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Budding in December

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i started a few in july/august and kept them inside on window sill sowhen i put them outside it lowered the hours of light which started them flowering.

the clones i made off them i keep in veg by bringing them inside before sunset around 9pm and i sometimes i put the clones in a dark cupboard or in a box after 12 hours of sunlight so they dont take as long but takes more effort.

budding takes alot longer with 15 hours of daylight but it still works using this method. although some tend to re veg i dont mind.

i read somewhere that if you stress a plant by extending and shortening its light hours repeatedly alot start showing hermaphrodite traits, which can be handy, but the ones that stay fully female are classed as true breeding females with xx chromosomes and its best to select these ones for breeding and using as mothers

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