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Greetings from the Great White North

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High there.  Living and growing in northern Alberta since '01 tho grew my first buds in '78 when I lived in Calgary.


Mainly do DWC tho play in the dirt as well.  Have my medical exemption but not my grow permit yet tho thinking of registering.


I use pot for the chronic depression I have suffered for almost 40 years after being nearly beaten to death by a very large man with a hammer and for the arthritis that keeps getting worse as I go thru my early 60s.  Taking it mainly in the form of a coconut oil infusion I make with liquid sunflower lecithin added and decarb in the crock pot by raising the heat up to 260F until the bubbles stop.  Small tokes during the day help keep my mood more positive without stoning me out while the cocobudder gives me almost 24 hours of decent pain reduction for my joints.


C'ya in the forums!



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Hello LabRat and welcome to furm!! :)


Thanks for sharing your experience, the effects on arthritis are beneficial. Very used marijuana for these ailments.
We hope you enjoy the forum !!




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