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Some please tell me if I am correct in feeding my plants 3/4 teaspoons powder feeding  hybrid mix per gallon of water . looks weak to me.


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the spoon supplied is roughly 10g and that is for 10l of water when using at full strenght

better still would be use scales or an EC meter

hope this helps


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SlimJim is absolutely correct.


You don't ever want to overfertilize.


Powderfeeding should be measured by weight, and the solution should be monitored using an EC.meter to fine-tune the solutions depending on the plant's age or growth-stages, according to the charts supplied with the Powderfeeding.


And you are right, it does look weak, and that is correct.


(In soil, I typically mix my solutions by only half strength, and then follow with 3 or 4 feedings with only water before giving another powderfeeding.  When growing in soil, I prefer to encourage the plant to seek-out its nutrients by growing her roots.)


Remember, when feeding into soil, the plant needs time to reach all those nutes that you are saturating into the soil.  If you keep adding nutes with every watering, you will certainly overfertilize the soil in those areas where the roots haven't yet reached...)


I highly recommend the EC-meter from BlueLabs called the Truncheon.  Ease of use and reliability makes it well worth its price.

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