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Sorry about the delayed update.
Yesterday ended up being a too-busy day, and managed to get back only to switch the lights off.
Below some pictrues.



Note how the colour is spreading on the leaf. 
She smells like a fruit candy, or something related to bubblegum. 


I'm sorry about the quality of this picture. I shot it 3 different times in different angles, but managed to get all them 3 out of focus. I'm a genius.

One of the main colas of S3. She smells like Citrus, so i guess she's related to hazes..?

And a little Extra:
My watermelon is STILL ALIVE!

See you in 3-4 days. 

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4 minutes ago, LedCherryBerry said:

... and managed to get back only to switch the lights off.



Does that mean you still don't have all your scheduled processes on timers?


If not, you're gonna regret it one of these days when you discover that you have accidentally reversed a blomming plant back into Vegg modus by forgetting to turn off a lamp for a day or two.  Or also not good, when you open your flowering tent a couple days after a similar event to discover that one of your females suddenly turned hermie from the light confusion stress, sprang balls and pollinated your entire tent of females.


Both of those accidents have happened to me before.


I will admit however, that these accidents have also happened to me AFTER having everything on timers. 

There is that little timer-bypass-switch on the timer.  If I have to perform an emergency cleaning or pest-control or emergency feeding or something just minutes before the lights are due to come on or just when the lights are about to go off, I sometimes flip that darned bypass switch.  I finish my job and then, because I am stoned or just plain stupid, I forget to flip the switch back to timer modus.  Such a mistake is often not caught until 24 hours later, or worse, at the next feeding 3 or 4 days later. 


I guess what I need to do is to make a tag to hang on the zipper of the tent "TIMER SWITCH", so that I cannot forget about the bypass switch.

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Hey! Howyadoin'?

I'm going to buy a bunch of stuff tonight, if conditions permit, including:
- Timers, probably 3 or 4.
- PH up and down
- BioBizz Heaven
- A 50x50 square saucer (because i have 4 28x28 that don't fit)
- BioBizz Leaf Coat (for future girls)
- A 5L watering can for preparing the solution (i've been using a 1L bottle for a total of 17 liters of soil. Bit of a pain).

I know about the time schedule. I've also experienced similar issues: in the first grow i suffered an outage. The babe stayed in total darkness for 36 hours furing the first 4 weeks of blooming. She didn't suffer much, except she looked very sad for 2-3 days. I was lucky, and it didn't produce seeds. Okay, maybe 2 or 3 in 130g.
And don't expect me to say i'm perfect: I've ALREADY fucked up 4-5 times, but not in a way to compromise the grow. Sometimes i forget to turn them off, but they're right behind me. I've never missed a switch ON, but i've missed some OFF of about 30m to 1h. I don't think it's a big deal, but i guess if i was working, and couldn't get out for at least another hour after my turn ended, i'd be kind of pissed.

I guess i'll have to wait another week before getting my hands on the things that will save me from total paranoia.

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Unexpected periods of darkness are usually not a problem, so long as it's not more than about 4 days.

But 4 hours undesired "lights on" can be enough to seriously diminish yield, especially if it occurs in early flowering.

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Hey man,
Wanted to answer you this morning but had to run earlier due to an inconvenient at the work place.

Thank you for always giving me tips and hints. 
My mind is becoming a post-it encyclopedia.
I have the small problem i cannot switch on 160w+160w alltogether, so placing only 2 timers wont do the trick for me.
I need my lights to switch on one by one, so that on the counter it seems like people is waking up, instead of starting the grow room.
That's my big issue with timers. I cannot set 8 individual timers either, i'm missing 6 electric sockets.

I guess in my next run i'll start using only 160 watts, turning on 80 then other 80.
I'll figure out how to add the other watts later. 
I really don't want to get caught because of electricity bills.. :D

I also wanted to say that S2 is nearing her last days. I've taken off a small, small flower from the lowest branches, waited 36 hours, and then smoked it.
It came out as a 0.1g, but MAN she can make herself heard. 
Taste is sweet, almost like chewing a lemon-strayberry candy. 
It is also pretty strong. I rolled a tinyjoint (almost a cig) but left me high for about 2 hours or so. 

I knew she was going to blast me.

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Sorry for the double posting.
Forgot to share with y'all the schedule.

