks after the pollination.  After that, the pollinated ladies can be shaken-off vigorously, then sprayed with a water hose and dried, then they can be brought back together in the same grow area with the sensimilla with relatively little contamination issues.

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