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Hi community. 

Last year I had a failed attempt to raise my outdoor grow, so I  would very much like to start again and show everyone my strain. 

I have always known it as Passion Fruit not because of the flavor but due to its leaf formation. 

Here are a few pics of the  seedlings that will hopefully become beautiful ladies. 


This strain is a slow grower, it's never in a hurry to do anything, so my updates will be some what spaced apart. 











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Hello @Roo78 , and good luck with your grow.

Those seedlings look very close together.  Are you going to plant them as they are now, or try to disentangle their roots at some point in the future to put each in a separate pot/plot outside?


Regs, Shaggy

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Interesting characteristics in the cotyledons and the initial leaves.


Interesting texture to your soil.  That soil looks like a super-rich compost. 

Have you grown in this kind of soil before?

What is the pH of the run-off water?

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Cannabissapean and Shaggygrower. 


I will transplant all of them out into there own space in a little while. 


I like to start them off in small pots of potting mix until I'm sure they'll survive. 


The potting mix I use is a compost based one it has an unknown amount of organic material mixed in as well as coir and water crystals, slow release fertilizer.

I like to use the variety marketed for fruit and citrus they have a slightly higher potassium and magnisium content. 


I've been using these mixes for years with good results. More for convenience then any thing. 


PH varies a little from batch to batch, I haven't actually  checked this lot. Run off is high. 


If I grow them out in pots. small pots need checking daily larger pots 3-4 days, I don't mind if they suffer a little bit of drought, they are weeds. 


The triple cotyledons are something I've had for a while but I don't actually know anything about them and I'm interested to know if there are any other strains that have the same characteristics. 


As they develop the  true beauty and unique style of the plant and leaf will become apparent.

I look forward to sharing them. 



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