14 novembre BLOOM   S2 S3
15 novembre BLOOM 11   1/3 Water + Cal-Mag 0.5ML/LT
16 novembre BLOOM      
17 novembre BLOOM   1/3 Water  
18 novembre BLOOM      
19 novembre BLOOM     1/3 Water + Cal-Mag 0.5ML/LT
20 novembre BLOOM      
21 novembre BLOOM      
22 novembre BLOOM 12    
23 novembre BLOOM   1/3 Water 1/3 Water+ BBG 1ML/LT + BBB 1ML/LT
24 novembre BLOOM      
25 novembre BLOOM      
26 novembre BLOOM      
27 novembre BLOOM     1/3 Water
28 novembre BLOOM      
29 novembre BLOOM 13 1/3 Water  
30 novembre BLOOM      
1 dicembre BLOOM     1/3 Water + Cal-Mag 0.5ML/LT
2 dicembre BLOOM      
3 dicembre BLOOM      
4 dicembre BLOOM      
5 dicembre BLOOM     1/3 Water
6 dicembre BLOOM 14    
7 dicembre BLOOM      
8 dicembre BLOOM      
9 dicembre BLOOM     1/3 Acqua + BBG 1ML/LT + BBB 1ML/LT
10 dicembre BLOOM      
11 dicembre BLOOM      
12 dicembre BLOOM      
13 dicembre BLOOM 15   1/3 Water
14 dicembre BLOOM      
15 dicembre BLOOM      
16 dicembre BLOOM      
17 dicembre BLOOM     ½ Water
18 dicembre BLOOM      
19 dicembre BLOOM      
20 dicembre HARVEST 16    


See y'all tomorrow with S3 pictures.

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So, so sorry for not delivering the update on time.
I've been very busy in these days: my depression isn't going anywhere, had so many things to do at work, and a few issues to resolve left me barely with the time to feed them, and shut the shack off.

Anyway, here i am, in a midst of happiness and sadness.
I'll Harvest S2 tomorrow, and prepare her today (defoliage).
Beneath, some pictures of the girls.


Structure is 27 cm tall. She is the smallest plant from seed i've ever grown to harvest. Incredible.

I've decided to take these pictures without the flash. In this way, her natural colours are more visible.
She is purplish, and her smell has changed from candy-sweet to almost a grape-wine scent. I believe she's ready.


Her deficiency doesn't seem to stop. I have the small doubt i haven't transplanted her enough times, and now she's suffering for this reason.
Only problem is that i cannot transplant her now, i'd risk seeds and too much overall stress.

I've taken pictures in this angle, so you can see the plant structure. She is 41cm tall.


Her main bud.
This time the picture has the flash, i wanted to highlight the compactness of this nugget (all the other nuggets are similar), and the incredible amount of pistils she's spitting out. She's literally "spitting out the demons" hehehe.

I'll see you this evening, and tomorrow, when S2 Harvest day comes.

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Good luck with the harvest tomorrow, @LedCherryBerry. I too shall be harvesting my bagseed plants tomorrow, 7 days since their last flush/water.  They've taken quite a while to dry out, likely because of the lackage of leaves to transpire/utilize water, and the non-use of my dehumidifier for the last week to keep temps down.

Don't worry, be happy (easier said than done, I know): 


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15 minutes ago, Cindy said:


how did your harvest go 

Hey Cindy,
Still didn't harvest. I've removed the yellow fan leaves to allow some more light until tomorrow evening.
I'll harvest her around 6-7 pm, when she'd normally go to sleep.
I've removed a flower from her yesterday, and dried it.
I've rolled it, and i'm still trying to come back to Earth. What the fuck have i grown..

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As always, i'm a bit late. Whoops!
Anyway, yesterday evening was the first Harvest Day!

Some photos :3


I'll see y'all in a week, for a first taste, and an update on S3.

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Just found some info that might be correlated to this strain.

There's a box that states:
"Sensitive to spider mites, regular weekly preventive pest treatments are recommended to avoid infestation or outbreaks during flowering". 
No shit, sherlock. I've fought those basterds so long my room smells like a fucking neem oil extraction lab.

Also, the leaves near the buds have shown the same-ish traits (dark red-purple with yellow body, but healthy).
That could be related to temperature also, and lighting. S3 too, being a completely different strain, is showing some purple.
Another thing is the fox-tailing, which seems to be a common thing in granddaddy purple, but i thought it was related to too high temperatures (exceeding 30°). 

Of course, i'm not saying what i've grown is this particular strain. It is IMPOSSIBLE to know what i've grown.
But some of the traits are the same. 

Aahh, i'm too excited to try her!

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I've anticipated by a day the feeding schedule.
Soil was 2 inches dry, S3 seemed suffering (more than usual anyway).
I've fed her with:
1ML/LT BioBizz Grow
1ML/LT BioBizz Bloom
1ML/LT BioBizz RJ (I've heard it is a less potent version of the TopMax)
1ML/LT SensiSeeds Cal-Mag-Fe
2LT Total. 
Runoff with the first liter was 0, second liter over 50%. PH stands at 6.5.
I've figured out that her purpling is not because of genetics, but because low temperatures.
Some of the leaves turn purplish like S2, but just before dying off. 
I believe she has now multiple deficiencies, but since the PH is fine and today i fed her the regular schedule, i hope i can overcome these.
She has 4 more weeks of blooming, before harvest.

I'll post a picture tonight: battery is dead. 


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Welp, i actually forgot to plug the charger in the wall socket. Dumbass.
No pictures till tonight.

Anyway, I moved S2 from dry-room to curing-jar. The stems snapped loudly, so i figured she was ready. 
5 minutes into the jar and the grape smell is back! Goddamn!

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I've got some good news, and some sad news.

Good news n° 1: S2 is almost ready to be tested (although i've already performed a couple spliffs).
Good news n° 2: S3 is still alive
Sad news n° 1: One of the buds of S3 went completely DRY. It is NOT bleached, nor burned, nor anything. Half of the bud (the top part) completely dried with no (visible, at least) reason. 

What i think happened is a mixture between a major deficiency and some root rot.
The deficiency is explainable like this: i haven't fed her a Cal-Mag integrator for 2/3 of the grow. 
The root rot could be explained in either 2 ways: too much water, or too less root space. 
I don't believe they rot because of water, or insufficient air flow: the pots are modified in a way that almost 1000% of the standard airflow passes. I've added 36 holes to the 4 the pot already had (beneath and on the sides, basically i've done a mix of an air pot and a regular one). 
I'm not sure about a fungi. I haven't seen any mushy-shit around, nor beneath, nor anywhere in the room. 




The last 2 pictures were taken today, to show you how the "sickness" is progressing.

Sorry, but now i'm going to try that already-dried flower. If you're looking for me, i'm probably dead on the couch. Later.

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Little update.
I've been looking all day and night on forums to understand what is going on with the dried buds on the living plants.
It could be either 4 things:
1. It is rotting
2. It is infected with diseases'n'shit
3. It was burned
4. Not enough C02 to process light

Since the situation IS spreading on another bud, i've decided to Harvest the plant today, instead of 2 weeks from now.
I don't want to lose the second plant, and don't care if i'm harvesting it a bit early.
By the schedule, i could start harvesting her from 2nd of December.

Another thing i wanted to spurt out: i tested S2.
Since S2 (like S3) is not from a known strain (bagseed) i'm writing my review. I'll colour the categories in this way:
Green means "great", Yellow means "good but could be better", Orange means "Mehh" and Red means "dude the fuck is this shit".

Look: the bud is airy, blasted with resin, and a few reddish pistils. Her leaves show little purpling.
Smell: the smell isn't very strong, but it has that grape scent i talked about in previous posts.
Smell-touched: Touching a bud will make your nose go haywire. Grape smell is completely overwelmed by a strong orange - candy smell.
Taste: Light taste of oranges, a bit of pine.
High: Since when smoking it you don't feel too much flavours, you'll keep smoking it until you realize, after 5-6 hits, that you've fucked up and she wasn't joking around.
The effect is indeed hybrid. You get really, really creative in the first hour or so of the high, and then subsides in a calm, relaxing stone that will keep you sleepy for another hour and a half. After the stony-phase, be sure you have munchies around, or you'll starve. Half a joint made me hungry like i didn't eat for a week.

I'll see you this evening for the Harvest session. Peace!

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I'm sorry i'm late (as always) with the pictures.
Yesterday the harvest was pretty quick (got a helping hand), and overall good.
Pistils are 50% red, on some buds, which is Mehh, but on others are 70-80% red so that wasn't too much Early.

First pic, tho, will be the diseased bud (which i didn't care and am smoking RN):

To me, it looks like heat burn. The bud is smokeable and still a bit humid inside, so that's why i don't believe it is Rotten or Mold or some other shit, but since i am NOT an expert i'll gladly accept any conclusions :D

Main Cola

I'll see you in a week, to finish with the last pics: the quantity!


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This has been a relatively long journal.
I've enjoyed the tips, the guidances, and the experience that came out of this.
I wanted to thank everybody who participated and helped me growing these 2 beauties.

With this said, here's the last picture.
On the left, S2. On the right, S3.
Below the jars, the main colas.

S2 weighed approx 30g. S3 approx 40g.
Total harvest stays around 70 dried grams.

Thank you for sticking with me and my mad ideas.
Catch you guys in my next grow!

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1 hour ago, Cindy said:

Hi led 

well done 

hope you are going to stick around and watch me grow 

yours cindy 😎

Thank you Cindy.
Ofc i'll stick around, your plants are insane! 
I can't wait to see the amazing buds on your girls.

I wish you could try a blunt out of my stash.
S2 is a calm smoke, while the other activates every cell of your body. It's been a long time since i've felt so dynamic.

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